Apple TV 3 jailbreak. Apple TV 3 jailbreak

How to Jailbreak Apple TV: Everything You Need to Know

Here is everything about Apple TV Jailbreak, How to jailbreak Apple TV? Unc0ver TV OS, checkra1n TV OS, Chemera, Blackb0x Jailbreak, and all jailbreak updates.

With the Apple TV, you can play videos, music, and movies from your iPhone, iPad via AirPlay. Apple TV is a great addition to the existing TV setup. Also, the game is available on Apple TV’s specialty App Store. But Apple provides some limited functions with Apple TV.So you need to jailbreak. Jailbreak is the only way to add the most functional features. After jailbreaking, you can add new apps, games, systems, etc. The Apple TV is a great addition to any existing TV setup.

Appletv jailbreak 14.5 checkra1n (checknix 12.2)

Dopamine jailbreak is now available to the general public. This jailbreak tool works with all iOS 15 versions. information is available on the zeejb Dopamine jailbreak page.Get the jailbreak by clicking the button below.

iOS 15.4 Apple TV OS updates

Apple has released the general beta of tvOS 15.4 beta 2 to all users. Today offers tvOS 15.4 beta 2 to Apple TV developers. In addition, the company is releasing the second beta version of HomePod 15.4. tvOS 15.4 beta 2 for Apple TV brings captive Wi-Fi network support, tweaks to the video player, and more.

The following pages include the most recent download links and further information.

Apple TV support jailbreak tool.

Checkr1n jailbreak Apple TV 4th gen running tvOS 14 – tvOS 13
Chimera TV jailbreak Apple TV 4th and 5th gen running tvOS 12 – tvOS 12.2
Unc0ver jailbreak Apple TV 4K running tvOS 13 – tvOS 13.4.5.
EtasonATV First public ATV3 jailbreak
ElectraTV Jailbreak Apple TV 4th and 5th gen running tvOS 11.2 – tvOS 11.3.1
LiberTV Jailbreak Apple TV 4 and 4K running tvOS 11.0 and 11.1
GreenG0blin Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10.2.2
LiberTV jailbreak Apple TV 4 running tvOS 9.1 – tvOS 10.1
Pangu9 jailbreak Apple TV 4 running tvOS 9.0 – tvOS 9.0.1
Seas0npass jailbreak Apple TV 2 running tvOS 4.3 – tvOS 5.3 (untethered) tvOS 6.1.2 (tethered)

Checkra1n TV jailbreak for tvOS 14 – tvOS 13

Checkra1n is a hardware-based jailbreak tool. You can use this tool to jailbreak your iPhone as well as your Apple TV. the latest version of iOS tvOS 14.6 Beta is already jailbroken with checkra1n. So you can use this checkra1n tool to jailbreak your Apple TV device by using a computer. Currently, Checkra1n is supporting tvOS 12.0 to tvOS 14.6 Beta.

Device compatibility.

Apple TV 4K (5th Gen) / Apple TV HD (4th Gen) / Apple TV 4K (6th Gen)

tvOS 14 – Apple TV 4K

tvOS 13 – tvOS 13.4.8 – Apple TV 4th generation / Apple TV 4K

Step1- Download checkra1n TV for Mac OS.

Step2 – Open the DMG file and move the app to the application folder.

Step4- connect your Apple TV to Mac.

Step5- Tap the start button.

Unc0ver TV jailbreak app

Unc0ver is a jailbreak, which means you can feel free to do whatever you want with your Apple TV device. Allowing you to change what you want and operate within your purview, unc0ver unlocks the true power of your Apple TV.

Unc0ver Jailbreak – Apple TV 4K running tvOS 13 – tvOS 13.5.

Unc0ver is an online jailbreak tool.

tvOS 13 – tvOS 13.5 – Apple TV 4K

Mac (it should be connected to the same network as Apple TV)

How to sign and sideload Unc0ver apps to the Apple TV 4K

Step 2- Add your Apple account. (go to Preferences Accounts Click to add an account.)

Step3- Tap on file New Project tvOS, Single View App in the menu bar.

Step4- Enter the project details.(name – Unc0ver)

Step5- you want to sideload. Also, Team should be the Apple ID you added first. Finally, hit ‘Finish’.

Step6- It shows the ‘General’ tab by default with some basic information. In the menu bar, select ‘Window’ and then ‘Devices and Simulators’. It will show a new window with the option to ‘Pair’ the Apple TV if it doesn’t, make sure you completed it before.

Step7- Now a notification popup will appear to enter the pairing code displayed on the Apple TV. This allows the Mac and Apple TV to communicate and install applications over-the-air.

Now copy the ‘Identifier’ of Apple TV while ‘Devices and Simulators’ open. Apple TV successfully paired. (You can paste it on a notepad.)

Step9- Close the ‘Tools and Simulators’ window and go back to our main Excode window. Select the ‘Signing and Capabilities’ tab and tick ‘Automatically sign up’.

Step10- Go to Apple developer account and select ‘Account’ ‘Devices’ and hit the ‘’. Name your Apple TV, and in the Device ID we can now paste the ‘Identifier’ we saved earlier.

Step11- Go to ‘Certificates, Identifiers Profiles’ and select ‘Profiles’. Press the ‘’ and select ‘tvOS App Development’ Continue for our ‘Application ID’ select the XC Wildcard. Again, press the Continue button.

Step 12-Your Mac should now show up in the list of certificates. Check your Mac and click Continue, select your Apple TV in the list Click Continue. Give your certificate a name and click ‘Generate’.

Step 13- Click the ‘Download’ button to download our mobile provisioning profile now! This is a profile that allows us to sign and install Unc0ver on our specific Apple TV. Now we can now launch ‘iOS App Signer’, Input File is unc0verTV IPA. The signing certificate should be pre-populated with ‘Apple Development: APPLEIDHERE!’.

Step 14- Now, for the Provisioning Profile, select ‘Choose Custom File’ and select the Provisioning Profile we downloaded and generated in the Apple Developer Portal!

Step 15- Click the star Name the output. Now everything is set up successfully and there is a final, signed IPA. Go to Xcode and open ‘Devices and Simulators’ again. Under ‘Installed Apps’ for our Apple ID, press ‘’. You can now select our signed IPAs created by us using the ‘iOS App Signer’. Unc0ver should now be installed on Apple TV 4K.

Step16- Launch the unc0ver application on your Apple TV and click Jailbreak. On successful execution, the nitoTV launcher should appear! Go to the Settings app on your Apple TV. Open the Network tab, and take note of the ‘IP Address of your Apple TV.

Step 17- Open the terminal on the MAC. Type ‘ssh root @ IPADDRESS’ below. It prompts you to verify the identity of the remote server (i.e. Apple TV). Quickly confirm and type ‘alpine’ as password.

Enjoy your jailbroken Apple TV

Blackb0x Jailbreak

The Blackb0x Jailbreak tool runs on the latest versions of the MacOS and supports the following Apple TV models:

The A1469 and A1427 are slightly different variations of the third-generation Apple TV, with Apple releasing a revised “Rev A” model in early 2013 that supports minor component modifications and AirPlay from the same age. However, the two devices were similar in other ways.

How to Install Blackb0x on Your Old Apple TV

You basically need to follow these steps:

  • Connect your Apple TV to your Mac using a micro-USB cable.
  • Download and open the Blackb0x software.
  • Click the Install Jailbreak button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to put your Apple TV into DFU mode to receive the update.
  • Wait 5–10 minutes until Kodi appears.

You need to make sure your Mac is connected to the Internet, and keep the imprisoned Apple TV rebooted and connected until the Kodi appears.

If you have an Apple TV 3,1 (Model A1427), please note that there is an additional step you need to take when activating the Arduino-Zinc Check 8-A5 Jailbreak tool.This may be due to the fact that the A5 chip is the same functional Apple TV model found in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. The “Rev A” Apple TV was replaced by the upgraded single-core A5, which doesn’t seem to require this additional jailbreaking step, as the necessary code is built into Blackb0x.

‘Blackb0x’ is a new jailbreak tool for older Apple TV models

apple, jailbreak

How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 on tvOS 12.4ChimeraTV Jailbreak for tvOS 12 to tvOS 12.2 / tvOS 12.4

Coolstar Electra team released Chimeratov jailbreak for TVOS 12.2 and TVOS 12.4 jailbreak for TVOS 12.

Compatible Versions

tvOS 12, tvOS 12.0.1, tvOS 12.1, tvOS 12.1.1, tvOS 12.1.3, tvOS 12.2Note : 1080p Apple TV 4 is only supported up to 12.1.1

Compatible Devices

Apple TV 4th generation, Apple TV 4K

Note: 1080p Apple TV 4 is only supported up to 12.1.1

How to jailbreak TVOS with ChimeraTV

Step1- Tap the links below to download Chimera TVOS IPA and CD Impactor.

Download Chimera tvOS IPA Download Cydia Impactor (Download according to your computer OS)

Step2- Connect your Apple TV device to your computer and open Cydia Impactor

Step3- Now drag the downloaded Chimera IPA file to CD Impactor.

Step4- It asks for your Apple ID and password to load the Chimera JB app aside.

Step5- After a few seconds, the process is over. Now unplug the Apple TV from the computer and connect it to the TV.

Step6- Launch the ChimeraTV Jailbreak app on your TV and complete the Jailbreak process. Repeat the process until the Apple TV jailbreak mode. Then install your favorite apps from TVOS 12 to TVOS 12.2 running Apple TV.

Electra tvOS Jailbreak tvOS 11.2- 11.3.1

CoolStar-led team released Electra TV Jailbreak targeting tvOS 11.2- 11.3.1. The tool was developed with support @nitoTV and @Jaywalker with the compatibility for Apple TV 4th and 5th Generation.

The step guide to Electra TV Jailbreak

  • Download Electra tvOS IPA and the available latest Cydia impactor tool version
  • Connect the Apple TV device to the PC
  • Launch Cydia impactor on the PC and drag the jailbreak ipa into the interface
  • For the installation, provide the Apple ID and the password
  • Once it is side-loaded, disconnect and connect to the TV
  • Now finish the process by processing through Electra tvOS jailbreak

That is all you need to do and now enjoy more apps and features.

LiberTV Jailbreak for tvOS 11.0- 11.1

TVOS 11.0 The LiberTV Jailbreak update, targeting TVOS 11.1, was released by security researcher and Jailbreak developer Jonathan Levine. It is based on Ian Beer’s Asink_Wake exploitation and Kerop’s KPPlus technology. Jailbreak supports Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K.

Step Guide to LiberTV Jailbreak

  • Download LiberTV jailbreak IPA and the latest Cydia impactor tool version on the PC
  • Connect the TV device to the PC and launch Cydia impactor interface
  • Now drag and drop the jailbreak IPA into the interface letting side-load
  • Provide the Apple ID and the Password
  • Once the app is installed, get it and connect to the television
  • Continue to jailbreak Apple TV with “Click Me”

Solutions to Apple TV Not Responding to Remote

Here are the top 9 solutions to “Apple TV Not Responding to the Remote.” In 2–3 seconds, the Apple TV remote will connect to your streaming device. The built-in remote is one of the nicest parts of the Apple TV experience, with an aluminum body, touchpad, dedicated Siri button, and home button. However, several users have complained about Apple TV not responding to remote controls. If you are experiencing the same issue, continue reading to uncover the best solutions. Tap the below button for more information.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4K, 4, 3, 2, 1 [2022]

Apple TV is one of the greatest video streaming gadgets on the market right now. It supports HDR and 4K to provide the finest images possible. On Apple TV, you may access almost all popular applications. Hulu, Peacock TV, Netflix, YouTube, and all other popular applications are included. You may also play games on Apple TV that you can find in the App Store. You may also use AirPlay to transmit films, music, and applications from iPhones and iPads.

The Advantages of Jailbreaking Apple TV

Here are some of the reasons why consumers choose to jailbreak their Apple TV:

  • To get access to programs and functionalities not supported by Apple.
  • To play media formats not supported by Apple.
  • To install the Web browser on Apple TV, follow these steps.
  • Apple TV’s user interface may be customized.

How to Use Snow3rd to Jailbreak an Apple TV 3rd Generation?

Regardless of what you hear on the internet, there is currently no method to jailbreak Apple TV 3. There are several methods provided on the internet, but none of them seem to work. You cannot jailbreak your Apple TV 3 streaming device if you own one.

Jailbreak Apple TV 2 with Firecore SeasOnPass

The second generation of Apple TV is fairly simple to jailbreak, and utilizing Firecore SeasOnPass is the most convenient and dependable method.

1: First and foremost, download and install Firecore SeasOnPass on your Windows or Mac computer.

2: Use a USB Micro cable to connect your Apple TV to your Windows/Mac PC.

3: Open the SeasOnPass app and choose Create IPSW.

4: You’ll be asked to utilize the Apple TV remote’s Menu and Play/Pause buttons.

5: After tapping those buttons, your Apple TV 2 will be automatically jailbroken within a few minutes.

6: When the jailbreaking procedure is finished, click Done.

7: Unplug your Apple TV from your Windows/Mac PC and connect it to your TV through HDMI.

8: The FireCore logo appears on the screen when Apple TV powers up.

9: That’s all there is to it. Your Apple TV 2 is now running jailbroken software, and you may install programs from sources other than the App Store.

How to Use Cydia Impactor to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 and 4K

1: Jailbreak Apple TV 4 and 4K using Cydia Impactor Install Cydia Impactor and the liberTV jailbreak file on your Windows or Mac computer.

2: Use the USB cord to connect your Apple TV to your Windows/Mac PC.

3: Open Cydia Impactor and drop the liberTV jailbreak file into it.

4: Click the Start button to begin the installation procedure.

5: Log in using your Apple ID and password.

6: Cydia Impactor will quickly install the liberTV app on the Apple TV.

7: After installation, unplug the Apple TV from the Windows/Mac PC and attach it to your TV.

8: Now, on Apple TV, open the liberTV app.

9: Choose one of your jailbreak alternatives and click Do it.

10: The jailbreaking procedure will just take a few minutes.

11: When finished, the “Success!” The phrase “Your TV has been freed!” will show on the screen.

apple, jailbreak

12: That’s all there is to it. Third-party applications may now be installed on your Apple TV.

tvOS 16.3 beta (20K5626c) – New Apple TVOS

Apple has released the new TVOS 16.3 beta (20K5626c) and tvOS 16.2 (20K362) to public. latest devices are

AppleTV 4K (3rd generation)2. Apple TV 4K (2nd generation)3. Apple TV 4K (1st generation)4. Apple TV HD (4th generation)Download IPSW

iOS jailbreak tools and solutions

  • Pikzo jailbreak
  • Cripzi jailbreak
  • E-sign Signer.jailbreak Cydia installer
  • U04S Store-Unc0ver jailbreak online installer
  • Oddy Store – taurine jailbreak online installer
  • Appdb pro – tweaks apps new iOS apps installer (online)
  • Zeejb app store
  • Whatsapp patch app – WhatsApp hacked app
  • YouTube patch app – YouTube hacked app
  • lightning sign app – IPA signer
  • Zeon
  • Hexxa plus
  • Palera1n Jailbreak virtual
  • Xina jailbreak online tool
  • Selio virtual signer
  • blizzardboard

FAQ – Apple TV jailbreak

How to jailbreak an Apple TV?

The Apple TV is an excellent complement to any current television set. With an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to stream video, music, and movies from your iPhone or iPad, or explore the plethora of applications and games available from the Apple TV’s own App Store – at least with the fourth-generation Apple TV.

now you can use Unc0cer TV jaibreak tool,Chimera TV tool or Blackb0x Jailbreak tool to jailbreak your Apple TV online.

Once jailbreak software is installed on an Apple TV, you may install different applications, services, and systems that make it considerably more exciting than what Apple provides by default.

Should I jailbreak an Apple TV?

You can obtain advanced functions and customize your Apple TV if you jailbreak it. After jailbreaking, you may install a wide range of apps, services, and systems that make it much more fascinating than what Apple gives by default.

How to jailbreak an Apple TV 2 ?

here is the shot step guide: How to jailbreak an Apple TV 2 ?

The Apple TV 2 running iOS 5.3 software (released on June 19, 2013) may be jailbroken using Seas0nPass. This may be obtained from the FireCore website. To jailbreak your Apple TV 2, follow these steps:

Step 1- Seas0nPass may be downloaded from the FireCore website.Step 2- Move the Seas0nPass programme to your Applications folder after unzipping it.

Step3- Using a Micro-USB cable, connect your Mac to the Apple TV.Step4.Launch the Seas0nPass app and choose Create IPSW.Step 5- When asked, press the Menu and Play/Pause buttons on the Apple TV remote control at the same time.Step 6- When Seas0nPass has completed jailbreaking your Apple TV, click Done.Step7- Remove the USB cord and connect your Apple TV to the TV through the HDMI cable and power supply. Start the Apple TV.

The FireCore logo should appear when the Apple TV boots. That’s all there is to it; your Apple TV is now running jailbroken software. You should be able to use it normally, but you will now be able to install other applications and services.

iOS Jailbreaking News: Apple TV 3rd generation finally gets jailbroken on latest firmware (7.4) Kernel Bug affecting up to iOS 13.2.2 shared by Ian Beer with potential for jailbreak!

Ever since the first iPhone was out, every iOS device got a jailbreak within a year of its initial release and with Checkra1n, the community got a positive boost since all versions of iOS can be jailbroken on A11 and older devices. However, the Apple TV 3rd generation didn’t get much love but now, it’s finally been jailbroken and for the newest devices, there’s also some good news on the horizon!

Apple TV 3rd generation finally jailbroken thanks to tihmstar

Unlike the iPhone and iPad, the Apple TV is seen as a side offering in Apple’s lineup and while it’s gained popularity in some circles, adoption is still nowhere as high as Apple’s iOS devices.

The 3rd generation Apple TV is finally jailbroken thanks to tihmstar’s efforts! (Image by John Stef)

As a result, interest in jailbreaking Apple TV devices is pretty limited but the Apple TV 2nd generation, 4th generation and 4K are permanently jailbroken thanks to the BootROM exploits that affect them and because more developers showed interest in them. However, the Apple TV 3rd generation didn’t see any love and was left without a jailbreak partially because finding an entry point on the Apple TV firmware is more difficult than on iOS and because of the aforementioned lack of interest.

Now, that has finally changed as tihmstar, who’s behind jailbreaking iOS 8.4.1 and 9.3.5/6 with Siguza et al among other contributions, has released EtasonATV which is capable of jailbreaking Apple TV Firmware 7.4 (12H876; based on iOS 8.4.3) on the AppleTV3,2 with support for AppleTV3,1 units coming when someone steps in to help him with some minor things. Installing this jailbreak is a little different than traditional jailbreaks as it requires you to set a custom DNS address, add a profile and then open the Trailers app in order to jailbreak your device. After that, you can install a DEB file via SSH which gives you an untethered jailbreak (you needn’t apply it every reboot) for your device! For those asking why you should jailbreak an Apple TV, the main reason right now is the ability to install Kodi/XBMC (installation instructions).

You may learn more about EtasonATV by following this link which also contains installation instructions.

Kernel Bug affecting iOS 13.2.2 and lower that can potentially result in a jailbreak shared by Ian Beer of Project Zero

Moving over to newer versions of iOS, some exciting news has just dropped for those with A12/A13 devices running iOS 13 since the checkra1n jailbreak doesn’t support these devices. Due to this, these devices rely on app-based jailbreaks, like unc0ver and Electra, which make use of kernel exploits and have been the norm ever since 2016 (iOS 9.2/9.3).

If the kernel bug that Ian Beer just shared gets turned into a tfp0 exploit, unc0ver will probably get iOS 13 support!

Unlike the checkm8 exploit which powers the checkra1n jailbreak, app-based jailbreaks use exploits that are patchable with iOS updates and this means that people on the iPhone XS/11 and newer iPads are still waiting patiently for a chance to jailbreak their device on the latest version of iOS.

Now, Ian Beer of Project Zero, who’s released numerous kernel bugs exploits which led to fully fledged jailbreaks in the past, has just shared details on a kernel bug, fixed in iOS 13.3, which according to Apple’s security content releases allows for execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges thus providing the base part of a jailbreak. This means that there’s potential for an application-based jailbreak supporting iOS 13.0-13.2.2 on all devices including the iPhone 11 (Pro) but it must be noted that a tfp0 exploit hasn’t been provided and the code shared is effectively for PoC purposes. With this in mind, Pwn20wnd who’s behind the unc0ver jailbreak, has advised to “not get excited for now” on Reddit so you should adjust your hopes accordingly until an exploit gets developed.

As usual, the advice of staying on the lowest version of iOS holds unless you have an A11 or older device as these are permanently jailbroken with checkra1n since it uses a hardware-based BootROM exploit. If you’re on iOS 13.0-13.2.2, do not update to iOS 13.3. If you’re on iOS 12.x and already jailbroken, it’s advised to stay there for now. Remember to save blobs.


Other than these releases, SimpleIniParser 2.1.0 has been released for the Switch and Fizeau 1.1.1 is out which now uses much less memory which can be downloaded from here. Endrift, the developer behind mGBA, has published an interesting read on pretty odd behaviour in a Hello Kitty game for the GBA and how a solution was derived.

How To Easily Jailbreak Any Apple TV?(Step-By-Step Guide)

Apple TV was game-changing at the time of its announcement. However, recently it has become a competitor with other similar devices like the Amazon Firestick and the Chromecast.

Even though the newer Apple TVs offer a great range of services, a jailbroken Apple TV is still better. If you get your Apple TV running a jailbroken software, then you can install any app that you want and enjoy the device to its full potential. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

apple, jailbreak

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen?

There are few important things that we should mention before talking about the logistics of jailbreaking an Apple TV. A lot of users get worried about jailbreaking being “illegal.” However, that is not the case.

According to Apple’s terms and conditions, their warranty will officially be over if you jailbreak it, but there is nothing about how jailbreaking is illegal. Therefore, jailbreaking is not an illegal act. It cannot be constituted as a crime. Apple tries to negate such behavior as they do not want users to stray away from their paid and exclusive services. However, jailbreaking offers users a world of free apps and unlimited entertainment!

With that out of the way, we can finally talk about jailbreaking your Apple TV!

Older Apple TVs have a bigger reason to be jailbroken. After the jailbreak, older TVs can run software that they could not have previously. It gives users more freedom to access newer software without upgrading their devices. This saves on cost and effort!

Many kinds of software can be used to jailbreak different models of the Apple TV. The second model is very easy to break, while the third and fourth models are a bit tough to crack. Therefore, the second one is the ideal model for an uncertain user. So, let’s talk about the first-generation Apple TV before we jump on to the easier methods of jailbreaking Apple TV 2.

Apple TV 1 Jailbreak

You can jailbreak the first generation by using a software called Rowmote; however, it is a very cumbersome process that requires hours of work. A small description of the steps required is given below, but even then, the interface is not as user-friendly and convincing as the Apple TV 2. The reason for such an interface is that Apple no longer supports the first generation.

  • Firstly, you would need to update your Apple TV to its latest software version.
  • Download the “Patchstick Maker” from your Mac or Windows PC onto the Apple TV. The Patchstick Maker can be found on Rowmote’s website.
  • Unlock your Apple TV by using this application.
  • Use the remote to go to “Launch ” after you have unlocked the device with the Patchstick maker. Select “scripts” from the new menu that pops up. Select “Install Rowmote.”
  • Connect to Rowmote and take control of your Apple TV!

This arduous process takes a long time and is not worth it due to its shady interface and Apple TV 1’s limitations.

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak

Jailbreaking Apple TV 2 is really simple. In fact, it is the most popular method in terms of Apple TV jailbreaking. Keep in mind that these steps can only be followed if the Apple TV 2 runs iOS 5.3. Any higher iOS and this process will not work. You can use these detailed steps to jailbreak an Apple TV 2:

  • You have to use your MAC in this process. Download “Season0pas” from the FireCore website onto your MAC. This app is going to help you jailbreak the device.
  • Unzip the app after it has been downloaded and move it to your “applications” folder. You are going to start the jailbreaking process from the next step.
  • Use a micro-USB cable to connect your Apple TV to your MAC. Wait for the device to show up on your MAC.
  • Click on the Seas0nPass app and wait for it to load up on your screen. In this new display, find the option labeled “create IPSW” and click on it.
  • A dialogue box will prompt you to press the “Play/Pause” and “Menu” buttons simultaneously on your Apple TV remote. Keep on holding these buttons until the app jailbreaks your Apple TV for you.
  • You can click on the “Done” button on the dialogue box after the process is complete.
  • After the jailbreak is complete, it is time to disconnect it from your MAC and connect it back to your TV screen via the HDMI cable.
  • Your Apple TV will boot up and load a FireCore logo, meaning your Apple TV has been jailbroken and is running third-party software.
  • Run your device as you would normally. However, you can now explore the added benefits of downloading and running applications not available on the Apple store.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

Currently, a lot of sources claim that they can jailbreak the Apple TV 3 for you for a small fee. However, do not fall for such claims as this generation of the device cannot be jailbroken by any software on the internet at the moment. Apple has tried its hardest to keep its users from jailbreaking this device; therefore, your best bet is to either buy the Apple TV 4 or use your older Apple TV 2 device. Check out the list of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4th, 5th Gen?

The method for jailbreaking the fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV devices is slightly different than the methods discussed above. However, this method also has a software requirement. TV’s running a 12.2 iOS or later cannot follow the steps below.

  • On your Mac, download the “Cydia Impactor” app and the “Chimera TV jailbreak file.
  • Connect the Apple TV to your MAC via a Micro-USB and wait for it to show up. Then drag the “Chimera TV jailbreak file” and drop it on the “Cydia Impactor” to run it.
  • Press the “start” button and initiate the process.
  • Enter your Apple log-in credentials in a dialogue box when it pops up. Do not worry, as the app is only going to register itself to your Apple TV. So, it is completely safe.
  • The impactor will download the Chimera TV app onto the Apple TV, and the process will be complete. You can now unplug your Apple TV device from your MAC.
  • Connect the device to the TV and boot it up. Open the Chimera TV app and select the Jailbreak option.
  • Your TV will be jailbroken as soon as the app completes its processes.


Jailbreaking is a tough process; however, it has its benefits which pull users to try it. If your device satisfies the conditions for jailbreaking, then you should also use the methods given here to your benefit.

Jailbreaking The AppleTV3: Tales From A Full Stack Hack by Tihm Star | Nullcon Berlin

Some devices cannot be jailbroken, so do not be disheartened as there are other ways to bypass Apple’s security features and their terms and conditions.

Hi there, technology lovers! My name is James, I am an admin and a frequent writer for this blog. I am a techno-geek, so this blog is the place where I want to share all my knowledge with you to make your life a little bit easier in terms of dealing with technology.

How to jailbreak an Apple TV 2

Compared to other media set-top boxes, the Apple TV can appear somewhat limited. Out of the box it offers a limited number of channel apps and, unless you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem, its AirPlay features are marginal at best. But the good news is you can get more content (a lot more), and additional functionality out of your Apple TV 2 with a simple jailbreak. It allows you to install popular apps like XBMC that make it easier to stream digital content throughout your home network. You’re also able to find hundreds of internet channels like you’d find on a Roku.

Things to keep in mind

For this article I’m using an Apple TV 2 running the software version 5.3 (6105), and a PC running Windows 8. If you’re on a Mac, no worries, the process is the same. Also, remember, this will not work with Apple TV 3, which is yet to succumb to jailbreaking more than a year after its release.To check the version of software your Apple TV is running, go to Settings General About and there you’ll see the software version. If you’re running an older version, you can download the right version of Seas0npass for it.

Jailbreak Apple TV 2

After you have everything ready, launch the Seas0nPass software on your computer and click the “Create IPSW” button.

Next you’ll get a message to connect your Apple TV to your PC or Mac. Plug in the power cord and Micro USB cable then connect it to your computer. You don’t need the HDMI or Ethernet cables connected – just the power and Micro USB.

After you connect your Apple TV, grab the Apple TV remote, point it at your Apple TV and hold down the Menu and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously for seven seconds. This will put the Apple TV in Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode.

After you see the blue light on the front of the box start blinking rapidly, release the buttons and the Apple TV should be recognized by your computer. You’ll get a message asking if you want to save the signatures. This is up to you. I usually don’t because it errors out on my system for some reason, but you might have better luck.

After the signatures are saved, you’ll see the following screen letting you know that the latest software is being downloaded and installed, which is 5.3 (10B809). This is exactly what you want, the jailbreak software and customized iPhone Software (IPSW). The amount of time this takes will vary depending on your internet connection. It took about 15 minutes to download and install on my DSL connection.

During the process you’ll hear the “chime” sound while it disconnects and connects to USB.

After the jailbreak software is installed, iTunes will launch into Apple TV Recovery Mode and restore your Apple TV. You don’t need to do anything at this point, just wait for iTunes to do its job. This can take around 10 minutes.

Success! When it’s done you should see the following message that your Apple TV has been restored to factory settings with the custom IPSW. But, you’re not quite done yet. Click OK to the success message then exit out of iTunes.

Now you’ll be back at the Seas0nPass screen and told “Custom IPSW created successfully!” Click OK.

The final step is to boot your Apple TV tethered. So make sure the power cord and Micro USB cables are still connected. Grab the remote control again, point it at the Apple TV and hold down the Menu and Play/Pause buttons again for seven seconds to enter DFU mode. Now on your computer click the Tethered Boot button in Seas0nPass. A couple of screens will come up, but don’t do anything.

After that you’ll see that the tethered boot was completed, and you can now connect your HDMI cable to your HDTV. At this point remove the Micro USB cable, but not the power cord. If you remove the power cord, you’ll need to connect it to your computer again and do the tethered boot.

Now on your HDTV you’ll need to go through the initial set up process, just like when you first bought it. Select your language, connect it to your home network, and when you get to the screen asking if you want to send information to Apple, select “No Thanks.”

You’ll know the jailbreak was completely successful because you’ll see a new FireCore logo where Settings used to be.

Summing up

Jailbreaking your Apple TV 2 offers a plethora of new options and actually turns it into a completely new device. It allows you to install free media center software like XBMC or NitoTV. Or if you want to spend US29.95, FireCore sells a media center product for it called aFlash TV (black). Those apps don’t automatically install, and doing so gets pretty geeky. You need to use an SSH client (Putty is a good option for Windows users, while Mac users can use the included with OS X) and use a command line interface to tunnel in to the Apple TV.

For more, check out this XBMC Wiki page. The amount of channels and streaming content you can get is insane compared to what the Apple TV offers by default. You can also pull audio and video from network locations on your home network. Here’s just a sample of what you can find after installing XBMC.

Once you have it jailbroken, I recommend not installing an update when Apple comes out with one. You’ll just have to jailbreak your device again, and it might take a while for one to come out. Apple TV doesn’t come with a Micro USB cable, but they are cheap and can be found on Amazon. Or if you have a lot of gadgets, you probably have one lying around somewhere.

This is a tethered jailbreak. Which means, you cannot simply just carry your Apple TV into another room and use it. If you do want to bring it into another room, you’ll need to take along a laptop, connect it, and tether boot it again for it to work. While having it tethered is somewhat annoying, it works great if you keep your Apple TV in one room. Also, the jailbreak community is always hard at work creating untethered jailbreaks.

While jailbreaking an Apple TV 2 is pretty simple, it may not be quite as easy to get a hold of a second-gen Apple TV unit. This is because Apple no longer sells this model and there’s still no jailbreak for the current Apple TV 3. As a result, second hand Apple TV 2’s are in high demand and sell for around 200 on eBay and Amazon. If you already have an Apple TV 2 then there’s little reason not to jailbreak, but you don’t have one, you may be able to find a cheaper alternative that will offer many of the same capabilities.

A word of warning, some people use the a jailbreak to download and install repositories that contain live streaming content that may not be legal, which is something we obviously don’t condone.

Also, know that all of your regular apps on the Apple TV should work as they always have. But media center apps like XBMC and the additional repositories you can add might be buggy or simply not work. Which should be expected since the XBMC project is an open source consortium of developers who work on it in their spare time.

Since the Apple TV 2 is a 2010 device, you shouldn’t need to worry about breaking any warranty. Check out Apple’s support page about jailbreaking for more information.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV 3 Device for free by Tool

If you have Apple TV 3 and like to to see the best TV programs on your TV 3 is need to make Apple TV 3 Jailbreak to allow this service. For me, the Apple TV 3 is the best media player in the world for now. On your Apple TV, you can see movies and play video, music directly to command from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. All these services need to download from Apple Store, and if you subscribe to the Netflix server will watch the best series, in one word anything. But if your Apple TV 3 is Jailbroken this here is a different work.

So when will have jailbreak Apple TV then you will install the best and new apps, services, and systems on your Apple TV, that will make your device more interesting and fun, and all will do for free. To make Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 on your Apple device will find more information for this service on this link here. What will take if you have jailbreak on your Apple TV3, will show you bellow also.

The Solution

We in five words will show to you what will take if you have jailbreak on your Apple TV 3 and how to use this on your device. Will show you some surces and softwares will be possible to be installed on your Apple TV 3 for free if you have jailbreak.

The software Kodi is very nice and the best for me, in the world is known how XMBC. If you install thi software will enables to play movies, videos. In one word will enables PVR, with this oprtion you can watch and record television on your Apple TV.

aTV Flash or this is tell how FireCore software. For me this is user frendly tool, will enable to you to play the best file types as such as and.mkv. You will can and to browse on the internet and to use the apps how format.

It is very nice to have Jailbreak Apple TV on your device, will get many positive options, and very important to know is that all will give for free. Now is the time to start the process to show you how to jailbreak Apple TV 3 step by step.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV 3

The Dev Team make the best Apple TV 3 Jailbreak software in the world we know for now. Is very easy to use, will complete all process for five min not a more. This Jailbreak Apple TV software is official and not will wind on other website, will find only here. Work on all Apple TV versions and models and not have any restrictions. To use is normaly to Download the tool bellow. This tool you will find it very easy if you search our downloading web page.

When will get the jailbreak software on your pc is need to inzip this software and to start on your pc. Now please follow the steps to Jailbreak your Apple TV 3 for free.

Steps Process

  • 1: Is need to have installed the iTunes software on your computer before start.
  • 2: Then download the Jailbreak Tool, our software is support for Mac and Windows.
  • 3: Unzip the Jailbreak Sofware and start on your computer.
  • 4: Now bellow how on the image select “Create IPSW” and click next.
  • 6: So now is the need to connect your Apple TV 3 by USB Cable on your computer and do this “leave power disconnected” then is a need to click on PLAY/PAUSE, make for 7 seconds.
  • 7: Then when this process will be done your device will reboot. Now your Apple TV 3 is jailbroken for free.

This process is 7 steps and all will do in five min no more. Our team works all the time to present the best information to our readers. We test any apps, tools, and software also before write for them and on our website. The Apple TV 3 Jailbreak process is safely and official by the Dev Team. Finally for any questions or problems please write in comment bellow we are here to help you.

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