After a jump in the voltage, the refrigerator does not work

The refrigerator does not turn on: possible causes, diagnosis and recommendations

The situation when the refrigerator does not turn on is quite unpleasant, especially if this happens in the warm time. There may be several reasons for this. But if the device is no more than 5 years, as a rule, the sources of the problem are banal and you can fix them without the help of the master. If the refrigerator does not turn on, this article will describe the causes and methods of eliminating problems.

As a rule, the master, having arrived on the call, first of all includes the device on the network and looks at the light bulb: burns or not. It is worth starting with this and when carrying out independent repair.

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If the light does not burn, then the reason for this may be the absence of current. Respectively, the reason must be sought in its source.

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the network.
  • Inspect the outlet. If there are no visible defects, check the presence of current in it using an indicator screwdriver.
  • If the socket is in good condition, you need to check the wire and fork of the device itself. If there are visible tears, it is best to change the cord completely, and not cut and twist it with electrical tape, this repair does not meet the safety requirements. If the cord is not visually damaged, it must be rolled with a multimeter, and if necessary, also replace.

The refrigerator does not work: recommendations

To understand why the refrigerator does not work, you need to diagnose:

  • Open the door and see if the light is burning. If there is light, then everything is fine with the wiring, we move on.
  • If there is no light, check the fork and outlet.
  • It will be convinced that everything is in order with the cables that are responsible for the operation of the thermostat and the relay is possible if there is a tester.

In order to exclude from the reasons why the refrigerator does not work, the thermostat needs to be turned off the device from the network. Pick up the tester and check. If still the problem is in the regulator, then in the service they will put a new.

It is more difficult if the compressor breaks. This can happen because of other details:

The service master will check the contact terminals, conduct diagnostics by the tester, including make sure that:

And will replace the compressor, thereby eliminating the malfunction, due to which the refrigerator does not work.

The refrigerator is too much freezing

Some refrigerators are so frozen so much that even foods on the lower shelf freeze. In such a situation, the refrigeration unit functions with an increased coefficient of working time, which leads to greater consumption of electricity.

One of the reasons for such a malfunction may be a violation in the attachment of the tires of the bellows. She can get out of the surface of the clamping plank or faintly pressed against the wall of the evaporator. In this case, it must be securely fixed.

Over time, the temperature regulator becomes unusable for refrigerators, which also leads to a significant lowering of temperature inside the unit. Most often, a power spring weakens the thermostat. The way out of the situation may be the installation of the thermostat handle as much as possible to the position “.””. If this is not possible, the thermostat must be reconfigured or replaced with a new.

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The refrigerator does not turn on. The compressor has broken

Almost always, if the household device often “clicks”, and the light inside is on, but the refrigerator does not turn on, the causes of the malfunction lies in the compressor. It is very difficult to conduct diagnostics independently, for this you will need a special device. Ohmmeter. If you have no proper experience, without hesitation, trust the diagnosis and repair to the specialists.

Three malfunctions can occur in the motor:

All three problems are identified using an ohmmeter. If the contacts or windings are “not nicknamed”, and the device shows a voltage of less than 20 Ohms, then you will have to replace the motor-compressor with a new.

Repair due to breakdown of the compressor is most costly: only at least 5000 will take the purchase of a new part, not counting the services of the master.

If the diagnostics did not reveal all the problems described above, it is very likely that the malfunction with the control module is the “inner brain” of the refrigerator. This even happens with new household appliances, for example, with voltage jumps, when the light is turned off. There are two ways to solve the problem. Complete flashing the control module or its replacement.

If you are “lucky”, the refrigerator does not turn on due to the lack of nutrition or failure of the thermostat, then the repair will not be ruined, it will be quite possible and more or less familiar with the technique. In other cases, we would not advise you to take risks and take on the repair ourselves. The refrigerator is easy to break completely, and even the most experienced master will not be able to help you.

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Why the refrigerator does not turn on

The defrosting of the refrigerator is usually accompanied by the movement of a large number of products and turning off the power supply. In the turmoil, you can violate the reliability of the connection. This is one of the most common causes of “malfunction”. Therefore, if the refrigerator does not turn on after the disconnection, the first thing to do is to check:

  • Is there light;
  • Whether a fork is inserted well;
  • Is there any damage to the cord;
  • Whether an electric outlet works;
  • Whether the network filter is turned on (if the connection is made through it).

If everything is done correctly, but the refrigerator does not turn on, does not freeze after defrosting, the case takes a more serious turnover.

Compressor malfunctions

This is the most unpleasant malfunction that requires serious repair. The compressor may fail due to moisture in the moisture, wear of the parts from time. Voltage surges are also destructive. Therefore, if the refrigerator does not turn on after turning off the electricity, there is a high probability of this particular problem.

jump, voltage, refrigerator, does, work

Repair the compressor or replace it only a qualified master.

Damage to the thermal attewer

Typically, a thermal attemptor is in the same block as the light bulb. In two.Chamber models of such sensors there are several.

To check the serviceability, the wires fastened with the terminal are released and closed them. If the compressor works, you have to replace the sensor.

Problems with the control unit

If the contacts in the control unit are oxidized, then the inclusion is impossible. Simple contact cleaning will set up the refrigerator work.

The control unit can completely fail due to voltage jumps and if operating is improperly. Then the refrigerator does not turn on, does not freeze after defrosting, and the part will have to be replaced with a new.

Other possible malfunctions

If after defrosting the refrigerator does not turn on, this is a consequence of such reasons:

  • A failure in an air sensor (it is installed on new models with the No Frost system, these are LG, Bosch, Indesit, Ariston, Atlant, Biryusa);
  • Malfunctions of the launcher;
  • Stop fan.
jump, voltage, refrigerator, does, work

This also needs to be checked in order to achieve the refrigerator.

How to protect the equipment

Getting into such a situation is extremely unpleasant, and trials can last months, so we will tell you what to do so that household appliances do not burn out due to a jump in stress. The cheapest solution is the installation of voltage relay. Often they are called “barrier”. You yourself set the upper and lower permissible boundaries of the voltage, in addition, you can set a retraining delay, in case several jumps follow. It is also necessary to protect the compressors of refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers, because repeated launches and sharp stops are harmful to them.

The relay is either individual and inserted into the outlet, and the fork plug is already connected to it, or centralized and installed on the input of electricity into the apartment for the electrical panel din. This is the cheapest option so that your household appliances do not burn.

In pairs with the relay, you can install the varistor on the din-rack, it is a semiconductor analogue of the discharge and “shakes” the fishing line for a trimmer during a jump, protecting household appliances.

A more reliable and expensive way is the installation of voltage stabilizers either on specific equipment or for the entire apartment. Keep in mind that, unlike previous options, this will cost you an order of magnitude more expensive. Depending on the power and type of device. The cheapest option is to install a relay stabilizer.

Diagnostics that can lead to error

Unfortunately, diagnostics on a burning or non.Combustible light bulb cannot be called quite informative. For example, if there is a voltage jump in the network, then the air sensor may fail. The light should burn. However, it will not be if the light is also burned out. In this case, the absence of light can only become the cause of error.

This means, independently, relying only on external signs, it is extremely difficult to conduct diagnostics. This process will rather resemble Russian roulette. Only a master who has many years of experience will be able to figure out. Therefore, he can quickly find the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it.

The possibility of a more accurate determination of the malfunction

To try to determine where the breakdown exactly lies, using the method below, only those who are close to technology can. This will make it possible to navigate in advance how much the upcoming repair will cost. To the failure of the engine can lead to

The reason can be determined if you check the contacts of the electric motor using an ohmmeter. Resistance of less than 20 Ohms indicates the closure of the turns of the winding.

If it has not helped, it remains only to sort out the microcircuits and contact groups. Most likely, contacts were oxidized somewhere. You need to spend a lot of time on this. But if this is the only way to return the previous performance to the unit, then this is worth it.

The refrigerator does not work, and the light is on

The refrigerator has a complex technical structure. Elimination of problems requires certain knowledge, tools and experience. Incorrect actions with independent repair will lead to more serious breakdowns or complete failure of the equipment.

Therefore, if the unit has stopped working, but the light is on fire, it is better not to waste time looking for causes and breakdowns. The refrigerator is disconnected from the network, defrost and contact the service center. The master with the help of diagnostic equipment will find a malfunction and eliminate it. At the same time, the technique will not suffer, and you will receive a guarantee for work.

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