Are there mobile air conditioners without a hose

What is a mobile air conditioner??

It’s a universal, not fixed to one point monoblock. The principle of work reminds everyone favorite system No Frost in home refrigerators. But the compressor is much more powerful and the cooled air goes not into hermetically closed cabinets of small volume, but directly into the room, and moreover the temperature, power and flow direction are controlled.

Another feature: the heat from the back wall should not dissipate into the surrounding space, so it is forcibly removed to the outside through a window or wall, for which all mobile air conditioners are equipped with special sliding plastic tubes. This is the only way. Otherwise, the efficiency is zero, and the energy costs will just go into the pipe (not corrugated).

Condensate evaporates and is evacuated to the outside automatically along with the heated air (depending on the model) or is collected in a special tank for later drainage. As an option, the use of a drainage hose for the continuous removal of moisture.

A little clarification: you should not confuse mobile air conditioners with climate control humidifiers (without hoses, but also without a compressor), which are ineffective in terms of real cooling, acting on the principle of air washes.

Does the water climate control cool the air??

Let’s analyze each stage of operation of the devices item by item:

  • the air flow and pass it through the filters is there;
  • Humidification of the air as it passes through the water cartridge is also there;
  • Feeding the room with a stream of high concentration of water and cleaned of dust and it’s true.

So maybe, and cooling really happens? Unfortunately, no. Water needs very different temperatures to change its aggregate state: it is heated to 100 degrees Celsius to turn into steam. Let’s say the room is very hot at about 35-40 degrees. But it is clearly not enough for intense evaporation.

The humidification of the air stream in these units is the same as in air washers with filters. The flow passes through a humid environment and takes away some water molecules, so at the output the concentration of liquid in the atmosphere is increased.

The creation of an air cushion is also questionable. To close the window opening, you need special equipment air curtain. It creates a dense barrier by organizing the airflow of high intensity. In this case the exchange of heat with the street will be limited. If there is no such barrier, the movement of air through the window in both directions will be unobstructed.

Important recommendations

In order that this type of air conditioner did not bring disappointment, it is better to adhere to the tips on using the equipment, which are given by experts.

It is necessary to know that the maximum effect of a climatic device is when the ambient temperature is more than 25 degrees Celsius. During operation of the air conditioner a window or a window leaf should be opened or periodically aired. This type of equipment works best in office spaces that have supply and exhaust ventilation.

The described kind of air conditioner can help to get rid of heat and stuffiness. But you should not expect from it the same productivity as from traditional climatic systems. In order for it to bring at least some benefit is necessary to constantly refill water and keep the room with open windows and vents.

According to the principle of their construction the units are divided into two types:

  • With a duct. The window leads a drainage pipe to evaporate condensate and a pipe duct, through which the cold air masses enter the room, and the heated air is evacuated from the room to the outside. They are convenient in use for an apartment and for a house.
  • Without ductwork. They provide cooling or heating of the premise without an additional output/outlet to the street of any hoses or tubes. Such units without exhaust pipe are more often chosen for office and trade premises.

Mobile air conditioners in questions and answers

Yes, you can increase, but there will be additional heat loss, and the capacity of the mobile air conditioner may no longer be enough for your room. Choose a model with extra capacity.

What is the difference between mobile monoblock and mobile split-system?

A mobile monoblock is a floor air conditioner that has a flexible air duct to bring the warm air into another room or into the street. This unit occupies approximately the same space as a small size bedside table and allows you to carry out effective ventilation in the room. When installing the monoblock it is worth carefully reading the manual to arrange the correct air venting, or leave this work to professionals.

Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioner (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide) Freestanding AC Units No Window

Mobile split-systems, unlike their floor standing counterparts, consist of two units (external and internal with a compressor). They are more compact and do not require professional installation.

What is the optimum volume of the condensate pan on a mobile air conditioner?

All depends on how often you are ready to pour out the condensate from the tray. Suppose you plan to buy a mobile air conditioner with a small tank and thus save some money. In this case, condensation will have to be removed almost daily.

Many modern models of floor air conditioners have a capacious condensate collector, where the accumulated as a result of air cooling comes. Such devices are slightly more expensive, but greatly save your time by allowing you to perform the necessary procedures to remove the condensate much less often. That is why the volume of the condensate collector is one of the most important criteria when buying a mobile air conditioner.

We also recommend to pay attention to mobile air conditioners with condensate evaporation and evacuation through a corrugated hose with warm air.

I am afraid to buy a mobile air conditioner with too high capacity.

You can adjust the capacity of your floor air conditioner using a special switch. By choosing the lower mode option on this unit, you can significantly reduce your energy costs. Nevertheless, in your case there is a wonderful possibility to carry a floor air conditioner from one room to another and create in each of them (from the smallest bedroom to spacious living room) its own unique microclimate.

Before to buy a floor air conditioner you should calculate the area of the ventilated premise. So you do not have to spend extra money to buy a more expensive model, which will never be able to work at full capacity.

The power of mobile air conditioners varies from 1.8 kW to 4 kW.

Mobile conditioner only cools air or it can work as a heat-fan?

Certainly the main function of any conditioner, including a mobile one, is air cooling in hot season. Nevertheless many manufacturers of modern appliances offer to buy a mobile conditioner, which can be successfully used also in autumn and even in a cold winter.

Many models of floor-mounted conditioners are multifunctional and not only cool the heated summer air effectively, but they are also capable to create warm atmosphere in the cold season. It follows that such conditioners can work as a heat-fan, and this fact is more than justifies the expenses for their purchase.

Pay attention that except above-mentioned additional function some modern mobile conditioners have such useful properties as purification and ionization of air in a premise.

Alexander: Is it possible to transport mobile conditioner in horizontal position?

The horizontal position of the mobile air conditioner is allowed only as a last resort when transporting over short distances and only at your own risk, as there is a danger that the compressor mounts may not hold, the compressor will tear off and damage the tubes.

After transportation it is obligatory to stand 34 hours in vertical position for compressor oil which can go to the blower and drain back to the compressor.

Valeriy: Can you tell me if it is possible to remove heat from mobile air conditioner in the ventilation system of the house? Old stock (built in 1890), 3rd floor of 4-storied house. I plan to connect with a corrugated hose.

Definitely, it is possible if ventilation system is in working condition.

Alexander: Can I lengthen a hose for heat outlet of a mobile conditioner myself?? If yes, up to what max. permissible length?

Yes, you can. If you increase the length of the duct, remember that the longer the duct, the more heat goes back into the cooled room.

Ludmila: To what distance can I move away a mobile air conditioner Ballu BPES-12C from the window opening? What is the maximum hose length?

The maximum length of the regular air duct for the removal of warm air is 2 m.

Mobile air conditioners for an apartment: characteristics, features, connection, expiry

Climatic technique for air conditioning in a house or small working premises today is represented by a very wide range: mobile air conditioners of monoblock type, mobile split-systems, monoblocks of evaporative type and split-systems with one or two working units. The last ones are characterized by shock refrigerating capacity, complexity of installation and considerable cost.

The simplest in installation/servicing and affordable are considered mobile monoblock conditioners, which are presented at the market by models both with a duct and without it. In this article we will consider the features of both.

Air conditioning has long ceased to be a gimmick, today it is used to create an optimal level of comfort. However, sometimes the owners of apartments and houses are faced with the fact that there is no possibility to install this equipment, this can happen for several reasons. But it is not necessary to refuse from the comfort. You can purchase a mobile conditioner, pros and cons of which will be reviewed in the article.

The main features

Mobile air conditioner, that is installed on the floor, as noted by the users, is the best and the most beneficial solution of a number of problems. Sometimes such device is needed, but the installation of stationary variant is undesirable or impossible. It may be relevant for rented premises. Among other things, problems with the installation of stationary equipment can arise if the building is of historical value. It is actual when the premise is own. Sometimes authorities impede the works with external appearance of the building’s facade, including the installation of external components of the air conditioning system.

Mobile air conditioner, the pros and cons of which are recommended to consider before purchasing equipment, is a compromise option. The advantages of such devices are present, but they are not numerous and consist in the fact that equipment can be used in those places, where full-fledged conditioners cannot be installed.

The main advantages

If you are thinking about whether to install a mobile air conditioner, you need to know more about the positive aspects of these devices. As consumers note they are in mobility, easiness of installation and also in the absence of communications. But one should remember that mobility is relative. Such devices would be more correctly called conditionally or relatively mobile. After buying such unit just put it on the floor, turn it on and start enjoying the coolness will not work. You will have to do some preparatory works, but they are expressed in less volume in comparison with that one, which should be done at installation of a usual conditioner.

Additional advantages

Mobile air conditioner, the pros and cons of which we describe, does not provide complex works, which is especially liked by customers. It is suitable for those places, where only recently was carried out repairs. Among other things, there is no need for communications to circulate freon and further drainage. No need to approve the installation after purchase.

Main disadvantages

Some consumers suppose that not numerous advantages can not compensate the disadvantages of mobile air conditioners. Among the disadvantages one can mention high noise level, big heat losses during operation, as well as reduction of free space in the premise.

It is worth mentioning that mechanics is located in the room, and the main part of any air conditioner is the compressor. It compresses the refrigerant, taking away heat that comes from the air. The compressor creates a high level of noise, which is why this neighborhood is unlikely to add coziness.

Any mechanics during the operation will emit heat, and the mechanical component of mobile air conditioners is no exception. It turns out that device works against itself, it heats the air that it has to cool.

If you have decided to buy a mobile air conditioner, all the pros and cons of this equipment is definitely recommended to consider. Some consumers believe that the flaws are an extension of the advantages. In the case of the described equipment we can highlight the lack of drainage for condensate output. Condensation in this case is present, but where does it go?? Mobile air conditioner (pros and cons, reviews of which are recommended to read) does not work against the laws of physics. In a special reservoir, which is located in the lower part of the device, the condensate will flow, and from there the liquid will have to be periodically removed by yourself, this peculiarity cannot be called convenient.

Additional disadvantages

Mobile air conditioner, all the pros and cons of which are described in the article, has an additional number of negative characteristics, which are expressed in heat loss, when the system works on heating. The unit is equipped with a duct, through which the hot air, along with heat will be removed from the room to the outside.

Despite the presence of thermal insulating layer, the air duct, as noted in the reviews, will remain hot, which will cause the heating of the air inside the room when working in cooling mode, and the air conditioner should fight with this. The described device takes the air directly from the room. It indicates that the same air is constantly being channelled through the cooling system, which, of course, will have a negative impact on its physical properties.

The last minus can be called that floor air conditioner will reduce the free space of an apartment, it is especially important for a small area rooms.

The above-mentioned features are true, first of all, for monoblocks. The two main working elements of such air conditioning system are the condenser and the evaporator. They are interconnected like radiators, through which the refrigerant circulates. In the evaporator the pressed refrigerant transforms into gaseous state, it receives heat from the air, while in the condenser everything is opposite. the heat is given to the air. In mobile air conditioners, which are created as a monoblock, these systems are united in the case, which is located in the room.

Description of split-systems

If you are interested in mobile air conditioners (pros and cons, how to choose all this we review), you should familiarize yourself with all their types. In a wide variety of such devices there are mobile split systems, which consist of two units. One of them is outdoor, while the other is indoor.

If you decide to choose a mobile air conditioner for your home, you should know that split-systems do not have disadvantages of the devices of the abovementioned kind, but they have an essential drawback, which is expressed in high price. Mobile split-system loses to a traditional air-conditioner in efficiency at the price. Even if you take into account the independent installation, the gain in characteristics is obvious, but as an exception there are especially complicated cases.

Reviews about the popular mobile air conditioner Ballu BPAC-07 CM

If you have decided to choose a mobile air conditioner, it is recommended to consider the pros and cons of this device in advance. The cost of the aforementioned model is about 15,000 According to users, this equipment operates at a fairly high noise level, which can reach 50 dB. The indoor unit has large dimensions that are 270 x 695 x 480 mm. Buyers emphasize that this type of device has its own advantages, they are expressed in high productivity, which is equivalent to 330 m3 /h. The device weighs 25 kg, you should take this into account before buying the product, because you will have to install the device yourself.

How to choose an air conditioner

Before buying the described equipment you should obligatory read the recommendations, presented above, how to choose a mobile conditioner. They might help you a lot. There are no fundamental differences in the degree of equipment of such modifications. But the majority of them can work in two modes: heating and cooling. For easier control it is better to choose a model that has a remote control. There are some devices that can provide antibacterial treatment, ionization and air filtration.

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For the convenience of using the device, it can be equipped with a remote control, timer operation, LCD display and filters for fine air purification and ionization. The latter feature is necessary to create a healthy and beneficial indoor climate.

It is worth to pay attention to the disadvantages of mobile system. There are only a few of them:

  • High noise level. The standard split system works somewhat quieter. This disadvantage concerns monoblocks;
  • Low used capacity. The device is suitable for a summer cottage or a room with an average area. For a large object, it is worth choosing climate equipment with greater power consumption;
  • Cleaning the tray for condensate accumulation.

How efficient are ductless portable air conditioners for your home

Buyers, when buying a small air conditioner into a room, raise a question about its efficiency. The manufacturers answer that efficiency and productivity increase with increase of temperature of surrounding air. A ductless floor air conditioner in the home often has a compartment for ice. Even in the hottest heatwave, this device effectively cools the air as it passes through a special compartment. You can use plain cold water instead of ice.

For small houses or offices the mobile floor air conditioner will be suitable as no other one, as it will cool effectively, while not causing inconveniences in use. For a large room, you need a more powerful device. a standard split-system, mounted under the ceiling, or a climate system that also includes an air washer in its functions.

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