A small-sized washing machine with an upright load

Thus, on the basis of the advantages and disadvantages of each model, their characteristic features follow, mainly design.

How to choose a compact washing machine

Modern small units are distinguished by a set of different options. Their list directly depends on the class of this or that model, its cost. To choose a small, economical model with a leak-proof, optimal speed, quality spin. the one that is suitable for your home. you should consider a number of important parameters:

Laundry 101: Washing Machine Capacity and Load Size Guide

  • loading type. Washing machines today are produced with vertical and front loading. This criterion is often decisive when it comes, for example, to installing a model under the countertop or placing it under the sink. Vertical loading is convenient for those who use the space rationally. Machines of this type take up less space, a compact model can be placed in a narrow partition and do not worry about the fact that the door can not be fully opened. Front loading also has its own advantages. Such a unit can be placed in the kitchen, with the space above it used to place a countertop. Here we can also talk about built-in models, which are simply indispensable for creating a harmonious interior;
  • drum type and volume. In the case of compact washing machines, you need to pay attention to the load capacity. The standard compact model can hold up to 5 kg of laundry. This is not a bad option for a bachelor, honeymooners or students. The material from which the drum is made is also an important criterion. Nowadays, drums are made of stainless steel, composite materials. The latter are more durable, but units with such components cost a little more expensive;
  • control features. Small models are controlled mechanically or electronically. The first one implies that one should select the program by turning the knob and then pressing the “Start” button. Electronic control is more convenient. Modern units can weigh the laundry themselves, calculate the amount of detergent for washing, select the optimal temperature. Also, smart machines select the spin speed and rinse the laundry with the required intensity.

In any case, the choice of unit depends on the area and layout of the home, as well as the financial capabilities of the buyer.

Weissgauff WM 40265 T

Model Weissgauff WM 40265 T with loading of 6.5 kilograms of laundry and spin speed of 1200 rpm. One of the advantages of this model is several “fast modes” of washing, including 15 and 45 minutes. For modern people with a dynamic rhythm of life, these are really convenient programs. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the washing machine with automatic drum positioning, which indicates a good protection system, there is a system SOFT LIFT, which guarantees the smooth opening of the drum for comfortable extraction of laundry. Among the advantages are easily removable dispenser, durable motor, economical power and water consumption.

Indesit BTW A61052

Model (40x60x90 cm) for 6 kg. Fully leak-proof. Set in 14 working modes, in t.ч. Eco, fast, for delicate fabrics, coloured fabrics, wool, extra rinse, preliminary, stain removal. There is a Turn Wash (45 minutes at 30 °). Reaches over 1000rpm on the spin cycle. Delayed start up to 12 hours. Water consumption 60 L. Consumption 0.16 kWh/kg. Noise level 60-78dB. Weight 56 lbs.

  • reliable assembly
  • clear operation
  • Does not bounce when wringing
  • Retains bright colors well in appropriate modes (items do not shed)
  • Selected modes are illuminated, which replaces the lack of a display
  • Everything comes in the kit for connection
  • Rinses and spins well
  • Buttons seem flimsy to some
  • The drum does not position itself upside down when finished
  • no blocking from accidental switching
  • No separate program for drying

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L

The appliance is designed in a convenient and intuitive way: to select the appropriate washing mode, you only need to press a few buttons. Thanks to the vertical loader, the accidentally forgotten things can be thrown into the drum at any time during the wash cycle. Additionally, the device provides protection from imbalance and foam level control, but there is no child protection and provides only partial protection of the body (only the body). In addition to the standard modes, the washing machine includes a special program for washing children’s clothes, a fast washing program and a pre-rinsing soak program for removing stubborn dirt.

Technical features:

  • large number of modes
  • attractive design
  • Practically no noise during operation
  • Bright LED backlight
  • has an automatic laundry weighing function to prevent overweight

Gorenje WT 62093

This washing machine is equipped with a reliable collector motor, due to which even at a small load, the speed will be very high. this allows you to save a significant amount on electricity consumption. Up to 48 litres of water are consumed per wash cycle. The model is very compact, its dimensions are 85x40x60 cm for a weight of 58 kg. The top cover can be removed if necessary. Max. 5 kg of laundry fits in the drum. The drum during spinning rotates at a speed of 900 revolutions per minute. Control is electronic, all the information the user needs is shown on the digital display, there is a possibility of delayed start.

  • reasonable price
  • Ease of use
  • small size
  • more programs
  • Rugged and durable tank
  • durable casing

Gorenje WT 62113

Model (40x60x85 cm) for 6 kg. Protected against leakage (body). Casters on the body. Equipped with direct driven inverter motor. Runs 18 programs. In addition to the above: anti-crumpling, sport, in a large amount of water. Max speed up to 1100 rpm. There is a digital screen. You can postpone the start up to 24 hours. Class A energy consumption, like the next machine. Consumption of 48 liters. Consumption 0.15 kWh/kg. Noise level is 59dB (up to 75dB). Weight 62 kg.

  • roomy
  • Good quality spin
  • easy control
  • Many modes
  • Shows time to end of wash
  • does not jump, does not vibrate
  • long modes
  • noises
  • water hose protrudes a lot (can not be placed up against the wall)
  • may start without the drum flaps closed
  • Drum moves out while taking out laundry (poor auto-parking)

Miniature helper housewives in the laundry

It is no secret that every housewife wants to save space in the kitchen or bathroom, given that in standard city apartments, these areas are not as spacious as we would like to. The small automatic washing machine takes up much less space than its standard-sized counterparts. By the presence of functional features they practically do not differ, and some mini-models in some parameters are superior to their large-sized counterparts.

Rating of upright washing machines 2021-2022: TOP best models by price, quality and reviews

In many urban apartments there is very little space allocated for bathrooms and kitchens. In this regard, it is necessary to carefully select all the furniture, equipment in their arrangement. If there is not enough space in the bathroom to accommodate a washing machine, it is usually placed in the kitchen. In this case we try to choose ergonomic, comfortable, functional devices. This article presents the rating of washing machines with vertical loading 2021-2022. The top best price and quality devices were chosen based on user reviews. It is aimed at making it easier for potential buyers to choose such a machine.

Rating of the smallest washing machines that will fit in any bathroom

Every year, manufacturers produce more advanced models, modifying them to meet the needs of consumers. Each brand tries to stand out by introducing different technologies into home appliances, modernizing design and making their use more comfortable. As testing shows, buyers give preference to foreign manufacturers with high reliability indicators.

To determine the leaders, the manufacturing firms of each nominee, presented in the rating, were studied:

  • Zanussi is an Italian brand that belongs to the Electrolux holding company. Established in 1916, produces large and small home appliances, as well as air-conditioning equipment at affordable prices.
  • Hotpoint-Ariston. another brand from Italy that belongs to the Indesit concern. Constantly evolving, developing new designs and technology for home appliances.
  • Bosch is a large corporation from Germany, founded in 1886. Produces appliances, tools, climate control equipment for home and office. Has representatives, stores and service centers almost all over the world.
  • Indesit is a well-known brand that belongs to Whirlpool. Takes one of the leading positions on the Russian market of equipment, has many awards from different national competitions.
  • Electrolux is a company from Sweden, founded in 1908. Products of this manufacturer have a corporate style, which, along with great functionality is a must.
  • Candy is another Italian brand, one of the main trends of which is the production of washing machines. Pays great attention to this industry offering innovative, multi-functional appliances for the home.
  • LG is a company from South Korea that does not use toxic materials, uses recycled materials and only energy efficient solutions in the production of equipment.
  • Haier is a relatively young corporation from China, founded in 1984. Has its own research centers and manufacturing plants in many countries, and has received numerous awards and prizes.
  • Samsung. South Korean large holding company, produces large, small appliances, high-tech components, telecommunications equipment and phones. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of televisions and smartphones.
  • Beko is a brand from Turkey, which produces washing machines and dryers. The company sponsors various sporting events and is one of the top five, producing home appliances in Russia.
  • Whirlpool is the largest corporation from USA, founded in 1911. Has many subsidiaries and is noted as a leading brand in Europe and Russia.
  • Siemens is a German concern with a presence in 192 countries. Produces electronics, home appliances, energy and medical equipment of premium and middle class.

Materials of the drum and tank

In order not to confuse the concepts, let’s immediately dot the i’s regarding the design of an upright washing machine. Many users think that the tank and the drum are the same thing, and often inappropriately substitute one concept for the other. So, the drum is a container that rotates, and where the laundry is loaded. Tank. the tank is larger, it is stationary, it is in which the loader is installed. Thus, these are two completely different assemblies, but in assembled form they are one whole.

Due to the specifics of work, the drum of the vertical machine can only be metal, but the tank can be both plastic and stainless steel. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each material. The plastic tank is cheaper, retains heat better, has a low noise level. The cost of a washer with a node made of stainless steel is higher, but this tank is more durable and indifferent to chemistry (not afraid even of aggressive preparations against limescale), although noisier and worse heat retention.

Vertical washing machines have standard modes, which are present in each model, and additional. are installed in more expensive equipment. The standard ones include:

Cotton; quick wash; wool; synthetics; hand wash.

Additional features each model may have different, so let’s look at the most popular. “Extra rinse” allows you to rinse laundry if there is more powder than necessary. “Partial load” is designed for a small amount of laundry. “No spin”. for things that can get damaged by heavy spinning. “Ironing”. eliminates the intermediate spin, the laundry is rinsed with a large volume of water.

Top 7 best upright washing machines by customer reviews

In this ranking I have collected 7 best washing machines with a vertical load for 2022. My top list includes only the best models from different price segments, from 19,500 to 34,700. When selecting models, I paid attention to such characteristics as capacity, number of programs, spin speed, noise level during operation, availability of unique options and timer. I also studied customer reviews and expert reviews to identify the pros and cons of each model as objectively as possible.

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