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How to View HEIC Image in Windows 10/8/7

The HEIF image format (file extension.heic) that Apple introduced in iOS 11 is a blessing to memory-starved iPhones and iPads because it can save up to half of entire file size due to superior compression algorithm. However, it is not very user-friendly currently in terms of other popular image formats like JPG, PNG or GIF. Neither Windows nor Android support this format natively, so if you want to open an HEIC image in a Windows 10 computer, for example, you will need the help of special tools. This article shows you two different ways to view HEIC images on the latest Windows OS.

Before we dive into the methods, we need to understand that any utility that only allows you to view such files in a Windows environment is incomplete. What’s the point in being able to view them yourself, but none of your friends are able to see them when they’re shared? That’s why we recommend the second method, which actually converts the files into.jpg or.png so they can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.

How To Open HEIC Files In Windows 10

The absence of codec support is the reason Windows 10 can’t natively open HEIC files. You can download these by getting the HEIF Image Extension from the Microsoft Store. However, this is only available for Windows 10 becasue Microsoft Store is not supporting old Windows distributions. The process to be followed is described below:

Step 1: Double-click on a.heic file to open the Photos app on Windows 10.

Step 2: You’ll see a link that says “Download codecs at Microsoft Store”. click on the link.

Step 3: Download the HEIF Image Extensions app from the store.

Step 4: Once the extension is installed, you’ll be able to view HEIF files the way you view JPG images. Even the thumbnails will be available in File Explorer.

The only problem is that if you’re sharing these images with another Windows user, they will have to install the extension to view the files. As such, it is an inconvenient way to share images taken on an iOS device. The better way is to convert all the images into JPG or PNG format so they can be viewed natively on Windows as well as Android.

Sharing HEIC image is a bad ideal as the receiver might not be able to open the file. So it is better to convert HEIC image into common image format such as JPG or PNG. For such, you have to install an utility to help you complete the task. HEIC Converter is a powerful toolkit to let you convert hundreds of images with just one click. You can also include the Exif metadata and control the quality of the converted files. There is also a single conversion mode if you just want to convert one image at a time, but the bulk conversion mode can save you a lot of time if you have lots of images to be converted.

HEIC Converter has a user-friendly graphic interface, and everything you need is on a single page with an uncluttered layout. There are a lot of HEIC conversion tools on the market, but not many of them can convert the files in a lossless manner. This is one of the biggest problems that the HEIC Converter solves. If you’re a professional photographer, you will want the ability to easily convert entire folders and control the quality of the output, which this converter allows.

Step 1 Installation

Download an original copy of HEIC Converter from the official website here. Install and launch the program.

Step 2 Select Coversation Mode and Add HEIC Files

Select Single or Bulk conversion mode by clicking on the appropriate “Start” button on the main interface. Add the images to be converted. You can select an entire folder or individual albums by clicking the “” symbol next to “Add HEIC” in the main interface.

Step 3 Start Converting HEIC to JPG/PNG/GIF

Now select the output file type (JPG or PNG) and set the output quality. 100% is lossless, but if available memory space is a concern, you can choose a lower quality. Check or uncheck the box to include or exclude Exif data and then select your destination folder. You can create a new folder for the converted files. Finally, click on “Convert” and the job will be done in a few minutes depending on how many image files you’re converting.


There are several online bulk conversion tools available for HEIC to JPG or PNG, but most of them will have restrictions. For example, some of them may limit how many images can be converted in one batch. Others might not let you include metadata, or may show a noticeable loss in quality after conversion. Additionally, when you use an online service you’ll be using a lot of data, since all the images have to be uploaded before conversion, and then downloaded back to your Windows 10 machine. Clearly, the better way is to use a standalone converter that is popular, capable and economical.

[Answered] How to Open HEIC Files on Windows 10, 8, 7?

Trying to open HEIC files on Windows PC? This guide will show you the way of how to open HEIC files the way to convert HEIC files to JPG, JPEG, PNG on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC.

By @Lena Last Updated September 9, 2022

How to Open HEIC Files on Windows 10?

I downloaded photos from iPhone X to the Windows 10 laptop but am unable to open the HEIC file. Please guide.

HEIC Format Covert for Windows 7

Hi, I have a Windows 7 PC, and I have noticed when copying pictures from my iPhone 11 Pro to my PC, the picture format is HEIC. The Photo Viewer cannot display the pictures. Can anyone help?

Unable to open HEIC file on Windows 10?

Since iOS 11, Apple uses HEIC images by default. It just takes up half of the JPG file size without sacrificing image quality, which helps to save storage space. However, many devices and platforms do not support this format including Windows operating systems, so you may find that you cannot view HEIC files on your Windows PC like the above users. Fortunately, there are ways to help you open HEIC files on Windows computer.

For Windows 10, 11 users, there is a HEIC codec that you can install on computer to help you check HEIC images. For Windows 8, 7 users, there is no such support for the file extension but you can convert HEIC to JPG or PNG.

Next, we will walk you through the steps to add HEIC support on Windows 10 and the steps to convert HEIC files to JPG or PNG on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. Here we go.

How to Open HEIC Files on Windows 10?

As long as you have Windows 10 version 1809 or later installed, you can install the HEIC codec to help you open HEIC files.

You can type “winver” in the search box and hit Enter to have a check. If the version is below 1809, you may update the software, otherwise, the HEIC codec cannot be installed. Or you may choose to convert HEIC to JPG/PNG instead.

Steps to install HEIC Windows 10 Codec:

Step 1. Open a browser and go to HEIF Image Extensions page Click Get to download and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Once the extension is installed, you will find that it will show thumbnails of HEIC images in File Explorer. You can double click an image and it will open in the Photos app.

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How to Convert HEIC Files on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

The Windows 10 codec makes it possible to open HEIC file, however, the images are still in HEIC format. If you want to share pictures or edit them through image processing tools, you’d better convert them to widely-supported formats like JPG or PNG.

Actually, there are many online HEIC converters that can help you. However, your pictures will be uploaded to the Internert and there will be a risk of privacy leakage. Besides, the offline tool is quicker when you have lots of photos to convert.

FoneTool is one iOS data management tool for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 users. Besides data backup and transfer, it also offers useful tools like HEIC Converter that help you view and change HEIC to JPG/PNG.

Its outstanding features on HEIC converting: File Format to Choose. It is able to convert HEIC to JPG, JPEG, PNG format. Batch Conversion. It allows you to batch convert HEIC files to save your precious time. High Photo Quality. It will not degrade picture quality and will retain the Exif Information. No Risk of Photo Leakage. The conversion happens locally and pictures are only visible to you.

You can simply drag and drop the HEIC images to start the conversion. Download the tool on your PC and start the converting right now!

Best Free HEIC Converter

√ An easy tool for Windows PC to convert HEIC files. no damage to image quality. √ Convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG/PNG in an easy, quick, safe way.

Steps to Convert HEIC Files on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Step 2. On the Home screen, click Toolbox Click HEIC Converter.

Step 3. Drag the photos you need or click Add Photos to choose HEIC images.

Step 4. Choose JPG/.JPEG/.PNG next to Photo Format Choose the Photo Quality and Conversion Speed you prefer Choose the storage path to save the photos.

Step 5. If everything is OK, click Start Converting.

When the conversion is completed, you can click View files to check the photos.


That’s all for how to open HEIC files on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7.

For Windows 10 users who have Windows 10 version 1809 or later installed, you can install HEIC codec and open HEIC images via Photos app.

Whether it’s Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, you can choose to convert HEIC to JPG, JPEG, or PNG via AOMEI HEIC Converter so that you can easily share pictures to other platforms or edit them easily.

How to Open HEIC Files on Windows?

HEIC is a file format meant to store a collection of Images. This can be one or more images. This file store images in High-Efficiency image format and also contains metadata that describes each image. The extension of HEIC file is “.heic” but you will also see HEIF, which is also the same. This storage format is very popular because it compresses the images while saving. It was MPEG who introduced the support of this format for the first time.

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If you transfer data from your iPhone or iPad to a PC or laptop, you will see many files in HEIC format, especially image files. The extension of these files will be as mentioned before.

Benefits of using HEIC files

HEICfiles can be encrypted and decrypted instantly with very low usage of processor. This format compresses the size of the image, so it takes less space on the server or local storage and loads faster. JPEG file format does not support any file format except still images, while Heic format can save single or multiple images as a GIF file does. Image editing can also be done like crop, rotation, etc very easily.

Some more benefits of HEIC files are below:

  • It is of about half the size of a JPEG file where both will have the same quality.
  • Can store multiple photos in one file (ideal for Live Photos and bursts)
  • Supports transparency
  • Can store image edits
  • Support 16-bit color vs JPG’s 8-bit
  • Support 4k and 3D
  • Save Image with its thumbnail and other properties.

How to Open HEIC Files on Windows?

Windows do not support HEIC file extension, but there is another way to view HEIC files on a Windows device. Here you need third party applications software for this purpose.

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There are tons of free software out there which can open this file extension but we will be using a standalone software to do the job.

Note: Appuals is in no way affiliated with any third-party applications. Please proceed at your own risk.

  • Open any browser and go to the official CopyTrans
  • Click on Download Button to download the tool to an accessible location.
  • After the tool is downloaded, right-click on it and select Run as administrator. The installation will begin.
  • Right Click on any HEIC file, Select Properties and then change Opens with to Copy Trans software. This will set the preferences of that application to run with CopyTrans.
  • Restart your computer. Now, restart your computer and check if the files are being properly recognized.

If you are unable to set the preference for all the HEIC files, you can follow the steps below to set the preferences manually using your Settings.

  • Press Windows S to launch the Search bar and type Default apps. Open the result which comes forth.
  • Now, choose the heic file format and change the default application to the application.
  • Now, restart your computer and check if you can easily access the HEIC files.

How to Convert HEIC files to JPEG?

There are also tools available out there which help you in converting the HEIC files to JPEG format. The process is very quick as well. In this method, we will navigate to a third-party website and use their services.

Note: Appuals is at no way associated with any third-party websites. They are listed for the reader’s knowledge.

  • Navigate to the website of heictojpg on your browser.
  • Now, upload your image.
  • After a little processing, you will be able to download your image safely to an accessible location with the JPEG format.

Update Windows to the Latest Build

The HEIC image format is a new picture format used by Apple in its devices. Microsoft has included native support for HEIC format for some versions of Windows and released it through the Windows update channel. In this context, updating the Windows of your system to the latest build may solve the problem.

  • Manually update Windows of your system to the latest build. Make sure no additional/optional update is pending. If you are updating from an obsolete version, you may have to create an installation media and update the system through that media (technically called: in-place upgrade).
  • After updating Windows, check if you can open HEID files like normal picture files on your PC.

Download and Install the HEIC Extensions from Microsoft Store

You may fail to open the HEIC files if your system is missing the codecs required to open the files. In this context, installing the HEIC codecs (by using the HEIC extensions from Microsoft Store) may solve the problem.

  • Hit the Windows key and select Settings. Then select Apps and in the left tab of the window, select Default Apps.
  • Now, in the right half of the window, set Photos as the Default Photos Viewer and click on Choose Default Apps by File Type (you may have to scroll a bit to find the option).
  • Then set Photos (make sure you have Photos installed and enabled) as the default application for HEIC and HEIF file types. If you cannot assign Photos to HEIF file type, then skip it.
  • Now launch a web browser and navigate to the HEIC image extension page. Then click on the Get button and when prompted, click on Open Microsoft Store.
  • Now click on the Get button and then install the extension.
  • Then reboot your system and upon reboot, check if you can open the HEIC files.
  • If not, launch the Microsoft Photos application and click on 3 horizontal ellipses (near the top right of the screen).
  • Now, in the menu shown, select Settings, and under View HEIC files, select the option of Click Here to Install HEIF Media Extensions.
  • Then, in the Microsoft Store window, install the HEVC Video Extensions (you may have to buy the extension or you can redeem a Microsoft code on the HEVC Video Extensions from the Device Manufacturer page).
  • Now reboot your PC and upon reboot, check if you can successfully open the HEIC files.

Install HEIC Image Viewer – Converter Supported

Different photo editing applications can open HEIF files. One such application is the HEIC Image Viewer – Converter Supported available on the Microsoft Store.

Как открыть файл HEIC в Windows 10, 8 и Windows 7

  • Launch a web browser and navigate to HEIC Image Viewer – Converter Supported Now, click on Get and then click on Open Microsoft Store.
  • Then click on Get and install the HEIC Image Viewer.
  • Now reboot your PC and then check if the HEIC files can be opened with HEIC Image Viewer.

If the issue persists, you can also try iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive Cloud services (on your iPhone) which will convert your iPhone pictures to JPEG before uploading on the Cloud, and then you can access these files on your PC by using the PC client of the Cloud service. If the issue is still there, then you can use any of the converting applications or browser extensions to convert HEIC files to Jpegs, Some of such applications are Format Factory, iMazing HEIC Converter, or ImageGlass (which natively supports HEIC without the Microsoft codecs extensions).

To avoid the cumbersomeness in the future, you can also set your iPhone camera settings to use Most Compatible (the images will be saved in Jpeg).

Top 5 Notable HEIC Viewer to Open HEIC Images on Non-Apple Devices

Due to the compatibility issue of HEIC files in old macOS, Windows, and Android, viewing this file type is a common query in discussion forums. If you are one of the many users using these devices, viewing a HEIC file is challenging as you need a reliable program to open this file.

This post will discuss some programs that will help you view HEIC files on various devices. Plus, we will walk you through a guide on how to open a HEIC file without needing a viewer. Thus, to learn what these programs are, digging into this post will help you to gain a new understanding of the process.

Part 1. What is a.heic File?

HEIC file type is the latest version of Apple’s High-Efficiency Image File format. If you are using iOS or Mac, you can find this new format on your device. In other words, HEIC is a new file type designed to improve how you save your images. This file format reduces the data in your images while maintaining good quality.

Part 2. Top 5 HEIC Viewers

1 Photos

Photos is Microsoft’s default photo management software on Windows 10 and 11. To open HEIC files on your computer, you must install a HEIC extension like HEIF and HEVC Media Extensions. Besides opening HEIC files, you can also edit your HEIC images with it once installed. However, it may cost you 0.99 when you install the HEIF and HEVC Media Extensions.

1 Initially, find the.heic file in the File Explorer of your computer. Then, right-click the file and select Open With. followed by Photos.

2 A new window will appear on your screen if the HEIF and HEVC Media Extensions are not installed. Click the Download and install them now. then click the Yes button, which will direct you to the Microsoft Store.

3 Click the 0.99 button to purchase the media extension to install it on your computer.

4 Navigate back to the File Explorer where you saved the HEIC file, then do the first step again. HEIC files should open on your computer instantly.

  • View and edit HEIC/HEVC files.
  • View HEIC files in full-screen or thumbnail mode.
  • Edit images like crop and resize a photo.

2 Preview

Preview is a built-in software in Mac that you can use to open HEIC files. It supports HEIC files on Mac, and you can set Preview as your default reader for HEIC files. To view HEIC files in full-screen, right-click the top of the file and select Preview.

1 First and foremost, using the Preview app, browse the HEIC file stored on your Mac.

2 Right-click the HEIC file you want to pen.

3 Choose Open With from the menu, then click Preview afterward.

  • Supports several file formats, such as HEIC, PDF, OpenEXR, etc.
  • Convert HEIC files into a compatible format.

3 HEIC Image Viewer Decoder

HEIC Image Viewer Decoder is a free online HEIC image viewer that you can use to open and view HEIC and HEIF files. It allows you to view and decode HEIC files directly on a browser. Besides viewing the HEIC files, you can also save them in PNG or JPEG format.

1 First, visit the official HEIC Image Viewer Decoder website using a browser.

2 Click the Choose File to import the HEIC file from your local folder.

3 After that, it will redirect you to the next page containing the HEIC file you uploaded.

  • Works locally without going through a server.
  • View HEIC files online for non-supported devices.

4 Google Photos

Google Photos is an app you can use to view HEIC images on mobile devices. Google Photos is capable of viewing HEIC files natively. With it, you can sync your iPhone photos to this Cloud-based platform and access them through any device. Aside from viewing HEIC files, you can also edit them in this app.

1 To view HEIC files on your Android, you must first sync the HEIC files from your iPhone. Allow Google Photos to access all the HEIC files and sync them to it.

2 Open Google Photos on your Android device, then tap the Library placed on the bottom right-hand side of the display.

3 Tap the HEIC file from a folder where you saved it to preview it on your Android device.

If your HEIC images in Google Photos are gone, you can read this post to recover Google Photos here.

5 Dropbox

Dropbox is a Cloud storage and works as a.heic viewer, accessible on Android and iOS devices. The app does the job smoothly and doesn’t compromise the quality of the HEIC files. In addition, you can use it to download the HEIC files into JPG format since Dropbox supports this conversion.

1 First, get Dropbox on the App Store and install it on your iOS device.

2 Launch the app and import all the HEIC files you want to view on your Android device.

3 Open Dropbox on your Android device, open the Photos folder. and view the HEIC you uploaded earlier.

Part 3. How to Open HEIC Files Without a Viewer

Instead of a HEIC viewer, you can use the two alternative tools presented in this section. By then, you can turn HEIC files into a compatible format supported by your device.

1 AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is a multi-functional program to open HEIC files on Windows PC. You might wonder how it works; as the program’s name suggests, it is a video converter. Not to mention, AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate also functions as an image converter that supports various input formats, including HEIC. With it, you can change the HEIC files into a compatible format like JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.

For good measures, you can import multiple HEIC files and convert them simultaneously, as this program supports batch conversion. Besides this program’s mass conversion, it allows you to adjust the image size and quality for the best output quality. The AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate ensures that the quality of the converted HEIC files will remain.

  • Straightforward to use.
  • Batch conversion is supported.
  • No quality loss for the converted files.

1 Beforehand, download AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Then, install and launch it afterward.

2 Next, hover your cursor over the Toolbox tab and click Image Converter from the menu.

3 After that, a new dialogue will be displayed on your screen. Click the icon to import the HEIC files you wish to convert.

4 Once the HEIC files are loaded into the program, click the Convert All to and select your desired compatible format.

5 Lastly, choose a folder for the destination of your converted file, then click the Export button to initialize the conversion process.

2 AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro

On such an occasion, you want to view the HEIC file format saved on your Windows PC; AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro is your go-to program. It has a HEIC Converter that lets you import HEIC files saved on your computer. Aside from the program’s main function of transferring data between various devices, it can also help you to view HEIC files by converting them into a compatible format.

over, you won’t have trouble opening the HEIC files on your computer as you can turn them into formats like JPG and PNG. With it, you can convert HEIC files into batches without quality loss. On top of that, you can also retain the EXIF metadata information of your HEIC files.

  • Available on Windows and Mac.
  • Convert HEIC files simultaneously.
  • Import HEIC files from iPhone directly to the program.

1 To start with, download AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro on your Windows PC. Follow the installation process and run it afterward.

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