10 Best Apple Watch leather bands in 2023. Apple Watch leather link

Best Apple Watch leather bands in 2023

Apple Watches are all about style, class, and finesse. They are what most Italians would call ‘Bellissima,’ which means ‘beautiful.’ That’s exactly why you need to saddle the watch with a stylish leather Band that will make the dial stand apart.

If you are looking for the best bands, this article is for you! I’ve done all the leg work and curated a list of the 10 best Apple Watch leather bands that will glamorize the functional dial.

Bellroy leather watch Band: Editor’s choice

If you’re looking for a Band that complements your Apple Watch perfectly, Bellroy’s leather watch Band is for you. Thanks to the company’s signature styling, its sculpted curves and smooth leather finish offer great comfort and aesthetics.

The leather is mixed with a hard-grade polymer that makes the Band exceptionally durable, enabling it to endure rough use. The textured underside makes it possible to reduce sweat build-up, which further enhances the Band’s longevity.

Besides, you will also see a unique patina overshadowing the leather’s surface as time goes by, which is truly remarkable to the eye. You also get a 3-year warranty, giving you the best bet for your money when compared to Apple’s custom watch bands that offer the same premium quirks but are highly expensive and without a warranty.

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Premium, eco-tanned leather build
  • 3-year warranty
  • Sweat-proof

Apple magnetic leather-link Band: Premium comfort

One of the reasons why we all love Apple is that it never compromises with quality. That’s precisely what you will find in this custom watch Band handcrafted by a French leather manufacturer, Apple’s partner for their leather bands.

The flexible-molded magnets embedded in this Band make it curl around your hand with superfluous ease. It rarely creates discomfort or insecurity and comfortably sits on your wrist throughout the day. The Band is completely safe and does not pose any health issues because of its magnets.

Further, this custom featured Apple magnetic link Band gives you the option to choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Bullstrap vintage leather Band: Most durable

Well talking about vintage, this Bullstrap leather strap fits the bill. Beautifully designed, bully-hard ed, this naturally-finished leather Band will suit you if you are someone who enjoys going on adventures with the watch on.

Talking about the leather, it’s an Italian-made, top-quality, 100% calfskin leather. The durable linen threads stitched to perfection blend in seamlessly with the leather. I also loved the finish of the stainless belt, easily adding dimension to the watch.

However, the strap might take about a week to adjust to your hand as the leather is pretty hard. Once loosened, you will never feel like parting with it, and you can even go for a bull-ride with it.

Nomad modern leather Band: Bold and elegant

If you love dark tones, then the Nomad leather Band is for you. The rustic brown horween leather not only highlights the light tone of the silver-grey Apple Watch but also curls nicely along your hand. You will immediately find out the genius of style and comfort confounded within the same array in this Band.

The rich and unique patina developing over the surface of the Band is another trademark of this leather Band. The top-quality grade 316 stainless steel is also worth a mention as it buckles along well.

Needless to say, the stitching is excellent. The Band works well with all Apple Watch Series, rendering a unique tone to each one. The only glitch is that it wears out after systematic use and loses the glitter for which it is renowned.

amBand genuine leather Band: Durable and comfy

The thing I most like about this leather Band is the design. Also, the ease with which the hardware slips in briskly along the dial is super handy.

A fairly acclaimed feature in this Band is the fine stitching. amBand has made it a priority to hit all the boxes right. To complement that, you’ve got such well-polished stainless steel buckles that by themselves stand apart to give this leather Band a top-class rating.

Oulucci watch Band: Most stylish

For a price tag of 13, this leather Band serves the purpose. The top-grain leather is soft, feeling good on your hand. The Band’s design with its narrow-down styling is aesthetic, and it’s the ultimate finale if you’re looking for a cute leather Band.

The Band is compatible with any wrist size, and you can easily buckle the watch across a convenient hole. The decorative buckle gets your attention, and you’ll love how painlessly it slips in through the holes.

You can choose the leather Band from a variety of colors to style your watch effortlessly and instantly bring glamor to the table. As you might know, this is one of those sleek bands that make your Apple Watch look more like a party-mode watch.

  • Genuine leather
  • Stunning narrow-down design
  • You can return or refund within a year

Bestig waterproof leather Band: Designed for every setting

Fashionable as well as professional, Bestig’s leather Band fits both leagues. It’s got style, class, and finesse, all the traits one wishes to find in a low-budget Band.

The exceptional part of this leather Band is that it can survive anything. You name it, heat, water, earth, probably even a little bit of fire. ( Nope, it’s not fire-proof).

The leather Band is designed in such a way to pair your Apple Watch across any setting. It perfectly pairs up with casual as well as format outfits. Bestig perfectly gets this ‘made for every setting’ version of the leather Band across with this one.

For the technical side of it, you’d find out that the leather Band is a mix of genuine leather on the outside and natural black silicone on the inside. The main reason behind its durability and effectiveness. And oh my, with the variety of colors for the Band and connector, you can customize your watch to your liking.

Mifa leather watch Band: Classy design

Mifa has the audience pulled in with this leather Band owing to its classy-hole design. The golden-yellow perforation across this Band is cool. This, when paired along with the fine yellow stitching of the Band, makes it a stunning piece of art.

The eye-raising feature of this Band is the anodized semi-glossy black stainless steel adapters and buckle. They provide strong hinge support, therefore, cementing the watch dial in its place. You can easily maneuver the leather Band across your hand to feel the way you want.

I love how this leather Band gives you that consistent warm appeal every time you’re wearing it. It just feels good in all climatic conditions, owing to the perforated dots, which allow breathing room for your hand.

Mapuce genuine leather Band: Premium leather

For a low-budget leather Band, this one makes the cut-off. The premium cowhide leather used in this Band gives it a smooth feel and a pleasant, fragrant smell that makes you comfortable. You won’t have a hard time fitting it as there are multiple precision holes for all wrist sizes.

It’s compatible with all the iWatch models and syncs well to render it a unique tonality. Another feature worth mentioning is the sweat-proof capacity of this Band. Mapuce has considered this aspect promptly as you notice how the inner surfaces of the Band have subtle air channels to cool your hand.

You can also choose from dark brown and brown colors to match your style and preferences.

  • Premium cowhide leather
  • Multiple precision holes
  • Mutliple color options
  • Sweat-proof

Fullmosa Apple Watch Band: Comfortable fit

Are you looking for a party-mode leather Band for your latest Apple Watch? Then, go for this eye-flashing leather Band that features a variety of bright colors. I like how they have added that rich hue to the colors, especially red, blue, and yellow.

best, apple, watch, leather, bands

The criss-cross patterns that layer the Band is a stunning design quirk that automatically generates vast appeal. The curved buckle seems to be at par too, giving you a tangible wear and release-buckle usability. You can wear it for your workout sessions as they are sweat-proof.

The leather softens with time, which I think is perfect as it becomes so comfy and cool. Wiping the Band often adds that additional glimmer to the Band and keeps it from wearing off.

Well, there you go. You have 10 absolutely stunning leather Apple Watch bands. Go for the one that feels good to you and rock along. Which Apple Watch Band impressed you on this list? Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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Apple Discontinues The Apple Watch Leather Loop

Sad news for Apple Watch fans. the beloved Leather Loop Band has been officially discontinued by the tech giant. The Band, known for its comfortable fit and premium leather material, was a popular choice among Apple Watch users. Though it may be gone, it will always be remembered as a stylish and functional accessory for the iconic smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Leather Loop which was unveiled to the world in 2015, was permanently done away with on September 14. Apple’s FOCUS seems to have shifted to their newest collection, the Apple Watch Series 7. The fan-favorite Leather Loop is no longer a part of the family. If one does want one of the Apple Watch Leather Band, they can either buy the modern buckle or the leather link.

Is The Leather Link A Good Replacement For The Loop?

For the most part, the leather link is similar to the leather loop in design and function. However, a major difference between both the watches is actually evident from the name. The Band of the Leather loop has to be looped. The link, instead, relies on a magnetic link to hold itself tightly against your wrist.

The Leather Link is for those who like convenience over everything else. Someone who likes the automatic attachment system of the watch. It helps that a person does not have to pull the watch over the wrist.

The Leather Loop is for someone who slightly prefers the old-school way of watches. They like Apple products but do not necessarily need everything to be modern technology. A watch that looks good and feels good? That’s enough—no need for magnetic attachment. Instead, someone who would rather loop the watch with their own hands knows it would stay secure.

Additionally, it seems the Leather Link has a shinier finish while the Loop is more matt style. The colors of the leather link are also more prominent. It is a matter of personal preference and how one likes to wear a watch.

Why The Leather Loop Was So Famous

When the leather loop first came out on April 24 of 2015, all sorts of favorable reviews came pouring in.

The encasing begins with a large size, at 42 mm. The next option is 44 mm. Since the day it debuted, Apple did not deem it fit to make any changes to its design. However, depending on a new series of product launches, they would change the color options. So the change in its design came in the form of an entirely new line of Apple Watch Bands, the Leather Link.

According to the reviews, the leather loop is not meant to be a waterproof watch or something to take to the gym. Though, you can do both activities with it. It is not for anyone that loves the classic buckle design either.

No, the leather loop is for people who have no interest in traditional designs. It is for those who like the graze of leather against the wrist but want the buckle to be different from anything else they own. It is a watch for any occasion and comes with multiple adjustable points. Something that would fit right in for a drink at night with friends as it will in a meeting. The Leather Loop is also known for its longevity.

Final Thoughts

Now that the Loop Apple Watch Leather Band has been discontinued, it makes people wonder what loyal Apple customers would opt for. All data and buzz in the forums indicate people have begun considering the Leather Link as soon as they heard the Loop was discontinued. The opinion on which one is better seems to be divided. The general conclusion is that it really comes down to preference.

Well, you can not buy the leather loop anymore anyway. If a leather watch is something you still like and your love for Apple continues to stay strong, the Leather Link is pretty much the only viable option.

Best Apple Watch Bands To Buy in 2023

The Apple Watch is one of tech companies’ most popular products. The smartwatch is sleek, stylish, very useful for everyday life, helps you achieve your health goals, and it’s very customizable to suit your personality. If you landed on this shopping guide too soon and want to see which Apple Watch you should first buy, start here: Best Apple Watches and Apple Watch deals.

In fact, when you consider all the different watch faces, sizes, types, cases, and watchbands, there are thousands upon thousands of combinations and styles available. Apple even has an Apple Watch Studio to help pinpoint options for you.

While there are loads of excellent Apple Watch bands out there, it might be a little overwhelming to pick one. So we’re here to help you narrow down which one will work best for you. From sporty to fashionable, classic to contemporary, or budget-friendly to luxurious, here are the best Apple Watch bands to buy in 2023.

TL;DR – These are the best Apple Watch bands to buy

  • Apple Watch Sport Loop (Best Nylon Band)
  • Fullmosa Silicone Apple Watch Band (Best Overall Budget Pick)
  • Apple Watch Sport Band (Best For First-Timers)
  • Nike Sport Apple Watch Band (Best for Runners)
  • Apple Watch Solo Loop (Best For Athletes)
  • Marge Plus Genuine Leather Apple Watch Strap (Best Budget Leather)
  • Apple Watch Milanese Loop (Best Stainless Steel Band)
  • Apple Watch Band Leather Link (Best Leather)
  • Casetify Saffiano Leather Initial Apple Watch Band (Best For Fun Options)
  • Apple Watch Band Link Bracelet (Best Bracelet)
  • Apple Watch Band Trail Loop (Best For Trail Runners)
  • Apple Watch Band Ocean Band (Best Deep Sea Divers and Swimmers)
  • Apple Watch Band Alpine Loop (Best For Rugged Adventures)
  • OtterBox Terrus Apple Watch Band (Best Budget Sweatproof Pick)
  • Apple Watch Hermès Gourmette Metal Double Tour Leather Band (Best Luxury)

Apple Watch Sport Loop

Best Nylon Band

Made from double-layer nylon, the Apple Watch Sport Loop is best for breathability for workouts and sports. The interior of the loop is softer with a cushioning that rests on your wrist, while its exterior is durable and clasps together with Velcro.

It comes in a few colorful two-tone designs, such as Blue Jay and Abyss Blue, Dark Cherry and Forest Green, Lavender gray and Light Lilac, and more. In fact, Apple updates these colorway options seasonally to keep the watch Band line fresh.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Nylon

Best Apple Watch Ultra Band, Top 5 Apple Watch leather Band

Compatible with: Appe Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3

Fullmosa Silicone Apple Watch Band

Best Overall Budget Pick

Let’s face it, the Apple Watch is already an expensive Smart device starting at 249. It’s asking a lot to spend another 49 or so for a different wristband. Enter the Fullmosa Silicone Apple Watch Band, a wallet-friendly Band that’s made from acid-resistant and non-toxic silicone that’s dustproof and water-resistant.

Starting at just 8, the watch Band is sleek enough for everyday casual use, while it’s sweatproof and breathable for workouts and other physical activities. It comes in eight colorways, including black and Pumpkin Orange, black and blue, black and red, Pale Pink, and more.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Silicone rubber

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Ultra, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, and Series 1

Apple Watch Sport Band

Best For First-Timers

The Apple Watch Sport Band is the most popular watch Band with Apple Watch users. This is because it’s the one that comes with the Apple Watch itself, so it’s considered the default and basic watch Band.

Made from smooth fluoroelastomer (synthetic rubber) and designed with a pin-and-tuck clasp, the Sport Band is also the one that many Apple Watch users return to again and again—thanks to its durability, sleekness, ease of use, and wide range of color options, like Abyss Blue, Bright Green, Midnight, and more.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Fluoroelastomer

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Ultra, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3

Nike Sport Apple Watch Band

Best for Runners

While Apple discontinued the Nike Apple Watch, the tech company simply made its apps and the Nike Sport Band available for anyone who wants to convert their Apple Watch into a Nike Apple Watch.

It has a sports-focused fluoroelastomer design with perforations lining the Band for a completely breathable experience when working out or playing sports. The Nike Sport Band is also sweatproof and water-resistant, so it’s a good pick for going out for a run or swimming laps in a pool. The watch Band comes in three colors, such as Anthracite and black, Magic Ember and Crimson Bliss, and Pure Platinum and black.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Fluoroelastomer

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Ultra, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3

Apple Watch Solo Loop

Best For Athletes

If you’re looking for a smartwatch Band that’s both sporty, yet stylish, then the Apple Watch Solo Loop is our pick. Made from Liquid silicone rubber, this watch Band is intended to stretch over your hand onto your wrist for a quick and secure fit without any closures or clasps. It’s ideal for workouts or going for a run because it’s sweatproof, while this watch Band is stylish and lowkey enough for professionals and casual situations.

It comes in six colors, including Sprout Green, Canary Yellow, Purple Fog, and more.

Sizes available: 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, and 40mm

Materials: Liquid silicone rubber

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Series 6, Series 5, and Series 4

Marge Plus Genuine Leather Apple Watch Strap

Best Budget Leather

On a tight budget? The Marge Plus Genuine Leather Apple Watch Strap hits the mark between high quality leather and affordability. Starting at 10, the watch Band has a fashionable and professional look and feel without breaking the bank—thanks to its premium soft top genuine leather, classic stainless steel buckle, and sweat-resistant polish.

The watch Band comes in eight colorways, such as red and green, brown and silver, red and silver, and more.

Sizes available: 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Leather

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, and Series 1

best, apple, watch, leather, bands

Starting price: 10

Apple Watch Milanese Loop

Best Stainless Steel Band

The Apple Watch Milanese Loop is made from stainless steel mesh and uses a magnetic clasp to securely fit around your wrist. At 99, it’s elegant, refined, and has a premium look and feel, while it’s a considerable upgrade from the Apple Watch Sport Band that comes with the Apple Watch out-of-the-box. The watch Band is also very adjustable, so it will fit on just about anyone’s wrist.

The loop comes in three colors, including silver, gold, and graphite.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Stainless steel

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Ultra, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3

Apple Watch Band Leather Link

Best Leather

At 99, the Apple Watch Band Leather Link is our pick for best leather Band—thanks to its handcrafted Roux Granada leather that’s made in France, powerful and secure magnet attachments, and premium look and comfortable feel. This watch Band is very sleek since there’s no buckle to fasten the Apple Watch, while it looks like one solid piece of leather around your wrist at first glance.

It comes in three colors, such as Umber, Dark Cherry, and Midnight.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Leather

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Ultra, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3

Starting price: 99

Casetify Saffiano Leather Initial Apple Watch Band

Best For Fun Options

Although they’re sleek and stylish, a lot of Apple Watch bands are pretty vanilla. However, if you’re looking for a watch Band that’s fun and has a bit of panache, then check out the Casetify Saffiano Leather Initial Apple Watch Band.

Made from Saffiano biodegradable leather and stainless steel, these bands come in exciting colors and designs, including Ink Dots, Cheetah Florals, Leopard and Cow Prints, and more. All watch bands are water-, scratch-, and sweat-resistant too.

Sizes available: 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Saffiano biodegradable leather and stainless steel

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, and Series 1

Starting price: 36

Apple Watch Band Link Bracelet

Best Bracelet

The Apple Watch Band Link Bracelet is an elegant addition to the Apple Watch itself. It’s made from the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the Apple Watch itself, while it also features over 100 components to link it together. The premium watch Band also has a custom butterfly closure that neatly fastens the smartwatch to your wrist. In fact, you can even add or remove components to really customize and adjust your own fit.

It comes in two colors, silver and Space Black. Starting at 349, the Apple Watch Band Link Bracelet is pretty versatile too and can be worn for just about any social occasion from a boardroom to a ballroom.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Stainless steel

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Ultra, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3

Starting price: 349

Apple Watch Band Trail Loop

Best For Trail Runners

Made for the Apple Watch Ultra (but can also be used for other models), the Apple Watch Band Trail Loop is designed for outdoors running—especially off-the-beaten-path running. The watch Band should last for miles and miles on the trail. It’s sweatproof, lightweight, and durable enough to withstand harsh elements in the great outdoors, while it’s able to securely strap the Ultra to your wrist via a hook-and-loop Velcro system.

The Apple Watch Band Trail Loop comes in three two-tone color designs, like black and gray, blue and gray, yellow and beige.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, and 44mm

Materials: Double-layer nylon

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, and Ultra

Apple Watch Band Ocean Band

Best For Water Sports

If you’re a deep sea diver or an avid swimmer, then the Apple Watch Band Ocean Band is best for keeping the Apple Watch Ultra secure to you when you’re in the water. Rest assured, your Apple Watch will not plunge into the water with this Band.

Made from high performance fluoroelastomer, the Ocean Band stretches and is intended to fit snugly on your wrist, even if you’re wearing a wetsuit. In fact, you can also get an extension Band (an additional 50 millimeters, or about two inches), if you need the extra length for thicker wetsuits. It features a double clasp system with titanium buckles that slides and locks into the Band’s tubular design for extra security.

It comes in three colors; Midnight, yellow, and white.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, and 44mm

Materials: Fluoroelastomer

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, and Ultra

Apple Watch Band Alpine Loop

Best For Adventures

At 99, the Apple Watch Band Alpine Loop is rugged, durable, and ideal for the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s made from layered and woven polyester, the Band features a titanium “G-hook” system that slides and locks into one of the rows of top loops to securely fasten to your wrist. It’s specifically designed for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, or biking, while its color options—orange, green, and Starlight—will stand out in rough terrain.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, and 44mm

Materials: Polyester

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, and Ultra

OtterBox Terrus Apple Watch Band

Best Budget Sweatproof Pick

The OtterBox Terrus Apple Watch Band is made from recycled materials and it’s comfortable to wear. It features a subtle spotted design, while it’s also soft-to-the-touch. The watch Band is water-resistant and sweatproof, so it’s ideal for workouts and training sessions.

Starting at 16, it’s a good choice for a wallet-friendly sweatproof Apple Watch Band. It comes in 15 color options, including Clay and Stone, orange and blue, black, and more.

Sizes available: 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm

Materials: Recycled

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, and SE

Starting price: 16

Apple Watch Hermès Gourmette Metal Double Tour Leather Band

Best the Ultimate in Luxury

Apple partnered with French design house Hermès to give the Apple Watch some luxury and opulence with the Apple Watch Hermès Gourmette Metal Double Tour Leather Band—which is ideal for the Apple Watch Series 8.

Retailing for a whopping 849, the Band is made from soft Swift leather and polished stainless steel links that wraps around your wrist twice that mimic’s the curb chain on classic Hermès horse bridles. While the Hermès Gourmette Metal Double Tour Leather Band comes with the design house’s iconic packaging, it doesn’t come with exclusive watch faces that you’d get with the Apple Watch Hermès.

The watch Band comes in two colors: Stainless steel and Noir.

Sizes available: 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, 42mm, 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm

Materials: Artisanal leather and polished stainless steel

Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 8, Series 7, SE, Ultra, Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3

What to Look For in an Apple Watch Band

One of the best things about the Apple Watch is its included watch Band is detachable, so it can be swapped out with something else. While there are just about endless combinations and possibilities, picking the best Apple Watch Band really depends on you and the activities you enjoy the most.

Active vs Casual Wear

If you’re active, a runner, a swimmer, or you just like to work out at the gym, then a sports Band is a good pick. These bands are generally made from sweatproof and water-resistant materials—like silicone rubber, fluoroelastomer, or nylon—so they’re comfortable to wear, breathable, and durable. For the rugged adventure, go for watch bands suited for the Apple Watch Ultra, such as the Apple’s Ocean Band or Alpine and Trail Loops.

However, if you want to wear your Apple Watch to the office, in a business meeting, or to a Michelin-star restaurant, then look for watch bands made from leather or stainless steel. These watch bands convey a more professional or fashionable look.


Be sure to look for the correct size Band that will fit your Apple Watch—either 38, 40, 4mm; 42, 44, 45mm; or 49mm. If you’re unsure, the size and series type are printed on the back of each smartwatch. For the best fit on your wrist, you can use this printable Band size tool for detailed assistance to pick the most comfortable size for you—sizes 1-to-12.

Since Apple Watch bands are detachable and interchangeable, you can also pick up more than one for multiple situations and outings. It’s like wearing a different watch for just about any scenario.

Rudie Obias is a contributing freelance writer and editor for IGN with a speciality in all things Apple products.

Deals: Save on official Apple Watch Milanese Loop and Leather Link bands at 52, iPhone 13 Pro leather cases at 15, more

Back with all of Tuesday’s best discounts, 9to5Toys has some notable Apple offers on tap from all around the web. Leading the way, official Apple Watch Milanese Loop and Leather Link bands now start at 52 all-time lows to go alongside these in-house iPhone 13 Pro/Max MagSafe leather cases at 15. Then giving Airpods Max a run for their money, Sony’s new XM5 ANC headphones are on sale for only the second time this year at 348. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Leather Link Apple Watch Band (Umber). Unboxing! Series 8 & Apple Watch Ultra Fit Test!

Save on official Apple Watch Milanese Loop and Leather Link bands

Through the end of the month, Woot is now offering official Apple Watch Milanese Loop Bands at 53. Shipping is free for Prime members, with a 6 delivery fee applying otherwise. Available in both 45 and 41mm stylings across different colorways, you’re looking at 46 in savings from the usual 99 price tag. These offers are matching our previous mentions from back in March and are the first chances to save since. Arriving as one of Apple’s most premium Watch bands, the Milanese Loop is something of the company’s most iconic style. Its Graphite colorway pairs perfectly with the darker case colors while delivering on the woven metal look that wraps your wrist in fluid stainless steel mesh. It has a magnetic clasp to get the perfect fit, and will elevate the look of everything from Apple Watch Series 8 to Ultra wearables and more.

If you’re prefer to swap the metal accenting in for leather, Woot is carrying the premium accessory savings over to Apple’s official Apple Watch Leather Link Band. Available in three different styles, pricing now drops from the usual 99 going rate to 52. Matching the all-time low, this is 47% off and the best in months. You’re looking at one of the more recent additions to Apple’s official stable of Watch bands, not to mention one of its more premium offerings. Comprised of handcrafted Roux Granada leather made in France, this is certainly one of the more premium in-house straps from Apple. Alongside its stylish appearance, the Leather Link Band also features a magnetic design that locks in place without having to fuss with a clasp.

Apple’s official iPhone 13 Pro/Max MagSafe leather cases hit 15 each

Woot this week is now offering some of Apple’s official iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max leather MagSafe cases for 15. Down from the usual 59 going rate, today’s offer lands at new all-time lows with a whopping 44 in savings attached. This is 20 under previous mentions, as well. Apple’s official MagSafe cases cover your iPhone 13 Pro/Max in a specially tanned and finished leather that’s complemented by machined buttons to round out the premium stylings.

Alongside magnets that allow it to snap right onto the back of your device, there’s also support for Apple’s MagSafe charging features, allowing you to outfit your handset with a high-end yet feature-packed piece of protection. So even if you’re not going to upgrade to Apple’s iPhone 14 anytime soon, you can still enjoy the feel of a new handset by swapping in some genuine leather.

Sony’s new XM5 ANC headphones see second discount of the year

Starting off the week, Amazon is now discounting an assortment of Sony’s latest personal listening devices. Including recently-released headphones and earbuds, shipping is free across the board. Our favorite of the batch is Sony’s latest flagship XM5 ANC Headphones which are on sale for only the second time this year. Now dropping down to 348, today’s offer amounts to 50 in savings from the usual 398 MSRP. This is the first chance to save since back in February, and arrives to match the all-time low for one of the first overall price cuts period.

Sony’s new XM5 headphones deliver some of the best active noise cancellation on the market as the brand’s latest flagship listening experience. This time around there’s a completely refreshed design that now arrives with 30-hour battery life to go alongside the new Integrated Processor V1 for improved playback. That new exterior is comprised of soft fit leather with a lightweight build rounding out the package alongside multipoint Bluetooth connectivity.

Anker’s new 15W MagSafe 3-in-1 charging stand lands at 119

After first launching earlier in the spring, today is seeing only the third-ever discount land on Anker’s new MagGo 15W 3-in-1 MagSafe Charging stand. Courtesy of the brand’s official Amazon storefront, right now clipping the on-page coupon will drop the new release down to 119. Typically fetching 140, you’re looking at 16 in savings and the second-best price yet. It has only sold for less once before during a 1-day sale over a month ago, for comparison.

Anker’s newest multi-device charging station is ready to handle your entire Apple everyday carry with a spot for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods. The star of the show is the 15W MagSafe charger, which arrives at a slight angle for propping up your iPhone 14, as well as previous-generation 12 and 13 series handsets. Then there’s an Apple Watch puck hanging off the side that can refuel your wearable at 5W speeds. And lastly, packed into the unique triangular design is a 5W pad for Airpods and other true wireless earbuds. We further break down what to expect from the experience in our launch coverage.

Sonos launches largest refurbished sale of the year from 159

Sonos today is back with its largest refurbished sale of the year. Delivering a collection of its signature and oh-so popular Smart speakers with even more sizable savings attached, the company is marking down its in-house renewed gear while still delivering full warranties with every purchase. This time around, there’s an even wider assortment of its speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers up for grabs, all with free shipping across the board. Headlining all of the discounts is the Sonos Arc SL at 679. This refurbished soundbar arrives with 170 in savings from the usual 849 going rate you’d pay on a new condition release. It matches the all-time low that we’ve only seen once before this year, as well. Below we breakdown the features of this popular home theater upgrade, as well as detail all of the other offers from the Sonos sale.

Arriving as one of the brand’s most capable Smart soundbars, Sonos Arc SL delivers eleven drivers in a sleek design for delivering a streamlined home theater setup with Dolby Atmos alongside all of the other staples of the ecosystem. That includes AirPlay 2 support, Trueplay audio, surround sound support, and integration with the rest of the Sonos speaker lineup. While it’s a step down from the standard Sonos Arc, the only compromise that the SL version makes is ditching the built-in microphone. Head below for all of the other refurbished Sonos sale highlights.

Another highlight from the sale and also getting in on the savings, the Sub Gen 3 is falling down to 639 for the first time this year. Normally fetching 799 in new condition, today’s offer isn’t just a 2023 low but also a 160 discount. It may only be available in the white model, but will bring a hearty helping of bass to your setup powered by Class-D amplifiers with precision-tuned acoustics.

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