ArdeDry boiler No hot water reason

What to do if water is dripping from a heating boiler, how to stop the leak itself in gas, solid fuel and other models with different heat exchangers

In most cases, further operation of a flowing boiler is impossible. Even if he continues to heat water, do not use it. The fluid contained in the heating system is capable of extinguishing the burner, which will lead to filling the dwelling with gas. And if electrical appliances are located in the immediate vicinity of the boiler, a short circuit may occur.

As a temporary solution to eliminate leaks before the arrival of the repair team, you can use cold welding or sealant. This option is not suitable as a constant solution: after a short time, the leak will appear again. Therefore, if you have a gall boiler, urgently call us!

What needs to be done first?

First, check if the wall.Mounted boiler does not warm the water. The device of any boiler involves technical restrictions. This also applies to cooking hot water. A gas boiler with a capacity of 24 kW can heat 12 liters of water. The temperature difference will be around 35 degrees. You can clarify the technical characteristics of your device by reading the instructions for it. Any deviations from the parameters indicated in it indicate violations in the operation of the device. Some gas boilers today provide a diagnostic system that displays an error code for a special display. The instruction will also help you to decipher these codes.

Parallel connection of two devices or renewal in the plumbing tap

In this case, hot water emerging from the boiler reaches the tap. Already almost cold. The so.Called subestes serve this. People sometimes use an electric boiler with the boiler, after which they simply forget to block the water supply. What happens in the end? Part of the water entering the tap is heated in the boiler, and the second passes through the cooled boiler. Then the mixture of both parts with a natural decrease in temperature occurs. Due to the perennecks, cases of mixing cold and hot water in flag monastery mixers are frequent. This is not a breakdown, but a mild violation in the operation of a system that is easy to eliminate. If the user set the maximum temperature, and the water from the boiler comes out a little warm, there is the cause of the malfunction itself the boiler itself or the power system itself.

The formation of scale in the three.Way valve of the boiler or in a secondary heat exchanger

The water contains many different impurities that, when heated, are deposited on the warring surfaces. About the same thing happens in your kettle, only in much smaller volumes. Thermal conductivity of such salt deposits is several times lower than thermal conductivity of the heat exchanger metal. Gradually, the scale of the scale increases so much that it begins to exfoliate with flakes, which are entered either in a three.Way valve or in a secondary heat exchanger. Getting into the valve, the scale interferes with its normal switch. Part of the coolant because of this is discarded into the heating system. As a result. A decrease in the amount of coolant for heating water in a secondary heat exchanger and a gas double.Circuit boiler does not warm hot water. But what if the scale enters the secondary heat exchanger itself? Then there is a violation of normal circulation of the coolant along the small contour of the boiler. In turn, this leads to a decrease in the amount of heat necessary for heating. It is worth thinking about installing special magnetic or electromagnetic filters that help fight the formation of scale.

Clogging of the secondary heat exchanger due to the poor quality of plumbing water

Boiler secondary plate heat exchanger

Poor plumbing water contributes to the accumulation of deposits in the heat exchanger. Heat transfer worsens over time, and the boiler stops working normally water. Sometimes this problem can be solved by flushing, but in some cases a replacement of the secondary heat exchanger will be required. If a bitter heat exchanger fails, you will have to change it. Keep in mind that this part is not cheap.

Control of the passing section of the gas pipeline or fuel starvation of the boiler

If the gas pipeline is very clogged, or its passing section is narrowed, this will lead to gas starvation of the boiler. In simple words, the boiler will not have enough gas to reach its maximum power and therefore it does not warm the water in sufficient quantities.

The gas valve fails or its incorrect setting by the user

The valves of some boilers cease to work when dirt or dust contained in gas gets in. As a result, the valve begins to jam, and it ceases to open at full power. The process of heating of water is naturally violated. In rare cases, the valve settings are knocked down so much that the boiler itself cannot work as it should be. You will need to set up the boiler automation, or its complete replacement.

Insufficient pressure in the heater

The water supply valve may stop open due to the small volume of the liquid in the system that does not create the right pressure. Check the work of all fittings and valves, as well as the pressure of water flowing from the mixer. In the absence of leaks and weak pressure, the replenishment of water in the expansion tank will help.

The seventh reason is the air plugs in the pump, leading to faults. In these cases, the pump is disassembled and checked what caused the clogging.

Another reason for the lack of hot water in a dual-circuit boiler may be a malfunction of the water duct sensor, they are often stopped due to extraneous particles. The sensor needs to be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and washed by the turbine.

boiler, water, reason

Having set the cause of poor water heating, proceed to eliminate it. Manufacturers often make mechanical nodes of devices available for maintenance, which facilitates the repair procedure.

Attention! Do not try to fix the boiler with your own hands if you are not sure of your own. But, if you have already decided to independently repairs, do not forget to turn off the heater from electric power.

So that your gas boiler serves as long as possible, always follow the operating rules. Carefully study the instructions. Regularly conduct a preventive examination. Remember that repairs will be more expensive for you than a planned replacement of parts or manual cleansing of scale.

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boiler, water, reason

Errors of gas boilers Arderia (arderia) and methods for their elimination

Any gas boiler needs regular care and preventive measures. It happens that external factors become the causes of malfunctions: low pressure in the highway, tension changes, etc.

We recommend: water heating from the furnace on wood: a stove with a water circuit with your own hands, a register for furnace heating, a brick stove with water heating, masonry

The malfunctions of gas double.Circuit wall boilers Arderia are detected in the form of codes on the screen. Their decryption is in the operating instructions.

Unlock the circulation pump and cleanse its visible parts from garbage.

Check the operability of the three.Way valve and the sensor of the hydraulic duct.

It is necessary to remove air traffic jams using the crane of the Maevsky.

The speed speed of the circulation pump should be adjusted.

Perhaps this happened for the following reasons:

Stripping contacts and supplying them to the thermostat.

Models of gas boilers Arderia B10, B14, B16 have other errors codes. Consider what they mean and how to eliminate the malfunctions.

E0. Anti.Frustration mode. This code is displayed on the screen if the temperature of the coolant dropped below 1 ° C. It is necessary to check the integrity of the system in which the liquid circulates. The error disappears if the coolant is heated. If it has not disappeared, call the master.

Code E1 shows the error of the ionization sensor. This happens in the absence of the expected flame. Appears as a result of an unsuccessful ignition of the unit or after a flame breakdown during operation.

E2. Pressure sensor error. Appears as a result of weak traction, which is caused by malfunctions in the operation of the sensor or fan. Within 15 minutes, the unit will try to return to normal work. Check the chimney and the presence of traction in it. If after 15 minutes the error does not disappear, contact the master of the service center.

E3. Error of the thermostat of overheating. Arises in the absence of a coolant or its movement in the heating system. Perhaps the circulation pump is faulty. You should also check all the valves and highways of the system. You can remove the lock using the Mode button. If this does not help, contact the service.

E4. Overheating of temperature sensors. Appears on the screen due to the lack of liquid in the system or its circulation. Check valves and heating highway. The lock is removed using the Mode button.

E5. Temperature sensor error. It comes out with a malfunction of the cold water sensor. Close hot water and wait. Blocking can be removed by pressing the Mode button. Code E6. DIS sensor error. Appears with a malfunction of the sensor. Close hot water taps to normalize the heating system. The lock is removed using the Mode button.

E7 is a problem in a temperature sensor. Displayed when the sensor of the temperature of the heating circuit. Typically, this code appears when a connection with the sensor. When it gets better, the problem disappears.

E8. Indicates the presence of residual fire (error of the ionization sensor). It occurs if the fire remains in the combustion chamber or as a result of the sensor error. Remove the lock using the Mode button. If the error occurs again, contact the service. E9 means the error of the pressure sensor. Appears at low fluid pressure or with its absence. You should check the system for leaks or adjust the speed with which the pump pumps the coolant. It is necessary to eliminate the identified leaks or adjust the operation of the pump.

The fan began to work, but the flame does not appear

Air pressure relay does not work. Chimney blocking. Leakage in the system of removal of combustion products. The combustion chamber is not tight. Power voltage below 170 in. Set the voltage stabilizer

Improper burning: the color of the flame is yellow or red

The burner is contaminated. Incorrect functioning of the chimney. Inappropriate gas valve setting.

Long wait for hot water

Since in the absence of water cleansing, water cools in a dieman tube, until the moment of hot water comes from the tap for some time.

Arderia boiler often turns off: by excess temperature (A4 error) or low pressure in the heating system (error A5).

Insufficient pressure, leakage or circulation violation in the heating system. It is necessary to check that the pressure in the heating system is within 1-11.2 bar, are there any leaks in the system. Circulation checking in the heating system should be carried out by authorized personnel.

The presence of air in the heating system. Remove air.

Insufficient air pressure in the expansion tank of the boiler. Raise air pressure in the tank to 1.0 bar. At zero pressure in the heating system.

The boiler pump shaft is blocked. The boiler pump is faulty. Need a call of an authorized specialist.

Frequent spontaneous shutdown of the boiler in DIS mode

Insufficient cold water pressure at the boiler inlet. Provide pressure at the input of cold plumbing water at least 1.5 bar. When using an individual water supply system with a hydraulic accumulator and uneven pressure, a pump is used to turn on at least 2.0 bar.

Too small consumption of hot water. You should not set the water consumption below 2 l/min, since this will lead to the operation of the sensor of the hydraulicular flow flow, followed by the disconnection of the heating of the water. The chaotic opening and closing of water.Divided cranes respectively launches and stops the process of heating water, which can lead to an increase in the waiting time for hot water.

Ways to eliminate malfunctions of gas boilers Arderius

Double.Circuit gas boilers of Arderia of the South Korean production (Daesung) are produced under the license of the famous Daewoo brand and are a new generation of household gas equipment. Perhaps someone has not heard about heating equipment from this brand, but according to the experience of those who have taken advantage, it can be judged that these are high-quality products.

The same was said about the well.Known South Korean boilers Navjen (largely thanks to the service system developed in our country). This is a similar technique from a previously unknown manufacturer, which was initially perceived by wary. This, however, does not speak of its shortcomings. That is why many are advised to pay attention to the products of Arderia. Below are the main parameters of gas boilers from this company.

Model Power consumption, kW Heated area, m2 Hot water performance, l/min Gas consumption, m3/h Overall dimensions, mm (length x width x height)
ESR 2.Thirteen 6.5-16 60-150 5.4-8.7 0.65-0.78 420x200x660
ESR 2.Sixteen 6.5-18.6 105-175 6.7-10.7 0.77-2.18
ESR 2.20 8.6-23.3 130-220 8.3-13.3 0.97-2.73
ESR 2.25 12.2-29.1 165-275 10.4-16.7 1.43-3.41 460x205x700
ESR 2.Thirty 12.2-34.9 200-330 12.5-20 one.44-4,11

The power consumption of boilers depends on the heated area and is installed, as well as the consumption of natural gas, when the boiler is primary setting up.

Analyzing the table of technical characteristics, we can conclude that the line of sizes of the arderia boilers is carefully thought out and depends on the size of the heated area. At the same time, the productivity of the equipment changes within very small limits, fluctuating from 91 to 93%. But the value of the specific energy consumption of boilers, which is m2/m3 for models: is noticeably changing:

From this it follows that the heating boilers Arderia are most economical when heating the average areas of their size, and therefore are advisable for their installation in apartments or individual houses with an area of ​​150-300 m2.

Possible malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

The remote control panel provides the opportunity to make appropriate decisions on the so.Called “error code”. For gas boilers Arderia, such malfunctions most often happen.

  • Turning off the pressure sensor and blowing the chimney. Occurs when it is clogged or icing the external output.
  • The unacceptable decrease in the number of revolutions of the fan. Occurs in case of careless installation or when foreign particles entered the fan.
  • The operation of the overheating sensor. Occurs when the circulation pump or the floor of the valves controls the flow of water.
  • An unacceptable pressure reduction in the primary circuit. The cause is insufficient supply of the coolant, possible leaks in the pipelines or a pump malfunction.
  • Locking ignition. Occurs in the absence of gas supply, damage to the gas valve or gas transmission.
  • The presence of flame on the burner with the boiler turned off is a result of a malfunction of the electronic control unit of the boiler.
  • The abnormal range of operating temperatures of the coolant. Occurs when filters clogging, failure of the pump, malfunction of the water current or valves sensor that performs it feed.

It should be noted that the presence of intellectual diagnostics allows you to quickly eliminate the malfunctions of the gas boilers of Arderia.


Most of the devices of Arderia gas boilers are imported. In most cases, these are Japanese, Danish and German spare parts. This very detail is some shortcom in this equipment, because it complicates the unit service.

For a more detailed consideration of Arderia boilers, you need to understand their technical properties.

  • Heat exchanger. The heating performance of the boilers in question increases due to the fact that copper heat exchangers are used in the first circuit. As for the data of the components of the second circuit, they are made of stainless steel.
  • Officer voltage control in the control circuit. These boilers have a voltage stabilizer. He supports the correct operation of the electronics and makes it possible to work in large ranges: from 150 V to 290 V and even more. A similar function allows you to extend the life of boilers automation. It is worth noting that all Arderia gas boilers are equipped with a good security system. Special systems monitor excessive heating, current condition, disposal of combustion products, and also control unexpected gas leaks.
  • To improve the capabilities and increase the efficiency of the boilers, additional boilers, which achieves by using the fan is used. It works on electric current. The use of the fan helps to increase the service life of the apparatus.
  • The use of the Grundfos circulation pump operating on a dry rotor allows you to reduce the receptiveness to the current, as well as improve the conditions of the functioning of the pump.

It should be noted that many heating boilers are equipped with a remote control with a remote control. This helps to turn on and off the device without approaching it.

boiler, water, reason

Arderia boiler often turns off: by excess temperature (A4 error) or low pressure in the heating system (error A5).

Insufficient pressure, leakage or circulation violation in the heating system. It is necessary to check that the pressure in the heating system is within 1-11.2 bar, are there any leaks in the system. Circulation checking in the heating system should be carried out by authorized personnel.

The presence of air in the heating system. Remove air.

Insufficient air pressure in the expansion tank of the boiler. Raise air pressure in the tank to 1.0 bar. At zero pressure in the heating system.

The boiler pump shaft is blocked. The boiler pump is faulty. Need a call of an authorized specialist.

Recommendations for the repair and operation of the arderia gas boiler

Arderia Esr 2 wall.Mounted boiler.13 FFCD does not launch. While you keep the key/off key in the pressed position, the burning device in working mode. If you do not fix the key, the device fades. What is the reason for the problem?

Perhaps the thermo element or problems with the gas valve failed. Low gas pressure on the inlet line may also occur. In some cases, there is a lack of voltage of the control board.

There was a malfunction. The inclusion is very difficult. The smell burner lights up, and there is no fire on the main gas.Regional equipment. Help me figure out what is the reason?

Most likely, a malfunction of the ignition device. We recommend that the boiler maintenance and clean the inciting device.

Why the hinged boiler Arderia 2.20 does not stop working after heating reaches the necessary temperature? Heating occurs up to 90 s, then falls into the failure. After rebooting, the cycle should be again.

It seems that the control board fails, the boiler water temperature sensor has a malfunction, the protection sensor button broke. It cannot be ruled out that an automatic adjustment error has occurred.

Could you tell me why the boiler does not warm more than 70C? I try to install more, but the screen shows that this is the largest value. How to increase heating?

If the unit cannot increase the temperature in the heating circuit, then the following factors are possible. In adjustments there is a limit for a maximum heating temperature of not more than 70 degrees. There was a tipping of the rod speed in the chimney.

Double.Circuit boiler Arderia Esr 2.35 works incorrectly at the stage of heating of the hot water supply system. It flows from the tap alternating hot water or cold. Tell me what the problem is?

Factors of the occurrence of a breakdown are possible such. Cold water is mixed due to the fact that the 3-hide crane is faulty. The heat exchanger is very contaminated. It is necessary to clean it.

There is a crane under the boiler, water often leaks from it. The unit itself will not start. What to do?

It seems that the coolant is dumped from the protective valve. This factor means increasing pressure in the system. In addition, the system of filling the system could not be blocked or it is recommended to download an expansion tank.

Could you tell me why the pressure growth is continuously going on, and at the same time, the water discharge valve comes into force? The display displays a symbol of heating every time when the device is heated. What can be done?

There is damage to the temperature sensor of the heating circuit. Water has poor circulation in the heating system.

Why did the ESR 2 gas boiler repeatedly disconnected.Thirteen? The other day, Piezorozzhig could not work at all. The maintenance of the device was performed that month. What a malfunction?

There is a suspicion that there were malfunctions in the device for removing smoke. The chimney inspection should be performed. The refusal of electrical engineering may indicate a defect in its parts after a jump in the voltage or water penetration.

Someone can say how to deal with the chimney channel? For 2 days, reverse traction has been observed, due to which smoke goes into the room immediately. The chimney was made by me on my own. It is made of a steel pipe. It seems somewhere there is a mistake.

The unit normally performs the heating of the hot water, but when the heating is turned on, the water immediately reaches a boil, and the unit gives out a failure. What kind of breakdown is this, and how to eliminate it?

We assume that the circulation pump has a defect, an electronic board, and a temperature sensor failure. Also, the filter mesh mesh can clog.

In DHW mode, the boiler began to serve either cold or hot water alternately. I just can’t understand what a relationship. How to establish water heating yourself?

Most likely, there is dirt in the heating system or it is required to clean the heat exchanger. A sensor defect that controls the pressure is also possible, or the circulation pump could break down.

The main factor may be an incorrectly made chimney structure. Possible pipe contamination of combustion products, which significantly reduces its functionality. In addition, it is required to control the exhaust holes in residential premises.

In operation, the wall.Circuit boiler Arderia Esr 2.20. The unit immediately raises the temperature above 96 degrees, and then stops by overheating. Later, when it cools it, it begins to automatically start. What it depends on?

Overheating stop indicates a lack of circulation in the system. It is mainly required to control the position of the cranes on the radiators. They need to be in the open state. Followed by the cleanliness of the filter element, and you should also make sure whether the mud contains a heat.Reproaches.

Launched this unit in the fall of that year. Six months later, the device began to make noise. Could you tell me why he is noisy?

Probably the heat exchanger has a scale. If the water has stiffness, then over time, a lime plaque will accumulate in the radiator tubes.

We calculate for heating the house to put the gas boiler Arderia 2.Thirteen. Please tell me how to accurately put such an unit into operation?

For the correct launch of this device, we recommend doing certain procedures. Turn on the power supply of the device. Open a gas crane. Then we start the main burner. After adjust the desired one.

We want to carry out repairs. Instruct how best to drain water from the unit?

According to the instructions, this work is carried out in this way. Disconnect the unit from electricity. Close the gas tap. Open a little airier-automatic. Open the drain crane. Then we remove the spilled water. If necessary, it is allowed to drain the liquid using the protection valve. This valve is located in the lower part of the unit.

boiler, water, reason

Please tell me how to diagnose a three.Way valve? It seems to me that this component does not stop the discovery. In heating mode, distant radiators cannot pump, however, a heating pipe under a boiler unit is heated in the DHW mode.

Of course, the 3-hide valve should be inspected regarding its stem in an intermediate state. We also advise you to check your heating system.

Repair and settings of Arderius boilers

Installed and connected the wall boiler Arderia ESR 2.13 FFCD. He worked for 4 years. Recently, everything has turned off. Up to the backlight of the remote control. The emergency mode does not go out. I took a fee, pulled out of the casing, there are 2 fuses. But they are intact. What happened and how to escape? The complete feeling that the meal was just gone. Food through the stabilizer. The stabilizer works.

Change the fee, put the dips on the new board as on the old.

Installed and launched a gas double.Circuit boiler Arderia Esr 2.20. There is a question about the mode of his work. The boiler works almost without stops of the pump, while the temperature of the coolant drops to a given size after the burner is turned off, and the burner is only triggered. And so virtually no pauses. I haven’t noticed this before. It is also noticed that when the hot water is turned on, at first very hot water comes from the tap, you cannot substitute your hands. Is this a malfunction and how to increase the time of pause. I also wanted to ask about such a moment. I tried to adjust the work on the temperature of the room. I expose 27 degrees (not comfortable below), the device works for a long time, the coolant is warming at the maximum (80 degrees. C), then when it becomes hotly turned off. It may even “fall asleep” for a long time (for half a day or more), although the rooms are already getting cool and would not hurt to turn on, but I look at the remote control. The temperature shows 27, although there is a feeling that it fell much below. Either the sensitivity of the remote control is very uncomfortable /-1 degrees, or this is some kind of malfunction. Who can say what on this issue. Unit in operation 2 years.

I can assume that the remote control is unsuccessfully located, there is no air circulation around it.

Installed gas boiler Arderia 2.13, an error A6 is issued. What a malfunction? How it began: turned on, he worked for about 30 minutes and flew an error, off. It did not help from the outlet, but after about 30 minutes it is on. And having worked for 2-3 minutes again A6. The pump works without stopping. When the boiler is turned on. Pump and until the moment of sparking rod error. The master came, tested, said the brains change (they probably don’t know the other!).6000r. The device in general worked 1 month. The question of what else can be checked by yourself and how, and another question how to test the ignition transformer yourself, I sin on it?

A6. Roser error. Not the easiest mistake. Even soon. The most difficult. Check the supply of the gas network for blockages. This is determined by the connection of gas. Manometer for input gas. Valves in statics and in dynamics. If the drop in the dynamics drop, more than 15 mbar (150mm. In. C), look for the reasons for external.

Installed boiler Arderia Esr 2.13 FFCD. It seems to be crammed with automation, but gas workers are forced to put the SKZ with 2 sensors on CH4 and on Co. I still agree to methane, but I don’t want to throw money down the second. Yes, and SNiP echoes me the same. But they are in any. So I want to prove that the boiler has a reverse traction sensor (he is also a carbon monoxide concentration sensor). But nowhere can I find documentary evidence. Although he definitely is there. If there is a notorious reverse traction sensor. Show where he is in the boiler?

The role of the traction sensor is played by the air press. Located inside the apparatus. Turn off the boiler with clogged chimney pipes or air supply. Or will not give him turned on with these problems. The traction interrupt. This is only one of the elements of the boiler, in fact, the reverse traction sensor is on it (if we talk about models with an open combustion chamber). And if the flue of the smoke gases does not occur at the installation site of this sensor (this can be the leakage of the chimney after the boiler or through leaks in the combustion chamber), then this sensor will not react in any way.

In operation, the boiler Arderia ESR 2.Thirteen. Now the second day is worth adjusting the air. Frankly, I’m not enthusiastic. I did not notice gas savings, and discomfort from cold batteries is present. Before that, there was a 48-degree carrier temperature, and the house was 21-22 degrees. This is a comfortable temperature for me. If it became hot. Turned off the device from morning to evening. After at night I turned on again. Maybe the cast iron can not be able to achieve comfort? Now the boiler turns on for 10-12 minutes, heats the batteries, and after an hour and a half costs. Delta campaign set 1 degree by air. The only plus. The device hangs in the kitchen, and it is noisy. And now it is almost never heard. It turns on it per day 15. Only the gas campaign is blows in this mode in full, otherwise, why does the counter wound his 4-5 cubes per day. And the parameter for the campaign is still the one. I feel with my hand that not 80 degrees. Although I’ll go now, I will make sure. There is a thermometer with a thermocouple from the old floor apparatus, I will tie it to the submission.

No hot water firebird boiler loss of pressure

If the coolant restriction is worth the minimum. 60 for the mode of thermostat of air, the boiler works at full power until it reaches this threshold 60, and then it reduces the flame and waits until it reaches the installed threshold through the air, after which it goes out and turns off the pump, waiting for a decrease in air temperature slightly lower than the installation parameters. If the threshold of the coolant is the maximum. 80, then it burns a little longer at the maximum, and turns off a little faster, heating the air before installing. If the minimum power of the boiler is higher than the radiators give the air, then the device can go out until the air heating is reached to the required parameters, so as not to overheat the coolant above the installation. A little to cool the coolant of degrees by 5-10 and again will turn on in an attempt to heat the air to the required parameters. My remote control does not measure the air temperature. 3 degrees error for real temperature. Maybe you are lying in the same way, so you need to take this into account by setting the temperature 3 degrees higher (or how much you are lying, this must be clarified using additional. Thermometer). And why the gas consumption is higher, I do not know, until I delved, in theory, on the contrary, the highest efficiency is achieved with maximum burning. Maybe there really is too much gas goes and it does not completely burn out or the jets are blown away. And then you will need to twist the settings inside the unit.

If the reliability of the boilers of Ardery at the height, then why in the service contract a item is written about the mandatory presence of a stabilizer? The organization providing warranty service is reinsured, and it is also persistently recommended to use a stabilizer of a certain brand.

No, the fact is that some of the boiler nodes are very demanding on voltage to its differences (fan, pump are basking), the stabilizers from the jump, of course, will not help, but I can prevent failure of the above.Mentioned units of the apparatus. I have no unequivocal opinion regarding the inverter, but the boilers work with normal uninterruptions even with very poor power supply.

Positive design features

The constructive scheme of Arderia boilers uses a large percentage of component products not its own, but imported production. These are mainly products of Japanese origin, although there are Danish and German nodes. This circumstance to some extent can complicate the warranty and service equipment maintenance. This must be taken into account when buying, since for gas boilers Arderia, even in the instructions, this feature is noted.

Consider the characteristics of individual units of these heating systems.

  • Heat exchangers. The presence of copper heat exchangers of the primary circuit significantly increases productivity in heating the home. At the same time, the heat exchanger of the secondary circuit is made of stainless steel. A decision dictated by the desire to reduce the cost of the unit, in fact turns into a delay in the flow of hot water at the output of the boiler.
  • Officer voltage control in the control circuit. In the boilers, a voltage stabilizer is installed, which allows the electronics of the unit to function uninterruptedly in a fairly large range. From 150 to 286 V, and at a short.Term peak. And at an even larger. This option allows the equipment to better adapt to the quality of energy in rural areas. At the same time, this increases the life of the built.In automation devices. In general, in the Safety ARDERIA boilers control scheme, increased attention is paid to: so, the protection system controls both overheating and freezing of the boiler, controls the quality of the current of combustion products through the chimney, and prevents possible gas leaks.
  • Budging external air, which improves the conditions of fuel combustion and thereby increasing the boiler efficiency, in the units of Arderia is implemented by the use of a fan that works on direct current. This, although it complicates the control circuit, allows you to optimize the number of revolutions of the fan shaft depending on the required gas pressure. As a result, the durability of this unit increases.
  • Grundfos trademark circuit brand works according to a scheme with a dry rotor. This execution of the node reduces its sensitivity to the conditions of the coolant current in pipelines, since over time various deposits inevitably form, worsening the lubricants of rotating parts. Thus, the conditions of the pump are improved.

Elimination of malfunctions and errors of Arderius boilers

In operation, the gas boiler Arderia 2.35. Only heating. A couple of days ago I found that it was not working, on the remote error A7. From the outlet and vice versa, everything turned on, earned. That night the boiler went out again, on the remote control A7, from the outlet-shaped, again, everything worked: he himself. The very off., But after the next shutdown, he did not turn on. I tried a fork-outlet, I hear the pump and the fan turned on, I hear the burner puffed, the burner indicator on the remote control, but after 2 seconds, the burner went out, like the indicator on the remote control, giving out an A7 error. The pump is still sec. 30 sursted and also turned off. Repeated inclusions in the outlet according to the above scheme. The device is not kindled. The gas is central, the pressure in the systems is normal. Is the fee flew? And is it possible to repair a fee without a complete replacement?

There is no accident there is no water flow and directly on the gas valve? Check the valve coils for a cliff.

Today I connected the DOS circuit. When I open the faucet tap, the pump starts and drives the coolant through the system. This is how it should be?

No, the three.Way valve should block the exit of the coolant from the apparatus, and warm the secondary heat exchanger.

In operation, the wall.Mounted boiler Arderia 16 kW. I worked for a year without Комментарии и мнения владельцев, but a month ago it began to fall the pressure of the coolant and the water from the condensate drainage hose to ooze. Up to four liters per day, it is necessary to add the same amount through the fuel crane. The heating system is sealed, there are no leaks, but the water merges through the drainage tube, and when the pressure falls, you can hear the air seething through the pipes. I pull the air, add water and for a day everything is in order, and then new. How can you solve the problem?

At least see the pressure in the tank and clean the air vent, then according to the circumstances.

Vaillant boiler controls-no heating hot water

The situation is this: the DHW contour is warming normally, and when the heating circuit is turned on, an A3 or A4 error falls out or, if you forcefully drive AA. In this case, the return pipe is heated, but the straight line does not heat up. Air discharge valve is triggered and steam comes from it. The pump is worker. Disassembled. Does not push the system. Why? All valves are open. Flowed through a three.Way crane, I replaced it. I don’t understand what’s the matter. What will happen if there is no contact in the three.Way valve? Or the chip is not inserted correctly? And how to turn the 3-hide valve for sure to the wrap?

Tell me about power reduction. I heard something about modulation, fan speed and so on. Is it possible to really reduce power?

Set the real minimum power. That’s enough. Set the minimum gas pressure on the burner correctly. There is no need to reduce power. The boiler mainly works at minimum power. And for 13 and 16 it is the same. If the minimum pressure is higher than the norm, the minimum power is higher.

The situation is such that when the ARDERIA gas boiler is operating in the coolant mode, it turns off when 3 degrees reaches from the pump exhibited and after the minute run of the pump, the temperature does not have time to decrease before.15 from the exhibited. So it turns out, as it were, “freezes” cooling by itself from the real heating temperature. Heating “Leningradka”, small apartment. So, that it is better to change the pump out of the pump or lower the delta to seven degrees? It is clear that the clue is inevitable. And another question. When the pump’s run changes, turning on when it will occur: when the switching temperature reaches.15 degrees or when reached the run of the pump, regardless of the current temperature of the coolant.

This is a normal algorithm for the work of this boiler. Delta to seven degrees, if it makes sense to reduce, then only when you have a water temperature in the district of 40-45g. In this case, with a 15g delta, you will often have incorrect batteries, and if you do not like it, you will remove the delta with a decrease in the delta. But this will not improve the warming up of the housing, but the efficiency of the apparatus will worsen a little. If you have a 50g or more water temperature setting the water temperature, then you will achieve only a decrease in the boiler efficiency. The pump out of the pump. This is the time of his residual work after turning off the burner. Everything. This parameter does not directly affect the next inclusion of the burner, the signal to turn on the burner. This is a decrease in temperature below threshold.

Double.Circuit boilers Arderia ESR 2 are installed.13, in both apartments they turned off the heating and left only the hydraulic region on, but with everything they noticed that the batteries are still a little, but warm, at a temperature in the room 25, the temperature of the coolant in the heating system 28. There are no questions to the DHW. Everything works properly. Tell me, what could be the reason for the heating of the batteries when the heating is turned off, otherwise in the summer 28 in batteries I somehow do not want to.

Tell me about errors on the gas boilers Arderia.

Error A1. Air pressure sensor is closed. The chimney is blown by the gas passage of the icy hole.

Error A2. The fan works with low speed there is an insufficient contact violation of the wire connection insufficient speed of rotation of the fan (extraneous objects have been found).

Error A3. The circulation pump is failed by the pressure sensor turned on until the pump launch was clogged with mud.

Error A4. The operation of the sensor for overheating closed all the shut-off cranes of the heating system. The blocking of the heating circuit filter does not rotate the pump is faulty of the 3-hide valve damage to the hydraulic duct sensor.

Error A5. Reduced coolant pressure low water in the heating system Air presence in the heating system is defective. The circulation pump of the arderia boiler pump is functioning, but the speed of the revolutions is insufficient or damage to the impeller of the pressure pressure sensor of the water flow in the heating system in the heating system.

Error A6. Roser malfunction. There is no pinking chimney blocked low gas pressure. The gas valve does not operate.

Error A7. The gas valve is failed by the gas valve relay damage to control of the control unit.

Error A8. Residual flame. The flame does not go out in the chamber there is a residual flame, although the voltage of the diaphragm of the gas valve is not supplied to the gas valve is damaged to replace the control unit if the gas replacement does not correct the situation. Valve.

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