A hair dryer with a spinning brush

It would seem that a blow-dryer is a universal tool for grooming and creating various hairstyles. But if you do not take into account some important nuances, you probably very quickly give up using it.

Diameter of the brush

Look at the length of your hair when choosing a hair dryer. This is especially true for short stacks to the shoulders, for which the optimum diameter of 30-35 mm (less). Large brushes with a diameter of 45mm or more would be inconvenient for you to use. This size is ideal for hair that is below shoulder length.

Temperature settings

Just like any other hair thermal device, be it a curling iron, a flat iron, or a classic hair dryer, a hair brush should have a temperature setting. Ideal for cold, warm, and hot. That way you can get the right temperature for your hair type. Secondly, you can style your hair the way you want it. with a cool airflow. Thanks to the cold air, the hair gets extra smoothness and shine.

If it only works on one temperature, your hair is likely to be too dry over time because it’s always too hot.

Before using a hair dryer brush dry your hair 70-80% naturally, apply special care products (particularly heat protectant). So you can keep them looking their best, keeping them healthy.

The best manufacturers

On sale you can find a wide range of hair dryers from reputable and not very well-known manufacturers. We have selected the best firms that have a good reputation among buyers:

hair, dryer, spinning, brush
  • Philips. Offers devices in all price ranges. Philips” hair dryers are gentle on your hair and have a variety of nozzles.
  • No matter what model you choose. for home or professional use. Babylis products are known for their attention to detail.
  • Rowenta. Among the “Roventa” products it is easy to choose a hair dryer-brush according to individual parameters. For short or very thick hair, for example.
  • Braun. Comfortable models to use at home and on the go. The devices are distinguished by their rigorous design.

No name manufacturers hair dryers often break down more quickly, their temperature is not always adjustable, when heated they can emit unpleasant smells.

The functions of the nozzles

It is not uncommon for part of the kit from the hair dryer remains unused. The reason is that women often don’t know what most of the extensions it comes with are designed for. So it is important to know how to use the nozzles hair dryer-brush. A kit can consist of these items:

Top 3 best hair dryer-brush with rotating nozzle for short hair

Short curls are best handled with the small diameter extensions. Rotating brushes allow you to create a coarse curl and make your hair more neat.

Rowenta CF 9530

Stylish and comfortable hair dryer brush features two ceramic-coated nozzles and a built-in ionizer. Thanks to the rotation function, it helps to shape curls, lifts hair at the roots and makes it smoother and more manageable. Best for hairstyles no lower than the shoulder line.

Purchase the Rowenta CF 9530 hair dryer from 3800

hair, dryer, spinning, brush

Polaris PHS 1002

Budget device with 50 and 35 mm nozzles, rotating in two directions, operates in three temperature modes. A good quality hair dryer according to user reviews is ideal for a curly cut.

Buy Polaris air styler can be bought starting from 2000

Rowenta CF9520

The Twist Brush Styler with a round rotating brush is perfect for braiding and styling short hair, but it needs time to curl the ends. Curling with it is quite difficult to perform, since the size of the nozzles is 40 and 50 mm. But the hair dryer has a temperature control and a reversible on/off switch.


Rowenta CF 9520

The fifth place is Rowenta CF 9520. Not a bad brush with 1,000 watts of power. Three modes of airflow: warm, hot and cold. Suitable for volume, but it takes time and skill to curl the ends. Wire length. 1.8 m. The maximum temperature of the air flow. 80 °C, so the hair is not overdry. Automatic curling, which is very convenient. your hands don’t get tired so quickly.

Ionization mode gives your hair volume and shine. Unlike Remington AS7051 there are only two round nozzles. 50 mm for thin hair and 40 mm for thick and unruly hair. Nozzles attach easily to the handle, click into place. Bristles made of soft synthetics. They easily detangle the hair. Ceramic base material that resists heating and cooling. Also comes with storage case and manual.

  • styling quality.
  • Speed, ease of use.
  • Ionization.
  • Cold air button.
  • The hair dryer is easy to store in the bathroom.

The right and left buttons on the handle turn the brush automatically. For a quick styling need to adjust, so the easiest mode to use. ionization. It leaves hair soft and silky smooth. True, the effect only works when it is hot. This hair dryer brush is more suitable for short to medium-length hair. To work with long hair, you’ll have to get used to the device. Nevertheless, the tool is easy to use. Your hands don’t get tired, because the brush rotates automatically.

How it works

All hair dryer-brushes have approximately the same device. In the handle is a motor with heating elements. On the body there are keys for controlling the hair dryer. The devices are equipped with additional attachments. Their number affects the price of the product. In principle, 1-2 basic tips are enough.

The head has many holes through which the airflow blows. The device is usually equipped with different temperature modes and air streams. The shape of the nozzles come in different shapes depending on their purpose: volume, straightening, curling. Some nozzles are capable of spinning in different directions.

In simple words, a hair dryer-brush is a comb that can dry and style your hair. The device is able to replace several devices at once, combing them into one: curler, straightener, comb.

Criteria for choosing a device for drying and styling

Hair is one of the main jewelry of a woman, so it is necessary to choose a hair dryer-brush extremely responsibly. When looking for a suitable model, it is worth paying attention to the key characteristics of equipment.


The power of the product depends on both the speed of drying and the speed of styling. As a rule, more powerful modifications possess more weight. But more and more often manufacturers are finding ways to avoid making the technique heavier without compromising its technical indicators.

Number of modes and speeds

The temperature range of the device and the ability to adjust the speed of the brush allows you to choose the ideal mode of drying or styling, adjusting the device to your needs.

Brush and worktop coatings

It is better to give preference to natural bristles, as they less electrify the hair. The best surface finish is considered to be ceramic or tourmaline. The first material helps smooth out the scales and gently polish the surface of the hair, making the hair look healthier, shinier, and livelier. Tourmaline coating combined with ceramic is more durable, effectively eliminates static electricity, holds and distributes the temperature evenly. The substance is more gentle on dry or damaged hair.


Important and indispensable option for certain hair types. Helps retain moisture in the scales, preventing curls from drying out.

Number of nozzles

The wider the equipment, the more hairstyles can be created at home.

Rotating nozzles

The rotor mechanism wraps the modeling hairbrush heads automatically. It prevents the hair dryer from being disturbed and can easily be styled. However, modifications with a rotary head are more expensive.


The length of the cord, the rotation of the working cable

The short cord makes it very cramped, so you can’t style your strands easily. It is worth choosing models with a long cable and a special system against twisting. The rotation of the power cord around its axis prevents it from twisting, facilitating operation.

There are also wireless models, working on a battery. However, overpaying for mobility does not always justify the cost of the device.

Of course, you should choose the model with your budget in mind. But for some functions of the hair dryer is really worth overpaying, as the quality and health of the hair depends on this equipment.

Top 15 best hair-brushes: Rating 2021-2022 and what model with a rotating nozzle to choose for hair volume

Hair dryer-brush is much more convenient and functional than a classic device.

The main advantage is the freedom of one hand in the process of styling hair with hot air. Now in stores there are dozens of different models with different functionality.

This allows you to buy the right device at a reasonable price, but on the other hand complicates the choice.

The review presents the rules for choosing a suitable hair dryer, taking into account the main characteristics, as well as the features of popular models.

Methods of styling hair of different lengths with a hair dryer-brush

Before you start working with the device, you need to choose a suitable nozzle and check the performance of the hair dryer. After that, dry the hair, slightly blotting them with a towel, so that you can choose a gentle styling mode.

It is necessary to create a hairstyle from the back of the head, or more precisely from the parietal part.

The step by step process of creating a hairstyle with a hair dryer-brush for all hair types is as follows:

  • We turn on the device, adjust the temperature mode.
  • Separate the strand and put it on the rotating nozzle from the roots, and then lift a little.
  • If the base of the hair is already dry, you can gradually move the hair dryer in the direction of the tips, while “pulling” strands of hair following the comb. Do the same with the remaining strands.
  • The final touches to the hair may be the use of cold blowing and spray to secure the result.

With a little practice, styling with a blow dryer-brush becomes a quick and easy daily procedure

To style long, unruly hair, first use a heat protectant, treating clean hair. Divide the long locks into small strands (4 to 10, depending on the desired result and the density of hair). It is better to use a brush head with retractable teeth, so that your hair is less tangled.

To give volume to medium-length hair you can use the mousse and the nozzle-diffuser. And then use a hair dryer brush to curl your locks.

The best way to dry short hair is to use a hair dryer with a small spinning brush and twist it in all directions. So you’ll achieve maximum volume, and the style itself will look stylish, but at the same time natural.

Depending on the hairstyle and the desired effect, short hair is styled in different directions

Professional craftsmen advise to observe the following styling principles:

  • you should not grab too wide strips of hair, this will not allow you to get the proper result;
  • blowing speed should be chosen based on hair type. Thick curls can be styled on the second speed, as it is difficult to comb the strands on the first speed;
  • After winding the hair on the brush, you should warm it up for a few seconds, this will allow you to get beautiful curls;
  • ionization system will help to remove static electricity. This has a beneficial effect on the condition of curls, with this kind of styling scales of hair are closed, which contributes to the appearance of gloss and shine;
  • Curly hair is best styled with a diffuser;
  • For short haircuts it is better to use medium-diameter nozzles;
  • If you want to get strands that are too wet, you can use the concentrator nozzle to dry them out before styling.

Hair dryers with a brush attachment for stunning volume

Before you buy, you only need to know a few characteristics. First of all, pay attention to the weight of the device and how comfortable it is to hold in your hand. If the hair dryer brush will be heavy, the styling process will be longer and more difficult, because you will have to put more effort.

The power of the device may depend on the type of hair. Models with an indicator of 400 watts are suitable for short, weak and thin strands, and for medium-length hair is better to choose hair dryers with a capacity of 500-800 watts. If you have thick and strong hair, look for the big models that have a 900 watt rating.1.2 kW.

It is important that the hair dryer can adjust the speed of air flow and temperature. Almost all models have these features, but the number of modes varies. As a rule, enough 2-3 speeds, but the hair dryer must be supplied with cold or at least cool air to fix the styling.

It is better to choose models with different sets of nozzles with tourmaline or ceramic coatings. They are considered the safest and gentlest for the hair. Note the bristles. They can be made from natural or man-made materials, as well as plastic. It is not recommended to choose the latter option, but if you can not afford nozzles with natural bristles, you can choose mixed brushes.

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