15 Best iOS Emulator for PC to Run iOS Apps on Windows 2022. iPhone emulator for Windows

Top 15 Best Free iOS iPhone Emulators for PC in 2023

Aren’t sure how to play your favorite iOS games on your laptop? Try out these free iOS emulators for PC and run all iPhone apps on your Windows computer.

Running iPhone applications on your Windows PC can prove quite a challenge. This is especially because iOS and Windows are distinct and separate operating systems. iOS development services use completely different mechanisms for their applications. There’s a simpler way to surmount this challenge; iPhone emulators for PC.

There’s a simpler way to surmount this challenge; iPhone emulators for PC. They work perfectly well and will give you the freedom to run all iOS apps on your Mac or Windows PC smoothly. You get to enjoy a unique User Interface, quite like what you have on your iPhone or iPad. Here are some of the best free iOS emulators for Pc you need to check out. They are 100% efficient and provide an excellent way to run all iPhone applications on Windows PC.


This is another fantastic chrome extension that will save you from all the hassle of installation. It comes with a very intuitive user interface that comes with powerful tools and features. The interface is quite like what you see on iPhone and iPads. The Ripple emulator supports all versions of iPhone apps; old and latest alike.

Ripple : Pros

  • It is lightweight and installs fast, the perfect on-the-go iOS and iPhone emulator for PC.
  • It supports all versions of iOS apps, old and latest alike.
  • The Ripple iOS emulator is free of charge

Xamarin TestFlight

This is one of the best iPhone emulators with very classic features, and it is owned by Apple Company. It has a great user interface rich in features and tools. If you are just starting out with iOS emulation for PC, this might not be the best choice. The Xamarin TestFlight is best suited for expert developers and simulation only comes as an icing on the cake. If you are a fast learner and loves experiencing new ways of emulating iOS on PC, you can easily find your way around this software fast enough.

Xamarin TestFlight : Pros

  • It supports all apps compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher versions.
  • It has a very inviting and friendly user interface.
  • It is a product of the Apple Company, hence you can be sure it is best suited for iOS simulation for PC.

The iPhone Simulator

The iPhone Simulator provides an excellent platform to test iPhone games and applications on PC. This is purposely built for simulating games and related iPhone apps. Therefore, you can be sure it comes with excellent graphics. Because it is meant for gaming, it has limited features and tools. If you love iOS games but don’t have an iPhone or iPad for gaming, the iPhone Simulator has you covered. Something I love about the iPhone Simulator is the simplified user interface that accords ease of use. It is also light and loads super-fast, so you can test and simulate various gaming features and applications in minutes.

The iPhone Simulator : Pros

  • It is built purposely for simulating gaming applications. It is therefore not the best tool for simulating the general functionality of the iOS platform.
  • It comes with a simple, but attractive user interface. The UI is very similar to what you see on iPhones and iPads.
  • It has high-quality graphics, ideal for simulating iOS gaming applications.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

If you are an expert developer or a beginner looking to experience a difference in iPhone simulation for PC, try the Nintendo 3DS Emulator. I love the beautiful and user-friendly interface that also comes with excellent features and tools. It is lightweight and therefore loads pretty fast. The lightweight design also takes up the least power. The Nintendo Console also lets you play exclusive iOS games during simulations.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator : Pros

Flutter iOS App on Windows | Run Xcode on Windows | Mac OS on Windows | Mac OS VMware

  • The Nintendo Console is rich in simulation tools and features.
  • It is lightweight, loads fast and consumes less power
  • It is free of charge and you don’t have to sign up or even provide your credit card information.
  • It has features that support 3D iOS gaming.


If you are a developer looking to test different iPhone apps and features, the Appetize.io is all that you need. This platform is specially designed for app testing and development. It is good for beginners as well as expert developers. This platform is freemium-based and accords beginners a free package which comes with excellent features to help you appreciate the functionality of the iOS platform. It is noteworthy that Appetize.io does not come with ADE which is an integral aspect in app development. However, all the other features that are necessary for iPhone app developments are included. This iPhone simulator comes with very cool features and has an attractive user interface.

Appetize.io : Pros

  • It comes with an attractive and simple user interface. It provides an easier way of simulating iOS platform.
  • It is lightweight and loads fast making it the ultimate on-the-go iPhone simulator for PC.
  • It is compatible with all Windows OS variants. This makes it much easier to watch and monitor how different iOS apps behave.
  • It has a free package that is best for beginners seeking to acquaint themselves with iPhone features and functionalities.

Air iPhone

The Air iPhone is a very powerful tool for simulating iPhone on PC. In order to maximize is potential though, you’ll need to download and install the Adobe Air framework. Its UI is basically a virtual screen on the PC window screen. The interface comes with very cool features and tools for emulation. The user interface is also neatly arranged and uncluttered. This platform is free of charge and requires no registration nor credit card information to get started. The Air iPhone platform is also lightweight and loads fairly fast. It is also very compatible with Windows Operating system. That is to say that it will run smoothly on PCs running Windows OS with absolutely no interruptions, provided you install the Adobe Air framework.

Air iPhone : Pros

  • The Air iPhone emulator has a simple and attractive user interface. It has a design and layout similar to what you see on iPhone and iPad.
  • It is lightweight and loads very fast
  • Requires Adobe Air framework for its smooth running.
  • It supports all iPhone apps and features. This gives you the best iPhone user experience.

The iPhone 4 simulator

The iPhone4simulator comes with some of the best features and tools you rarely find with other free emulators. I love the ease of installation that comes with this iOS emulator. It is also lightweight and very easy to use. The user interface is very simple and comes with neatly arranged features and tools to help with quick iPhone simulation. It is free of charge and you won’t pay a cent to get started with this emulator. The iPhone 4simulator supports auto-syncing of app bundles and also provides an excellent way to test and simulate apps across iOS and even the Android platform. While emulating, you can also play iOS exclusive games concurrently.

The iPhone 4 simulator : Pros

  • The iPhone4simulator is free of charge and you won’t pay a dime, sign up or even provide your credit card details.
  • It has a simple user interface that comes with very cool features and tools for easier iPhone simulation.
  • You can play exclusive iPhone games while simulating apps.
  • It is lightweight, loads fast and consumes less power.

Electric Mobile Studio

The Electric Mobile Studio is another classic emulator that I love using. It is best suited for iPhone app developments as well as simulation. Because it comes with some very powerful tools and features, the Electric Mobile Studio is often used by expert developers. I love the fact that it comes with both paid and free plans. If you are only beginning, the free version is all you need. It is sufficiently feature-packed and will certainly give you a feel of how apps and features operate on the iOS platform.

Electric Mobile Studio : Pros

  • Has a very intuitive and attractive user interface
  • It is very lightweight and therefore loads very fast.
  • The free plan is feature packed and will help with quality iOS emulation.

Remoted iOS Simulator

This is another cool one by Xamarin, a leading software company. The Remoted iOS Simulator comes with a simplified user interface that is rich in features and tools. If you are looking to test different iOS apps on a PC, I strongly recommend this software. It is powerful and even supports iPhone apps debugging. It is very compatible with the Windows operating system.

Remoted iOS Simulator : Pros

  • Remoted iOS Simulator has a simple but intuitive user interface.
  • Supports iPhone app debugging.
  • It is lightweight and loads fast

The iPadian.net

The iPadian.net is another very popular iOS emulator with very cool features and tools. It has a very attractive interface that is quite like what you see on iPad. You will also love the fact that this emulator is very easy to use. You simply download, install and there you go! It is important to note that the iPadian.net is not a complete emulator tool. Nevertheless, it is a great tool for simulating iPhones on PC. This unique iOS simulation tool has it special Native App Store where you can download other components to help with excellent iOS simulation. In order to get iPadian.net working smoothly without issues, you need to install Adobe Air on your PC. I cannot forget to mention that iPadian.net is a very light simulator that runs on very low power.

The iPadian.net : Pros

  • This iOS simulator comes with a clean and easy-to-use interface which is exactly like what you see on iPads and iPhones.
  • It is a lightweight simulator and loads fast making it a good on-the-go iPhone emulator for PC.
  • It comes with a special Native App Store where you can download and install additional apps to facilitate the smooth running of this iPhone emulator.
  • It supports exclusive iPhone gaming on PC.

MobiOne Studios

The MobiOne Studios is one of the best emulators I know. Though some of its aspects and components have been discontinued, this platform still works fine for testing iPhone apps. I love the fact that MobiOne Studios supports cross-platform app developments and testing. That is to say, the platform works fine for developing Android as well as iOS apps. Its user interface is also simple and sleek, making it a good emulator for iPhone applications. The arrangement of tools and features on the UI makes it very easy to simulate iOS applications on PC. It is free of charge and won’t cost a dime to set up. If you are a developer looking for an ideal platform to simulate iOS applications, I recommend the MobiOne Studios. It is lightweight and loads quickly for easy on-the-go iPhone simulation.

MobiOne Studios : Pros

  • It renders a natural and smooth iPhone emulation experience.
  • It is best for developers and advanced lever intermediates looking to test various apps.
  • It is lightweight and load lightning fast.
  • It is free of charge.


Smartface is a very powerful tool that is rich in features. It is often preserved for iOS apps developers. What I love most about the Smartface iPhone emulator is that it is packed with very powerful features for testing apps. It provides you with a good feel of how they will work on the iOS platform. If you are a beginner, I strongly suggest you try out other emulators because Smartface is relatively complicated and as such, is meant for professional developers. If you love learning complicated stuff, like myself, then you can try out this tool, nonetheless. The Smartface is great for cross-platform apps development and testing. It works both for iOS and Android apps. Something else that is worth noting about this app is that it works even for Android OS.

Smartface : Pros

  • Smartface iPhone simulator comes with very powerful features for testing iOS applications on PC.
  • It has a clean interface that makes it easier to follow the functionality of different iPhone apps being tested.
  • It works across different mobile operating systems; Android and iOS
  • It is specially built for professional iOS app developers.


These are some of the best free iOS and iPhone simulators for PC. Use them to test different iPhone apps and features on your PC. This software collection will also give you a feel of how the iOS platform generally works. I recommend comparing between them so as to single out what works best for you.

Best iOS Emulator for PC to Run iOS Apps on Windows [2022]

Are you looking for an iOS emulator for Windows which gives you access to use iOS app and game on Windows computer? Then stay connected we are going to share the best Apple iPhone emulator for PC. Many people on the internet searching for how to run iOS apps on Windows? OR best iOS emulator for PC. Apple store has a large collection of iOS applications and games, but not everyone can run the apps and games because they don’t have an iPhone or iPad.

You might have run Android apps on your computer with Android emulators for Windows PC and Android still leads the race in people willing to get the Android experience in their PC and there are equal number users who want to use iPhone or iPad apps in their Windows PC.

  • 1 Best iOS Emulator for PC [Free Paid]
  • 2 What is an iPhone Emulator for Windows?
  • 3 Why You Need iOS Emulators (iPhone/iPad)?
  • 4 iOS Emulator VS iOS Simulator
  • 4.1 #1. Nintendo 3DS Emulator
  • 4.2 #2. MobiOne Studio
  • 4.3 #3. iPadian
  • 4.4 #4. Appetize.io
  • 4.5 #5. App.io
  • 4.6 #6. Smartface
  • 4.7 #7. AIR iPhone
  • 5.1 #8. iPad Simulator
  • 5.2 #9. iPhone Simulator
  • 5.3 #10. Xamarin Testflight
  • 5.4 #11. Ripple iOS Emulator
  • 5.5 #12. iDOS iPhone Emulator
  • 5.6 #13. Happy Chick
  • 5.7 #14. iMame Emularo.iOS Emulator for PC
  • 5.8 #15. MyEmulator.online

Best iOS Emulator for PC [Free Paid]

There are not as much as iOS emulators for Windows available in the market compares to the Android emulator to run Apple apps and play iOS games on PC on Windows PC.

So, if you don’t have an iOS device and wish to use iOS apps and games then good news for you that there are numbers of air phone iOS emulator for PC available in the internet world. These emulators facilitate the iOS interface on your Windows PC 7/8/8.1/10. If you want to download iOS apps on Android device we have a shared iOS emulator for Android.

iPhone Emulator is a concept based on virtualization technology which creates virtual machines on Windows and runs iOS on top of virtualization. So be ready to experience iOS application and game on your Windows PC. Also, these iOS emulators can help developers who want to compile cross-platform of their apps. Let’s jump to the best iPhone emulators for Windows PC that you need on your computer right now.

What is an iPhone Emulator for Windows?

Before we jump on the best iPhone emulators for PC want to tell you something about emulators. This is just like a software program that works as a guest. Emulator work like downloader which helps you to access iOS apps and play iOS games on your Windows PC 7/8/8.1/10.

Why You Need iOS Emulators (iPhone/iPad)?

This is made for app developer who wants to test apps and other programs. Emulators are Cloud-based and it can run programs one or multiple OS like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and others. There are some other uses of emulators, you can use them for playing iOS games or create iOS apps on Windows PC.

iOS emulator has many advantages like, you can test the iOS app during the development process, you use the same operating system on multiple devices, you can easily find the error and can solve it during development, test your app with developer tools which are available only for simulator and much more.

These emulators are free to use and supply with SDK with the release of each new OS, they are easy to install, simple to use and fast.

iOS Emulator VS iOS Simulator

iOS emulator and iOS simulator both sounds the same but still there some differences between them. iOS emulator allows the user to use software and application without modifying them. iOS emulator mostly used by a non iOS user who wants to use Apple apps without having an iOS devices.

On the other hand, Simulator creates a similar platform as an original iOS device but it can’ replace original hardware. Because of this, you will get an error while using some iOS applications and software. iOS simulator can run the code faster and smoother and launches instantly within seconds.

#1. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the greatest gaming console created by Nintendo which announced it in 2010 and released in the same year and the emulator gained a great response from iOS users. Nintendo 3DS Emulator enables all users to play Nintendo 3DS games which have high resolution and 3D graphic can play in your Windows PC. Nintendo 3DS Emulator is capable of playing 3D effect games without using any other accessories or 3D glass. This Emulator helps you to play all Nintendo 3DS games without any bugs and errors in Windows PC. Here are some best 3ds emulators for Android and iOS.

#2. MobiOne Studio

MobileOne Studio is one of the best iOS emulators that gives access to download free and runs iOS games and apps on your Windows computer. This is chiefly for developing cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android.

With MobiOne Studio you can build status notifications on Windows PC, you can share the app and also configure your apps to run on iPhone and iPad.All the apps are built on HTML 5 which you can run anywhere and also they are compatible with multiple devices. You can customize the apps icons and also check the status of apps that you download on MobiOne Studio. Don’t miss best running apps for iPhone

MobiOne Studio is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad devices.

#3. iPadian

When we discuss the best iOS emulator for Windows PC, the iPadian emulator is on top of the list hands down. iPadian emulator gets you to feel and touch that you are using iOS on your Windows PC with its amazing features like Siri, iMessage and also you can also try TvOS and watch OS and. This emulator has a great user-friendly interface with lots of advanced features and is highly customizable.

With using this iPad looks you are able to access App Store and download favorite apps easily. If previously you have downloaded any apps from App Store, this awesome iOS emulator will let you enjoy them on your Windows PC.

iPadian Emulator is available in free and paid (10) both versions. Free version the same as good as to download iOS games and iOS apps from App Store. It has beautiful GUI, clear indicators, app compatibility and multi choice of apps download from the App Store build it the most recommended free iOS emulators in the list.

iPadian compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

#4. Appetize.io

Appetize.io is the best online iOS emulator that gives you access to download and run iOS apps and also Android apps on Windows PC. This alternative to the App.io but Appetize is a better choice. With this emulator, you can develop iOS and Android Apps on your Cloud storage service. If you wish to run iOS apps and Android apps on your Windows PC then Appetize.io is the best iOS emulator for you. With this emulator, you can test apps if you are an app developer and want to test your apps.

This software free for the first 100 minutes and after that, it will charge 0.05 per minute.

Appetize.io emulator is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

#5. App.io

App.io is another useful and best iOS emulator for PC (7/8/8.1/10). This straightforward app that’s easy to navigate. The user interface of this software provided easy so that you run apps easily, you just need to sync your the iOS.appi bundle OR Android.APK file on App.io and run it. App.io streams your mobile apps from your Cloud storage device from Windows PC, Mac, Tablet, to Android. You don’t need to worry about download or setup.

App.io gives to let you feel the existence of an iOS device for free with its identical-looking, menus, keyboard, etc. If you are the business owner and provide app-based service then add your potential customers in your app quickly. By using this application with no download or any worry. You can quickly and safely share apps with your internal teams and also share them with external ones. The apps set up on App.io work perfectly so have fun to emulate iOS apps.

This emulator free for a 7-day trial and also compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome.

#6. Smartface

Smartface is a popular iPhone app emulator and iOS app tester for a developer that helps to develop a cross-platform native iOS applications. Smartface is a fully featured mobility management platform that increases productivity, reduces the cost for the app, removes dependency and also provides strategic mobility solutions. It enables you to develop unlimited apps and is free of cost.

Smartface emulator is available in a free and paid version. The paid version start from 99.

This emulator compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7, Android, iPhone, Pad

#7. AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone built a virtual iPhone on your Windows PC so that you can see the real screen. This is a free iOS emulator for Windows PC that support of Adobe AIR framework. As you start this software, it opens up its user interface, its looks like that an iPhone.

There are some pre-installed apps on this emulated iOS which you can access but to access all apps you need hardware configuration. You can access apps like Weather, Settings, Mail, Music, Web etc.

AIR iPhone emulator compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone.

Best iPhone Emulator for Windows 10

#8. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is available as a Google Chrome extension. In the Google Chrome browser, it works as a Cloud OS and also as a simulator. By using this chrome extension you can get an iPad screen on your Windows PC. This iPad Simulator provides such features that let you experience Siri without purchasing an iPad. over, with iPad Simulator you can create your own apps within a seconds and use it as a screensaver also launch and connect with Web services in just one click.

The best part of the iPad Simulator is, it’s free and compatible with Windows, Chrome.

#9. iPhone Simulator

If you wish to run your favorite iPhone games and apps on your Windows PC then iPhone Simulator is the best choice for you. This is the best iOS emulator in this list which fillup your requirement. You can test apps that are on the first stage of development by using this iOS emulator. Also, you can track that app and major concerns related to it.

iPhone Simulator has great features like graphics quality, you can test iPhone device features like clock, notepad calculator and iOS system preferences.

This Simulator is free and compatible with Windows, Mac.

#10. Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is another useful emulator for iOS apps in this list that provide advanced support and an extent user-friendly interface. You just need to download and install the iOS emulator on your Windows PC to run iOS apps and all your iOS apps and games will run on your Windows PC without any trouble.

This is paid, you need to pay 25 per month to use this top emulator. Xamarin Testflight is compatible with Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac device.

#11. Ripple iOS Emulator

Ripple iOS emulator for desktop is another best iOS emulator. This emulator is available for Google Chrome from where you can easily access it. Ripple very much use to test iOS applications and developers use it to develop a new iPhone app.

#12. iDOS iPhone Emulator

iDOS iPhone emulator is also good feet for this best iOS emulator for the PC list. the iDos emulator uses to develop a game for iDevices. With this simulator, iOS developer can develop a game which runs smoothly on the device.

#13. Happy Chick

Happy Chick another good gaming emulator for iPhone users on this list. Using Happy Chick emulator iOS user can use the iOS game on Windows PC. This emulator is highly recommended by millions of satisfied users. This emulator is free to use for all iOS users. If you are an iOS app developer that this emulator will good for you.

#14. iMame Emularo.iOS Emulator for PC

iMame Emulator is one of the best iOS emulators and also this is the new iPhone emulator that is available in the market. This emulator is specially design and developed for gamers and game developers to test cross-platform compatibility for iOS apps and games with Windows System. This one of the good products by Apple which allows you to use iOS apps on Windows PC just like iMessage for PC. With Visual Studio, the IDE developers can easily debug iOS apps on the Windows platform. This is good to use iPhone Emulator for an iOS app developer for better mobile application development solutions.

#15. MyEmulator.online

From Myemulator.online you can play different retro game sagas from the 80s and 90s. The most popular and played games are Mario, Legend of Zelda, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Dragonball, Star Wars, Kirby and Pokémon.

The emulator supports the SNES (Super Nintendo), NES (Nintendo), NDS (Nintendo DS), N64 (Nintendo 64), Gameboy (Gameboy Advance Game Boy Color), Genesis Sega (Mega Drive – 16 Bit) and Neo Geo systems.

The games are completely free and there is no need to download them to your PC or Mac. You can play them from here: https://myemulator.online/ Conclusion

So, here is a list of best Apple iOS emulator for Windows that works for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Enjoy your favorite iOS apps and games on your computer. With this iPhone emulator, you can easily access iOS apps and games on your Windows computer. If you have any other emulator that you want to add to this list just comment down we will update in this list. Also, don’t forget to share this list on social media and with iOS lovers.

Some to read:

Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 and macOS

We all know that there are plenty of Android emulators out in the world for both Windows and macOS devices. But what about iPhone emulators? Well, if you’re looking for an iOS emulator for testing your new app, or just to run some iOS apps on your computers, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 iOS emulators for Windows 10 and macOS you can try.

iOS Emulators for Windows and Mac (January 2021)

There are not many iOS emulators out there. Apple is very stringent about emulation and always blocks and kills such apps. That said, there are still a few iOS emulators that you can use for both testing new apps and running iPhone apps on your Windows or Mac computer. We will be including both types of emulators in this list. So, regardless of your use-case, you will find something that fits your needs.

As always, you can skip ahead to any particular emulator using the table of contents given below.


Appetize.io is one of the easiest to use iOS emulators. It’s Cloud-hosted which means you don’t need to install any apps on your computer. Plus it’s compatible with Windows 10 and macOS.

With Appetize, you get access to iPhones from iPhone 5s to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and a couple of options from iPads and iPod Touch as well. You can choose the OS version from iOS 10 to iOS 14. That’s pretty cool.

Appetize is mainly meant for developers. As such, you can’t install just about any app on the emulator here. You need a public key for the app you want to install.

The reason I have included this at the top of this list is because it’s incredibly easy to use, and it offers a nice free tier that allows you 100 minutes of usage in a month. You can also pay for additional use time and more features.


If you’re an iOS developer, you obviously already use Xcode on your Mac (or hackintosh) to build your apps. If you do, you probably don’t need another iOS emulator or simulator on your computer just to test your app. Xcode has a really good iOS emulator built in for testing purposes and so you can run your app on a virtual device instead of deploying it on a physical device.

The best thing about the built in Xcode emulator is the fact that you get access to a variety of devices and screen sizes with different iOS versions. What’s more, the emulator works really fast and it’s really smooth which is pretty awesome. Obviously, you can’t install any random app on these emulators either, you will have to have the source code for the app you want to install on the emulator.


One of the best iOS emulators for Windows 10, iPadian is a completely paid solution, so you can’t really get a free trial or anything for it. As the name suggests, this is an iPad simulator.

Like other simulators, you don’t get things like the App Store with iPadian. You only get access to a particular set of apps, although there are over a 1000 of these apps including. WhatsApp, and others.

iPadian is pricey, as far as emulators go, which is the only reason that it’s not number 1 on this list. However, if you’re looking to get an iPad experience on your Windows machine, you can definitely consider using iPadian.

best, emulator, apps, windows, 2022

How To Download & Install Air iPhone Emulator on PC (Windows 10/8/7). Desktop iPhone emulator


TestFlight, which is now owned by Apple is pretty much the official way that Apple wants its developers to beta test their apps once it’s ready to roll out to users.

TestFlight brings developers support for testing their apps on iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Plus, since iMessage apps are a thing now, TestFlight emulator supports those as well. So if you’re working on an app for an Apple device, TestFlight pretty much has you covered.

That said, you do need to have an App Store distribution profile in order to use TestFlight with your apps. Plus, since this is a developer oriented solution, you can’t install just any random app on it either.

Electric Mobile Studio

Lastly, you can check out Electric Mobile Studio as well. This is also a paid app for testing out and running iOS apps. However the interface here isn’t all that good. Plus, EMS iOS emulator is mostly aimed at testing HTML 5 and JS apps on iPhones and iPads.

It comes with WebKit and Chrome debugging tools to allow developers to test out their web apps. You can also run multiple instances of emulators with Electric Mobile Studio which can be helpful if you’re trying to test out your app in multiple devices at the same time.

Download Electric Mobile Studio (Free trial, 39.99)

Bonus: Apple M1 Macs

If none of the emulators seem to be doing the job for you, currently the best way to run iOS apps on a computer is just by using the new Apple M1 MacBooks and Mac Mini. These devices run on Apple’s new ARM chipsets and they can run iPhone apps with ease.

You can find the iPhone apps in a separate section in Mac App Store. Previously, you could also sideload iPhone apps, by using the.ipa file for the app you want to use. However, Apple has banned the sideloading of iPhone apps on M1 Macs, so your only option is to install the approved apps from the App Store.

Easily Run iOS Apps Using These Emulators

There aren’t a lot of iOS emulators out there these days. Most iOS simulators have been discontinued, or are aimed purely at developers. While simulators like the one built-into Xcode and options like TestFlight are pretty good, there are other options out there as well, especially if you’re looking to test your iPhone apps on Windows 10.

Best iOS Emulator For Windows

The purpose of this topic is merely to make sure that the best iOS emulator for PC or i-phone simulators are talked about in detail using their features emphasized.

The good thing is you could notably experience how iOS works with an emulator. The wonderful world of software has multitudes of all iOS emulators you could use to have the way that iOS is.

That really is to check whether the person who is eager to shift to iOS is comfortable enough with all of the iOS environment such as perhaps not. In the beginning of writing, the emulators are largely designed for Windows. While a number of those are available for Mac, and for online usage.

There used to be iOS simulators for both Android, nevertheless they’re no longer working. That said, I will be mentioning all the working iOS emulators alongside their downloading links. This would be to ensure that the reader doesn’t end up in confusion once the emulators fail to work in any way.

Reasons You Should Use an iOS Emulator

There is not any denying that the emulators have been around for quite some time now. When lots of people associate emulators as being a solution to play games that are not supported. The true use-case is wider than gaming.

A number of my peers use emulators to test out certain features in another ecosystem. It provides way to determine whether a program, or even a website is stable enough for your own eco system.

There are plenty of reasons why one needs to use an iOS simulator or some other emulator for this matter. To begin with, it beats the requirement to own another device running that operating system.

Below are some reason why you need to use an iOS emulator.

iOS Emulators Lets You Run iOS Apps on PC

The greatest reason to make use of an emulator is that it removes the need for having a separate apparatus for analyzing your applications or websites. You can merely emulate iOS, and load your program to see if it works or not.

The exact same process goes for testing an application. Emulating can save you a ton of time, also you can even trouble shoot on the go. So, in case you discover any bugs while studying, then you can iron them out before you are pushing for your final release.

Many developers have a tendency to make use of emulators over actual devices as it’s cheap also.

best, emulator, apps, windows, 2022

It is Cost effective

The fantastic thing is that using emulators you really don’t need to be concerned about the incurring cost. In most cases, you simply have to buy the emulator for once. Then you’re all set. It is definitely a lot better than buying devices and then seeing if they can conduct the older or newer variants of their OS.

This type of thing doesn’t happen in emulators as they cater to virtually all of the OS versions. Fundamentally saving you the fee that you would spend on a brand new device.

best, emulator, apps, windows, 2022

You Need to Use it Casually

It sounds absurd, but there are occasions if you want to play a casino game that’s exclusive to iOS only. In a situation such as this, rather than purchasing an iOS apparatus, emulating is much cheaper. You can find exactly the identical experience, and not to mention, emulators such as iMAME will give you game particular advantages too.

Anyone eager to play iOS games in their PC without investing in a brand new iOS apparatus can gain greatly from these types of emulators.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows

There’s no requirement to obtain a brand new iOS device just so you can test this, of course if the state Apple showroom is nowhere near where you live, then an emulator can be the best friend. This specific section is going to appeal to the requirements of all Windows users who want to try out iOS.

MobiOne Studios

The first iOS emulator on the list is MobiOne Studios. Before we begin, I must add the disclaimer that the emulator has been discontinued by the developer, but still works when downloaded.

Using this emulator enables the users to try out various iOS programs or games on their computers with terrific ease. Plus, the emulator is not resource hungry at all, providing you the ability to conduct it on virtually any apparatus without worrying about hardware limits.

The emulator can be really excellent for developers who need to develop cross-platform applications for Smart phones.


Now the next emulator for iOS apps is Smartface; the emulator is more focused towards the professional users. That’s because programmers are using this emulator to create the programs to get iOS, and properly test out the apps to see whether or not they are operational.

Smartface mostly caters to the skilled users, and that is the reason why the emulator starts from 99, however there is just a free version available in the event that you’d like to test it out. When you have to test cross-platform iOS apps, It works best.

It’s also essential to know that Smartface is probably the most feature-packed i-phone emulators out there for use.


App.io is one of my favourite iPhone emulators that are available on the Windows. The ideal thing about the emulator could be the simple fact it is completely free. Besides being free, the emulator is also simple, and easy to use. It doesn’t demand a whole lot of hassle in setup, and thus can be set up by pretty much everyone.

This really is but one particular iPhone emulators that FOCUS on the simplicity ; users are only expected to sync the app bundle or perhaps the APK with this emulator, plus they are good to go. Once the emulator is fully setup, you may use it however you want.

Whether or not you would like to test cross platform apps, or just play some iOS exclusive matches, it gives you all.


If you are in search for something that is simple to use, and does not require you to run in circles, then it is a good choice for you. IPadian has been the emulator of choice for many professionals in addition to hobbyists.

The reason behind this is rather straightforward to comprehend; it works no matter this user’s advanced understanding. It is flexible, and provides a straightforward install and utilize situation. You truly do not have to go into technical bits.

The UI is also another potent part; it really is self-explanatory, user-friendly, also works without any lag.


I will be honest here, in the beginning I had been under the impression this is not a software to run iOS apps however for something related to food. The naming scheme could be why I have confused. Fortunately, the confusions went off right after I downloaded and installed.

The Appetize.io can be really a unique spin on iOS emulators to perform iOS apps on PC; perhaps not just it allows you to conduct iOS apps, but additionally, it enables the users develop cross apps on the Cloud through this emulator. Downloading and using the emulator is free for your first 100 hrs.

But after that, you will likely be charged a minimal fee of 0.05 each hour. This isn’t a lousy fee at all to an emulator which aims to produce matters easy for a great deal of people.

AIR iPhone

If you are familiar with this AdobeAir frame, then you must be aware that it is impressive, to say the very least. It’s excellent to see more programs being based on the same frame that is making the rounds for a while now. The AIR i-phone is a emulator that’s situated on the same frame we’ve started to love.

Installing and working with this emulator is easy, whatever you will need to do is to download the emulator and set it up along with the AIR frame, and you’re good to go. Once all is done, you can proceed and make use of the AIR iPhone without the issue.

iPhone Simulator

Even the i-phone Simulator is mainly used for games due to the shortage of complex features, but the great thing is that it is not entirely a bad thing, to start with.

To begin with, it is possible to repeat an i-phone with terrific ease and play all the games you need on it. The support is limitless, and you won’t run into any problems. Considering how the intent of this simulator is always to FOCUS more on the different side of things, the graphics are amazing.

The iPhone Simulator is easy to work with also is very convenient for both higher level, and intermediate customers.

Xamarin TestFlight

The next iOS emulator to operate i-phone programs on PC is available in the form of Xamarin TestFlight, also the very first official Apple emulator that is manufactured for analyzing the apps developed for iOS. However, there are a few limits to the utilization of Xamarin, for starters, the emulator will only run programs which can be developed to operate on iOS 8.0 or later.

As in comparison to a number of the additional available choices which can be found in the market, the Xamarin TestFlight is a bit complicated to properly run. It is more suited for expert usage instead of traditional use but works well in both instances. If it’s possible to get over the learning curve, the TestFlight happens to be a great iPhone simulator.

Electric Mobile Studio

The next one could be your Electric Mobile Studio, a skilled tier mobile iOS emulator that is employed by professionals. It offers a lot of features for both iPhone, as well as iPad web-development.

In other words, if you’re a specialist programmer who is looking for something more than just an emulator, then the Electric Mobile Studio can be a great option you should truly consider.


Ripple is among my favourite emulators which can be offered for iOS. Most of the emulators that I try or review would be normally FOCUS towards intermediate use. Meaning there is not a lot of substance within them.

But, there are a number of exceptions which beat to provide the best emulating experience. One such illustration is Ripple, an excellent emulator that’s used for analyzing old and newly developed applications, as well as elderly applications.

The best thing about Ripple is the fact that it is actually a Chrome extension, and therefore you never really have to go through the complicated setup process to get it up and working out. The computer software is still in beta stage, so some bugs are going to be there, but for the most part, it works wonderfully.


IMAME is less of a emulator for iOS analysing convenience, and more focused on letting you truly be able to play iOS matches on your own computer. I have observed many folks who want to play with the iOS exclusive matches on their computers, and also iMAME is a perfect option.

The good thing is that the software will be light on resources, also won’t run in to hiccups or other related troubles. But at exactly the exact same time, the simple fact it is more focused towards gamers demonstrates it will cater more towards specific features compared to overall iOS experience.

Still, the iMAME is actually a somewhat amazing emulator for iOS that will run most of the matches which you want to play with.


Android or iOS emulators are getting to be an essential part of the ecosystems mainly because developer prefers to examine their programs precisely, before submitting them for publication. It is crucial to keep in mind that owning a unit is far more expensive than having an emulator.

Plus, many emulators also allow you to test the cross legged programs to see if they are not. As compared to the Android emulator for iOS, the iOS emulators aren’t as abundant, but still available.

The checklist covers nearly every good iOS emulator that is readily available for download. Initially, I was going to add Android based i-phone simulators also, but they’re no longer supported.

How to Install an iOS Emulator for Your Windows 11/10 PC

In the past, running an iOS app required an iOS device. As a result, there was no way for anyone to install iOS on a non-Apple device.

However, as technology advanced, various emulators were introduced to cater to different environments on a single operating system. For example, iOS developers can now install iOS emulators on their Windows 11/10 PC and run Apple applications.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different iOS emulators on Windows 10 and provide a step-by-step guide on how to install each one of them.

Emulator vs. Simulator: What’s the Difference?

When you want to run an app from a different OS, you might come across two types of software: emulators and simulators.

  • Emulators: Actually “emulate” a device, allowing you to run original software intended for that device without the need to modify anything on your system. Emulators are mainly used by developers for test-driving apps. Furthermore, users can use this software to run native iOS apps without needing to buy an Apple device.
  • Simulators: A type of software that allows you to mimic an operating system of a different device. However, they don’t replicate the hardware, so some apps may work differently in a simulator or may not function at all.

One reason why users would choose a simulator over an emulator is that it can run applications smoother and faster.

What Is an iOS Emulator?

An iOS emulator is software that allows you to install and run iOS apps on a non iOS device, such as a Windows 10 computer.

It’s a virtual machine that helps sustain the function of various apps that naturally belong to a different OS than the one native on your computer.

For example, if you want to test an iOS app without buying an Apple device, you can download an iOS emulator.

How to Install and Run Different iOS Emulators on Windows 11/10


If you’re not comfortable installing an emulator directly on your computer, no need to worry! Appetize is a web-based platform that allows you to run an iOS app by simply uploading it to the website.

You can use this emulator on any browser, so no need to worry about compatibility. It’s also free, so if you just want to test out an app without any hassle, this is the best choice.

Appetize is also a popular iOS emulator for developers and has been recommended for testing apps. Developers can access network traffic, debug logs, and diagnose any problem from a remote device. To run this emulator:

  • Visit the Appetize website.
  • On the website, click Upload found on the top-right menu of the page.

Note: Users can download their desired app on iTunes first before they upload it on the site.


Another popular emulator for developers is TestFlight. This software is now owned by Apple and offers an extensive documentation feature allowing developers and users to test out apps easily.

Developers are allowed to test up to 100 apps at a time, and they can test multiple builds simultaneously. While it’s one of the most useful iOS emulators on Windows, this software requires you to have an Apple developer login, and only invited users can use it.

If you have an Apple developer login, below are the steps to install it on Windows:

  • Go to the TestFlight website.
  • Click “Download TestFlight 3.2 Beta” found on the top part of the screen.


Another iOS emulator that offers excellent functionality for developers is Smartface. This emulator is known for its superb user interface and is commonly used to develop cross-platform apps. It has two versions: free and premium.

While the free version already offers excellent features, developers who require more advanced functionality can buy the premium version for 99. The software also provides an Android emulator, which is why it’s a great cross-platform developer tool.

Before installing the app, make sure that iTunes is installed on your computer. Here’s how you can install Smartface.

  • Visit Smartface’s website.
  • On the bottom part of the page, type in your email address under “Download the Smartface IDE” and press Submit.

Electric Mobile Studio

Do you need to develop, test, create, or redesign iOS apps without using an Apple device? Then, Electric Mobile Studio is the one for you.

Through this software, you can choose which device you want to use, upgrade or degrade HTML5 support, and a whole lot more, which makes it one of the go-to iOS emulators on Windows 11/10.

It is a little expensive at 39.99, but it offers a 7-day free trial. So, you can experience it first before buying the software. If you want to install this on your computer, here are the steps:

  • Go to Electric Mobile Studio.
  • To download the free trial, click “Download Electric Mobile Studio for Windows – FREE 7 Day Trial” found on the top part of the page. Otherwise, click “Buy Electric Mobile Studio Now – 39.99” if you want to purchase it right away.

Bonus: iPadian iOS Simulator

iPadian is the most popular iOS simulator on Windows 11/10. It can mimic the iOS environment allowing users to feel and enjoy iOS without needing an Apple Device.

However, it isn’t an emulator, so you may find it challenging to run and install new apps on the software.

This software used to be free, but because of its functionality and popularity, users need to pay 25 to enjoy its features. However, the fee isn’t too much, primarily because it features the latest iOS version, unlike other free simulators that only offer the older and outdated versions.

Run iOS Apps on Your PC With an iOS Emulator

Thanks to the continued advancement of emulator technology, developers and users can now run iOS apps without Apple devices. While the iOS emulator’s primary purpose is to help developers, some users can take advantage of them to test out apps before purchasing an iOS device.

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