At what temperature to wash black jeans

How to wash jeans by hand or in a washing machine, so they do not lose color?

Jeans are one of the most popular items of clothing. The rare person does not have at least one pair of these versatile and comfortable pants in their closet. Despite this, not everyone knows how to wash them correctly. Proper care, meanwhile, has a direct influence on how long jeans can stay in their original shape. At what temperature to wash jeans? Can it be done in a washing machine?? How to rinse and dry them? What to do to prevent jeans from shedding? Knowing the answers to these questions will keep your jeans looking appealing throughout their lifespan.

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The right way to dry

Avoid drying near heat sources to prevent shrinkage and loss of color.

If you want to dry your jeans in the washer, turn on the gentle mode with low heat. Take them out while they are still slightly damp, and let them dry naturally.

Or you can resort to tumble drying. Gently spread them out, or hang them so they are as spread out as possible. Make sure there are no creases, or folds may form while drying.

Drying Features

There are a few nuances to pay attention to when drying jeans:

Hang them upside down.

How long do jeans usually dry? If they are spin-dried in a washing machine the water will completely evaporate in 3 to 4 hours. After hand washing, this process can take 1-2 days.

The best way to keep the pants natural dry is to keep them in a low-humidity environment. Learn how to dry your jeans after a wash here.

How to wash jeans in a washing machine: Features of the selection for washing detergent, temperature and mode

Almost everyone has jeans, and not just one. This closet item is popular for a reason: practicality, convenience, fashion, durability. an incomplete list of advantages of jeans.

And denim dresses, sundresses, shirts. that’s another story. Even such, at first glance durable fabric, like denim requires proper care. Otherwise your favorite item may lose its look, stretch or fade.

In the closet of a man with any income there are many things made of denim fabric. These things are appropriate for a walk, as well as for a more formal situation. These days you can buy jeans in almost any boutique or clothing store of any level.

The well-to-do fashionista or the average person enjoys wearing denim, because it is stylish and modern.

The main thing is always a question, how to properly care for jeans things to keep their attractive appearance and color, to avoid various damages on the fabric.

Many people cherish their jeans, moreover, have a favorite pair that brings good luck. And how hard is it to come to terms with disappointment when such a girl washed her favorite jeans are not recommended, and they spoiled. faded or stretched.

To avoid this, you need to take into account the manufacturer’s advice and some facts about such products, which are described below.

Wash jeans in the washing machine

To wash jeans in the washing machine, it is worth following some rules. This fabric is characterized by considerable weight, so it is not desirable to clog the drum with a large number of things. Another nuance: jeans often fade, especially black, so send them to the wash with clothes of the same color.

Improper program selection extends the life of your jeans by up to 5 times: they won’t shrink and their original color shade remains unchanged for a long time. So choose the mode “jeans. But what to do if the machine is an old model? Choose delicate or hand wash and not over 40°C.

One of the key problems with washing denim in the washing machine is loss of shade or discoloration. To avoid this, it is required:

Before each wash, turn out the pants, check the s, use the correct modes of cleaning (manual, delicate, denim), do not resort to soaking before machine washing. But when there is a stain that is difficult to remove, then the product is allowed to soak with the addition of vinegar in water; wash with a powder for colored fabrics or jeans. It should not contain chlorine, bleaching components. Prefer a liquid detergent. You can also add a color stabilizer.

Cleaning jeans without washing

If you are a true enemy of washing this material, you do not like the fact that after such manipulations pants lose color and shape, the fabric becomes coarse, then there is an alternative care option. cleaning jeans.

Remove minor dirt with a damp dish sponge. In addition, every day, going to the shower, hang jeans nearby, so they steamed. Arrange a “laundry” can be every 6 months. Do not machine-clean them, but use your hands.

Of course, such advice will shock many, but true denim lovers do exactly that. When washing by hand, use water at room temperature and a gentle tool.

How to wash black jeans to keep their color

Black jeans are a great all-rounder. Wear them to school, to work, to meetings with friends. Dirt on them is not noticeable, but they still need to be washed periodically.

The main problem facing the owner of black jeans is the washout of their color.

To preserve the pigment inside the fibers of the fabric and after the first wash do not get a faded product, you need to know some rules of care for black things.

On whether and how to wash black jeans in the washing machine and by hand, so they do not lose color, tell us in this article.

Washing quality is largely determined by how you prepare the garment before you send it to the machine. Even with the right temperatures, you can’t be sure the garment will be washed correctly. So follow the algorithm:

  • Button up all buttons and closures, and empty s.
  • Turn clothes inside out so there is less chance of deformation of the fabric.
  • If you have faux leather inserts on your jeans, you may want to grease them with glycerin.к. Machine-safe leather can chafe.
  • Buy a gauze wash bag and place the jeans in it. This is especially important for pants with beaded patches, prints, embroidery, etc.д.

Four easy steps. and your jeans are machine washable. If your clothes have designer drawings or other decorations on them, it is better to wash them by hand. washing them in a machine can ruin the item. Don’t wash dark and light jeans together. For example, you can put white jeans with light-colored clothing, but the contrasting colors can not be mixed.

How to prepare your jeans for the wash?

Basic rules for washing jeans in a washing machine. machine

To correctly and easily wash jeans in a washing machine. machine, you need to correctly select the washing parameters. This will help maintain the color of jeans and jeans can avoid the situation when the wash after sitting down.

Most often the manufacturers of jeans clothing recommend washing at temperatures not exceeding 60 ˚ C. As a rule, the temperature of washing jeans in a washing machine. machine wash should not exceed 40 ° C.

How to Wash Jeans – Washing Black Jeans

It is also recommended to turn off the automatic spin mode, or set it to a minimum value (if the program allows you to set the washing mode). This condition is dictated by the fact that after spinning denim fibers strongly compressed and jeans become smaller in size, losing not only volume but also length.

However, some fashionable women, on the contrary, often specifically include a washing machine. machine maximum spin mode to the jeans have become narrower and tighter fit the figure.

Drying and ironing instructions

Not only how the jeans are washed, but also how they are dried, can have an impact on the appearance and condition of the jeans.

To preserve shape and color, air-dry in a well-ventilated space, but avoid sunlight. It is advisable to dry pants made of thin or stretch fabric horizontally, spreading them out on the fabric.

All other jeans should be dried by attaching clothespins to a rope at the waist or pant legs. This dries the garment more quickly and evenly.

You don’t need to iron your jeans. If they were dried flat then they easily become straightened on the body.

If the condition of the fabric requires the use of an iron, iron on the wrong side of the fabric, dampening the fabric slightly. The iron should be turned on to minimum heat.

It’s even easier to use a steamer, it will get rid of any possible kinks.

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