Apple iPhone leather wallet. Apple iPhone leather wallet

Should You Get Apple’s iPhone Leather Wallet?

Eyeing up Apple’s iPhone Leather Wallet? Here’s a rundown of the good and bad aspects to help you decide whether to get one.

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In true Apple fashion, the iPhone Leather Wallet doesn’t just have a sleek, elegant, and timeless appearance, but it also has several functional features unique to it. Through a combination of hardware and software integrations, Apple gives us a wallet that only Apple can offer.

But, what is the iPhone Leather Wallet, what makes it so special, and should you get it?

What Is the iPhone Leather Wallet?

Compatible with all iPhones that use MagSafe technology, the iPhone Leather Wallet magnetically attaches to the back of an iPhone.

Available in Golden Brown, Dark Cherry, Sequoia Green, Midnight, and Wisteria, the iPhone Leather Wallet has a small slot that can hold up to three credit cards.

Designed to not only look good, the iPhone Leather Wallet also works with your iPhone in two key ways—by utilizing MagSafe technology and the FindMy Network.

How the Leather Wallet Uses MagSafe Technology

While MagSafe has been part of the Apple arsenal for years in the MacBook lineup, it was only introduced as an integral part of the Apple’s smartphones with the iPhone 12. Now in its second iteration, the iPhone Leather Wallet uses the same MagSafe technology of its predecessors, but in a slightly different way.

Using a series of magnets shaped in a circle, MagSafe technology can be used for several applications. With MagSafe, iPhones are not only capable of more efficient wireless charging, but they can also be used as a method of securing an ever-growing list of compatible accessories.

Connected the iPhone Leather Wallet to your iPhone is as simply as placing it on the back and letting the magnets fix it into the perfect position.

How the Leather Wallet Connects to the Apple FindMy Network

Aside from attaching through MagSafe, the iPhone Leather Wallet also detects when it is not where it should be using the FindMy Network. The Apple FindMy network uses encrypted Bluetooth technology to locate Apple devices, even when they are offline.

Unfortunately, the iPhone Leather Wallet is not able to make full use of this functionality, because it will not be detectable once it is detached from its paired iPhone. However, the iPhone Leather Wallet will notify its paired iPhone in the event of extended detachment. So, if you ever leave your iPhone Leather Wallet somewhere, you can quickly find its last known location in the FindMy App.

Downsides to the iPhone Leather Wallet

Unfortunately, the second generation of MagSafe wallets isn’t without its drawbacks. One of the most annoying parts of owning it would be having to remove your wallet every time you need to use your MagSafe charger. With this, you are definitely at risk of leaving your wallet lying around if you’re not careful.

You can also still opt for the first iteration of the iPhone Leather Wallet, with no FindMy compatibility, which should be more affordable than ever now.

While the FindMy network integration is a great addition, there is still so much untapped potential with it that Apple is sure to explore in the years to come. For example, it would be incredibly useful if it was still possible to locate your iPhone Leather Wallet through the FindMy network even when detached, like one would be able to do with an AirTag.

Never Lose Your iPhone Leather Wallet

When it comes to wallets, losing them can be a nightmare. With an iPhone Leather Wallet, you can make use of your iPhone to keep it with you at all times. With the FindMy Network, it’s also easier to find your wallet if you do end up misplacing it.

apple, iphone, leather, wallet

With Apple increasingly adding new accessories to its line up, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing more wallet options in the future. However, all wallets are already becoming less relevant and you can safely leave the house without one thanks to the Apple Wallet app.

Bullstrap MagSafe wallet review: Same as Apple‘s but with better leather

Bullstrap’s leather MagSafe wallet

iPhone 14 Pro Leather Wallets with MagSafe (ALL COLORS) REVIEW | Best Pairings with Leather Cases!

Bullstrap MagSafe Wallet

Bullstrap has made a name for itself with quality leather goods. Its recent MagSafe wallet looks and feels incredible, but offers no innovation beyond recreating Apple’s original design.

MagSafe debuted with the iPhone 12 line and was subsequently brought to the iPhone 13 lineup. With MagSafe, users can mount wallets to their phones, attach their phones to stands, connect a magnetic battery pack, or charge from a power outlet.

Accessory makers have continued to innovate in this space, releasing wave after wave of compatible accessories. Bullstrap has an excellent line of MagSafe-enabled cases, but here we are checking out the company’s wallet.

Great leather, cloned design

Bullstrap uses high-quality top-grain leather for its MagSafe wallet. Full-grain is the highest quality leather, whereas top-grain is the second-highest grade.

What makes it different is that the outermost layer of the hide is removed, allowing it to be thinner. For such a small accessory, a thin piece of leather is necessary for cutting down on bulk.

It’s got a luxurious patina and will age wonderfully with use. We’ve seen how Bullstrap’s leather case ages, and the wallet will be just the same.

The leather is stitched around the perimeter, leaving the opening at the top for cards to be inserted. Bullstrap has an internal tension peg to hold the cards, so even if you just put one or two cards into it, they won’t fall out.

Around the back is a hole used for sliding the cards free. Of course, it has the requisite internal magnets used for connecting to MagSafe on the back of an iPhone or a MagSafe-compatible case.

If the design seems familiar, it’s because it is a near carbon copy of Apple’s MagSafe wallet, albeit with better leather.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with mimicking Apple’s wallet design, and Bullstrap certainly isn’t the first to do so. We just wish it offered something to differentiate itself.

Bullstrap could have increased the thickness just a bit and allowed for three cards to be stored. Maybe it could’ve adjusted the design to create a more seamless look, sans stitching.

Anything to make it more unique other than the leather used.

That iPhone 13 Pro camera bump.

Once more, the massive camera bump on the iPhone 13 Pro is causing issues.

The wallet can’t lie flat when paired with an iPhone 13 Pro-compatible case — like Bullstrap’s MagSafe-enabled one. It hits the bump, leaving a small gap between the wallet and the case itself.

This gap can slightly weaken the magnetic attraction, leading to a higher likelihood it comes free inadvertently.

There are, fortunately, ways to avoid this issue, and we can’t fault Bullstrap for the problem at hand. It’s the same dimensions as Apple’s wallet, so whether or not it sits flush will depend on which case you use.

You can also use the wallet without a case. In such instances, it fits perfectly and has no issues at all.

We tested a few cases that had this issue, but it seems particularly egregious for Bullstrap not to ensure compatibility with its own case lineup.

As a reminder, this issue is only present on the iPhone 13 Pro. MagSafe wallets are one of several accessories that have the occasional problem with the oversized camera module.

Should you buy the Bullstrap MagSafe wallet?

This is a tough recommendation to make. The wallet itself is exceptionally nice, with high-quality leather that trumps Apple’s offering.

At the same time, it offers nothing unique other than the material used.

Apple’s MagSafe wallet costs the same as Bullstrap’s but has the additional integration with the Find My app. This integration is weak, though, and likely not a compelling selling point for most users.

Feel confident picking up the Bullstrap MagSafe wallet if you prefer its “rough and tumble” leather look to Apple’s waxy finishes, but don’t expect it to offer anything we haven’t seen before.

  • Great-looking, top-grain leather
  • rugged appearance than Apple’s wallet
  • Full support for MagSafe
  • Just copies Apple’s design
  • No support for Find My
  • Fit issues on iPhone 13 Pro

Where to buy

You can order Bullstrap’s MagSafe leather wallet on Amazon for 59.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Andrew O’Hara has spent the last eight years embedded in all aspects of the digital space from leading digital marketing teams to front-end web development and design. He started producing vid.

slow n easy

I kind of disagree a little bit. It’s not an exact copy. In Apple’s design, the line at the top of the goes straight across with a dip at both ends. With the Bullstrap design, the line goes on an angle all the way across. Also the cutout in the back has a slightly different design. I feel like the article makes it seem as if the Bullstrap version is almost a carbon copy, which is not the case. I’m not sure how different you can get with a wallet like this. You need to be minimalistic or it will be too bulky.

robin huber

I kind of disagree a little bit. It’s not an exact copy. In Apple’s design, the line at the top of the goes straight across with a dip at both ends. With the Bullstrap design, the line goes on an angle all the way across. Also the cutout in the back has a slightly different design. I feel like the article makes it seem as if the Bullstrap version is almost a carbon copy, which is not the case. I’m not sure how different you can get with a wallet like this. You need to be minimalistic or it will be too bulky.

How about making it easier to pull out cards? I have two credit cards and my DL which makes it nigh on impossible to get them out. A cut out at the bottom to push them or a ribbon inside the would be a welcome improvement.


Why would this get 3/5 when the Apple wallet got 4.5/5 for virtually the same product, according to the reviewer? It seems like they’re faulting the product for being similar to the Apple wallet as opposed to it being reviewed on its own virtues. I haven’t tried out the wallet, so I’ll reserve judgment, but this is inconsistent journalism. It should be at least 4.5 based on the other review, which was also done by the same reviewer.

Полный обзор кошелька Apple для iPhone 12 с MagSafe Лучший аксессуар в мире

Apple wallet review:


I kind of disagree a little bit. It’s not an exact copy. In Apple’s design, the line at the top of the goes straight across with a dip at both ends. With the Bullstrap design, the line goes on an angle all the way across. Also the cutout in the back has a slightly different design. I feel like the article makes it seem as if the Bullstrap version is almost a carbon copy, which is not the case. I’m not sure how different you can get with a wallet like this. You need to be minimalistic or it will be too bulky.

How about making it easier to pull out cards? I have two credit cards and my DL which makes it nigh on impossible to get them out. A cut out at the bottom to push them or a ribbon inside the would be a welcome improvement.

I was wondering why there’s a cut out on the inner facing side, where a cut out on the external side would actually be useful.

robin huber

I kind of disagree a little bit. It’s not an exact copy. In Apple’s design, the line at the top of the goes straight across with a dip at both ends. With the Bullstrap design, the line goes on an angle all the way across. Also the cutout in the back has a slightly different design. I feel like the article makes it seem as if the Bullstrap version is almost a carbon copy, which is not the case. I’m not sure how different you can get with a wallet like this. You need to be minimalistic or it will be too bulky.

How about making it easier to pull out cards? I have two credit cards and my DL which makes it nigh on impossible to get them out. A cut out at the bottom to push them or a ribbon inside the would be a welcome improvement.

I was wondering why there’s a cut out on the inner facing side, where a cut out on the external side would actually be useful.

Yeah, supposed to allow some traction for thumb to slide cards up, and if cards still had embossed raised numbers there would something to get traction on—but they don’t.

iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe. Midnight

Designed with both style and function in mind, the new iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe is the perfect way to keep your ID and credit cards close at hand. It now supports Find My, so you can be notified of your wallet’s last known location if it gets separated from your phone. Crafted from specially tanned and finished European leather, the wallet features strong built-in magnets that allow it to effortlessly snap into place on the back of your iPhone. You can even stack it on top of a case with MagSafe to create a look that’s unique to you. The leather wallet supports up to three cards and is shielded so it’s safe for credit cards. iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe

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Apple MagSafe Wallet Review

I hadn’t really found a wallet I liked. I had some that were nice tri-fold wallets, but it was big and bulky. Then I have a large card wallet, but it’s actually too long to get into small bags. Then there’s my nice, feminine wallet, but, once again, its small, tri-fold size made stuffing bills in it tricky. I wanted to cut down on a few cards and such and only carry cash when I’d need it.

What I wanted was a minimalist wallet, mostly for cards. I looked into the Ridge Wallet and similar card wallets, but they all had flaws. Finally, I had an idea: what if I don’t need to carry all of my cards all the time? What if I just have one slim wallet for my most used cards, and another minimalist wallet for cards and cash? Split the duties.

It would be even better if I could attach this wallet to my phone!

Fortunately, I was far from the first person to want this.

I actually ordered a Moft wallet first, but later decided to order the MagSafe wallet when the Moft Wallet was taking weeks to ship. Of course, it would ship out as soon as I got my Apple MagSafe wallet, but, by then, I was already testing my Apple Wallet. And falling in love with it.

The Apple MagSafe Wallet certainly has its flaws, but I love what it’s done to my s and “everyday carry.”


This is made for the iPhone 12 mini. It’ll work with any iPhone 12 series phone, but with the mini, it fits perfectly. It doesn’t add much weight or bulk, and fits just under the camera bump. It’s so perfect, I almost think that the entire iPhone lineup was designed around the iPhone 12 mini being able to hold cards.

As for that 33g weight, the iPhone 12 mini weighs about 137g, so, it is noticeable, but still not enough to really make the phone feel too large or too heavy, even with cards like the titanium Apple Card.

The Setup

Apple says their wallet fits two to three cards. I’ve found that’s pretty precise. You can’t (and shouldn’t try to) stretch it to four cards. I needed two wallets. That sounds a bit complex, but it’s really not. I have my Apple Wallet for my most used cards. My ID, my Apple Card, and my Metro Card. For most outings, that’s all I need. Going to a friend’s place, our favorite bar, dinner, etc? That’s it. That’s all my monetary needs. For a while I haven’t even been bringing anything to the bodega when I go, just using Apple Pay on my Apple Watch. However, once when there was a new clerk, I really wished I had my ID. Now, with my Apple Wallet, I have it without thinking of it.

That’s also really helpful now when I go to use my vaccine card, Empire Pass, or other vaccine ID system to get in somewhere. You still may need photo ID. Now I’ll always have it.

Apple’s MagSafe wallet on an iPhone 12 Pro Max… I kid, it’s an iPad Air 4.

But what about the other stuff? Well, if I know I may need other cards, perhaps a debit or ATM card, a membership card, or something like that, I just bring the other wallet. I have a slim Herschel wallet (the Charlie), which carries the rest of my cards and a few bills. If I need even more cash, say, because I’m going to my favorite cash-only bar, I may reach for one of my old wallets, a clutch, or a small handbag. My small wallet can fit in a cargo pants or even the s on some of my looser jeans.

In most cases, having the Apple Wallet reduces what I need. Sure, sometimes I need all the same bags I used to, but that’s quite rare. I’ve already prepared for a night out with nothing more than my iPhone with this wallet in my Not having to worry about leaving my bag unattended somewhere was a godsend.

Is this how guys feel literally all the time when they can go out with everything in their s?


This may be the very best looking MagSafe wallet on the market. The Casetify MagSafe wallet is a good option, but that’s largely because it looks just like the Apple MagSafe wallet. Same with the Spigen MagSafe card holder. However, of the three, the Apple one is the only one made of genuine leather. Faux leather is just plastic, usually. It can break down over time, adding microplastics to the ecosystem and eventually going to live in a landfill. That’s true of the Apple wallet as well, but at least the leather will hold up longer and look better as it ages.

The Apple MagSafe wallet is slim, with clean lines, a subtle logo, and an almost elegant appearance. It looks high-end, even as it shows wear. As a vegetarian, I shy away from leather, but it does at least lead to less plastic waste. Plus, it looks damn good.

MagSafe Strength

Even with this thin case, the hold is surprisingly strong.

The MagSafe strength is better than I expected. Thanks to the low weight, there’s less mass too, so there’s less pulling your wallet away from your phone if you drop your device. However, I have dropped my phone from about four feet. The case protected my iPhone, and everything was fine, but the MagSafe wallet did come off. I found this with another MagSafe wallet I’ve tested too. The truth is, MagSafe is only so strong. Making it much stronger risks ruining your cards. I think it’s a good strength, but you will have to make sure it’s attached right.

Something else I noticed was when it became detached in a tight As I moved, the wallet would become reattached and disconnected from my iPhone. I could tell because the official Apple MagSafe wallet tells you when it’s disconnected by making your iPhone vibrate a bit. So I could tell it was coming off, then re-attaching. This was because the wallet wasn’t perfectly straight on my device. I fixed it and put it back, and it was fine.

Tight Jeans s?

Yes, I have an iPhone 12 mini with a case and a wallet comfortably in the front of my Express “legging” fit jeans.

I was worried about tight s. I saw the YouTuber reviews. They all had issues with tight s! If you just try to jam your iPhone into a tight in the most unnatural way possible, it will come off. However, if you just use like a normal person, you’ll have no issues. It seems a bit silly to think people are going to hold their iPhone, line it up with their. and then just push on the bottom to slide it in your Anything you didn’t cement to the back of your iPhone would fall off doing that.

I’m a woman. A millennial woman at that. You know how much we love our skinny jeans. And, as a woman, my s are more a tease than something actually usable. If I don’t have problems getting this wallet and my iPhone into a. even my front s, then you likely won’t either.

Or, to put it another way, here’s Oliver Haslam, writing for i:

“But how can that be? We’ve seen YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and Комментарии и мнения владельцев waxing poetic about just how woeful the leather wallet is. So what gives. Does McKinnon have a special wallet? Special magnetic jeans?”

“No. He just puts the thing into his like someone who isn’t trying to make the wallet fall off every time.“

People made a big deal out of this for clickbait. It’s not a real issue.

Phone Ergonomics

It barely adds much depth to your phone.

I remember seeing a curved phone back for the first time on a larger phone with the HTC One M7. It had flat sides, but a curved back. That curved back helped your fingers find grip, even though it was a little too large to hold with one hand. The Apple MagSafe Wallet sort of feels that way. It adds just a bit of roundness to the back of your iPhone, filling in the area between your phone and your curved fingers. The flat sides with that bit of texture and curvature on the back, and you have something that actually improves grip. For a while, I used the wallet without a case, because it improved my grip enough that I wasn’t overly worried.

The Apple Wallet is sized perfectly to the edges of the iPhone 12 mini. It just makes the entire setup seamless. I’ll never understand why people don’t get the iPhone 12 mini for many reasons, and the way MagSafe accessories fit it perfectly is now one of them. This might not feel as seamless on the back of any other iPhone, but on the iPhone 12 mini, it’s perfect.

Other iPhones?

These cases give you a general idea of the size of this on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I actually had to check out other reviewers. Actually, some of them didn’t like this wallet with the iPhone 12. iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Because they’re larger, the wallet doesn’t line up with the sides of your device. That means it’s easier to knock askew while you’re using it. Once again, the iPhone 12 mini comes out on top as simply the best iPhone you can buy, period.

Getting Cards

On the back of the Apple Wallet is a little thumb hole. Here you can push your cards up out of the top, which, naturally thanks to friction between the cards, fans them out a little bit. This isn’t just some card-shaped leather sleeve either. Inside, there’s an internal mechanism that holds your cards against to rear surface of the wallet. That means whether it’s one flimsy Metro Card or three cards, they’re all held in there with roughly the same force. This also means that, unlike some other wallets, the Apple MagSafe wallet doesn’t change size. Instead, it’s just one size no matter how many cards you put into it.

You know, only up to three cards, because it can’t fit any more.

This does mean that you have to take the wallet off the back of your iPhone every time you use it. Honestly? This isn’t a big deal at all. It’s still easier than rifling through a bag, opening a wallet, and pulling out the card you need by the top of it. With this on my iPhone, I can do my normal fast walk right to a train station, whip out my Metro Card, swipe, and do a dangerously fast run down the stairs because I hear my train coming. Rushing made easy!

It’s also quite handy in situations when you’re not cursing out the need to run due to the large gaps between trains, like when you’re just paying for a tab at a restaurant or bar, or buying groceries.

Card Safety?

Magnets and cards? Are you sure? Well, as it turns out, yeah. After a month of using this wallet, I didn’t lose the magnetic strips on my cards. In fact, even my Metro card, which is usually finicky and can lose magnetism quickly, has been fine. The cards are shielded from the magnets. I wouldn’t try to put them between your phone and the case, but you shouldn’t have any problems with the magnetic strips on your cards and the Apple MagSafe Wallet if you’re using it as intended.


Many iPhone accessories end up in the trash as soon as you get a new iPhone. That iPhone 12 mini case won’t be very useful after you get the iPhone 13 mini. However, the Apple Wallet is a bit different. In fact, this is part of the reason I like Apple’s new strategy towards iPhone accessories. It’s also part of the reason I don’t mind the higher cost too much. When you get a new iPhone, you can continue to use your MagSafe wallet with the new iPhone or new case. It’s that simple. With a case like this, made out of durable leather, it could sit on the back of many iPhone generations before you feel the need to replace it. When you do, the leather parts will break down in the environment. However, the metal and plastic inside likely wont.

The MagSafe wallet, like most of Apple’s products, comes in all cardboard packaging. It’s absurd that this isn’t an industry norm yet. So many cases, even those that are supposed to be more sustainable, come in plastic packaging. Why? That’s so unnecessary.

Apple still doesn’t have a recycling program for most of their products. They will recycle your phones and other electronics, but, frankly, as an electronics retailer, that’s something they have to do in some areas. They could easily accept and recycle their own silicone or even leather products. Apple chooses not to. You can try your luck with something like Terracycle, but we all know where most of Apple’s accessories will end up.

Odds and Ends

I had two things I wanted to bring up here. First, on the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, the lower camera sensor is the main sensor. I recently got a Moment case and Moment telephoto lens. I’m liking them so far, but, as you know, I like to spend a few weeks with a product before writing a review. Anyway, I noticed something. The low profile of the Apple Wallet allows it to work perfectly with this lens system. The Moft wallet (review in a few weeks, I’ve only just started testing it full time), does not. It gets in the way of the lens. The fact is, it’s not quite to Apple’s size specifications. And that’s what’s so great about the Apple MagSafe Wallet. It was made to fit the iPhone perfectly, especially the iPhone 12 mini.

One other thing I really like: courier delivery. In many cities, you can get a courier to deliver your Apple products. For just 9, it’s delivered by a bike messenger instead of a truck. Lower emissions, same day (hell, same hour) delivery, and all just for 9. If you’re impatient, it’s fantastic. Eat your heart out, Bezos.


Early reviews of the MagSafe wallet were pure clickbait, showing the wallet falling off as it slides into a It wasn’t until I decided I didn’t want to carry a bag or purse everywhere I go that I said, “I’m going to give these wallets a shot anyway.” I’m glad I did. The negativity around them when they first came out was silly sensationalist headlines. Instead, this is an incredibly useful accessory. I really love it, I don’t leave the house without it now. Want to know what I frequently do leave the house without now? A handbag. Now I can slide my iPhone 12 mini into one. clip my house keys to a belt loop, put on a mask, and go outside.

I love the Apple Wallet. Sure, it’s not completely perfect, but it’s my “must have” accessory for the iPhone 12 lineup. This is the first accessory in a while that improved not only how I use my iPhone, but just how I go about my day. The minimalist approach to space has freed me up from weighty theft targets like handbags, and I’m thankful for it. I highly recommend the Apple Wallet to anyone looking for a slim, convenient way to start carrying less. It’s a game changer.

Apple’s “iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe” is 59. It’s a surprisingly good value for a wallet you will use for years.

What I Like

  • Convenient
  • Slim
  • Looks fantastic
  • Frees me from handbags
  • Alerts when it becomes disconnected

What I Don’t Like

  • Can be tough to figure out the right 3 cards to use, as it can only carry 2-3 cards
  • Wish there were also more eco-friendly options, like canvas or compostable materials

Review: Distil Union’s Wally with MagSafe is an upgrade over Apple’s iPhone Leather Wallet

Apple’s Leather Wallet with MagSafe has been a hit. But what would improvements to the convenient iPhone wallet look like to make it even more useable? After testing out the Wally Junior with MagSafe for the last month, I think Distil Union has answered that beautifully with a real upgrade over Apple’s Leather Wallet.

Distil Union iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe review

Wally Junior with MagSafe specs

  • Holds up to 4 cards
  • MagSafe compatible with neodymium magnets
  • Works with MagSafe stands and mounts while wallet is attached
  • Handy nylon pull-tab = access to cards without removing the wallet from iPhone
  • Fully shielded against RFID-skimming and magnetic interference
  • Quality full-grain leather
  • Available in black, brown, gray, and navy
  • Price: 45

Materials and build

  • Just like Apple’s Leather Wallet with MagSafe, the Distil Union Wally Junior with MagSafe features a premium build quality with full-grain leather and precise stitching.
  • I’ve been using it for about a month but I have no doubt it will last for the long haul and age beautifully.
  • A big advantage of the Wally Junior over Apple’s leather wallet is a pull-tab that means you can get your cards out without removing the wallet from your iPhone.
  • That also means there’s no need for a hole on the back like Apple’s – Wally Junior features a simple and clean design on both front and back.
  • Wally Junior can store up to 4 cards while Apple’s leather wallet maxes out at 3.
  • Another major advantage over Apple is magnets on back and front of the wallet which lets you use most MagSafe stands and mounts without removing Wally Junior

In Use

I’ve used a Distil Union Wally iPhone case going back to 2014 and I have to say the Wally Junior with MagSafe is my favorite iteration of the series so far.

It takes advantage of the handy MagSafe system (on front and back), continues the tradition of fully hidden cards with a satisfying and handy pull-tab, and works great as an iPhone wallet or standalone wallet.

A really neat touch is putting a magnet at the end of the pull-tab so it always clicks into place when you push your cards back in.

I’ve found it to be as strong or even slightly stronger when it comes to the magnetic connection than Apple’s leather wallet.

And putting magnets on the backside of the wallet is such a valuable addition, making it seamless to use many MagSafe stands, mounts, and other accessories with the wallet attached.

But like all MagSafe wallets including Apple’s, you do need to remove Wally Junior before charging with MagSafe.

I’ve only found two small downsides compared to Apple’s leather wallet. First, Wally Junior is a touch thicker. However, not by much and you can store 4 cards compared to 3 with Apple’s.

Here’s a side-by-side look, Wally on the left, Apple on the right:

Second, with the Wally Junior, you don’t get the Find My integration like you do with Apple’s 2nd gen Leather Wallet with MagSafe.

Distil Union iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe conclusion

The Distil Union Wally Junior with MagSafe offers some great advantages over Apple’s leather wallet.

A thoughtful and functional pull-tab, storage for 4 cards, and magnets on the front and back of the wallet make it an upgrade over Apple’s leather wallet while featuring an equally premium build.

As long as you don’t mind forgoing Find My integration and a slightly thicker design, I think the Wally Junior at 45 is a fantastic buy.

You can pick up the Wally Junior with MagSafe at Amazon as well as direct from Distil Union.

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