Application for installation of a gas meter

Gas meter replacement act

To install or change the gas meter should be a specialized organization licensed to perform such actions. After the work, the specialist must sign and hand over to the customer an act of replacement (installation) of the gas meter. This document is required in the company as a basis for writing off costs for this procedure. We will tell you what such act should look like in the publication.

Attention! This document can be downloaded from ConsultantPlus.

Replacement of gas meters

Our company Teploservis-OVK for 10 years performs verification and replacement of gas meters, which have expired their service life or the time between the checks.

For such a considerable time we have acquired enormous experience in repairing and verification of gas meters, regardless of the brand and model of gas meters produced at the moment. Experience is also due to the fact that our company annually recertifies in training centers of gas meter manufacturers such as GoldCard (China), Gazdevais (Russia), Elektromed (Turkey), Elster (Germany), Schetpribor (Russia), Equatel (Russia), Elekhant (Russia), Betar (Russia), Omega (Russia), Signal (Russia), Elster (Russia), Metrix (Poland), the Minsk Mechanical Plant named after V.I. Lenin (Russia). С.И. Vavilova (Republic of Belarus) and many others.

When carrying out verification or gas meters replacement, we use special diagnostic equipment SPU-3M, that enables you to work directly on site and issue conclusions on gas meter verification or replacement immediately on the day of performing the work.

The local gas service, which is the main and only supplier of gas to the owner of the gas equipment, has the main control over the verification or replacement of the gas meter. But taking into account the fact that our company and Mosoblgaz signed a bilateral agreement ADO, we can officially perform the replacement of the counter and provide documents on the works.

Application for work

In order to apply, please carefully fill in ALL fields of the form, indicating the place of FACTORY of the work.

Important! If you do not have a contract for servicing gas equipment or if the contract was signed before July 2013, you must submit the following documents to the Subsidiary. At the address: 15, Frunze Ave. Lenin Street, 59B, the following documents:

  • copy of the applicant’s passport;
  • copy of the documents confirming the right of ownership (use) of the premises in the apartment building, in which the indoor gas equipment is located;
  • Copy of the documents confirming the composition of the in-apartment gas equipment and compliance of the equipment included in it with standard technical requirements applicable to this equipment (technical passports, certificates of compliance, etc.).). if available;
  • The copy of documents containing the date of sealing of the gas meter by the manufacturer or organization that carried out the latest verification, as well as the date of the next verification;
  • copy of the act on determining the boundaries of ownership of the gas distribution (connecting) network (the document fixing the place of connection of gas pipelines, which are part of the common property in an apartment building, to the gas distribution network). if available.

I give my consent to OOO Gazprom gazaspredelenie Yoshkar-Ola (Republic of Mari El, Yakov Eshpaya st.145) to process my personal data provided by me in the form of an application (request) on the website of Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Yoshkar-Ola using automation means, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), extraction, use, transfer (provision, access), anonymization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data and other actions provided by Federal Law № “On Personal Data” to process my application, as well as to communicate.

Personal data provided to OOO Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Yoshkar-Ola via application form (request) shall be deleted or depersonalized after reaching the stated processing purposes or in case of no longer need to reach those purposes. I understand and agree that in order to stop using my personal data I have to apply to OOO Gazprom gazaspredelenie Yoshkar-Ola to withdraw my personal data processing Consent.

I agree to transfer my personal data provided by me in the application form (request) on the web-site of Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Yoshkar-Ola via public channels of Internet.


Adjustment of gas meter G-1.6-G-4 1 500 rub. Calibration of the gas meter G-6-G-10 3 000 rub.

Verification of gas meter with magnetic card (Gallus-2002) 2 500 rub.


Gas meter replacement (dismantling / assembling) G-1.6- G6

Replacement of gas meter (dismantling / assembling) G-10. G16 4 900 rub.

Gas meter replacement (disassembling/assembling) G-25-G40 8 500 rub.

Gas meter replacement (disassembling/assembling) G-60- G100 15 700 rub.


Installation (primary) gas meter G 1.6-3.2 (without welding) 4 500 rubles.

Installation (primary) gas meter G 3.2-10



The performance of works on installation and replacement of gas equipment, including in-house, is connected with a high degree of danger. This requires that the Service Provider has the appropriate license and authorization from state authorities, confirming the presence of appropriate professionals and equipment to ensure safety.

application, installation, meter

Keeping this in mind, it is strongly prohibited to change the gas meter by yourself. This work may only be carried out by a specialised organisation engaged by the gas supplier.

Only devices that are registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments may be used. When choosing a meter, pay attention to its performance and technical characteristics. Remember, each meter has its own service life, after which the device must be verified. Verification period is specified in the certificate. Depending on the modification of the meter it is from 3 to 12 years.

Installation of gas meters

LLC “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Volgograd” offers you its services for the installation of gas meters in apartments and private households, as with the provision of necessary materials and gas meters, and gas meters purchased by yourself. The meter sealing is done by our specialists immediately after installation, the documentation for the entering of the meter into operation is made on the place of work and is given to the gas supplier Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Volgograd, you do not need to come to the office of the companies.

We also offer you the opportunity to install gas meters without welding works using copper pipes and press fittings. The use of copper pipes makes it possible to create a gas pipeline of any complexity, to circumvent any obstacles, to make various branches, to install adapters, cocks, plugs in any necessary place.

To conclude a contract for the installation of gas meters, you need to submit an application form. When submitting an application, the following documents are required:

  • a document confirming identity (passport);
  • A document of title for the residential property;
  • If the application is not submitted by the owner, it is necessary to provide a document confirming the authority of the person submitting the application (power of attorney).
  • The application form for installation of the gas meters

General guidelines for the operation of gas meters:

  • It should be remembered that the installation of gas meters should be performed only by the employees of specialized organizations;
  • The meter should be operated in accordance with the requirements specified in the manufacturer’s passport;
  • special technical maintenance of the meter is not required, but it is required to inspect for operability and absence of gas leaks, in places of connection with the gas pipeline, during the regular maintenance of the in-house gas equipment;
  • The owner is obliged to keep the outer surface of the meter clean. For maintenance of the surface of the meter it is allowed to use soapy water and other household detergents. It is prohibited to wipe the surface of the meter with gasoline, kerosene and solvents of different brands;
  • It is strictly prohibited to damage the meter body and counting device, break the seals and subject the meter to mechanical shock loads;
  • The owner must monitor the meter’s verification period.

The meter is considered to be out of order in the following cases:

  • Non-displaying of meter’s measurement results;
  • violation of control seals and (or) verification marks;
  • mechanical damage to the meter;
  • exceeding the allowable error of the meter readings;
  • Expiration of meter verification interval.

According to the Federal Law # 23.11.2009 61-FZ “On energy saving and energy efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation,” the owners of apartment buildings and owners of premises in apartment buildings are obliged, by 01.01.2015 Provide such facilities with individual and communal (for communal apartments) natural gas meters (except for the facilities with the maximum natural gas consumption volume of less than 2 cubic meters per year), and ensure their compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. м. per hour and heated without the use of gas equipment), as well as the commissioning of the installed metering devices.

A person who fails to fulfill in due time the obligation on equipping facilities with metering devices for energy resources used shall ensure access of organizations engaged in natural gas supply and transmission and whose engineering and technical support networks have a direct connection to the networks included in the engineering and technical equipment of facilities to the installation sites for metering devices for energy resources used and pay the expenses of the above organizations for installation of such metering devices. OOO Gazprom gazaspredelenie Volgograd is an organization charged with the obligation of forced installation of gas meters.

In case of a refusal to pay the costs of installing metering devices voluntarily, the person who failed to fulfill in due time the obligation to equip these facilities with metering devices for energy resources in use, should also pay the expenses incurred by these organizations due to the need for compulsory collection of. At the same time the court costs associated with forced collection amounts to not less than 6 thousand.

Active references to regulatory legal acts aimed at ensuring the requirements of FZ-261 on the installation of the GMS

п. 81 of the Rules “On the provision of public utilities to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and residential buildings”, approved by the Government Decree of 06.05.2011 N 354

п. 12 of the Rules “On the order of gas supply for domestic needs of citizens”, approved by the Government Decree of 21.07.2008 N 549

Active links to normative legal acts

Federal Law of 23.11.2009 N 261-FZ “On energy saving and energy efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation

Government Decree of 21.07.Regulation N 549 of 2008 “On the Procedure of Gas Supply for Citizens’ Domestic Needs” (in parallel with the “Gas Supply Rules for Citizens’ Domestic Needs”)

Decree of the Government of 06.05.2011 N 354 “On providing public services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and houses” (together with the “Rules of providing public services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and houses”)

Order of the Ministry of Energy of 07.04.2010 N 149 “On Approval of the Procedure for Conclusion and Material Conditions of the Contract Regulating the Terms of Installation, Replacement and (or) Operation of Metering Devices for Energy Resources in Use”

Order of the Ministry of Energy of 16.04.2010 N 178 “On Approval of the exemplary form of the proposal for equipping with metering devices used energy resources

The order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of 21.01.2011 N 57 “On approval of methodological recommendations on the technical requirements for water, gas, heat, electricity metering systems and meters

Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia of 29.12.2011 N 627 “On approval of the criteria for the presence (absence) of technical possibility to install individual, shared (apartment), collective (shared) metering devices, and the form of the act of inspection to establish the presence (absence) of the technical possibility of installing such meters and the procedure for completing it

Consequences of the owner’s refusal to provide access to the residential premises to check the availability of the GMS, to perform work on its installation and refusal to pay the costs of the GRO voluntarily

The presence of the GUP in the dwelling is established by obtaining information from the gas supplier; by obtaining information specified in the contract on the maintenance of the GUP or by the subscriber’s refusal to sign an agreement on the installation of the GUP.

The consequence of the subscriber’s refusal to install the GMS is a claim by the Company to a court to provide access to the premises for the forced installation of gas meters, as well as to recover the cost of payment of the state duty in the amount of 6,000

In the case of the Company’s refusal to pay the cost of the meter voluntarily, the subscriber shall recourse to court to recover the cost of the meter and labor for its installation, as well as the payment of the state duty in the amount of 6,000

Installation of a gas meter

In accordance with the Federal Law # 23-FZ “On installing a gas meter.11.2009 г. Consumers of natural gas shall be obliged to meter consumed energy resources using natural gas meters (GMS) in accordance with the Federal Law 61-FZ “On Energy Saving”.

application, installation, meter
  • Installation of gas meters using gas welding;
  • Installation of gas accounting device according to the simplified scheme;
  • Installation of a compact gas meter (for premises with only a gas stove).

It is obligatory to install gas meters for those subscribers who use natural gas for heating, if the maximum volume of gas consumption exceeds 2 cubic meters per hour. m per hour. This requirement must be met by owners before January 1, 2019.

What are the consequences for those consumers who never install gas meters?

In this case, the specialists of “Tulagorgaz” will be obliged to force the installation of metering devices and recover all costs from the subscriber.

There are cases when installation of a meter requires partial rearrangement of the gas supply system. Then the cost is calculated individually, because it is necessary to make changes in the project documentation.

new sui gas meter | online application for new connection | how apply for gas connection ? | sngpl

In addition, there is an opportunity to install a meter according to a simplified scheme, which is determined by a specialist during the maintenance of gas equipment.

It is possible to install the gas accounting device by installments. To calculate the periodic payment you can here.

To install a gas meter, you need to submit an application. You can do this in the Customer Service Department of JSC “Tulagorgaz” (you must bring your passport and title document for the property) or on our website by filling out a form.

The procedure of commissioning of gas accounting units

After a meter has been installed by JSC “Tulagorgaz” specialists the owner must apply to OOO “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Tula” (11 Lenin str. М. Toreza St., 14b, tel.Address: 31-12-76, 30-72-01) with an application for FMS sealing with FMS passport and passport of a citizen

The procedure for determining failure of the GMS and its subsequent replacement

Repair of FUG should be carried out only by the manufacturer or special craftsmen, followed by checking for leaks, calibration and sealing by a verifier.

If any malfunctions or odor of gas is detected, you must immediately turn off the gas supply tap and call specialists of Tulagorgaz JSC.

Installation of gas meters

It is prohibited to independently repair and replace gas-using equipment.

from 3718 without welding works

from 7810 with the use of welding works

The sums are given in view of the cost of the meter and installation works of a small-sized household appliance (G-1,6; SGBM-1,6) to be applied to one gas stove in an apartment house.

According to the Federal Law of 23.11.2009 61-FZ “On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” (hereinafter. Energy Saving Law) before 01.01.According to the Federal Law on Gas Metering Equipment in the Russian Federation, owners of residential buildings in 2015 are obligated to install gas metering devices. JSC “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Lipetsk” accepts applications for the installation of gas meters. Applications can be submitted by:

  • via the company’s website (see. “Submit an electronic application“);
  • When applying to the branch office of the company corresponding to the location of the gas equipment (see. “Addresses and telephone numbers of our branches”);
  • by telephone (see “Phone numbers” on page 5). “Addresses and telephone numbers of our branches”)

In case of non-compliance after 01.01.2016 installation of gas meters will be made by organizations engaged in the supply or transmission of natural gas on a compulsory basis with subsequent reimbursement by residential property owners of the costs incurred in connection with the implementation of the requirements of the Law on Energy Conservation. In the case of compulsory installation of gas meters, the cost of gas meters, costs of design documentation development, installation and commissioning works will be additionally included in the composition of the costs to be reimbursed:. without installments. the cost of receiving and transferring funds, mailing payment documents and correspondence for the installation of gas meters;. with the provision of installments. the cost of receiving and transferring funds, the cost of information systems that ensure processing and storage of data on payments for the installation of meters, issuing and mailing of payment documents and correspondence during the period of installments. In case of refusal to pay the above-mentioned costs voluntarily, the expenses associated with the necessity to enforce payment will also be subject to reimbursement.

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