Air conditioning does not coldly cold in the house

Why does the air conditioner cool poorly

If for some reason the split system did not cool the airspace of the apartment or office, then this brings great disappointment. After all, in this case, the main concept of this device does not solve: it does not bring cool. And the use of the climatic for a long period has become so familiar to us that life in the summer heat without it is no longer possible.

Why does the wall air conditioner do not cool properly? To understand this, you need to understand the reasons why this phenomenon takes place. This will be presented below in the article.

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The first thing to do is check the settings on the control panel. The “Mode” button should select the “Cool” mode and set the temperature below the environment. Increase the fan speed with several presses on the “fan” button. Make sure that the external unit has earned. Installed on the street. The second is to clean the filter. The filter is washed in warm running water. If the air conditioner blows warm air after the above operations, then you can confidently call the repair master.

Possible causes of the problem

Specialists in the maintenance of climatic equipment based on rich practice have made a register of the main reasons why the air conditioner cools poorly.

Flowing air filters

If a serviceable split system begins to escalate warm air into the apartment, then this is the first signal to the user that it is necessary to clean the filters of the internal unit. Processing will lead to a breakdown of expensive technology. Selecting heat from the room, the evaporator fan works like a vacuum cleaner, and sucks all dust inside the block, which settles on filters and its horizontal blades. Gradual clog occurs, as a result of which the air conditioner blows warm air.

Many modern models of split systems independently inform the user about the need to clean filters, issuing an error code for a display.

Cleaning the lattice is quite simple. Carefully remove it and rinse under running water from deposits, after drying, install it in your former place.

Clotted the grille of the external unit

The remote module works in even more unfavorable conditions: dust, poplar fluff, was able to clog the protective grill from vehicles, forming a very dense film that prevents fresh air from rain.

You can clean the grate from the film using chemicals yourself or order special service at home.

The evaporator fan is clogged with dust

In this case, you will have to disassemble the internal block to free sufficient access to the device blades. You can clean them with an ordinary clothing brush or apply a high pressure washing, but then you need to invite a professional.

Insufficient amount of refrigerant

Modern climatic systems are used to cool the freon, which belongs to volatile gases and may evaporate during use. In addition, a violation of sealing and gas leak may occur. Changing the volume of freon could occur during transportation and subsequent installation, or at the factory, the system was not fully filled due to a malfunction of automation.

Detect a point leak, localize and eliminate the defect only using special equipment. Invite a specialist from the Center for Serving your model, he will quickly cope with a malfunction and refile your split system by a refrigerant.

The evaporator fan or remote unit does not work

The reasons for this behavior are different:

  • The block of the block is clogged with various deposits;
  • Refusal of the launch capacitor;
  • The engine failed;
  • Incorrect work of management fees;
  • Wear of bearings and other details.

These problems lead to the fact that the air conditioner does not cold, and the fan blows on others with warm air. To eliminate them, you need to disassemble the block (except for the first option), so it is better to invite an experienced master who will quickly find the reason and will eliminate it qualitatively. Guilt can be in the intermodel connection. It is necessary to check the entire wiring using special equipment.

The four.Position valve does not work

This device is installed on an external module to switch the split system from the cold to heat, when due to prolonged rains it is necessary to warm up the room to remove excessive humidity. If the valve breaks, then the air conditioner no longer cools the air flow, but independently switches to another mode and saturates the room with hot air.

An experienced master can repair the device, but, according to practice, it will be cheaper to simply replace it.

Incorrect work of the compressor

It can simply jam it or a breakdown of the winding on the case, an internal cliff, the start.Up capacitor or temperature relay will break. Without quality work of this important device, the entire system will not fulfill its purpose, so the air conditioner does not cool the air. The capacitor and relay can be replaced, but if the compressor is jammed, then you need to change the entire unit or only it, but it will not work to restore this important detail of the system.

Sensor malfunction

On any model, temperature and pressure regulators are installed. The main reason for the breakdown may be the closure, or their resistance is not equal to the established value, so the control system does not give the signal to start the compressor.

If at least one of the sensors is broken, then the protection system immediately works. The electronics disables cooling. Only a trained specialist who has sufficient experience and appropriate equipment for diagnosis can determine the good condition of these important details.

The blockage of the capillary tube

The climatic system can never work if this small device is clogged with moisture, t. To. She plays the same role as the capillary system of our body. The air conditioner may generally stop the air of air into the room, so it is necessary to vacuum. Special cleaning or urgently solder a new tube.

Vacuuming by Mitsubishi air conditioning

Air conditioning flows after turning off

The air conditioner cools, the drainage works, but after turning it off, after a few minutes, water begins to drip water from the inner block:

Air con not Cooling repair. Thermostat replacement

Reason: the radiator freezes during operation, after turning off, the ice will be picked up and melt water drips to the floor.

  • System refueling. Lack of freon-the radiator freezes due to a decrease in the pressure of the freon, as a result, the boiling temperature decreases-the radiator freezes;
  • Freon reset. The reverse reason is the oversupply of the freon. To the radiator of the inner block, too many Calloria of the cold is brought, he does not have time to give them in a room and the return tube will die out. It is necessary to lower a little freon with pressure control and overheating;
  • Filter clogged with dust. The situation is similar to the excess of freon. The cold cannot leave the radiator and begin to freeze the tubes. It is necessary to rinse the filter with running warm water;
  • Low speed or pollution of the fan of the vutaneous unit. Similarly clogged filter. All cold is not discharged from the radiator. It is necessary to wash the fan, if it is dirty, and set the speed of its rotation to the maximum;
  • Hall on the tubes. During installation, the tubes that connect the external and internal blocks could be broken. At the site of the crease, the frossellation of the freon occurs and a strong decrease in temperature, the tubes begin to freeze behind the crease. It is necessary to search and eliminate the crease.

Why does the air conditioner blow warm air. Frequent malfunctions

Sometimes it happens that the split system poorly creates coolness, or even a wall air conditioner at all, blows warm air, and, for an incomprehensible, at first glance, reason. The attached table sets out the most characteristic signs of such malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

conditioning, does, cold, house

1) there is no or little condensate on the evaporator of the internal unit: there is not enough freon in the system?!

2) filter elements clogged. Dirt, dust, threads, hair settled in filters, because of this the heat transfer of the evaporator decreases.

Attention! It is impossible to wash filters with hot water, since they will lose their properties.

Air conditioning does not cool to the desired parameters

High temperature is set on the display

First set the smallest temperature, and then switch to a comfortable

Very weakly blowing from the air conditioner, the compressor often turns off

So much deposits of dirt accumulated on the capacitor that heat exchange is violated

From the device blowing heat. The compressor turns off spontaneously

Turn on the air conditioner through the stabilizer

In the event that it was not possible to correct the situation on its own, then the most likely that the reason lies in the mechanisms of the split systems themselves. And here we need a complete inspection using special devices, and only masters from the service center can do it.

Malfunction of one of the air conditioning nodes.

Air conditioning is a complex and multicomponent device. We will give a list of the most popular nodes, through the fault of which your air conditioner has stopped cooling.

  • Inner/outer block fan. As a rule, the engine burns due to contamination and dust. Cold production is reduced, the compressor begins to work constantly, overheating and turns off along the thermallane.
  • Four.Shirt valve. Is responsible for the transition of “cooling \ heating” modes. Jamming in the “heat” mode. It is subject to replacement.
  • Compressor. The main breakdowns are jamming, a breakdown of windings, an interval engine closing or a break. Not repaired. It changes completely. Sometimes it is more advisable (for economic reasons) replace the entire external unit
  • Temperature sensors. When malfunctioning can “read” low indicators, which is why cooling is disconnected ahead of time. Replaced by a new fully.
  • Pressure Sensors. Close / open or their resistance does not correspond to the normal value, while the control board does not include air conditioning or does not apply to the compressor launch, the sensors must be replaced with good.
  • Capillary tube. Due to the clogged capillary tube, a pressure drop at the input and output of the tube is created, so part of the freon boils and gives the cold even to the evaporator of the air conditioner. As a result, the cold system of the split system falls, and the equipment is trying to compensate for its lack of constant compressor operation. With the full suction of the pipeline, the refrigerant does not circulate, the compressor works idle, the air remains warm. You can try to clean it under pressure or solder a new.
  • Management payment. As a rule, the elements on the board are burned due to voltage jumps. Elements can be dropped and replaced. With significant damage. Complete replacement.

External causes

Oddly enough, the couries when starting the air conditioner occur completely. Users do not change the winter heating mode for summer cooling and wonder that the air conditioner blows warm air. A similar situation arises when the cooling mode is set, but the temperature remains the same as for the winter. 25 ° C, or even all 30 ° C. As a result, the device simply drives indoor air without changing its temperature. In order to quickly cope with the heat, it is recommended to set the temperature to a minimum when turning on, and only then, after 20-30 minutes of piercing the draft, select a comfortable mode. During the acceleration of the car, the room is prudent to leave.

Quite often the design capacity of the air conditioner does not correspond to the volume of the room. The leakage of the object exacerbates the situation. Cool air flows into open windows, doors and technological gaps. If the output of the air conditioner is blocked by furniture, curtains, blinds and other mechanical barriers, this also reduces the effectiveness of the climatic system.

Poor power supply can affect the compressor’s performance. The heart of the air conditioner. With insufficient voltage in the network, the rotor winding quickly overheats, and the protective thermallane automatically turns off the compressor. The fans of both blocks continue to work, but the refrigerant circulation is suspended, and the air conditioner begins to blow with warm air, despite the established minimum temperature regime.

With such a malfunction characteristic of rural areas, the only effective method is the acquisition of a voltage stabilizer. It will ensure uninterrupted operation of not only air conditioning, but also another energy.Intensive equipment. An electric boiler or heating elements, washing and dishwasher, kitchen stove, etc.D.

To get a consultation:

Strong pollution

During the summer, the inner block is covered with dust. This makes it difficult to heat transfer. It is necessary to rinse the impeller and filters. The latter can be soaked for a couple of hours in soapy water, rinse and dry.

It is quite difficult to clean the highly planted external unit, so it is better to call a service master for service.

Dirty external unit can also be the reason why the air conditioner does not warm. Sometimes it is enough to remove large pollution with a brush so that the device will work at full force.

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Frost outside the window

Nonverter split systems can work with.5 ° C and above, inverter. At.15 ° C. All air conditioners are thermal pumps, and they do not produce heat, but pump it from one place to another. The lower the temperature outside the window, the more useless the device.

Low level of freon

When Freon is not enough, the air conditioner begins to blow with bare warm air. If there is no frost outside the window, and the system is clean, you can suspect a leak. In this case, you need to turn off the device and call a specialist.

To get a consultation:

Trying to understand why the air conditioner does not cool, first of all look at the settings. It may be set too high temperature, and you just need to set a lower value. If the modes are selected correctly, but cooling is still ineffective, it is worth continuing to search for a problem.

If the air conditioner does not cool the air, the reasons are as follows:

Blowing goes, but it is not cold enough. The indoor unit leaks and there is icing.

Air filters are very contaminated, because of which the radiator does not give the cold. If the pollution is serious, the evaporator tubes can be covered with ice. Blok can leak due to a clogged drainage tube.

Clean filters. They easily get and wash in warm water (not hot!). It is necessary to rinse the pallet and drainage tube, treat them with an antiseptic.

The split system blows with a barely cold air stream, the compressor of the external unit turns off after a while.

The radiator of the street unit is contaminated. If there are flowering plants near the house, they quickly clog the heat exchanger with fluff. This significantly worsens heat transfer, and the compressor turns off due to overheating.

Wash the radiator with a high.Pressure sink. It is possible to do this yourself only in a private house or if the block hangs on the ground floor. In other cases, specialists with auto.Items will be required.

Warm air comes from the blind. The compressor of the external unit turns on for a few seconds or minutes, and then turns off.

Perhaps the case is a low network voltage.

You need to put the voltage control relay.

If you examined everything, and did not break down, the help of specialists will be required.

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