A hair dryer brush with a rotating nozzle which is better

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It would seem that the hair dryer-brush is a universal tool for grooming and creating various styling. But if you do not consider some important nuances, you will probably very quickly give up using it.

Diameter of the brush

Use the length of your hair as a guide when choosing a style. This is especially true for short shoulder-length stitches, for which the optimal diameter is 30-35 mm (can be less). You won’t be comfortable using big brushes with a diameter of 45mm or more. This size is best for women with shoulder-length hair.

Temperature Settings

Just like any other heat-driven hair tool, be it a curling iron, a flat iron, or a classic hair dryer, a brush should have a temperature setting. Ideally cold, warm, and hot. First, you can choose the desired temperature for your hair type. Secondly, the presence of cold blowing allows for proper styling. The cool air gives the hair extra smoothness and shine.

But if it’s only one temperature, there’s a good chance your hair will be too dry over time because it heats too much regularly.

Blow-dry hair 70-80% naturally and apply a special care product (especially thermal protection) before using the hair dryer-brush. So you keep them beautiful and healthy.

Top manufacturers

On sale you can find a wide range of hair dryers from well-known and not so well-known manufacturers. We chose the best companies that have a good reputation among buyers:

  • Philips. Offers devices in all price ranges. Hair dryers “Philips” are characterized by a gentle effect on the hair and a variety of nozzles.
  • No matter whether you choose a professional or a home appliance. Babylis products are known for their attention to detail.
  • Rowenta. Among Roventa products it is easy to choose a blow-dryer-brush according to your individual parameters. Ideal for short or very thick hair, for example.
  • Braun. Convenient models that can be used at home and on trips. The devices are distinguished by their rigorous design.

Hairdryer-brushes no name manufacturers often break down faster, their temperature is not always adjustable, when heated they can emit an unpleasant smell.

Review of rotary hair dryer brushes for hair styling. 2020

Many women make do with a universal hair dryer with a couple of attachments. just as long as they do not dare to complex haircuts and styling. Bob on a leg, torn asymmetric braid, pixie, multi-level Cascade or spectacular perm. each strand here should be in its place, so as not to spoil the overall impression.

In stores you can find devices with nozzles in the form of combs. Devices, according to the claims of manufacturers, make styling easier and will help those who lay down every day and are not ready to spend a lot of time on it. But what is better: a hair dryer or a blow dryer-brush?

The classic appliance allows you to slightly straighten your hair and give it volume. In complex styling, strands have to be angled on a comb, pulled in different directions and blown immediately. two hands are clearly not enough.

Hair dryers and blow dryers for home use speed up styling and save your nerves. You can perform all operations at the same time and with one hand.

What is the name of the hair dryer with a comb? The popular name is a hair dryer-brush. The device performs two functions at once: the working part twists, giving curls a shape, and the hot air dries, fixing the result.

Hair dryer-blonde differs only in that its nozzle is equipped with a rotor, so you have to curl the strands yourself.

Learn more about what a hair dryer-brush is and what to look for when choosing it, you will learn in our review.

How to choose the right hair dryer-brush with a rotating hair nozzle for home use

When choosing a hair dryer-brush, you need to pay attention not only to the cost and the presence of a rotating nozzle. Other important parameters should be considered.


The optimal indicator is considered 1-1,2 kW, such devices are suitable for any type of hair. If the curls are thin and short, you can use a hair dryer for 700-800 watts. Low-power devices are compact in size, so they often fall into the “travel” category.

Built-in modes

It is convenient if the hair dryer-brush supports multiple temperatures and speeds, it expands its capabilities. Cold air blowing is a useful function. It is desirable that the rotating nozzle continues to move even in this mode.

Ionization function

The built-in ionisation in the hair dryer brush protects the structure of the strands from damage and makes them smooth and silky. The curls get less electricity, the hair retains its shape and does not fall out.

Extra tips

The richer the equipment, the better. The best thing is to have more than one rotating nozzle in the kit. the curling nozzle, the straightener and the concentrator.

Cord length

The optimal length is 1.7-2.5 meters. If the cord is too short, then use a hair dryer-brush will have only near the outlet, and not all is located near the mirror.

What features to look for?

Important criteria for selecting a model would be:

  • power;
  • functionality;
  • the number of nozzles;
  • wire availability;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • special features.

Each of these characteristics requires a detailed analysis.

Optimal power

This parameter should be selected individually, taking into account the length of the hair. For short or medium hair will be enough to use a hair dryer with a rotating brush with a capacity of 400 watts. But for the thick and long hair care should be completely different. there will fit the device with a capacity ranging from 800 to 1000 watts. The owners of today’s rare mops of hair can be advised to stop at the device, in which the brushes rotate with a power of 1200 watts. That way, drying and styling them won’t take long.

The opinion that a more powerful tool can also be used on shorter hair is wrong. the head will dry before the intended styling.

It is better if the appliance presented at least three speeds of rotation and temperature. The more expensive the better, the more options you have. And do not think that these are unnecessary “frills”: on the contrary, with such devices you can experiment with styles and hairstyles.

As for the temperature mode, the optimal choice would be 60 ° C. The higher impact will damage the hair structure.

What accessories are needed

In its standard configuration, any such hair dryer has at least two brushes. As the price increases, the number of accessories will increase proportionately. This will open new horizons for hairdressing fantasies.

All nozzles have the same requirements. they should be made of durable material and should sit firmly on the main body. The best way to check the quality of the connection is to hear a characteristic click, which will give to understand: connections are fastened tightly between each other.

You can test all of these things before you buy to avoid buying a defective product.

Do without the wire

This rule applies if the hair dryerbrush is made in a wireless version. Such models are chosen by those who lead a mobile lifestyle. Many of these offerings can stay “on standby” for up to 7 hours.

The rest of us can advise the usual standard hair dryer, working from the socket. And here already it is desirable to choose a two-meter spiral cord (in a direct can overgrown internal conductors).

Special talents

They can only be found on the more expensive models. The features are really worth paying attention to:

  • ionization to protect the hair structure from inside (it is achieved by depositing the particles with negative charge on the hair);
  • Cold air flow to secure the design;
  • Steam humidification for instant curls and protection against drying out;
  • Reverse (element that rotates in two directions);
  • protection against overheating will help extend the life of the device;
  • Last but not least, accessories (extensions in a bag or nozzle bag).

Safe to use

This can also include an environmental component of the issue. If this question is relevant for the user, you can choose a device with a ceramic coating. Good and tourmaline layer. it has medicinal properties, and in addition to careful treatment, will protect the hair from electrification. The technique can be made of any natural material.

hair, dryer, brush, rotating, nozzle, which

The extensions are also worth a special mention. We will help you to understand what is better for you:

  • made of natural bristles will be more gentle on the hair and grab very sparse strands, after such styling the ends of the hair are not split;
  • With rotating synthetic models, hair tangles less often.

What to buy for home use? Decide individually, based on the type of structure of their hair.

Pros and cons

Domestic styler is suitable for hair of any length and hardness. This effective tool has a lot of advantages:

  • allows you to instantly whip your hair to the desired volume, literally standing on the doorstep before you go out;
  • You can create complex and original hairstyles quickly and independently;
  • Experiment with different attachments at your leisure to find your own style;
  • We advise you to keep your hair always looking fabulous as if it had just come out of the salon;
  • Take the styler with you if necessary to work or travel, thanks to its modest weight and size.

Such a mega useful thing, it seems, simply should not have disadvantages. However, there are some caveats:

  • It is not recommended to use a hair dryer-brush every day, as hair will inevitably be damaged if not from the temperature, then from friction. In this case, a little help feature ionization, but from time to time to give a rest to your hair still have.
  • Hair must be styled and styled with special products before use, which is bad for your hair’s health.

TOP 4: Best Blower Brush 2021


Hair dryer-brush VITEK VT-8236 has a professional performance, which is equal to 1000 watts. Thanks to this feature you can quickly dry and style your hair. The device has 2 temperature setting modes and ionization function that removes electrification.

The package includes 2 nozzles: round and comb for quality drying. With built-in overheat protection, you can not fear that the device will soon be out of order. What is nice. it has a long cord (1.8 m).)

The middle price segment

Polaris PHS 1002. compact and lightweight

The Polaris PHS 1002 hair dryer is easy to use. Adjust the degree of air heating by one movement of the switch, located on the handle. The power is 1000 W, and it delivers warm and intense air. Your hair is dry in a matter of minutes.

The power cord is mounted on a swivel mechanism that allows it to swivel 360 degrees. This system protects the cord from kinks and kinks. Lightweight and compact. It is convenient to hold in your hand, which is important for the owners of thick and long hair, when drying takes a long time.

The hair dryer brush is equipped with two combs. One of them, 50 mm in diameter, has a durable ceramic coating for easy drying and styling. The second 36mm diameter nozzle is made of heat-resistant plastic.

The presence of two nozzles allows you to simulate any style. For weakened hair drying you can choose the cold air mode. It locks hair in place securely.

For easy storage there is a loop, which can be hung on a wall or a hook in the closet.

  • Two nozzles with different diameters;
  • ceramic coating;
  • cold air blowing;
  • cord rotation;
  • power;
  • 3 modes of temperature and speed;
  • easy storage.

Beurer HT 80. gentle drying and styling

The Beurer HT 80 air ionizer hair dryer protects your hair from drying out during styling.

The 1000 watt rotary motor is powerful enough to style any hairstyle at home. Thanks to the ceramic coating, no harm is done, even when using the highest temperature.

Cable is connected by a swivel joint, making it easy to handle, no kinking and no broken bends.

The eyelet is provided for easy hanging in a convenient place for storage. Use Beurer HT 80 comfortably, the soft plastic surface is pleasant to the touch, the device is easy to hold, avoiding accidental slipping.

For both long and short hair, it has 2 levels of heating and ventilation. For consolidation of styled hair designed with a function of cold air.

Philips HP8664 Volumebrush. fast styling

Compared to other models in this segment, Philips HP8664 Volumebrush is considered the best in terms of cost, functionality and quality.

The 1000 watt device is equipped with two dual-rotating 50 and 30 mm nozzles. They are coated with tourmaline to add shine and shine and have a gentle effect.

Thanks to the natural bristles brush provides a gentle treatment, even weakened hair can not be torn out. Retractable bristles, creating uniform and even curls without tangles.

The ionization function of the airflow allows you to dry your hair of any thickness and length, without electrifying it. With Care function set the desired temperature of exposure, the hair is protected from overheating.


  • Gentle coating of the nozzles;
  • multifunctionality;
  • 3 temperature and airflow control modes;
  • creating a wide range of hairstyles;
  • build quality;
  • price/quality.

Philips HP8664 Volumebrush is the choice of women who want a great, feature-rich blow dryer at a normal cost.

Bellissima BHS4 100 (11422). long hairstyle hold

The BHS4 100 (11422) comes with two attachments, 50 and 40 mm in diameter, to create complicated styles.

The power of the device is 1000 watts, there are two options for setting the airflow rate and temperature. Reliable, long-lasting hold thanks to cold airflow.

Unique Gloss Ceramic Coating ensures even heat distribution in the outgoing stream. 1.8 m swivel arm-length cable that follows the user’s hand.

High styling speed and ease of styling due to Automatic Rotating Styling technology. the nozzle rotates in both directions. Ionization of the airflow guaranties fast and gentle drying without electrifying hair, leaving it shiny and lively, soft and silky.

Benefits of Bellissima BHS4 100 (11422):

  • with a practical hanging loop for easy storage;
  • power;
  • Brush head;
  • Double-sided rotation of the nozzles;
  • 2 thermal brushes;
  • Cold blowing function;
  • Ionization function;
  • swivel wire.

How to choose a hair dryer-brush?

A hair dryer-brush is not like a regular hair dryer or a curling iron. In fact, this device combines the capabilities of a professional hair dryer with a comb of the required shape.

Attention is paid to these technical characteristics:

  • Weight and shape of the body. The hair dryer should be light enough to be able to style even long hair with it, and the shape of the body should be ergonomic for a comfortable grip.
  • Power. The minimum wattage for a hair dryer-brush is 400 watts. Hairdryers with up to 800 watts are good for short or fine hair. For curls of medium length need a device with power up to 1100 watts, and hair dryers with power above this indicator are necessary owners of long or very thick hair.
  • Adjusting the main indicators. To use a blow dryer-brush was convenient to carry out different types of styling, it is desirable that the device has a function to adjust the temperature and speed of air blowing curls.

There are additional criteria, which are worth paying attention to. In particular, a complete set of nozzles should be provided with the device to carry out different types of styling. It is desirable that the coating of the tool was natural, so that the device does not damage the hair, and the body of the product had protection against overheating.

Babyliss BeLiss brushing 2736E

The model has four attachments, allowing you to create a variety of hairstyles for every occasion. Its nozzle can rotate in two directions and is good for those who need to style their hair every day, as the hair dryer has 3 temperature programs, as well as an ionization and cold air function.

Presented Babyliss 2736E is very compact and comes with a good bag, which allows you to take it with you if necessary, whether it is a business trip or vacation.

Among the disadvantages of the model can only highlight its cost.

Braun AS530

This model has a capacity of 1000 watts, and therefore is universal and suitable for girls with any type and length of hair.

Thanks to the cold air flow function stacking reliably fixed, and thanks to the steam moistening even dry and unruly hair can be affected, and the smooth gentle brush teeth capture each hair well.

The weak point of this model is the wire, after some time begins to flounder contact. The hair dryer comes with 3 attachments, allowing you to create just the basic looks you need. However, in terms of affordability, this is also a plus.

Philips HP 8664/00

It has two speed and three temperature settings, making it indispensable for styling hair. П

Except that the hair dryer perfectly cope even with curly and unruly hair because all of the hairbars can be twisted in both directions in any of the modes, it is lightweight and almost silent, which makes the creation of hairstyles as comfortable as possible for its owner.

The nozzle is very easy to insert into the body of the device and can rotate in both directions, in parallel the ionization function allows the hair not to become electrified.


Works in two speed and temperature modes, function of ionizing hair and cold air, comes with three nozzles in the kit.

The electric device is very comfortable in the hand, ergonomic and efficient when styling. The round brush can only rotate to one side.

Among the disadvantages of the model note the lack of the grid, which protects the hair from being drawn inside.

BETTER THAN REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler?! ��

Philips hp8662

Three speed and temperature settings, with ionization function.

The hair dryer has a beautiful design, high ergonomics, reliably fixes the hair.

The only dissatisfaction is the low quality plastic of the device and low power, which allows them to use the owners of maximum average hair length.

Philips HP 8656

The hair dryer has two modes of temperature and rotation. The device has a very beautiful and appealing design, compact size.

The brush head has the optimal diameter for the job. However, the material from which the device is made is very fragile, and therefore often fails the power cord, which is a little frustrating.

Bosch PHA 2300

Equipped with 3 nozzles and temperature modes, 2 speeds.

The bristle brush head captures the hair strands well, making it very easy to create any desired look.

The disadvantage of the model is its uncomfortable body, which is compensated by the low cost.

Polaris PHS 0746

Works in 3 modes of temperature and speed, gentle beautiful design, quickly and effectively creates any desired hairstyle.

Its disadvantage is the performance of 700 watts, which limits the possibility of working with thick and long hair.

Only has two speed and temperature settings. The big styling brush has metal bristles, which help to create durable curls, but it can rotate only in one side.

The small brush is great for fixing fine strands, and the hollow nozzle creates great root volume.

However, the hair dryer is not able to cope with thick hair.

Philips HP8661 Essential Care

Features 3 modes, 2 temperatures, 3 nozzles and cold air function. The flexible nozzle gives volume at the roots, twists the tips and curls the curls. Minus. low power. With well-matched hair-dryer-brush can try on a different role and images every day, and to help choose reviews of those who are already the owners of such unpretentious devices.

Compare table

If you are still undecided which hair dryer-brush with a rotating handle is better to choose, we propose to compare all the models from our rating with a special table.

Model Power, Watt Number of modes Weight, kg Average price,
CENTEK CT-2061 1200 3 0,62 1 646
Polaris PHS 1002 1000 0,63 2 939
Rowenta CF 9110 800 2 0,35 3 448
Philips HP8679 StyleCare 0,4 3 430
Rowenta CF 9520 1000 0,74 3 550
Philips HP8664 Volumebrush 3 0,6 3 770
BaByliss PRO BAB2770E 800 2 0,7 4 590
BaByliss 2735E/2736E 1000 1,025 5 490
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