After installing the air conditioner, water flowed

What to do if the air conditioner flows

Many owners of air conditioners are faced with a situation where water begins to drip from the inner block. The liquid can flow directly from the body, along the wall on which the equipment is installed, or through the blinds along with the air flow. Typically, the problem is not observed immediately after turning on the split system, but after 20-40 minutes of work. The volume of water depends on the difference between the set cooling mode and the ambient temperature. The larger the difference, the more intensively the air conditioner flows.

How to eliminate leaks

The method of eliminating leaks directly depends on the cause of the breakdown.

Lack of refrigerant

In this case, the external part of the evaporator is freezing with further melting of frost after turning off the system. Typically, such a problem is accompanied by atypical sound and slight blowing of ice.

Damage to the drainage line

This breakdown most often occurs during the testing of the system with poor.Quality installation. The cause of the malfunction is mechanical damage to the pipeline. It must be replaced. Soldering, winding with island and gluing are extremely undesirable.

Clogging of a drainage pipe

If the outer tube is not equipped with a net, over time it turns out to be a clogged web, insect cocoons, dust or dirt. In winter, its complete icing may take place. To correct the situation, you need to clean the pipeline with wire or vacuum cleaner, in the frosts you will have to carefully beat off the ice.

Lack of pressure supply regulator

Most often, in winter, when there is a significant distortion of pressure and temperature of the circuit of the entire system. Heating the evaporator of the internal unit decreases, condensation is formed and, as a result, ice. When the temperature rises, the walls of the evaporator are thawed and the leak occurs. The solution to the issue can only be the installation of a pressure regulator.

The use of pseudosphones

Often, when installing equipment to prevent the penetration of an unpleasant odor, the wastewater pipe bends. This leads to malfunctions, so the deformed area will have to be replaced, while it is best to use original siphons.

Installation of a drainage line without a slope

As already mentioned, this error occurs when trying to independently install the air conditioner with gravity exit. In this case, the internal block turns into a large tank of water and becomes extremely dangerous for people in the room. To eliminate such an error, the dismantling of the entire system and its complex re.Equipment will be required.

In a situation, if the water output to the street is not possible for any reason, air conditioners with a drainage pump are installed, for example, in basement or underground structures. Such equipment can also give leaks.

Drainage breakdown. Condensate is not completely absorbed. Such equipment must be repaired or completely replaced.

In the case of an unintentional shutdown of electricity or voltage difference in the network, an insignificant leak sometimes appears on the network. Do not worry. When the current is resumed, the problem is quickly eliminated.

Identification of the cause of the driving of water from the air conditioner

  • Leak or deficiency of freon. The metal parts of the device are covered with an ice crust, and during operation the air conditioner begins to “shoot” with pieces of ice, while the water drips into the apartment with spray.
  • Look at temperature ratio in the room and on the street. If the difference is 7-8 degrees in hot weather, then the air conditioner will show discontent in the form of dripping water on the floor of the room. By installing the equipment for heating, the ratio is also taken into account. Following the instructions for the operation and setting of air conditioners will extend the life of the equipment.
  • If water is dripping from the inner block New air conditioning. This is a consequence Incorrect installation. In this case, the only advice is not to turn to non.Professionals in order to save. Trust the installation of installation masters. In the future, you will not regret it.
  • At salting the drainage system, water flows along the complete perimeter of the internal unit of the air conditioner and flows into the room.

Elimination of blockage of drainage hoses and filter.

installing, conditioner, water, flowed

Remove the case and rinse filters located in the front of the split system. Remove the bath and clean the tube located in the corner under the pallet. Cable wire “break the blockage” or blow clogged with a vacuum cleaner. Do work carefully, take your time. It is important not to damage the details.

In order to avoid electric shock, turn off the equipment from the power supply and let it cool. After 30-40 minutes, start cleaning. If the water does not flows from the tube overlooking the street. Blow the street tube. If you do it yourself, contact the master to eliminate blockage.

In other cases, an expert on maintenance and repair of air conditioners is not possible. Do not save on equipment maintenance. The result of irrational savings. Pay for repairs even more expensive, or resort to the purchase of a new air conditioner.

Air conditioning “Fuck” after several years of work.

If the air conditioner, who worked for you with faith and truth for several years, suddenly flow. The reason lies in the absence or improper maintenance.

  • The drainage pipe clogged. Dust, insect, etc. May accumulate in the hose.P. Which will lead to a decrease or overlap of the water duct. There have been cases that in the pipe, in search of water in a hot period, Juke crawled, which subsequently stuck and blocked the entire drainage channel. Solution: Carry out a drain channel.
  • Freon leak. A rather flying refrigerant circulates through the freon pipeline. Freon, which is enough microcracks to disappear from the refrigerator. The normalized refrigerant leak is 6-8% per year, even if the system is sealed. With a decrease in the amount of freon in the system, the evaporator of the internal unit is freezing. A semblance of hoarfrost is formed, in severe cases a snow fur coat. In this case, the condensate does not flow into the tray tray, but drips directly on the blinds, from them to the room. With a working air conditioner, it often looks like a “spit” with water. Water cannot drain into the pallet, a drop under its own weight breaks away from the rib of the heat exchanger, falls down, enters the fan of the inner unit, which is thrown out. Solution: Check the air conditioner for a freon leak, if necessary, refuel the air conditioner. This procedure requires certain knowledge, skills, tools. Trust this work to professionals.

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We clean the pipes?

Often the reason that the condensate flows from the air conditioner is a clogged drainage tube. On the eye it can be determined simply.

Turn off the air conditioner and open the lid. If the tray does not have a large amount of dirt, and the pipe is in normal condition, the water should go into the drain. If the water is in the container, then the drainage is clogged. You need to “break through” the resulting cork.

To clean the drainage tube, disconnect it from the container. Just do not forget to substitute a bucket or a basin, otherwise all the water from the tray will be on the floor and walls You need a regular electric cable to clean the drainage of drainage. It should be soft so that it can be bent with a slight effort.

Insert the end of the cable into the drain pipe and enter it until you feel that he rested in something. Congratulations, you found a cork! Now it needs to be pierced. To do this, “knock” on the traffic, until the cable passes further. But that is not all!

Most likely, you made only a small hole in the blockage. Remove the wire completely and wrap its end with a fabric. It is advisable to fix it with adhesive tape or island. Soak the fabric with a detergent and carefully clean the drainage tube.

Possible reasons:

The drainage tube of the device was clogged. To fix this, the hose just needs to be blown or cleaned.

Due to the leakage of the refrigerant, a layer of ice can form on the evaporator. If this happens, be sure to contact specialists. It will not work to solve the problem yourself.

A warm air flow enters the cooler of the device. In this case, the liquid is sprayed on the sides. The problem occurs due to defect in the case into which the air enters. The case can be tried to process any material for isolation.

Perhaps special passages intended for the outflow of water are clogged. To prevent such a problem, you should timely perform preventive cleaning of the technique. If the problem still arises, you should carefully clean the blockage using wire. But you need to act very carefully to avoid other problems with the device. If you could not clean it on your own, call the master.

If the flow of condensate began immediately, as soon as the device was installed, the air conditioner must be removed and checked at what angle the drainage hose is inclined. Liquid can flow with insufficient slope of the hose. In this case, it does not flow into a specially designed container, but flows from the module.

A crack may form on the drainage tube, which sometimes appears during the installation due to sloppy actions. In this case, the tube should be replaced.

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Condensate flows from the internal unit of the air conditioner. To fix it very simple

In the process of using the air conditioner, owners often face a problem when water flows from the inner block. A similar situation can cause many problems, especially if you have taken you by surprise. Why is condensate dripping on the floor? And is it possible to fix everything yourself? I will try to give answers to these questions in our article.

During the usual operation, the tube is clogged, since the air conditioner passes air through itself with dust particles. But there are not rare cases when various insects climb into the phone. Bees, spiders and others, thereby clogging it with their “nests”.

Drainage cleaning can be done yourself, but it is better to trust specialists. It will be necessary to remove the body of the inner block under which you will see the tray (you can also see in this article). Drainage is connected to this tray. Carefully inspect the details and find the connection place. You will see a hole inside the tray. It can be either left or right as in the photo (it is likely to drain accumulated water). Through any suitable tube (air conditioners use copper) drainage is blown with ordinary water, picking it up in the mouth. All dirt will come out under pressure from air and water outside (at the same time, look so that no one “arrives” on his head). If the tube is brought to the sewer, then this problem is solved only with planned service service of the split system.

For example, if during installation the drainage hose was fixed without the required inclination towards the street. Or during installation, a poor.Quality hose was used, which was rubbed or leaned out during the installation process.

Turn to the master-installations who will professionally diagnose and perform repairs.

In my practice, it happened when, due to the imperfection of the design of the inner block, the water drained past the tray.

Contact the store in which the air conditioner was purchased to call masters to replace the block or eliminate the malfunction.

installing, conditioner, water, flowed

In special cases of installation (if there is no technical possibility of removing condensate to the street or you cannot comply with the necessary slope) in the drainage system use pumps (pumps) and siphons). In case of malfunctions or clogging of these devices, the internal block of the split system also flows.

There is only one way out of these situations. Disassembling and cleaning the air conditioner (including a drainage system with pomp or siphon). Remember that timely preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of a breakdown of these parts.

installing, conditioner, water, flowed
  • The freezing (ice) of the evaporator is also a rare cause of water leakage. This is already a breakdown of the air conditioner, most likely associated with a freon leak. But there may be other reasons that in any case should be diagnosed by the master.

Immediately turn off the food and call professional repairmen. Do not try to fix something yourself.

  • The latter case is when water during winter operation freezes on the street in a drainage tube. Because of this, condensate flows into the room.
installing, conditioner, water, flowed

Do not use the air conditioning for “minus” if he does not have additional “winter options” (heating the compressor, drainage, etc.D.)

It is worth noting that if water is dripping in the external unit in heating mode, this is absolutely normal, t. To. In heat mode, condensate is already formed on the radiator of the external unit.

Lifehack finally: if a metal.Plastic drainage hose goes to the street, then it is better to bend it down. There will be less likely to get insects there.

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Tips for experienced craftsmen

The most important thing is to store the warranty card for the air conditioner, it will help to avoid the misunderstandings of the time that arose in warranty time. Order installation only from accredited by the manufacturer of installers, and also adhere to simple operating rules for the split systems.

Before turning on, after a long break (especially after the winter), clean the drainage hose, rinse the capacitance for condensate and dry. Open the top cover of the internal unit of the air conditioner.

Wash the filter with a special antibacterial agent and dry it. Carefully inspect and wipe the dust from all the visible details of the device.

Timely cleaning of filters from old dust will protect your lungs and air. For prevention, you can use ordinary water

Do not forget to carry out preventive cleaning as often as possible. If the split system has flowed, then a specialist should be called to conduct diagnostics.

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