A dishwasher under the stove is whether it is possible

Methods for installing a dishwasher under the hob

The correct installation of the dishwasher serves as the key to further trouble.Free operation of the device. When installing a built.In model under the hob, you need to ensure safe operating conditions of converged household appliances for various purposes. They are heated due to combustion, induction or electricity. For plates of each type of energy, their own installation standards are recommended.

  • Reasons for the installation limit under the stove
  • Placement of a dishwasher under the hob
  • Recommendations for the installation of rapprocheted devices
  • Catalog of dishwashers with reviews

Is it possible to put PMM close to a gas or electric oven cabinet

When installing the dishwasher, you should follow the instructions from the manufacturer. For different models, the requirements may differ slightly, but there are general ones:

  • It is not recommended to place PMM in the extreme box of a furniture set, it is better to tightly fix the car between two neighboring cabins.
  • Do not mount a dishwasher under the hob.
  • It is forbidden to install PMM close to the oven cabinet. Different manufacturers indicate different numbers of the minimum distance between two types of equipment, as a rule, this is 15-40 cm. It is best to put a cabinet or a cabinet between the instruments, at least a narrow pencil case.
dishwasher, stove, whether, possible

The requirements of manufacturers are clear: the heat from the working oven negatively affects the electronics and gaskets of PMM, the service life of which can be significantly reduced. Over, you may be denied warranty repairs if you neglect the recommendations and put the plate and PMM nearby.

But what to do to owners of small kitchens, in which every centimeter of the area is on the account? If there are no possibilities for the maneuver and the PMM installation next to the oven cannot be avoided, use simple tips to minimize the dangers of an unwanted neighborhood:

  • Choose equipment from well.Known manufacturers. So all the oven cabinets of Fornelli are provided with high.Quality thermal insulation and the tangential cooling system, neither furniture nor equipment will suffer next to them.
  • Leave at least a small gap between the devices and lay foil polyethylene foaming in the gap. This will protect the dishwasher from external heating.
  • Do not turn on the machine and the oven at the same time. This will reduce the risk of electronics of the dishwasher.

Use these recommendations and your kitchen will be delicious pies and always pure dishes.

Types of hobs

The required distance between the instruments depends on the type of hob that is planned to be installed over the dishwasher. Today there are three types of panels:

The first two options are almost not warming up or do not heat up at all during operation, moreover, their design is quite simple. This allows you to do a minimum distance of a few centimeters, about 5-6. The gas panel will require much more free space.

In the reviews and installation instructions, the location is recommended, in which the difference between the height of the devices is from 15 to 20 cm. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the panel itself-it is different depending on the type (37-79 mm).

Questions and doubts

If everything is clear with desktop devices, then what to do with those that are designed for installation in a special furniture section? Judging by issues on different forums, with a similar situation, owners of built.In dishwashers are faced quite often.

On the one hand, the technique is working, ready for work. Why not find her a temporary place, not connect and use it?

Important! Installation experts advise before installing in the headset to perform a test launch. This will check the reliability of the connection and, if necessary, eliminate small malfunctions.

On the other hand, the built.In device requires special conditions for work. And this raises certain questions and doubts.

dishwasher, stove, whether, possible
  • Where can I install equipment for temporary use?
  • The machine vibrates a little when working. Furniture fastening holds equipment on the spot. How will an unimposed dishwasher behave?
  • Will there be problems with opening the door if the handle is installed on the facade of the furniture?
  • Would the machine fall forward?

Or maybe other problems will arise, which the owners are not aware of? And therefore it is better not to experiment with the technique, but to wait for its determination for a designed place?

How to choose a compartment for a dishwasher in a built.In kitchen?

In order to rationally choose the installation site of the dishwasher, it is worth remembering the important requirement specified in the instructions from the manufacturer. It consists in the correct fixation of the side sides of the device using hard fasteners. Based on this, for installing the machine, the internal compartment of the headset will certainly be optimal.

The extreme box is not suitable due to the fact that the dishwasher will be fixed from only one side, and this will violate the stability of the device during operation. The compartment for the dishwasher must be equipped with a ventilation system. To do this, a grille on the rear or side walls can serve as well as holes in the headset housing. It is important that there are several centimeters of free space between the walls of the box and the dishwasher. This is necessary so that the air is unhindered circulates, and moisture is removed.

We place it correctly

Many owners of small.Sized kitchens will object to the above conditions. Sometimes the design of the kitchen does not allow you to arrange a dishwasher and a stove at a sufficient distance.

dishwasher, stove, whether, possible

In this case, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Accurately measure the meter of the kitchen and choose a narrow dishwasher, occupying a minimum of space.
  • Think through the placement of equipment so that between the two necessary devices there are a kitchen box with a width of at least 15 cm. Ideal. 40 cm.
  • Install according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Only if these recommendations are observed to put a dishwasher next to the stove is allowed.

Where else can and cannot be placed

In addition to the fact that it is impossible to close the PMM to the stove, users need to know other undesirable neighbors of the dishwasher:

  • Washing machine. This device causes strong vibration, which does not affect the dishwasher well.
  • Microwave. Microwaves are destructively acting on PMM electronics, with a close location of the microwave, it quickly breaks. It is recommended to observe the distance between these objects about 50 cm.
  • Sink. Some housewives think that installing a dishwasher under the sink will be a good solution, but forget that the parameters of the dishwashers are larger than the existing space under the washbasin. In this case, you can cut down the desired niche in the wall, but the owner of the PMM must decide on his own whether he needs it or is it better to install the device in another place.

It is recommended to put a dishwasher next to the following items:

  • Boxes for dishes. They can place clean dishes after drying.
  • Detergent storage. For convenience, this compartment is better to place closer to the dishwasher.
  • Fridge. This neighborhood is possible if the side faces of the device do not heat up

To maintain the performance of the dishwasher for a long time, it is important for users to consider recommendations for the placement of this electrical appliance in the kitchen. You can not have it next to the stove or oven, as well as a microwave and washing machine. It will be difficult to install it under the sink. A good option for installing PMM will be the installation of a device between two boxes for dishes or detergents. At the same time, it is important to fix the device using special mounts.

Professional installation advice

To avoid the most common errors, we suggest using recommendations from experienced furniturers:

  • Be sure to use a roulette or ruler, do not act by eye, do not be lazy to check the even position of the template and panel. The appearance of the kitchen facade as a whole depends on this;
  • Correctly select the length of the screws: they must confidently, deeply enter the panel canvas, while not leaving the front side and not deform it;
  • When using a paper template, be sure to fix it from all sides;
  • You can use a regular screwdriver, however, the use of an electric screwdriver accelerates the process;
  • Fasten the pen, focusing on the location of the handles on neighboring cabinets, try to observe not only the position (parallel/perpendicular to the floor), but also the height;
  • So that the PMM door does not close during installation work, put a couple of large books on it or another heavy item, for example, an iron.

If a former cabinet door is used as a facade for the dishwasher, when trying on, pay attention to the location of the old holes.

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It is important to ensure that the old fasteners do not contact with new ones, otherwise the screws can jump out, and the panel is partially departed.

After the completion of all installation work, the operation of the equipment can begin. But first it is advisable to carefully study the rules of operation and maintenance of the dishwasher.

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