Add a vacuum cleaner robot to a smart house

How to connect Xiaomi robot vertebrae to Alice’s voice assistant

The Smart House system from Xiaomi is becoming more popular every day. One of its features is the possibility of voice management. For this reason, various Chinese.Made devices can be connected to Alice’s voice assistant so that you can give commands in Russian.

Today we will tell you about the algorithm for connecting any suitable model of the “smart” Xiaomi robot to the voice assistant Alice from Yandex. There is nothing complicated in this procedure, and if you clearly follow our instructions, you can easily add the device to the program.

For starters, briefly about Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P-one of their top-end models of the manufacturer, if you do not take into account the more advanced line of Roborock robotes. She not only supports wet cleaning, but can also work in a combined mode: to draw dust and wash the floors.

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Like other Xiaomi devices, this is attached to the Mi Home mobile application. It makes it possible to control the power of the vacuum cleaner (silent, standard, medium, turbo) and water level for mop (low, medium, high). Through it you can update software and create automation.

Yes, the vacuum cleaner can be programmed for daily cleaning at a particular time. It will automatically turn on, vacuum and return to charging for further instructions. With wet cleaning, this technique will not pass, because it will have a wet mop, which will ruin the flooring.

The vacuum cleaner can be either white or black. Dust is very visible on the case of the latter, so I recommend choosing light. By the way, the plastic is quite practical, in a year of daily cleaning the robot vacuum cleaner looks as soon as from the store: they used not particularly carefully.

On the upper part of the vacuum cleaner there is an analogue of Lidar from the iPhone 12 Pro for laser navigation. He scans the space at a height of several centimeters from the surface. For the rest of the space there is a pair of sensors and a bumper who understands when the robot rests on something.

Application tuning for different manufacturers

The functionality and algorithm for setting the application for controlling the robot-sprayer from different manufacturers differ slightly.

REFERENCE! For robots, all manufacturers, an autonomous mode of operation is also provided, that is, without synchronization with a smartphone. But the functionality in this case will be significantly limited. In fact, you can only turn on the cleaning, specify the mode (dry or wet). All other settings will be inaccessible, including updating the built.In.


To control the vacuum cleaner, you need to download the Mihome application from GooglePlay or AppStore (available in Russian).

vacuum, cleaner, robot, smart

After its launch. Register a personal account Xiaomi. Then, in the main window of the application, you need to select a shortcut with the sign “”, from the list of devices, indicate “robot vertebrae”. After. Turn on the robot. The program will automatically begin the search for technology, you just need to choose from the presented list of detected devices.

If an update is available for the robot, its installation will begin automatically (takes 4-5 minutes). After that, the user will gain access to all the vacuum cleaner settings.

Using the application you can:

  • Change voice control settings;
  • Set the schedule of automatic cleaning of the room;
  • Indicate the marks of the “virtual wall”;
  • Check the current level of charge;
  • Receive service data (about the current filling of containers, if the model supports this function).


To download the official application, it is necessary to scan the QR code from the instructions using the smartphone (it is also available on the packaging to the robot-blade).

Appendix store will automatically open, it is necessary to install the Ecovacs Home program (versions for Android and iOS-smartphones are available, the tablet mode of operation is also supported). It is also mandatory to register the personal account “Ecovacs” (the robot vacuum cleaner supports cloud storage of settings).

At the first connection to the technique, you can select the synchronization mode: via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (available only in models with a Bluetooth module).

The program is also updated through the program in the vacuum cleaner.

Eufy (Robovac)

To synchronize the robot, a smartphone must go to GooglePlay or AppStore, install the Eufyhome application.

It is not necessary to create a new account in the program, you can control the robot in autonomous mode. To synchronize Wi-Fi, you also need to enter a password from a home Wi-Fi network.


At the first launch of the program, an automatic search for compatible devices is turned on. The vacuum cleaner at this moment must be turned on, to be next to it. After synchronization, you need to create an iLife account.

The Tesla of Robot Vacuums! Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

What devices will be required to work

You can launch a voice assistant from Yandex from any smartphone or tablet. The owners of the iPhone will need to install one of the applications: Yandex.Browser or just Yandex.

To control the smartphone, you will have to run the program each time, press the assistant activation button and only then dictate the command.

With the help of all kinds of “crutches”, this process can be simplified on Android, but in any case, the cool analogue “Hello, Siri” we will not get.

Alice is also in the browser from Yandex for Windows, but this is definitely not our method.

Yandex will use the most convenient and correct solution.Station or one of their more affordable columns DEXP Smartbox, IRBIS A or Elari Smartbeat.

In this case, the interaction with the voice assistant will be carried out in the most convenient way, and to activate it is enough to contact Alice or Yandex.

Everything is just like with Siri on the Homepod column only with Russian.

Add a robot-paper from Xiaomi to the Mi Home app

Before you start synchronization of the vacuum cleaner with Alice, it must be connected to an official application for the Mi Home smartphone. To do this, take a couple of steps:

  • Download Mi Home for the iPhone or android, install it
  • Choose Russia or mainland China as a region. It depends on the version of your smartphone
  • Allow the application all the requested access for the use of services and functions
  • Click the icon “” in the right corner at the top
  • The device is found independently. Choose it

How to connect a vacuum cleaner to Yandex assistant

Synchronize the robot. A vacuum cleaner with Alice is not difficult. Consider an example with the Xiaomi device:

  • First you need to install the Mi Home application and authorize your account in it;
  • Selection of the region (depends on the version of the vacuum cleaner);
  • Provide the application with all permits upon request;
  • In the upper right corner, press the plus icon to add the device.

Now you need to connect to Alice:

LG HOM-BOT SQUARE Quietly But Thoroughly At Work

  • Enter the Smart House system;
  • On the right side of the window, select the “device” tab;
  • Press the “Add device” button;
  • Select the manufacturer (in this case. Xiaomi)
  • From the list of devices, select a vacuum cleaner;
  • Pass authorization through the Mi Home account, which the system will ask;
  • Update the list of devices in the program “Smart House”

The robot will remain connected to Mi Home, which is not very suitable for Russian users, but compatible with the Russian.Speaking assistant.

Possible problems and their solution

Problem 1. When connecting a robot permit, there may be cases when a robot refuses to move along a previously defined route and begins to randomly move around the apartment.

Decision. In case of such a situation, it is recommended to write down the robot movement route in advance, which it must pass by default.

In some cases, obstacles may appear on the path of the robot: for example, wires protruding from the floor. It is possible to fix such obstacles using a button in the smartphone application. If the robot is stuck, then it can be extracted and continued to travel along the route.

The robot can get stuck due to the fact that insurmountable obstacles, for example, a doorway or furniture arose on the way.

In order for the robot to continue moving, it is necessary to remove the obstacle, and also take a couple of steps back until the robot passes through the obstacle. If after performing these actions the robot cannot continue moving, then it is recommended to repeat the procedure.

Problem 2. When connecting the robot, the application reports that it cannot determine the location of the robot.

Such a message appears if the robot moves through the territory where there is no cellular signal. In this case, it is recommended to change the region in which the robot vacuum cleaner is located to the territory that is in the cellular coating area, and also make sure that the robot moves in a straight line.

Decision. If there is no cellular signal in the robot location zone, then you need to change the region to the one where there is a confident signal of the cellular network, and then restart the robot. If this did not help solve the problem, then it is necessary to restart the phone.

It must be remembered that if there are a large number of people in the area of ​​the robot permit, then there is a possibility that the signal will not be accepted.

Problem 3. The robot vacuum cleaner periodically refuses to move in the direction of movement, while it performs all actions, except for moving forward.

Decision. If the robot permissive refuses to perform actions that correspond to the movement in the direction of its following, then this may be due to the fact that it is stuck in one of the sections of the route or its movement is limited.

vacuum, cleaner, robot, smart

In the first case, you need to gently push the robot in the right direction, while you need to remember that it does not get confused in the wires and does not fall to the floor. In the second case, you need to check the robot control panel for damage.

Problem 4. When connecting to the phone, the robot vacuum cleaner makes strange sounds.

Decision. Try to clean the robot. Try to clean the filters if they are in a vacuum cleaner. Check that the filter is in place.

Make sure the robot has the necessary components to perform the maintenance of the device. If you observe that the vacuum cleaner behaves in a strange way, then you should contact the service center.

Xiaomi robots have learned to manage through Yandex.Alice

In May 2019, Xiaomi officially announced that some of the manufacturer’s gadgets received support from the voice assistant Yandex.Alice, gaining popularity in the open spaces of the CIS. Currently, all robots and smart devices Xiaomi are compatible with Alice. For example, on Yandex.The market in the cards of the goods is separately indicated for Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner (first generation) and updated version of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1s (third generation). In this article, we decided to tell readers of the Robotobzor site how to connect Yandex.Alice for the Xiaomi Robot and Caaca Robot Features are available in the Russian assistant.

vacuum, cleaner, robot, smart

To bind the Xiaomi robot vertebrae with Yandex.Alice, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Install Yandex.Browser or Yandex app.
  • Go to the application and select “Devices” item.
  • Select the Smart House service. “Add devices”. Plugin “Xiaomi”.
  • Install the plugin and undergo authorization (enter the login and password from your MI Home account).
  • Update the list of devices.

If you do everything right, a robot vacuum cleaner will appear on the list, which can be controlled through a voice assistant. True, today the list of functions is quite scarce and the following commands are possible: “start cleaning”, “finish cleaning” and “pause”.

It is important to note that when synchronization of a robot permissor with a vocal assistant, problems may arise. For example, it will not be possible to synchronize the robot with the assistant the first time, there will be an error and a proposal to try connecting later. This may be due to the loading of servers and in this case it is really better to repeat the attempt after a while.

The second popular problem-after authorization in the Yandex Appendix, the robot vacuum cleaner does not appear in the list of active devices. This may be due to the fact that you indicated the region of China in your account, and during the authorization you chose Europe. The problem is solved quite simply. You need to go to the account in Mi Home, go to the “Accounts Permissions” section, then go to “Yandex” and untie all the services. After repeated authorization, you need to choose the correct region and then the robot vacuum cleaner should appear on the list.

Keep in mind that in the application there may be a delay when executing commands (from 1 to 15 seconds). This is due to the fact that the processing of commands is carried out on Chinese servers, and the Yandex service is cloud.

In general, the idea of ​​controlling a robot permutal through a voice assistant Yandex.Alice can be quite promising and the smart house from Xiaomi will be complemented by the ecosystem. We are waiting for the addition of new functionality and fresh news from the company!

Our video instructions for connecting Yandex Alice to robots of the Roborock family:

The line of robots-percleshots 360

The Chinese company 360 gained fame in the domestic market thanks to its line of robot permutions. We had such models such as 360 C50 and 360 S5, and in general, the robots left a predominantly positive opinion about themselves. They are inexpensive, functional and, in principle, well collected for their price segment.

So these are just 360 S5, S7 and S9 robots, since 2021, they support creative voice commands in Russian, in addition to standard vocal packets. The new voice acting is made in the style of “Bot Maxim”: the robot vacuum cleaner constantly grumbles, swears at the owner for making him clean, and, of course, entertains the audience that is nearby. If you want to choose a robot vacuum cleaner, which is cool in Russian, but at the same time you don’t want to set something there or manually write down, then perhaps one of their robots of the 360 ​​line will be the best solution. An example of how these robots talk:

So the best robots-sprayers were considered speaking in Russian. As you can see, not only Xiaomi boasts such an option of creative voice teams. We hope that prepared material was useful and interesting for you. If some robots or brands were missed, please share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Good purchases to you!

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