19 Elite Skyrim Switch Mods for all nintendo switch players. Nintendo switch skyrim console

elite Skyrim Switch Mods for all nintendo switch players

Nintendo Switch players can now enjoy their favorite game, Skyrim, on their console. And the cherry on top is the fact that they can also install the best Skyrim mods on Nintendo Switch now. Today, we will take a look at 19 best Skyrim Switch mods of all time.

The PC players of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are no strangers to modding. They resort to the best mods created by the big community of modders to escape from the vanilla experience. However, when it comes to console players, especially Nintendo Switch players, the choices of mods are quite limited.

But don’t worry, folks! We decided to scour the deep and dark corners of the internet to find you the best Skyrim Switch mods. So if you fall under the Nintendo Switch group of players of Skyrim, read on to get your hands on the best mods for Nintendo’s platform.

list of 19 best Skyrim switch mods

#1 Skyrim NX Toolkit

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

If you are planning on modding on your Nintendo Switch, the Skyrim NX Toolkit is the perfect all-in-one solution for you. Get your hands on this one-stop solution to modding Skyrim on Nintendo Switch and everything will be possible!

Download the Skyrim NX Toolkit mod today for Nintendo Switch.

Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture

Demoniac is an incredibly detailed texture package for female bodies that is highly customizable. This texture package works for CBBE, 7B, UNPB, and UNP Curvy. Get your hands on this mod to add an attractive glossy texture to all the female bodies in Skyrim.

To install this mod, you will need either the SeveNBase a custom FemaleBodyReplacer mod or the UNP Female Body Renewal mod. Check out the mod page from below for the installation guide.

#3 UNP Female Body Renewal

UNP Female Body Renewal is one of the most popular female body mods for Skyrim. This mod replaces the female body with one wearing the vanilla underwear or a nude body. The mod also converts all the vanilla outfits for females. The textures included are SG textures, Feminine Khajiit Textures for the Grey Cat, and Feminine Argonian Textures for the Lizard.

All the armors are static and the tintmasks are of high quality. Check out the mod page below for more in-game screenshots and details.

Download the UNP Female Body Renewal mod today for Nintendo Switch.

#4 Cheat Room

As you can guess from its name, Cheat Room is basically a room designed for Skyrim where players can cheat and get help for their in-game adventures and missions. This is one of the biggest cheat mods in Skyrim that allows you to do so much without actually editing anything in the original game.

After installing the mod, you will notice that there are some new spells under “Alteration” in the magic menu. Use these spells to teleport to the cheat room where you can:

  • Find essentially every single item in the game
  • Change time, weather, and other stats
  • Spawn, marry, and resurrect actors
  • Learn every single spell and shout
  • Add or remove all diseases and active effects
  • Level up characters and skills
  • Add perks, coins, and Dragon Souls
  • Change your character’s appearance
  • Adjust their height
  • Make anyone you want, your follower
  • Alter the relationship between actors and you
  • Cheat Rings
  • Cheat armor and weapons
  • Access any NPC’s or follower’s inventory
  • Duplicate items

And do so much more! There are 10 custom teleport locations in total, along with a place where you can craft, and a backup system for resetting various stats. How cool, right?

Download the Cheat Room mod now for Nintendo Switch.

#5 XP32 Maximum Skeleton – XPMS

This mod adds a multi-purpose skeleton to Skyrim for animation. This skeleton includes a bouncing breast, wings, cloak, and hair that you can all animate independently. There are in total 229 Nodes for the skeleton.

With this mod, you can now create realistic animations and clothing etc. for your character. So you don’t need to worry about any skeleton incompatibilities when animating. However, do note that this mod only works for the.hkx animations as there is no HDT support.

Download the XP32 Maximum Skeleton – XPMS mod now for Nintendo Switch.

#6 Enhanced Blood Textures

As you can guess from its name, this mod overhauls the blood textures in Skyrim. Whenever in a bloody combat, you may have noticed how the blood looks so unrealistic. This mod aims to change that by adding detailed and high resolution textures for blood.

In addition to replacing blood textures, this mod also adds some really interesting features, including:

  • Blood pools
  • Green oil for machines
  • Green blood for spiders
  • Killmove animation spasms
  • Damage-based blood splatters
  • Blood drops when you have low health
  • Highly detailed decapitation texture
  • Increased red color

So if you are looking for a more gory and real-life blood texture, get your hands on this mod and make your combats more gruesome and realistic.

Download the Enhanced Blood Textures mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#7 Noble Skyrim Mod HD-1K

This mod massively overhauls the architecture in Skyrim by customizing all of its textures. In addition to overhauling the architecture, the mod also changes the landscape, dungeons, mines, ships, boats, farming tools, ruins, caves, and clutter in the game by retexturing it.

As a result, you will have a much cleaner and define look. In addition to changing things in the vanilla Skyrim, this mod also changes the textures of all of these things in the Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs.

The Noble Skyrim mod is compatible with nearly every mod out there that does not replace the same textures as this mod. So if you are looking for a fresh new look for Skyrim, get your hands on this one.

Download the Noble Skyrim Mod HD-1K mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#8 Enhanced Lights and FX

As you can guess from its name, the Enhanced Lights and FX mod for Nintendo’s platform makes the lighting in Skyrim more realistic and dramatic. It does so by getting rid of all the lighting that does not have source and adding lights to all the light sources in Skyrim. It is a Switch port for Skyrim that not only overhauls the lighting in Skyrim but also adds new lighting effects to the game, without affecting your FPS.

Some of the lighting changes made by this mod include:

  • New shadow lights
  • A new reflection for water
  • New candle smoke
  • A translucent effect for tents and market stands
  • Light from all light sources, even Windows
  • Tailored lighting in inns and cities depending on the local weather
  • Different lighting in the interiors during the day and night
  • Darker taverns, interiors, and dungeons
  • Reduced color tints
  • Increased saturation and contrast
  • and more.

Download the Enhanced Lights and FX mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#9 EnaiRim

If you are looking for an all-in-one mod for all the popular mods created by one of the greatest mod creators, EnaiSiaion, then this is the one for you! The EnaiRim mod is a port of this legend’s best Skyrim mods of all time.

  • Thunderchild – Epic Shout PackageSummermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim
  • Wintersun – Faiths of Skyrim
  • Imperious – Races of Skyrim
  • Apocalypse – Ordinator Compatibility Patch
  • Sacrosanct – Vampires of Skyrim
  • Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim
  • Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim
  • Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim
  • Apocalypse – Waterstride Spell Addon
  • Wildcat – Combat of Skyrim
  • Wildcat – Realistic Damage Plugin

So get some of the most amazing Skyrim mods merged into one and ported for Nintendo Switch by clicking on the download link below!

Download the EnaiRim mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#10 Cloaks of Skyrim

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

Cloaks of Skyrim is one of the biggest cloak mods in Skyrim that brings about 100 all-new cloaks to Skyrim through levelled lists, static loot, and crafting. All the cloaks are enchantable and completely lore-friendly.

As a result, you will have unlimited options and variety of cloaks to wear to keep up with your style while staying warm in Skyrim. These warm and stylish cloaks will also come in handy for keeping you warm if you have the Frostfall or Hypothermia mods. These cloaks are not just available for the character. In fact, you will notice the nPCs wearing random cloaks that are quite rare and special to find.

In order to wear these cloaks, you don’t need to replace them with any other equipment. They use the 46th slot in the list.

The different types of cloaks added by this mod include:

  • Faction cloaks
  • Capes and Hold Guard cloaks
  • Unique and Rare cloaks
  • And Dragon Priest cloaks

Check out the mod page by clicking on the link below to learn about their locations and crafting.

Download the Cloaks of Skyrim mod now for Nintendo Switch.

#11 Project AHO

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

Project AHO is one of the biggest Skyrim Switch mods that can be considered a DLC. Built in line with the standards of Bethesda, this quest mod adds a hidden settlement in Skyrim, known as the Great House Telvanni, whose fate is in your hands! In this mod, you will get to learn about the history of the Sadrith Kegran inhabitants and meet them.

The settlement is built on the Dwarven city ruins where you will be discovering the secrets of the astonishing invention of the Dwemeri, the Aetherium Hyperspace Observatory.

This mod adds all new quests, over 40 new locations, new characters and voiced NPCs, new music, new weapons and armor, and an all-new daily routine system for all the residents of the town. Interesting, right?

All you need to do is to reach level 15 in order to start the main quest and travel to the main Skyrim land without a horse to be contacted for the quest.

Download the Project AHO mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#12 The Eyes Of Beauty

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

As you can guess from its name, The Eyes of Beauty mod adds lore-friendly, more realistic, and beautiful eye textures for Skyrim characters and NPCs. All the eye textures added by this mod are high-resolution and incredibly beautiful.

So if you don’t like the vanilla eyes in Skyrim, get your hands on this mod and transform the player’s and NPCs’ eyes into gorgeous, deep, and colorful ones!

Download The Eyes Of Beauty mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#13 Immersive Wenches

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

The Immersive Wenches mod does exactly what it sounds like. It adds young women (or wenches) to the inns and taverns in Skyrim to keep you entertained and served. The mod adds custom scenes with these wenches, as well as barmaids who serve as innkeepers, some maid wenches who travel around the province with a bodyguard, and some interesting quests.

You can make these wenches your followers and even spouses. They all have custom classes, perks, and spells. All of these wenches will have a unique daily routine.

In total, the mod adds 89 new NPCs, which include maid wenches, bards, barmaids, vampire wenches, merchants, a random orc, bodyguards, and other NPCs. You can also increase their number to 126. How cool, right?

Download the Immersive Wenches mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#14 Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

The Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM) is one of the biggest Skyrim mods that makes major improvements to the static 3D models in the game. So this includes improvements to the landscapes, furniture, clutter, and architecture in Skyrim.

So if you are sick of all the ugly 3D models in the game and would like them to appear more detailed, defined, and high-resolution, get your hands on this mod! You will notice how this mod improves the little details in game to massively improve your experience.

Download the Static Mesh Improvement mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#15 SeveNBase — A Custom FemaleBodyReplacer

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

This is yet another body replacer mod for Skyrim that makes changes to the female body, more specifically to the shoulders, breasts, and thighs to make the shoulders wider, breasts bigger, and thighs fuller. So if you are someone who is into beautiful Amazonian woman with evenly-toned muscles, this is the perfect mod for you!

This mod is based on the 1st version of the SeveNBase mod and comes in the following options:

  • Original: with wider shoulders, BBP support, and enhanced full and soft breasts.
  • Natural: with wider shoulders, BBP support, and enhanced full soft, gravity-positioned breasts.
  • Cleavage: with wider shoulders, BBP support, and enhanced full cleavage pushed-up breasts.
  • TBBP: with TBBP support.
  • and more.

In order to make the most of this mod, you will need a skeleton mod like the XP32 Maximum Skeleton – XPMS mod that supports TBBP or BBP.

Download SeveNBase — A Custom FemaleBodyReplacer mod now for Skyrim on Nintendo Switch.

#16 NoMaaM Breathing Idles BBB

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

If there is one thing that looks very unrealistic in Skyrim, it’s how all the males and females remain awfully idle when standing or talking to you. They don’t even move when breathing! The NoMaaM Breathing Idles BBB mod aims to change that by adding a breathing motion to all the males and females in Skyrim.

In addition to the breathing motion, this mod also adds Better Bouncing Breasts (BBB) for the female characters in Skyrim. As a result, both males and females will move naturally when breathing.

This mod requires the XP32 and the UNP Female Body Renewal TBBP Version mods to work.

Download the NoMaaM Breathing Idles BBB mod now for Skyrim on Nintendo Switch.

#17 KS Hairdos Lite

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

The KS Hairdos Lite is a lite version of the original Skyrim mod that adds 20 new hairstyles for males and females. In order to apply these hairstyles, you will need to use the Cheat Room or visit the Face Changer in Riften.

So get your hands on this lite version of the KS Hairdos mod to give your character a beautiful new hairdo!

Download the KS Hairdos Lite mod now for Skyrim Nintendo Switch.

#18 Sexy Vanilla Female Armor for UNP and SevenBase with BBP

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

As you can guess from its name, this is yet another mod for the females in Skyrim that converts all of their armor into more attractive and sexy-looking armor. This mod has both Replacer and Standalone options, including:

  • Steel Plate Armor
  • Studed Armor
  • Steel Armor
  • Dwarven Armor
  • Hide Armor
  • Scaled Horn Armor
  • Banded Iron Armor
  • Nightingale Armor
  • Dragonscale
  • Karliah’s Armor
  • Glass Armor
  • Imperial Armor
  • Dragonplate Armor
  • Thieves Armor
  • and many more

In total, there are 41 armor options.

#19 SSE Texture Pack

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

The SSE Texture Pack for Nintendo Switch is a high resolution 1K texture pack for the Special Edition version of Skyrim that improves the cities and landscapes in the game. This mod includes all the vanilla landscape textures and city textures you can image in 1K resolution. So get your hands on this mod to massively overhaul the appearance of the landscapes and cities in Skyrim and give them a fresh look.

Download the SSE Texture Pack mod now for Nintendo Switch.

How to Install Skyrim Switch Mods?

To install Skyrim Switch mods, download the Skyrim for Switch Mod Manager (SSMM). This mod manager tool allows you to organize mods, create the right folder and file structures, and install and patch as many mods you like.

However, in order for this tool to work, you will need a hacked Switch Atmosphere/DeepSea. You will also need to restart your Nintendo Switch when you install a mod using SSMM. This tool also merges all the ini files in the mood.

Wondering how it works? Follow the steps below!

  • Download the mods and extract them into the “mods” folder.
  • Open the SSMM tool and select the “Scan mods folder” option.
  • Now sort all the assets and plugins by dragging and dropping.
  • Once done, hit the “export” option and wait.
  • Now copy all the “output” contents to the root of your SD card.


So that’s all, folks! This list pretty sums up the best Skyrim Switch mods for Nintendo console. If you are someone who plays Skyrim or Skyrim – Special Edition on Nintendo Switch, get your hands on these mods to massively improve your experience and enjoy a more immersive gameplay. Happy modding, gamers!

Here’s A Comparison Of Skyrim On Nintendo Switch And PC

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

Some of you may feel its unfair to compare the PC version of Skyrim Special Edition against the Nintendo Switch version, but as you can see from the video it looks as though the Nintendo Switch version is also based on the Special Edition, which is good news. I’ve seen people say online that the version of Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch is based on the 2011 release but that doesn’t appear to be true in the slightest. This evidence is further backed up by this image from NeoGaf and Youtuber RoyRelapse.

thoughts on “Here’s A Comparison Of Skyrim On Nintendo Switch And PC”

Only natural people thought it was the 2011 version. People always cling to the worst possible solution when it comes to Nintendo. Hopefully people become aware that the Switch is fully capable hardware and can actually run a lot of current gen games.

Considering how Nintendo has let a ton of us down time time again, it’s no wonder we always think of the worst possible outcome with them so as to not be let down again. Sadly, it rarely works. shrug Oh well.

If this we’re any other Nintendo console, I’d agree with you. But we’re dealing with a radically different Nintendo. You can’t always assume ground zero with the Switch because its already breaking many, many Nintendo-like conventions.

All I honestly see is a console that’s a mixture of Wii Wii U. That’s not different but just more of the same but with a new coat of paint.

Ok I understand the fact that Nintendo didn’t do well sometimes, but we have to be positive and you will see the greatness on the Nintendo Switch

Time and time again? NES let you down? SNES let you down? N64 let you down? Gamecube let you down? Gameboy let you down? Gameboy Color let you down? Game Boy Advance let you down? DS let you down? 3DS let you down? I could understand Wii, because it wasn’t HD when it should have been. It should have been what the Wii U was. I definitely understand Wii U as it had too small of an install base to keep 3rd party games flowing. Both required older graphic editions of PS3/360 games or XB1/PlayStation 4 games, so that’s a let down as well. But you’re probably a troll, or a Sony fanboy, so I suppose facts and logic don’t matter to you. I guess having well over 100 titles available on a console that’s not even 6 months old isn’t “great” or something.

Everything before Wii was great. I’m talking post-Gamecube which is when Nintendo started going downhill. The Wii console itself sold very well, sure, but the attach rate of games was terrible. I only played around 20 games on that thing spent most of my time on a social site. That Wii turned into my Netflix machine at the end of it’s sad life. 3DS is the only thing that was great all around post-Gamecube. Not sure about Switch just yet but it’s not looking good right now since only 3-4 games (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, maybe Fire Emblem Warriors) on it interest me in it’s first year next year looks to be even worse since Nintendo didn’t let us in on any games that will be coming out in 2018 during E3 from their franchises that I care about. I’d go into further detail about the “time time again” part but there’s been way too many lies, broken promises, PR bullshit, failures over the last 10 years coming from Nintendo to cover them all. And if you had any inkling of what I’ve had to go through with being disappointed by my favorite video game company over the last decade, you wouldn’t be so quick to run to the whole “Meh. He’s probably just a troll or Sony fanboy, anyway.” crap. Don’t let the stuff in the curly brackets fool you, bub, as I’m probably a truer Nintendo fan than half of the fanboys here.

How To Mod Skyrim Switch?

If you’re noticing that your shower isn’t getting as hot as usual or if the water heater is not turning on, there are a few things that can be wrong. You may need to adjust your shower valve, or check and make sure the water heater is set at a warm enough temperature.

If you have an older shower fixture, it may also need to be replaced. Finally, if you notice that one of your mixing valves is malfunctioning, it’s time for repair.

Is it possible to mod Skyrim on Switch?

Yes, it is possible to mod Skyrim on Switch. There are a variety of tools available online that make the process easier. You may need to hack your switch first, but mods can increase game difficulty or change the outcome of events.

It takes time and patience to become a good Skyrim modder, so if you’re not sure how to start, look for guides.

Can you use mod on Switch?

If you have a console with firmware version 1.0. 0, you can use Recovery Mode to try and fix the issue. Consoles with firmware version 2.0. 0 – 4.1 can be modded using RCM, but this is not always successful and there are risks involved that should be considered before attempting the process.

Does Skyrim on switch run well?

Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch does not run as well as it did on the original console. Graphics are lackluster and difficult to play for extended periods of time.

Additional features, such as costumes and items do not work properly.

Is Skyrim on the Switch worth it?

When it comes to the decision whether or not to purchase Skyrim on the Switch, there are a few things you need to consider. Chief among these is whether or not you’re interested in playing the game on a PC rather than via a console.

If you’re not, then spending your money elsewhere may be more beneficial – especially if other features of the Switch version of Skyrim (such as co-operative multiplayer) are unavailable on other platforms.

What does homebrew do on Switch?

Switch. This can be fun for some people, but it could also cause system failures or data loss if not used responsibly. It is illegal on the Nintendo Switch so make sure you are aware of this before playing any games.

What does a hacked Switch do?

You can install custom themes on your console and run emulators. Your console could be improved by overclocking it. A hacked switch can fix many issues with your gaming experience.

Is Skyrim Creation Club on Switch?

Skyrim Creation Club is available for the Nintendo Switch. It has received a good rating from Taiwan, so you can order it now.

Does Skyrim on switch have all DLC?

Skyrim is an amazing game that you should definitely check out for Switch. It includes all the DLC necessary to make it a great experience, and the graphics are impressively good.

You can take it along on your travels, or play it in its entirety when you have some time off from work/school.

Is it worth to jailbreak Switch?

If you get caught, you’ll have a hard time forcing the system to work again. Switches can be easily replaced with cheaper hardware- so don’t bother trying to jailbreak them.

Does Skyrim ever end?

If you’re looking for a game that never ends, look no further than Skyrim. The quests will keep you busy for years on end and there’s always something new to do – even if the world eventually ends.

How many hours is Skyrim?

Skyrim is a popular game that has been played by many people for a long time now. The average hours spent playing the game has stayed consistent over time.

There are many different ways to play Skyrim, so it Appeales To All sorts of Gamers. Bethesda makes sure that all new content in the game is regularly updated so that players can keep their investment fresh.

How long does it take to 100% complete Skyrim?

You should plan on taking about 34 hours to complete Skyrim. There are a lot of side quests in the game and it will take some time to get through them all.

You might want to spend more time exploring the world instead of playing campaigns.

How many GB is Skyrim on switch?

Skyrim will take up a lot of space on your memory card if you want to download it. Make sure you get a memory card when downloading the game.

How long does it take to beat Skyrim?

Skyrim is an epic game that can take a long time to beat if you don’t follow the main story line. Make sure to spend your money wisely, as there are always side quests that could slow you down.

Don’t forget about saving often – every little bit helps.

Does homebrew ban my Switch?

If you’re having trouble using your Switch, it may be because homebrew is preventing you from doing so. If that’s the case, don’t worry – there are a few ways to fix things without breaking the bank.

How does a Nintendo Switch get banned?

Nintendo Switch is banned for a variety of reasons, but it’s not clear why. It’s unknown if this happens because the console violates some rules or if something more specific is causing the ban.

Is it hard to hack a Switch?

You may be wondering if it’s hard to hack a switch. It is often easier to do this with a stripped down coin or pencil, but always be careful.

Which Switch is hackable?

Some switches are easier to hack than others. If you have a hacked switch, your unit is unpatched and susceptible to attack. In addition, if your showerhead mixing valve is broken, it might be the culprit behind any hacks you may experience in your home.

Can you mod a patched Switch?

If you’re not qualified to do so, it might be a good idea to consult with a professional. There are many different ways that people can mod their consoles – some are more difficult than others, and could potentially damage the device if done incorrectly.

Before doing anything else, make sure that you have everything back in order before beginning.

Is modding Nintendo games illegal?

Nintendo games are copyrighted and can be easily modified to improve the gameplay. If you’re violating copyright laws, you may face severe penalties. There are many ways to get around these laws, so it’s important to research how each one works before making any changes.

Are modded consoles illegal?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on the situation and what you are trying to achieve. If you want to mod a console, it is illegal in many states.

You could face criminal charges if done so, especially if you profit from playing pirated games.

This is my personal introduction to the world of game development.

I am a game developer and mobile game expert with more than 8 years of experience in both fields. I have worked on various projects, including mobile games, PC games, and console games. I am also a freelance writer who has written articles for multiple publications such as Forbes, Gamasutra, and Gamer. I believe that my skillset is a perfect match for your company’s needs! I am also an expert in the Skyrim game.

Nintendo Switch review: a brave and fascinating new console

Nintendo remains a puzzling phenomenon for a lot of modern gamers. The company never makes powerful consoles, or cool consoles; it never pushes the processing envelope, and it always seems a little eccentric when it comes to online infrastructure. Unlike Sony and Microsoft, it isn’t trying to make gaming PCs designed to resemble dedicated games machines – it just makes games machines.

The Switch is the latest evolution of an idea Nintendo has been playing with since the arrival of the Wii in 2006 – a console for everyone, with an interesting, accessible and flexible interface. The console itself is basically a tablet, and completely portable, but plug it into the stand and the action immediately appears on your TV. It is a weird hybrid, a new mid-point between home and handheld.

The big question is – is it fun?

The basics

Priced at £280, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system – a cross between a home console and a handheld. When you buy one, you get the console itself, as well as the two JoyCon controllers, the stand for plugging the device into your TV, and a controller grip. HDMI and power cables come too.

Games are on small cartridges (that rattle rather suspiciously) and they slot into a port at the top of the console. Unlike with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you don’t need to install the software on to your hard drive, which is just as well as the Switch drive is a measly 32GB. There’s a Micro SD slot at the rear of the Switch, which adds additional storage capacity.

Optional accessories include a wired LAN adaptor and pro controller which offers a more refined and traditional interface for £65. Extra Joy-Con controllers (necessary for multiplayer games like Arms) cost £75.

A design of two halves

The Nintendo Switch looks like a very small, budget-conscious tablet, with the same sort of build quality (ie solid and kind of sleek). The capacitive touchscreen is not as precise as you’ll find on your new smartphone, but it’s a definite step up from the spongy Wii U GamePad and reacts to the slightest touch rather than a frustrated jab. The experience really does merge the accessibility of playing on a tablet with the added controller accuracy of a handheld. It’s like a modern take on the multifaceted approach of the DS and 3DS, but with a larger screen and much more granular control.

When you want to plug it into into your TV, you slide the Switch into the dock, until it clicks into the port. This is a smooth, seamless procedure, but the console does rattle a little in its toaster-like home. The dock has HDMI, three USB ports and a power socket but that’s all. It’s just a hunk of plastic.

The Switch’s built-in 6.2-inch display is 720p HD, and the picture quality is usually very good, with rich colours and a nice sharpness. When you plug the console in to your TV, Switch can output in full 1080p (though not 4K). On a larger display, it’s very clear this console is far behind Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in terms of visual fidelity – the graphics have that familiar Nintendo look; cartoony, slightly hazy, but also artful. Titles like Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart and, later, Super Mario Odyssey do look beautiful, but in a more stylised way than the photorealistic aspirations of the other consoles.

Shared pleasures

Once charged, the Switch can be taken wherever you go – and this is a key feature. With this console, you can put the screen down wherever you are, slide the Joy-Con off, hand them out and start multiplayer sessions with friends. The fact that the controllers can be used independently means Mario Kart, Bomberman, Just Dance and SnipperClips can all be played without the need to buy extra pads. It’s the whole games-for-everyone philosophy of the Wii, joyously emancipated from the home.

On top of this, the console offers ad-hoc local networking for up to eight Switches. The idea of being able to meet up with pals wherever you are and play Mario Kart or Splatoon 2 together in big team sessions is an enticing one – and the concept becomes even more interesting if/when we start seeing community-focused titles like Monster Hunter and Pokemon coming along. It was the former that more or less kept the Sony PSP alive, exploiting the machine’s ad-hoc connectivity; and we saw how powerful Pokemon Go was as a roving social experience. If Nintendo can harness this potential, it would be a major plus for the console. Sitting in a park with a whole bunch of people playing Mario Kart is a really fun proposition.

Joy or con?

Perhaps the most intriguing element of the Switch is its two Joy-Con controllers, which can be used separately, or snapped either side of a plastic grip to make a standard pad. Each Joy-Con has an analogue stick, a button array on the front, and four shoulder buttons along the edges. They also have built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes for motion control, while the right Joy-Con has a motion-sensitive IR camera, which can sense movement in front of it. There’s also a Capture button which lets you take, store and share in-game screenshots (but not video just yet).

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

The Joy-Con are small, but they’re very comfortable in the hand and the plastic is good quality. To make them more sturdy, there are wrist strap sections that slide on to the side of each controller, clipping into place. They’re easy to get on, but removing them is an unnecessarily fiddly process of lifting a small locking mechanism, pressing a tiny black button then sliding them off – it takes some practice (and brute force) and if anyone accidentally puts one on the wrong way round – which really shouldn’t be possible – they become wedged pretty fast. It doesn’t really feel like the neat, graceful, child-friendly industrial design we’re used to from Nintendo.

But they’re definitely good fun to use. Gripped in your hands they become almost invisible facilitators of ridiculous interactions. Whether that’s milking a cow or pretending to scoff sandwiches in 1-2 Switch, or cutting out shapes in Snipperclips – they take on the forms that each game requires; like the computer mouse, they simply become extensions of your own movements. This could (and in Nintendo’s hands should) lead to whole new interactive experiences.

Update: some reviewers have experienced problems with the left Joy-Con becoming un-synced from the console, especially when occluded by the player’s hand or body. We have not experienced these issues. Eurogamer has written a very in-depth analysis.

It has also been correctly pointed out that gamers with disabilities may struggle with controllers that rely heavily on precise physical movements. Game developers can offer options to help here.

The Zelda box?

The Switch is launching with eleven games, but many of these are updates of already released titles like I Am Setsuna, World of Goo, Skylanders Imaginators and Just Dance 2017. One exception is Super Bomberman R, a re-invention of the classic multiplayer maze battler.

Of the two major Nintendo titles, 1-2 Switch really should be bundled with the hardware. This collection of competitive mini-games is fun for a while, but its purpose is to exhibit the capabilities of the console and with no lasting challenge to any of the 28 tasks, you’ll soon tire of it. Even a limited demo of the game would have been a welcome addition to the console package.

The key draw right now is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and honestly, what a draw it is. Expansive, refined and exciting, it could well be one of the greatest launch titles ever released.

Later in the year, we’ll get Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Arms and Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which all look wonderful; then there will be Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a Fire Emblem title, pretty much capturing the RPG market. Nintendo claims there are 100 games in development from 70 publishers – highlights include the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim conversion, a Dragon Quest, a Sonic game, Ultra Street Fighter II, and follow-ups to cult titles like No Heroes and Shin Megami Tensei. That’s a lot of fun to be had.

Nintendo has announced 60 indie titles as well: successful releases like Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, Cave Story and Overcooked are on the slate, as are newcomers Yooka-Laylee, Snake Pass and Wargroove.

The big test of course is whether the big hitting franchises will come over. We know EA is making a Switch version of Fifa, and there’s a Switch Minecraft, but will there be a Switch Call of Duty (and if the series goes back to WWII this will really matter), a Switch Red Dead Redemption?

So far it feels like there’s more industry positivity around Switch than there ever was around Wii U. If Zelda starts shifting machines, the big publishers will want a part of that – especially with the costs of producing high-end Xbox and Playstation titles exploding with every new hardware iteration.

The end of the Miiverse

One disappointing aspect is that two favourite connected services – Street Pass from the 3DS and Wiiverse from the Wii U – will not be returning on Switch. Instead we’re getting a more conventional online subscription service offering multiplayer gaming and other content including monthly free titles.

At the same time, online lobbies and a voice chat app will replace the community hub that made your Wii U desktop feel like a thriving virtual town rather than a staid menu system. Indeed, the Switch desktop is rather sparse, so far consisting of large icons for any games you’ve played, as well as smaller options for the eShop, photo album and controller settings. You’ll be able to import your Nintendo Account ID, make your own Mii character and set up friends lists, of course – but currently the UI is very bare and uninspiring (although you could also see its simplicity as a bonus, especially as it also has to function on a smaller, portable display).

In many ways, Switch is going to be a lot more like Xbox and PlayStation 4 in its connected philosophy – and that’s a shame. And what’s missing from this more conventional set-up is apps: currently there are no video-on-demand options like YouTube or Netflix, though Nintendo has said its considering them. Furthermore, we still don’t know how much the subscription will cost, but it will be free until the autumn. On a more positive note, the eShop looks to be getting some excellent support from indie developers who are looking to support and explore the unique feature-set of the console.


The Nintendo Switch is a brave and fascinating prospect. While the Wii U hinted at a dual screen future (and provided some truly brilliant games), this update truly gives us a strong standalone handheld platform as well as a home console that produces beautiful visuals and trademark Nintendo experiences. Those who well say “buy a PC/Xbox/PlayStation 4 instead” are too entrenched in conventional wisdom to understand the appeal of Nintendo hardware, which has always stood slightly to the side of the industry product pipeline. The Switch is playing in a very different space, a space of its own, and we now need to see if the rest of the industry, and a large enough audience of “casual gamers”, will join it.

Whatever happens, Nintendo has once again done its idiosyncratic best to challenge the way we think about games hardware. Right now, it has the best launch game in at least a decade, and enough compelling possibilities on the horizon to warrant enthusiasm and hope. At £280 it is a gamble; when the price drops, as it inevitably will before Christmas, it may prove irresistible.

  • Pros: fascinating hybrid concept; interesting controls; good quality screen; some excellent games on the way
  • Cons: areas of fiddly and below-par hardware design; limited launch line-up; unclear digital strategy


elite, skyrim, switch, mods

The Xbox family of consoles from Microsoft featuring the Xbox Series X/S.

elite, skyrim, switch, mods


The Playstation family of consoles from Sony featuring the PS5.

elite, skyrim, switch, mods


The Nintendo family of consoles from the company featuring the Switch.

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

The PC collection of never ending upgrades and high end visual options.

elite, skyrim, switch, mods


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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nintendo Switch Edition Preview

The Nintendo Switch is actually doing very well during its launch year with a wide range of games and upcoming titles, among those is of course the legendary Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game has been ported to everything, remastered and placed on any console or device that can run it.

With that, it’s still a huge deal and I know many Nintendo Switch owners are really excited about this game. The possibility of taking this sort of epic RPG anywhere with you and then settling at home to play more on the big screen is exciting.

While at Pax West 2017 I got to check out the latest build of this running on the console, I was sent down a dark and rather spooky hallway to a Nintendo room. It was all rather ominous quite honestly and that’s where I got to enjoy three huge titles coming this holiday to the platform.

The first and I believe the longest time for this booking was spent on Skyrim. I had questions, they had some answers and I’ll provide the details. The first thing I was really curious about is just what version of the game this is, back awhile ago I wrote about this not being the Special Edition and I was somewhat right.

I was told this is its own special thing not being the Special Edition while also not being the standard release from the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 era. This is simply what they’re calling “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nintendo Switch Edition” and the graphics honestly fall more towards the original release.

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

They’re not at all bad, and most likely a mix between the two and I’ve spent quite some time watching videos to try making better comparisons between the various versions. It’s quite a touchy subject for people around the game and I do feel that the Special Edition looks better than what I played. The photo above is basically just one of the mods from Xbox which helps bring in my next set of information. If you’re wondering why the photo isn’t from the Switch, I wasn’t given assets and there aren’t any in the Nintendo or Bethesda press areas currently.

Going back to mods, this version of the game will not support any whether that’s in the form of the Bethesda.net area or custom (obviously). That’s what I was told from the representative and while mods are awesome, I feel they might hurt performance for this particular version. With that aside, the game runs really well coming across as smooth and incredibly fast.

The loading between areas is almost nothing and death feels like it doesn’t matter with how quick you come back afterwards. I was impressed by this and how well it ran whether I had it docked or undocked.

I did notice that while the rendering is far, the console struggled with having the distance stay solid. There were some portions of it that weren’t loading in correctly and or were quite blurry. This was harder to see on the undocked version since the image wasn’t as large though between having it docked or undocked I didn’t see too much of a difference with quality.

This point wasn’t in regards to the far distance though hopefully before release it gets just a little more optimization to clear that up. It’s not a huge deal as many won’t care, but just something to mention.

elite, skyrim, switch, mods

So what is new in the world of Skyrim? Well, there’s the Amiibo functionality granting a chance at gear and damn awesome motion based controls. First off, you can use each Amiibo once a day for a chance at getting loot. If you have twenty Amiibos of any kind, you can use each of them once per day.

I was disappointed that the loot was random, but I suppose it adds some fun gambling to it all and keeps you using the system. The motion controls were simple, yet awesome as you could swing the Joy-Cons to perform melee hits. It felt intuitive, fancy and was ever so exciting. A light motion does a swift attack whereas a longer motion does the heavy attacks.

It works really well and it was an interesting way to change combat up. You can also pick locks with motion, but I didn’t come across any while playing. The bow is the final aspect of the motion controls and I honestly had troubles using the it to shoot, but I think it just had to do with the position I was in or lack of practice.

For the most part, this is a really interesting version of the game it runs well on Nintendo Switch. I think fans of the game are really going to love this version of it as you can just pick up a massive world with all its DLC included and go anywhere. There are some portions that could use a bit of work, but it’s looking good.

For my run I began just after the opening sequence and went to the local town to kill a chicken. The folks there relentlessly chased me up the hill towards the snow, back to town and then forward to Whiterun. I did this on purpose, I wanted to test functionality such as entering houses or getting the AI running around and to see the core parts of the game.

These are the areas folks visit first when they play and where the first impressions of the journey begins. I’m looking forward to the final version of this game as it seems too perfect for the console and should be an epic addition to the Nintendo Switch launch year.

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