6 Best Osu Drawing Tablets in 2023. Graphic tablet for osu

Best Osu Drawing Tablets in 2023

Osu is a seemingly simple game that swept lots of people all over the world off their feet. It is great for the twitchy and fidgety characters since they are really forced to concentrate to succeed in the game.

Having played for a while, you are bound to start searching for the best OSU tablet to improve your results because a mouse is simply not enough for comfortable and efficient gameplay. Those who play at a professional level use tablets. Which models are considered the most optimized ones for this entertaining pastime?

Best Osu Tablets

The features that matter the most are the precision of tracking and the sensitivity to pressure. If you are looking for an OSU tablet, that will only be involved in playing the game, the simplest, smallest versions with decent accuracy are going to do the job.

However, the device is also great for those occupied in the illustration or design spheres and allows them to do many things better than a mouse does. Even then, the most expensive model will not be required. Single out your needs and find the option that satisfies them the best on the list below.

Wacom Intuos Art

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Active drawing area: 5.9 x 3.7 in | Display: 13.3 in | Resolution: 2540 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 4096 levels | Connections: USB and Bluetooth

⊕ Durable battery ⊕Supported by macOS and Windows ⊕Battery-free pen ⊖ Overpriced ⊖ Not the entire tablet surface is active

Here is one of the best OSU tablets that can also be used for more serious activities. You can choose between a small and a medium version. But mind that the miniature one is really tiny and can prove to be uncomfortable if you plan to do some work on a large computer screen.

The device, unlike many of its rivals, comes in a pleasant blue color with the working area not reaching its edges. The tablet is able to recognize the touch of your hand from its stylus. It means that the pointer will not be making weird jerks and unwanted strokes while you’re working.

Huion OSU Tablet

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Active drawing area: 4 x 2.23 in | Display: 7 in | Resolution: 4000 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 2048 levels | Connections: USB

⊕ Very small ⊕Affordable for just playing ⊕Fitting Pen ⊖ Playing will require driver installation ⊖ Only USB connection

If you are against squandering money on a game, you will be more than satisfied with the performance of this small affordable gadget. The cheapest OSU drawing tablet in this list, it has high-pressure sensitivity and a decent report rate that allow playing the game super efficiently. The restricted active area is fit exactly for the small hand motions the game requires, so it will feel quite comfortable. The stability could otherwise be questionable if not for the cost, you could do worse with some alternatives.

You will not be getting an EMR stylus that requires no charging. So, prepare an AAA battery to power it and keep replacements at hand. Overall, you obtain a considerable improvement of the gameplay with a small investment.

XP-Pen StarG640

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Active drawing area: 6 x 4 in | Display: 7.5 in | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 8192 levels | Connections: USB

⊕ No drivers required ⊕The best dimensions for OSU ⊕Very sleek and modern design ⊖ Reacts to accidental hand touches ⊖ Inconveniently thin pen

This might not be the most popular model, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. With such great characteristics, it can be easily called the best OSU tablet. The device claims to have incredibly high values of the resolution, report rate and accuracy, which even surpass those of a popular Wacom tablet rival.

Realistically, it is quite possible that the difference in values is too small to have an effect on the overall performance. You might not feel comfortable with the bigger active area. But, on the other hand, if you have a bigger screen, it will feel more comfortable.

The device is supplied with a great battery-free pen that eliminates many worries about the remainder of charge or battery replacements. You can work or play as long as you wish.

Possibly the most important parameter in all OSU tablets is the cursor delay that can have a large impact on the results.

As opposed to many rival devices, this model is free of even the slightest cursor delay. Besides, there is no impact from the installation of a driver that seems to be worsening things in many other models. You will be able to conveniently play or do any kind of digital art with this great device.


best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Active drawing area: 4×2.23 in | Display: 6.96×4.40 in | Resolution: 4000 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 2048 levels | Connections: USB

⊕ Rather compact for its dimensions ⊕Convenient stylus ⊕Supports macOS and Windows ⊖ Hand touches intervene with the pen ⊖ Battery-powered Pen

In case you are seeking the best tablet for OSU that would also be good for learning digital art, this model is what you need. It is very beginner-friendly but at the same time comes close to many professional devices. Its pen is super light, features some buttons for switching between brushes, and has an on/off button that basically transforms it into a regular pen.

It supports scrolling, which is really handy. The working surface is very responsive and captures motions with high precision. The whole thing weighs next to nothing and can be taken anywhere for a play or some other use. You can assign any action to the additional buttons located on the device itself.

The tablet will be supported by any design or gaming software, same goes for the popular OS types (Windows and Mac).

Wacom Bamboo CTL471

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Active drawing area: 5.8 x 3.6in | Display: 8.3 x 5.8 in | Resolution: 2540 lpi | Pen pressure sensitivity: 1024 levels | Connections: USB Micro, USB Type A

⊕ Suitable for any OS
⊕Simple to use
⊕Requires no drivers
⊖ Somewhat overpriced
⊖No stylus stand
⊖Lack of express buttons

This is one of the pricier photo editing tablets for OSU that could be considered by those willing to combine work or art with this entertaining game. You will find the active area appropriately sized for comfortable gameplay. over, the design is supplemented with the most pleasant rubber coating on both of the tools that feels extraordinary and adds to the pleasure of playing.

If your intention is to have several uses for the tablet, you might find the active area somewhat restricted. However, when you install the drivers, you will get an option of redefining the dimensions of the active surface.

A somewhat disappointing matter is the absence of Express Buttons on the device that make a big difference in digital art or design. For such a price, you are reasonable to expect this feature. Indeed, many good OSU tablets of this market segment are equipped with it. For the gameplay, this feature does not matter, and the main characteristic, the speed of response, is excellent.

You are also free to connect the device to any OS, even Linux, which is less common. All totaled, this quick and pleasant to the touch tablet is a great option for those who can spare the expense.

Wacom CTL4100

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Active drawing area: 6.0 x 3.7in | Display: 7.9 x 6.3 in | Resolution: 2540 LPI | Pen pressure sensitivity: 4096 levels | Connections: USB and Bluetooth

⊕ EMR stylus
⊕Super-stable performance
⊖ Rough surface

Best 5 Tablets for OSU to Boost Your Gameplay

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

So, you’ve become hooked on OSU and want to take your hobby to the next level. Then, you need to consider getting an OSU drawing tablet.

Using a drawing tablet for OSU allows you to improve your gameplay. You’ll have better accuracy and faster responses!

But not any old tablet will do for your OSU gaming. You might be wondering, what is the best tablet for OSU? Well, I’ve got answers for you!

There are a few things you need to look out for. In this detailed guide, I’ll quickly summarize the key factors.

Before, I’ll share some good OSU tablets, with something for every budget! Let’s get stuck into the OSU tablet buying guide.

What is OSU?

OSU is a rhythm game that is free to play. The aim of the game is to hit circles and slide your mouse or pen in time with the music.

It sounds simple, but it’s pretty addictive! You play on beat maps and can choose between several levels of difficulty.

You get more points for accuracy and speed. That’s why it’s essential to get the right tablet for OSU!

How to Choose the Best Tablet for OSU

In this section, I’ll share the essential factors an OSU tablet should have. But if you want to skip ahead to the products, click here.


You need to get the size just right to optimize your gameplay. That’s because there are drawbacks to having a tablet either too small or too big.

A small tablet can be limiting and reduce your precision. So, it’s not ideal. But you can get better response times if your tablet’s more compact.

But at the same time, a tablet that is too big will cause you to move your wrist a lot. That can lead to wrist strain and fatigue, cutting back on your playing time.

The best bet is to aim for a medium-sized tablet for the best precision and comfort.

Another option is to set up your tablet so that you only use part of the surface as your tracking pad. It sounds complicated, but it’s pretty easy if you follow a guide.

Response Time

Another key feature to consider is the response time of the tablet. For better control and precision, you want to have the best response time possible.

Make sure to read the reviews and compare how different tablets fare on this aspect. Do they have an input lag? Can the tablet keep up with how quickly you move the stylus?

The response time will affect your overall gameplay, so make sure to consider it before you buy.

Build Quality

Drawing tablets can vary a lot in their build quality from cheap models to premium versions.

It’s important to look closely at the materials and construction of a tablet. That will give you an idea of how well it works and whether it will last.

Budget tablets may lack a protective, hardwearing surface. The result can be that the tablet gets scratched quickly and doesn’t function so well.

The Pen Grip

Don’t overlook the pen build and design, too. It should also be comfortable to hold and durable.

But most importantly, the pen should allow you to get a good grip on it.

When you hold it for a while, you’re likely to get sweaty hands. So, you need a pen that has a nice, tactile surface and provides some friction.

Otherwise, your hand and your pen will keep slipping. You don’t want to mess up the game because of a slip of the pen!

Tablet Buttons – Yes or No?

When you use a tablet to play OSU, you won’t need any buttons or extra features. In fact, they can get in the way and become annoying.

You don’t want to worry about pressing buttons without meaning to.

That’s why it’s best to go for a streamlined tablet without lots of buttons and extra features. The bonus is that a model that has no buttons tend to be cheaper, too.

You can also disable the buttons on some tablets. So if you buy a tablet with buttons, check whether it has this feature.


But it’s also worth considering what you’ll use the tablet for. Is it only for playing OSU? Or will you also use the tablet for illustration and graphic design?

Your needs will dictate which tablet you buy and what features are essential.

If you want to do advanced digital art, make sure the tablet is up to the job before shelling out your cash!

Hover or Drag

There are two main ways to move your OSU pen on your tablet. For some models, you’ll touch the pen to the tablet and drag it across the screen. This way gives you more feedback from the pen.

The second option is to hover your pen above the tablet. In this way, your pen won’t ever touch your tablet at all. The benefit of this is that it can protect your tablet and keep it in better quality for longer.

But the choice comes down to your personal preference. If possible, try to test out the two different options and see what you like the feel of most!

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

The Best Drawing Tablets for OSU

Huion H420 Osu

The best affordable Tablet

The Huion H420 is an excellent tablet for playing OSU without breaking the bank. It’s affordable but works well, so it provides fantastic value for money.

This tablet is designed for graphic design and illustration. So, as you’d expect, it’s pretty responsive!

It’s true that it doesn’t have the fastest response time compared to other models. But you can give that a good boost by installing the Hawku driver.

The active area is quite small at 4 x 2.23 inches, but that’s not always a drawback. This tablet isn’t new, but it still works well.

The Huion has handy express keys that allow you to take shortcuts when playing games or drawing.

One thing to note is that the pen takes batteries, which makes it a bit heavier.

  • Dimensions: 7 x 4.4 x 0.3 Inches
  • Active drawing area: 4 x 2.23 Inches
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 2048 Levels
  • Connections: USB Port

Huion 420 Osu

The best lightweight tablet

Another great tablet from Huion is the 420. It’s even cheaper than the Huion H420, but the main difference is that it doesn’t have express keys.

Otherwise, you get plenty of value for your money. The pen has an impressive 2,048 pressure levels to allow you to control the game with precision.

The tablet itself weighs only 127 grams, making it easy to take anywhere. While the pen is heavier than some other models, that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

The fact that the pen takes batteries can be annoying, especially when you run out! But a little forward-thinking, and you’ll always have enough batteries to hand.

This tablet has a smaller active area, which is ideal for playing OSU. It means that you won’t overextend your wrist or cause any pain, even for epic games sessions.

Another nice bonus is that you can use this tablet, whether you’re right or left-handed. There’s no need to worry that it won’t be suitable if you’re a lefty!

  • Dimensions: 6.97 x 0.31 x 4.41 Inches
  • Active drawing area: 4 x 2.23 Inches
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 2048 Levels
  • Connections: USB Port

XP-Pen G640 6×4

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

If you’ve got a bit more cash to spend, it’s worth going for the XP-Pen G460. It’s packed full of handy features, and it’s super compact and portable.

The sensitivity and responsivity are impressive on the XP-Pen G460. You get a whopping 8,192 levels of pen pressure, making it super accurate.

The pen also looks sleek and doesn’t need batteries. As a result, it’s almost weightless in your hand.

Most remarkably, this XP-Pen tablet is only 2mm thick. It’s hard to find a tablet slimmer than that! That makes it very easy to transport anywhere – you won’t even know that you’ve got it.

Not only is it compact. It also feels smooth and high-quality. The surface is prone to getting scratches, though, so you need to use it with care.

It’s speedy and ultra-responsive, with 266 reports per second. That makes it perfect for playing OSU. You can also try your hand at designing custom skins for OSU too!

But it can also double up as a fantastic drawing tablet. You won’t regret buying this versatile and powerful tablet!

  • Dimensions: 7.87 x 6.29 x 0.39 Inches
  • Active drawing area: 6 x 4 inches
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 8192 Levels
  • Connections: USB Port
  • Very lightweight and measures only 2mm think
  • Excellent responsivity and the pen has 8,192 pressure levels

I couldn’t have a list of the best OSU tablets without including a Wacom tablet here! And not just any Wacom tablet, either.

The CTL 4100 is hands down, one of the best tablets for OSU right now. It stands out from its competitors due to the superb response time and responsivity.

The last thing you want when playing OSU is to have a laggy pen. The Wacom CTL 4100 eliminates this worry! It transfers data across at lightning speed.

There are some other great features, too. This Wacom tablet is well built from quality materials. The surface has a protective, scratch-resistant covering, so it will look good as new for a long time.

You can also take your pick from the small or medium size. The small tablet has an active area of 6 x 3.7 inches.

If you need something a bit larger, the medium tablet offers an active area measuring 8 x 5.3 inches.

Another option for you to select is whether you want the wired or wireless version. But the best best for an OSU tablet is to go for wired to reduce any lags.

With this tablet, you can customize it to meet your needs and budget. There’s even the choice between classic black or a pistachio colorway!

All in all, the Wacom CTL 4100 offers precisely what you need from an OSU tablet.

  • Dimensions: 7.87 x 6.3 x 0.35 Inches
  • Active drawing area: 6.0 x 3.7 Inches
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 4096 Levels
  • Connections: USB Port
  • Hardly any lag and a very responsive tablet
  • It has a hardwearing, scratch-resistant surface

GAOMON S56K Ultrathin OSU Pad

The best portable ultrathin tablet

Finally, we have the GAOMON ultrathin drawing pad. This product differs because it is a soft rubber pad rather than a drawing tablet. But it still gets the job done!

Because it’s a rubber pad, it’s about as thin as they come! The GAOMON S56K measures only 2 mm thick.

It feels very nice and can easily rival a mouse or a drawing tablet for playing OSU. It’s just as fast and super responsive, with a 200 PPS report rate.

Another benefit is that it’s super portable, and you don’t need to worry about breaking it! It’s a lot less fragile than other drawing tablets and can withstand heavy use.

The GAOMON OSU pad also won’t scratch with use. With this product, you’re set up for countless heavy gaming sessions for years to come.

You do need a solid hard surface to lean on when using this rubber pad. The anti-slip pad on the reverse holds the S56K firmly in place, so you don’t mess up your moves.

If you’re looking for something different from a regular drawing tablet, you’ll love this GAOMON OSU pad. It’s versatile, super-thin, compact, and durable.

You won’t go wrong with the GAOMON S56K!

  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 9 x 1.5 Inches
  • Active drawing area:
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 2048 Levels
  • Connections: USB
  • It’s super thin, which makes it a comfortable surface for your hand
  • Speedy and the pen has 2,048 sensitivity levels for accuracy and control

The Wrap Up

Now you’re clued up on the best tablet for OSU, go ahead and click the link to leanr more!

You won’t regret investing in an OSU tablet. It will enhance your gameplay and make it even more fun!

These tablets are guaranteed to work well for OSU. They offer all the right features and specifications. Plus, you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of options to make your choice!

Let me know if you have any Комментарии и мнения владельцев or questions about OSU drawing tablets.

Then, make sure to sign up for the Proactive Creative newsletter. I share all my top resources there, so you’re up to date on new trends, products, and tips for creatives.

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Tablets for Osu!

I’m no master of the game Osu! since I only sit at around rank 100 000, only between the 5 digit and 6 digit ranks. However, I do think that I understand what is most important when it comes to shopping for an Osu! tablet after having tried Osu! on a bunch of these tablets (which I originally bought for art reviews).

For context, I play Osu! with either mouse keyboard or tablet keyboard, depending on my mood. I map my active area to around 2.7×1.5 inches and use the hover “style” rather than dragging.
I tested all these tablets with and without the most current tablet drivers installed.

From what I’ve experienced, I feel that accuracy, cursor delay, active area configurability, and hover distance are the most important aspects of an Osu! tablet. Pen shape and pen type are somewhat important too, but those are just preferences and are basically worthless if the 4 main aspects are not good. (For the most part, hover distance is not a problem with recent tablets, but some do have better ranges than others.)

Unfortunately, these aspects are not something you can find out about from looking at tablet specifications, and many reviews don’t actually cover the topic of built-in cursor delay. That is why I am making this post to talk about the tablets I have tried, and my recommendations for anyone interested in playing Osu! with a tablet!

My recommendations

If you don’t want to bother reading, then my recommendations are as follows:

-XP-Pen Star G430
For anyone who only wants the tablet solely for Osu! gameplay. Not recommended if you intend to draw with the tablet as well because it’s so small.

-XP-Pen Star G640
For anyone who wants a tablet which can be used for Osu! gameplay as well as art.

-Wacom Intuos CTL-480/CTH-480
For anyone who can find this discontinued tablet, it is an amazing tablet that is fantastic for Osu! and drawing alike. A bit pricy because it’s a Wacom, but you might be able to find a good deal on it used.

Explanation of Accuracy, Cursor Delay, and Active Area Configurability

Here, I will explain the three main important aspects of Osu! tablets, and the “ideal” for each.


Accuracy is exactly as it sounds. It is how accurate the tablet is.
The “ideal” is that if you were to label a single point on the tablet, your cursor should end up in the exact same spot on your screen every time your pen goes to that point.

Of course, being off by a few pixels is completely normal and not impactful on Osu! gameplay, but if the cursor is wildly off every time you point at the same spot, it will completely ruin your ability to play the game consistently.

That being said, I have never seen a tablet with accuracy so bad that the cursor completely deviates from where you would expect it to be, so even though accuracy is an important feature for Osu! tablets, you most likely won’t have to worry about it at all.

Cursor Delay

Cursor Delay is how much time it takes for the tablet to react to your motions and move the cursor.
The “ideal” is that the cursor will move right when you move your pen.

It may sound like a really simple ideal, but it is important to realize that these so called Osu! tablets are actually made by art companies. This means that the tablet drivers are optimized for drawing, not Osu! gameplay.
Due to this fact, many tablet drivers have built-in cursor delay to aid with drawing smoother lines, but that slight cursor delay is very detrimental for Osu! gameplay because every millisecond matters when hitting those long jumps in a fast song.

Of course, if the tablet works without the drivers, then there will be no cursor delay at all, but if you don’t install the tablet drivers, you can’t change the active area size, so you will be stuck playing with the full tablet area.
If that’s the size you prefer to play at, then that’s completely fine, but I believe most people will want to at least have the ability to adjust the active area to fit them better.

Unfortunately, none of the tablet drivers I know of allow you to turn off the built-in cursor delay if they have it, so I suggest just going straight for the tablet that doesn’t have any built-in delay. This will save you the hassle of trying to find a method to turn off the built-in delay through regedit and other confusing computer tricks.
(Note: I did not try the Fix My Pen! tool as I am mainly keeping my tablets for art reviews, therefore I do not want to mess with any of their settings so I can review them how they are intended to be.)

There is a user on reddit who has tested and compared the cursor delay on many tablets here: https://www.reddit.com/r/osugame/Комментарии и мнения владельцев/80pft7/measuring_tablet_performance_by_using_a_3d_printer/. This user does a machine test for comparing the actual performances of the tablets.
The results are pretty much the same as what I have found just through using the tablets, with the Wacom CTL-490 being bad while hovering but good while dragging, the XP-Pen being good in general, and the Huions being bad because of cursor delay.

It is important to note here that you will most likely not notice cursor delay with your first tablet because, simply put, you’ve never experienced anything to compare it to. Tablets with cursor delay are certainly useable, but tablets without cursor delay are easier to play with the further you get into the game.

Active Area Configurability

Active Area Configurability is the extent of the configuration for the drawing area.
The “ideal” is that you can easily re-adjust the active area to be as comfortable for you as possible.
Keep in mind that if you don’t install the tablet drivers, you can’t edit the active area size.

All the tablets I’m about to talk about allow you to change the active area size by clicking and dragging a rectangle area in the tablet drivers, so the issue isn’t really in whether you can do it or not, but rather how to do it.

With every tablet, make sure you use the “screen ratio” option so that you can see the X and Y coordinate numbers at the same ratio as your screen, then start reducing the X or Y coordinate until you can reach the edges of the monitor with your pen without moving your hand too much. Then using cross multiplication with the original X and Y values (I assume you can do it) and adjust the other coordinate to match.

Of course, with that being said, that is just my way of doing it, and there is no “official” method of how to set up your tablet for Osu! gameplay. Experiment and practice until you find the best active area for you.

Hover Distance

Hover distance is the distance above the tablet that the pen will still be sensed from. My measurements are done from the tip of the pen nib to the tablet surface.
The “ideal” is that the pen is sensed from more than 15mm above the tablet surface, but around 13-15mm is a more realistic expectation.

Hover distance is a specification that’s listed in the spec sheets of a tablet, but those list rough estimates of the hover distance and can be different from the actual measured hover distance.
A good example of this is the Wacom Intuos CTL-480 which has a hover distance of ~14-17mm, but the advertised hover distance is 7mm.

I list my hover distances with a range because the tablet finds the pen at the lowest number, then loses track of the pen a bit further away.
For example, the Intuos CTL-480 senses the pen at around 14mm, then keeps detecting the pen until around 17mm where it loses the pen, making the hover distance ~14-17mm.


Wacom Intuos (CTL-480/CTH-480 series)

Accuracy : Really good. It’s Wacom, what else is there to say?
Pen Type : Thin rubber grip pen. Battery-free pen (no-battery/no-recharge).
Hover Distance : ~14-17mm

Without tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Could not test. Cursor did not react to pen without drivers.
Active Area Configurability : Unavailable without drivers.

With tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Good. No delay.
Active Area Configurability : Available in drivers.

This Intuos CTL-480 series is the most trusted and loved so far when it comes to Osu! gameplay. It has a comfortable (and durable) rubber grip pen and a really good hover distance. The accuracy is fantastic, and the pen is passive, and there is no cursor delay present.
If you can find it and you’re willing to pay the premium Wacom price for it, then it’s probably the best choice.

However, because it is discontinued, it is often quite hard to find it at a reasonable price anymore. Sold new, the retail price was 80 USD for the CTL-480, and 100-120 USD for the CTH-480. If you can find one with all the components for less than that, it’s probably worth considering.

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Wacom Intuos Draw (CTL-490/CTH-490 series)

Accuracy : Really good. It’s Wacom, what else is there to say?
Pen Type : Plastic stick pen. Battery-free pen (no-battery/no-recharge).
Hover Distance : ~10-11mm

Without tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Could not test. Cursor did not react to pen without drivers.
Active Area Configurability : Unavailable without drivers.

With tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Bad while hovering, good while dragging.
Active Area Configurability : Available in drivers.

I have heard that a lot of Osu! players use a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet, however, I completely suggest against it. The cursor delay cannot be turned off with any simple on/off button and it completely ruins gameplay at higher levels. The hover distance is also rather small.
I could not get the pen input to work without the tablet drivers installed to test it without tablet drivers unfortunately.

Apparently the cursor delay only occurs while hovering, and disappears if you play by dragging. However, some people also say it doesn’t lag for them even when hovering. Honestly, it’s just a lottery whether yours will lag or not while hovering so I would not recommend it.

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Wacom Intuos 2018 (CTL4100 series)

Accuracy : Really good.
Pen Type : Thin rubber grip pen. Battery-free pen (no-battery/no-recharge).
Hover Distance : ~13-14mm

Without tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Could not test. Cursor did not react to pen without drivers.
Active Area Configurability : Unavailable without drivers.

With tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Good. No delay I can notice.
Active Area Configurability : Available in drivers.

Surprisingly, this one actually doesn’t have the cursor delay problems of the previous CTL-490 so it works really well for Osu! gameplay. The pen also has a hard rubber grip and isn’t just plastic so it’s somewhat easier to keep your grip on it. It only loses out to the CTL-480 in terms of hover distance, but it’s still pretty decent either way.

However, the surface is way rougher than any other tablet I have ever drawn on, so this may not be a good tablet for people who drag rather than hover. I have already made my pen nib flat on one side just from one day of drawing, so I imagine draggers will also burn through their nibs.

Aside from the rough surface, it’s actually really good and I can recommend it if you’re fine paying the high price of a Wacom tablet just for Osu! gaming (it could be worth it if you’re also buying it for art).


best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Huion Inspiroy H430P

Accuracy : Really good.
Pen Type : Plastic stick pen. Battery-free pen (no-battery/no-recharge).
Hover Distance : ~9-12mm

Without tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Good. No delay.
Active Area Configurability : Unavailable without drivers.

With tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Bad. A lot of built-in cursor delay.
Active Area Configurability : Available in drivers.

This is pretty new and it’s advertised to be an Osu! tablet, but the built-in cursor delay of the tablet drivers (because they’re using art drivers) cannot be turned off. The hover distance is also rather small and might not work well for you.
You can play Osu! without the drivers, but then you can’t adjust the play area size.

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Huion Inspiroy H640P

Accuracy : Really good.
Pen Type : Rubber grip pen. Battery-free pen (no-battery/no-recharge).
Hover Distance : ~17-24mm

Without tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Good. No delay.
Active Area Configurability : Unavailable without drivers.

With tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Bad. A lot of built-in cursor delay.
Active Area Configurability : Available in drivers.

The best part about this one is that the pen is rubber grip, however, the cursor delay cannot be turned off when the driver is installed so it is not very suitable for Osu! gameplay. However, it is an alright tablet for art. The hover distance is also surprisingly high, as well as the extra range before the tablet finally loses track of the pen.

You can play Osu! without the drivers, but then you can’t adjust the play area size. It will also lack pen pressure for art if you don’t install the drivers.


best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

XP-Pen Star G640

Accuracy : Really good.
Pen Type : Plastic stick pen. Battery-free pen (no-battery/no-recharge).
Hover Distance : ~10-11mm

Without tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Good. No delay.
Active Area Configurability : Unavailable without drivers.

With tablet drivers installed
Cursor Delay : Good. No noticeable cursor delay.
Active Area Configurability : Available in drivers.

So far, this is the only Osu! tablet that I’ve run into which doesn’t have noticeable built-in cursor delay in the drivers. This is my recommendation for anyone who wants to get an Osu! tablet which they can draw on as well. It’s the exact same size as the Wacom Intuos Draw, except it’s good for both drawing and Osu! gameplay because it doesn’t have any noticeable built-in cursor delay whether you install the drivers or not.

The biggest con is the relatively small hover distance, so it might not be the best choice for you if you tend to hover too high a lot. I had no problems with the hover distance though, but that’s just me.

The reason why I recommend the XP-Pen Star G430 at the top of this post is because it uses the exact same drivers as the G640, therefore there should be no noticeable built-in cursor delay on the G430 either. However, the G430 is only recommended if you just intend to play Osu! on it because it’s slightly too small for comfortable drawing.

Other tablet mentions

I believe another notable Osu! tablet is the GAOMON S56K. Unfortunately, I have no idea about how much pen delay it has, however, I believe the XP-Pen tablets are better simply because they use battery-free pens which require no batteries or recharging.
According to other Osu! tablet talks, the GAOMON S56K has basically no delay, so it may be worth considering if you prefer the heavier weight of a battery-powered pen.

Another fairly common Osu! tablet recommendation is the Huion 420 and H420. I do not recommend these because they use battery powered pens, and I have also heard that the pens are not very durable at all.
I see absolutely no reason to choose the Huion 420 and H420 when the XP-Pen G430 offers what they do, except with a battery-free pen instead of a battery powered pen.
However, if you do choose them, apparently there is no cursor delay if you use the old Huion drivers for them which you can get from Toy’s Osu! profile. I have not confirmed this though because I do not own the 420 and H420.

Final words

Honestly, I do feel like I am getting a little ahead of myself talking about the “best” Osu! tablets when I am only at around 100k rank in Osu! myself.

If you are more well versed about playing Osu! with tablets and know I am saying something completely wrong here, please do not hesitate to point it out and help make this post more helpful for future Osu! players!

The 5 Best Osu Tablets 2020

It”s an addictive carneval of colors, music and speed. Best suited for people with the twitchy nervous system of a war veteran. After playing it a bit you quickly realize that you need something better than a mouse to reach the absolute limits of your potential.

If you”re interested in becoming better at Osu then you will need to consider a graphic tablet for the absolute tracking it enables. But there are other features to consider, like the RPS, active area size and pressure sensitivity (if you want to also draw or write with it).

For the time being we”ll just FOCUS on squeezing out more performance.

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Features important for OSU:

Absolute tracking Means that unlike the relative tracking from your mouse you”ll be able to instantly move the cursor over to a new location.Thus saving you some precious seconds.

Active area Smaller is better in this aspect. The less space you have to move your arm the less time is spent, the more points are earned. But at the same time finding the optimal size might be crucial for scoring those extra points for those tight corners. Where a larger active area and a higher resolution might be advised.

P arallax and response time This matters if you”re interested in performing at the absolute limits of perfection. Some of them shave off milliseconds in response time. Minimizing parallax also means that your cursor will be as accurate as possible. With a cheaper alternative you might have to adjust to less than perfect precision. expensive tablets will have lower parallax but they will also have larger surfaces. In this case there isn”t much wiggle room.

To recap, the most important aspects for an osu tablet are:

  • Absolute tracking
  • Smaller active area
  • Parallax and response time of the stylus

Top 5 Tablets for Osu

Huion H420 Osu

Huion and XP-Pen are both reliable companies. However with both you might encounter some driver problems. Fixable driver problems. Whereas with a Wacom product it”s mostly plug in and play. All tablets require that you install drivers properly.

They can both work on pen-enabled software but won”t show their true potential without the right drivers. As you can see if you compare this tablet with the other 420 Huion tablet, it”s essentially the same with the exception of the 3 mechanical express keys which you could use in Osu too.

The Best Tablets for Osu (Buying Guide)

So, You’re finally starting to get good at Osu, and a mouse is just not good enough anymore.

You’re looking to switch over to an Osu tablet to be more precise and improve your aim. That way, you have no more excuses to use when you miss that same circle over, and over again.

With a huge variety of tablets out there, it can be hard to decide what tablet you want and which one is the best for playing Osu. But, don’t worry because in this buying guide we are going to go through tablets that only pros and high-level players use when playing Osu.

While writing this article I made sure that one of these tablets are sure to hit your price range without seeing a huge performance drop, showcased what tablets some of the top players use, and made a list of the tablet you should not buy if you’re looking to play Osu.

Makes sure to read until the end to get a full understanding of how a tablet works and what you should look for in order to make the right decision when buying a tablet for Osu!

What’s The Best Tablet for Osu?

If you don’t care about price and looking to get the best performance from a tablet right now, then you should buy the Wacom CTL-472.

The Wacom CTL-472 is the best tablet for Osu because it has no pen smoothing. That means it will track the exact path of your pen giving you all the control, which is important for a game like Osu. It also has a 17mm hover distance, which provides a lot of flexibility for hover users.

There are many factors that make a tablet good for a game like Osu and even the Wacom CTL-472, which is considered the best tablet will lack in some areas.

What Makes a Tablet Good for Osu?

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

When buying a tablet for Osu there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Some of these things are the area of the tablet, hover distance, input lag, the pen, and the material of the tablet. That being said these factors differ from person to person.

For example, I am a drag player so the material of the tablet and the pen will matter more to me, and the hover distance will matter more for a person who likes to hover.

How Hover and Drag Affect What Tablet to Buy

When making a purchase of a graphics tablet for Osu, you should keep in mind whether you hover or drag.

If you’re a hover player then you want to look for a tablet with a high hover distance like the Wacom CTL-472, but if you are a drag player then you want to look for a tablet with good build material like the Gaomon S620.

Hover Players

If you are a hover player or thinking of becoming one. Then, choosing a tablet like the XP-Pen G640 with only an 11mm hover distance may not be the best choice because there are tablets with higher hover distances.

Take the Wacom CTH-480 for example because this tablet has a hover distance of around 18 mm. Due to the higher hover distance, it is less likely your pen will disconnect from big jumps. Also, it gives your hand more freedom when moving across the tablet area.

When hovering your hand tends to change heights depending on where you’re aiming on the screen. People also tend to raise their hand when playing fast maps, which could cause your tablet to disconnect from your pen if you’re using a tablet with a short hover distance.

Drag Players

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

If you’re a drag player like myself, you should keep in mind the material that your tablet is made out of. Not all tablets are made out of the same material so, you should keep that in mind when buying a tablet.

When buying a tablet for dragging, you should make sure that the material of not only the tablet but the pen is very durable. The reason for this is because they are going to be rubbing against each other very fast and for a very long time.

Also, a rougher material will give you a better grip and a better feel for your tablet. Most drag players try to stay away from very smooth tablet surfaces because you won’t be able to get a feel for where your pen is aiming as well.

Take for example the Gaomon S620. This tablet has a smooth grainy feel to it, so your pen gets a nice grip while being able to move smoothly from circle to circle. You should also keep in mind the durability of the tablet and pen nib.

A tablet like the Wacom CTL-472 has a nice durable surface. However, this tablet is known to use up pen nibs very quickly. That means, if you are dragging, then this might not be the best choice if you don’t want to waste your money buying pen nibs.

If you decide on buying a tablet with a very smooth, or rough surface, it is recommended that you buy a tablet cover. That way you will be able to get the right amount of grip on your pen without wearing it down too fast.

How Big Your Tablet Area Should Be

Your tablet area might not be that big of a deal if you are using your tablet for Osu. Unless you want to be a full area user.

This is because when playing Osu most players like to customize their tablet area to be smaller than the full size of their graphic tablet.

That being said every tablet whether it’s made for Osu or drawing has a different area. With that being said I advise you to stay away from those huge drawing tablets because they have an unreasonably big area for Osu and won’t really help when playing.

Report Rate

The report rate is probably one of the most important features to keep in mind when buying an Osu tablet. The report rate or reports per second (PPS/RPS) is used to tell your computer where your pen is located every second.

This means a tablet like the Gaomon S620 which has an RPS of 266 sends the location of the pen to your computer 266 times a second. As a result, a tablet with a higher RPS will be more precise with the location of your pen and gives you an advantage when playing higher BPM maps.

Tablet Pen

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing an Osu tablet is the quality of the pen.

Does the pen have a battery or is it batteryless? Does the pen have a good grip or does your hand slip when you play?

These factors will change your Osu experience and a bad pen can really ruin it for you. When it comes down to it, a good tablet pen is one with a decent grip and one that doesn’t need a battery to work. This will give you a firm grip on your pen.

As well as keep the delay from your pen to tablet to a minimum. Also, your pen won’t disconnect in the middle of a beatmap, which I know nobody wants that to happen. Especially when you’re PP farming.

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Osu Tablet Reviews

Now, we will get into my top 4 picks for the best Osu tablets.

Gaomon S620

best, drawing, tablets, 2023, graphic

Overall the Gaomon S620 is the best budget tablet and best tablet for Osu overall in certain areas. This tablet really has no flaws. It has very accurate tracking and has a 266 PPS, which is the highest on this list.

Coming in at only 40 USD this tablet gives you the best price for performance out of any other tablet on the list. Apart from being one of the most accurate tablets, you will be very impressed with the quality of the pen.

The Gaomon S620 pen is very light and versatile. It also has a very nice grip for those long Osu sessions. Another thing for drag players is that the pen glides very nicely against the tablet. The tablet adds just enough grip to help your precision without your pen sliding all over the place.

When looking at a budget Osu tablet there really isn’t a tablet under 40 that you can use without a slight input delay. Tablets like the Veikk S640 are good however, the input and build will put you at a slight disadvantage and for that reason, I did not add it to my list.

One of the big downsides happens to be with the pen. This is because the pen comes with no grip, which may not seem like a big deal on paper. But I can tell you from experience that a slippery pen can cost you some PP.

Another thing to keep in mind with this tablet smoothing.

This tablet has the most smoothing out of all the tablets on this list. Which is a downside when it comes to Osu because you want to have the most precise movements when hitting big jumps.

Also, this tablet has a very nice pen and probably has one of the best tablet pens out on the list. The large grip on the pen allows for players to position their hands where it feels most comfortable and the weight of the pen is not too light and not too heavy for maximum comfortability.

Now, if this tablet seems right for you there may be a few problems. This tablet is no longer being manufactured which means the price has gone way up. Also, if you do manage to find this tablet for a good price there is a good chance that it’s already been used.

Here is a video where a high-ranked Osu player gives his honest review on the Wacom CTH-480 and goes through its performance level for osu.

What Tablet Does Mrekk Use?

The number one player in the world Mrekk or Rushia1 uses the Wacom CTL-472, his tablet area is 66.4 by 45.24, he drags his pen and you can see him using a tablet cover sometimes. Mrekk is rank 1 in Osu with the highest pp record.

What Tablet Does BTMC Use?

The Osu Twitch streamer BTMC uses the Wacom CTL-472 tablet. He has a tablet area of 115mm by 64.96 mm. BTMC is a drag player but has recently switched to hovering. BTMC is a big Osu Twitch streamer and he also plays for team USA.

What Tablet Does Vaxei Use

Vaxei uses the Wacom CTH-480 tablet. He has a tablet area of 90mm by 50.63mm. Vaxei is considered the best player in Osu right now because of all his tournament wins. He is a very important player for team USA.


What Tablet Do Most Pros Use For Osu?

The Wacom CTH-480 is the tablet that most pros use for Osu! However, this tablet is no longer being manufactured so when professional players need to buy a new tablet or recommend the best tablet to other people they will most likely suggest and buy the Wacom CTL-472.

Is An Osu Tablet Worth It?

Yes, buying an Osu tablet is worth it especially if you are serious about getting better at the game. When you first start using an Osu tablet it might seem a bit difficult to get used to, but once you get used to it you will find that you are more accurate with a tablet than a mouse.

Can You Use a Drawing Tablet For Osu?

You can use a typical drawing tablet for Osu, as it will give you the benefit of not using a mouse to aim which will make you more accurate. Many people who don’t want to use a mouse, but can’t afford a new tablet sometime decide to use their phone as a tablet.

However, if you are looking for the best performance it is recommended that you buy a tablet that is made to play Osu, as most normal drawing tablets have a slight delay to them which can hinder your performance.

How Do You Hold Your Pen In Osu?

Most people hold their Osu pen like they hold a pencil when they are writing or drawing as this is the most comfortable for them.

However, there are people who have a different pen grip for Osu than they have when writing on a piece of paper. There are many different ways to hold a pen and the most important thing is to figure out what feels the most natural for you as you will perform better with a more natural grip.

What Are The Best Tablet Drivers For an Osu Tablet?

The best drivers for an Osu tablet are the Hawku drivers as they can give you the option to get rid of the latency of your pen, and have a specific Osu mode option that adjusts your tablet’s settings to be most optimal for when you are playing the game.

It also has a fairly simple layout that is easy to learn and use for people who don’t want to learn a complicated layout and go through complicated settings.


Buying an Osu tablet can be a difficult decision because there are a variety of different tablets out there. It is good to do your research to find a tablet that suits your playstyle and budget.

If I just had to choose one tablet from the list it would be the Gaomon S620 because it is the most budget-friendly and offers great performance that is on par with tablets like the Wacom CTL-472 and CTH-480.

If I were to choose the best tablet on this list. Then, it would have to be the Wacom CTL-472 because it has a great build quality that will last a very long time, has really good input, and has a very high hover distance. I recommend this tablet to anyone looking to buy the best tablet they possibly can.

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