Adjustment of the Pressostate of the Candy Smart washing machine

Checking the components of Candy washing machines

What: washing machines and washing machines with drying: checking the functionality of electrical, electromechanical and electronic components.

This technical manual describes all the necessary procedures to check the functionality of the main electrical, electromechanical and electronic components installed on Candy washing machines from 2001 to date.

2) used tools and accessories

In order to make it easy to perform checks listed in this guide, we offer the use of the following devices and tools:

DIGITAL MULTIMETER: The multimeter should be capable of measuring voltage (V), and current (A) for alternating (AC) and constant (CC) values; Resistance measurements (ω), diodes, and checking the integrity of the chain (with zummer). The multimeter should be equipped with cords with connectors and connectors.

DIGITAL THERMOMETER: A digital thermometer can be any as a classic with a wired thermocouple for contact research and “infrared” also with the possibility of connecting wired thermocouple.

Patch Cord (special cord): produced gias with p/n. 91941051 (Technical Guide 01ge. 2001, as amended by 2006) is equipped with an automatic safety switch and allows for “safe” checks on all components of the device. Several black/red wires are attached to it for a multimeter with safe plugs.

For easy and safe testing of motorized selectors, potentiometers and electric engines, some specially designed test tests are carried out with safe plugs suitable to be directly included in the multimeter nests (see. Appendix A and Appendix B).

NETWORK CABLE: It can be a cable equipped with you is the isolated papa connectors. It is necessary to check the program selector.

Where in the washing machine there is a Pressostat?

Many users do not know where the press starts in the washing machine is located. Some people think that it should be located inside the tank. In fact, the device is located at the top of the cm housing, near the side wall.

If delay occurs with a set or drain, then the first thing is to check the performance of this sensor. The water level sensor in the Samsung washing machine is located under the lid near the right wall of the case. It remains to figure out how to distinguish it from other elements of the machine, test and replace it.

How to check a press stroke in a multimeter?

To make sure that the part is broken, you need to check the press starter with a multimeter. It is necessary to set the resistance measurement mode on it, and then connect the measuring device to the sensor. To find out which contacts to connect the multimeter to, the electrical circuit of the press starts will be required. Then you need to blow into the hose.

  • de.energize the machine;
  • Remove the top cover of the case;
  • Find the press.start;
  • Unscrew the holder of the screw, disconnect the pipe and connector;
  • Draw an element from the body.

Preliminary actions

As soon as you find a malfunction, you should understand whether the reason lies in the details that control the water level. It is necessary to carefully examine the water intake system, check the sleeve and fittings of the water intake sensor, the transitional chamber site. When examining these parts, you should not find a gap and scuffs, as well as a plaque from washing powder.

If the washing tool on the details is found, all components are mandatory, after which a repeated attempt to launch the washing machine is performed. It is possible that you have returned the press to work to the press.

Secondly, the correctness and strength of the connection of the electrical wiring to the part is checked. There is a chance that one of the wiring was erased or leaned out. Having discovered such a defect, eliminate it and again perform a test launch.

Diagnosis is performed using a tube, the diameter of which coincides with the size of the part hose. We put one end of the tube on the instrument fitter, in the second dungeon. If the part that controls the water fence is in good condition, light clicks will be distributed.

Когда и такой способ проверки не помог выявить проблемы, прессостат придется разбирать.

Adjustment of the press startup

To configure the part that controls the water level in the washing machine, there is no need to call repair specialists, because such work can be done independently. Follow the sequence of actions and work carefully. So, the algorithm for adjusting the pressing of the washing machine is as follows:

  • The unit for washing linen is disconnected from the electric network and a water pipe;
  • By unscrewing the bolts and disconnecting the wiring, we remove the press.start;
  • We find special screws with which the attraction or weakening of contacts inside the device is performed;
  • We remove the sealant from their surface.

All of the listed actions can be attributed to the preparatory stage, because the main work on adjusting the sensor is still ahead. You will have to try to catch the moment of rapprochement and opening the contact group with the help of cleared screws. In this case, a well.known “poke method” is used, because a special device for performing such work can only have a professional specialist in repairing washing machines. You will have to act as follows:

  • The first screw is turning on half a turn, the press starts connected to the machine, the washing machine is launched into operating mode;
  • If initially the car was gaining little water, and after adjusting the liquid there are more. you are on the right track. It remains to lower the screw in the selected direction and pour it with sealant more strongly;
  • If the manipulations with the bolt were given the reverse result, it will have to be unscrewed in the opposite direction, making one or one and a half turnover.


To increase the life of the equipment, preventive actions are carried out:

  • You can add special tools for softening water when washing or install magnetic devices. they will protect the equipment from calcium and magnesium;
  • It is worth installing mechanical filters that collect dirt, rust and sand;
  • Be sure to check things for the presence of foreign objects;
  • Label load should correspond to the norm;
  • It is not necessary to often use the washing mode by 95 degrees, otherwise the life will be reduced by several years;
  • Shoes and things with decorative elements are necessarily placed before loading in special bags;
  • You can not leave the device unattended, otherwise there is a risk of flooding the neighbors if there is a leak;
  • The tray after washing is cleaned of detergents;
  • At the end of the cycle, the hatch must be left open so that the technique is dry;
  • Once a month you need to clean the filter from small details;
  • Be sure to wipe the handle cuff so that it does not remain dirt after washing.

If suddenly the Candy washing machine has failed, then you need to find out the cause of the breakdown. When clogging the filter, hose, malfunctions of the outlet, all repair work can be carried out independently. When failing of electronics, engine or combustion of Ten, it is better to call the master at home. He will do all the work on the spot or pick up the electrical appliance in the service.

Adjustment of the press startup

So that the Pressostate of the Siemens or DN S14 Samsung washing machine reacted to the level of filling the tank correctly, the manufacturer is initially adjusted to the press starting. Typically, this is enough and the setting of a machine sensor of the water level is not re.done.

There are cases when water is not poured into the tank or it does not merge. To eliminate the problem, you need to know how to check the water level sensor in the washing machine. If everything is in order with the controller, there is no damage, it is likely that the factory settings are lost.

Then the press start of a home washing machine is adjusted on its own. There are special screws on the device that need to be twisted using ordinary pliers.

What are the signs and causes of the problems of the press

If the control device is faulty, this is manifested by certain signs:

  • The machine stops typing water for washing into the tank or working with a tank without a liquid;
  • The cycle of supply and drainage of water is repeated repeatedly;
  • The device does not perform a rinse program, washing at the required level;
  • After the work process is completed in the tank, water remains.

If the above signs appear, you need to read information on how to check the Pressostat in the washing machine at home. But some of the manifestations may talk about the presence of problems with another element. It is important to understand how to check L11x, SPS 11, DN S14 and other models of sensors.

The reasons for the malfunctions with the water level control can be:

  • Depressurization of hoses, shutters;
  • Clogging of a high.pressure tank;
  • Clogging with a forty pressure pipe;
  • Burning the relay contacts.

The most common cause of failure of the sensor is dirt accumulated in the system. Blocking provoke low.quality water, the use of too much powder. Often, threads, different particles of the linen itself lead to pollution.

Features of the repair

The press starts works according to a certain scheme, which is nothing complicated. The owner of the washing machine can independently clean the pipe, remove the sensor or make a replacement of the device. A broken water level sensor can cause a serious fault of a washing machine. If the user could not clean or repair the part in a timely manner, then such problems may appear:

  • Water will stop gaining;
  • worsen the squeezed linen;
  • Ten can burn over time;
  • linen will be poorly washed;
  • The tank is overflowing with water.

With frivolous breakdowns of the press, it is not worth buying a new mechanism, it can help set up an old device from this situation. The replacement of the sensor is carried out as follows.

  • Extracting an old relay by disconnecting wiring, hoses. The procedure should be carried out with particular accuracy to avoid unwanted damage. After that, the fasteners are unscrewed, which fixed the case.
  • Installation of a new relay. The design is screwed with bolts to the place where it was old. After that, the hose is attached to it and mount the wiring.

Candy washing machine

The owner of the unit should remember that the sensor should buy an original or identical to the old device.

Before installing a new relay, it is worth checking its performance in advance. Immediately after repair work, the machine must be checked in several laundry washing modes. In order to prevent breakdowns of the press, experts recommend listening to the following tips.

  • Do not use the washing machine at idle. Prior to washing, the drum is filled with a liquid of more than half. If the device is empty, then the sensor will soon break.
  • Wash exclusively with warm water. For a high.quality procedure for cleansing linen, the temperature of the liquid should not be more than 45 degrees.
  • On a regular basis to clean the drain. So that the water from the tank merges without obstacles, the drain should be cleaned once for 30 days.

Each washing machine is equipped with a press start, which is responsible for the water level in the drum. In some cases, a relay breakdown is possible, after which it will be required to repair it or an urgent replacement. If it is difficult for the owner to check or replace the owner, it is better to use the services of professionals. To increase the life of household appliances, as well as its parts, it is recommended to use the machine strictly according to the instructions that the manufacturer offers.

Service test and error codes Candy Aquamatic 100 F

As for all electronic washing machines produced by Candy Group, all Aquamatic 2009 series machines. Easy Electronics ”are equipped with advanced software capable of immediate detection of the most serious functional problems.

In case of problems with equipment during washing, the machine stops, and the control panel shows a related error code. The error code is indicated by blinking the LED in the lower left side of the control panel

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The error code is indicated by a series of flashes, then a pause occurs within 5 seconds, and the sequence is repeated before the user’s intervention.

If the error code is shown, the machine stops. To restart the car, it is necessary to move the program selector to the Off position. At the same time, if there is still water in the tank, select the DRain position (drain) and wait for the end of the drain. After that, move the program selector to the “OFF” position. Wait for 2 seconds and choose a new washing program. If the previously found problem is now absent, the washing cycle ends regularly. Otherwise, if the same error code (or another) will be shown, the car will stop.

Referring to the aforementioned error codes, we want to remind you of the importance of the serviceability of the electrical wiring and related connectors, especially when it comes to electronic control modules. It is necessary to check the contacts on the control panel and contacts of the relevant peripheral devices that controls the module (program selector, indication module, drain pump, etc.D.). Partial oxidation of the contacts of any connector on the control module or on a bound peripheral device can cause an error show for the corresponding peripheral device, even if the peripheral device itself is in excellent condition.

Therefore, we propose to carefully check the appropriate wiring before replacing the control module, as well as before replacing any bound periphery. Actual checking of the wiring can be performed by disconnecting the connectors from their location (both on the control module and on a bound peripheral device). After that, it is necessary to clean the contacts, check the resistance of the wires, with the need to spray into these connectors a small amount of special liquid to clean contacts. Then, after checking the connectors and connections and restart the service test to see whether the error will be shown again.

Verification of the press start

When the slightest doubt appears in the correctness of the press, it is necessary to immediately replace it with a new. But before that it is necessary to gain confidence that the case is in the sensor. It is quite simple to check the press start of the washing machine:

  • It is necessary to dismantle the top panel. You can remove it by unscrewing special bolts and moving in the opposite direction from you. In most models, the sensor is located at the top of the side wall.
  • Experts recommend simply unscrewing the press start. It is fixed, as a rule, with a few screws that are quite easy to unscrew.
  • After that, disconnect the phone and contacts from the sensor. The hose is fixed with special clamps, they will either carefully disassemble, or then cut off and then replace with new.

Carefully study the dismantled press station: there should not be any damage and formations on the case. Equally carefully check the tube and condition of the insulating material of the wiring. If necessary, clean the clogs and eliminate minor damage. Clean the contacts of the sensors.

Now we will check the device itself. Typically, a ten centimeter hose is used for this, identical in diameter already removed earlier. Having attached the phone to the input fitting of the press starter, strongly dunge into it. At this moment, clicks should be heard from the sensor. Their number depends on the strength of the blowing.

If the sensor does not make any sounds, most likely it is faulty and requires replacement.

To finally make sure of the non.working state of the press, measure its resistance using a multimeter. If during blowing the resistance remains at the same level. feel free to throw the sensor and buy a new.

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It is better to use a multimeter to check the press starter

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How to prevent a breakdown of press stratum

Blocking pipe clogs, damage to the surface of the hoses and valves, overheating and burning of the sensor contacts are the main types of breakdown of the press startup. The source of these problems is dirt accumulating inside the machine.

Experts recommend regularly cleaning the drain and at least 2 times a year to launch the preventive washing mode using special cleansing agents: Kalgon, alphabon, Luxus Professional and others.

Also, in order to avoid a breakdown of the machine, attention should be paid to the following points.

  • Avoid the operation of the washing machine at idle. Before launching washing, the machine should type water into the tank.
  • The optimum washing temperature is not higher than 45 degrees. This is enough for high.quality laundry washing.

Pressostat is necessary for the entire system. Claiming, he deprives you of the opportunity to wash, and can lead to various breakdowns. Replacing the press.start of the automatic washing machine is a troublesome, but not a complicated process. Pay attention to the behavior of your machine, and you can notice the malfunction in time.

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