Bad drain in Electrolux washing machine

Electrolux washing machine does not drain water

Your Electrolux washing machine does not drain water? Contact our company. We will repair your washing machine at home and eliminate the malfunction. We work without days off software and a home.made master and diagnostics of a washing machine (when repairing)

It is very unpleasant when the Electrolux washing machine does not drain water, because this seriously violates the functionality of household appliances.

Mostly, such problems are caused by a block of filters or hoses, but the reason may be another:

  • »The choice of inappropriate washing program;
  • »Malfunction of the drain hose;
  • »The blockage of the inner pipe;
  • »Damage to Electrolux pump;
  • »Failure of the programmer.

Often the repair is required, due to problems with wiring, partition, it does not allow transmitting the necessary signals to the drain pump. A torn connecting network, combustion of the power segment of the module, the failure of the pressure sensor-these are also objective problems, because of which the machine does not drain.

Professional elimination of blockages

Mostly, the Electrolux washing machine does not drain due to blockage of the filter system. The filter is cleaned, it should be carried out by a professional, it will remove the pumping hose of the pump and remove the cork that performs the function of the damper. The main obstacle is to block the impeller blades. It is the immobilization of this detail that leads to the fact that the drain does not work.

Only the master will be able to correctly eliminate the malfunction, thanks to professional skills, he will spin the lid without distortions, excluding the possibility of leakage during washing. In order for the washer to function fully, the base panel should be hoisted in place.

When there is no plum, the car is not able to fully fulfill its functions by inviting an experienced specialist, you will quickly solve the problem. The technician will determine why the functionality was violated, and then competently restore the work. If your Electrolux washing machine does not drain water. dial the phone number of the service workshop in which you will definitely seem qualified help you.

Where to start

First you need to make sure that it was the washing machine for the supply of the washing machine that failed. Signs of damage are the flow of water into the tank with the equipment turned off, or vice versa, its absence, when washing is launched.

With independent repair, do not forget to observe safety precautions.

Before disassembling the washing machine, you must:

  • Disconnect the power unit. remove the fork from the outlet;
  • block water on an introductory crane;
  • Prepare a basin and a rag to clean the spilled water;
  • Put the machine from the wall and put in an free space with access from all sides;
  • Sod dry shoes with waterproof sole on your feet.

If water remains in the washing machine, it should be removed through the drain hose next to the filter, or unscrewing the cork (the compartment is located in front, below). To do this, use a low basin or other container. The remains of moisture spilled on the floor are wiped with a rag or rag.

Do not allow the contact of electricity and water

The water distribution valve is driven by an electromagnet (saline), designed to work from a network of 220 volts. Electric shock of 220 V is deadly for humans. A burn appears at the point of contact, a fatal outcome is possible.

Therefore, be careful and be sure to de.energize the technique before starting work, pulling out a fork from a socket.

drain, electrolux, washing, machine


Dismantling and diagnostics of the valve are made:

  • a cross and flat screwdriver (we recommend using an electric screwdriver);
  • pliers;
  • plots with sharp lips;
  • multimeter.

All parts are easily removed, without the use of force, especially if there are plastic latches.

Theory and principle of work

The valve on the washing machine performs the same functions as the usual crane. It only opens not manually, but an electric coil at the command of the control unit. When feeding, the water under pressure rushes into the tank or into the compartment with the powder, depending on the program.

How To: Frigidaire/Electrolux Drain Pump 137221600

  • plastic case;
  • solenoid (electromagnetic reel);
  • stock;
  • spring;
  • rubber or polyurethane membrane;
  • filter mesh;
  • inserts in fittings that reduce the pressure;
  • Seals and fasteners.

When washing is launched, the current is supplied to the reel, and attracts the rod (a metal rod with an elastic band). The membrane opens, the liquid under the pressure of the water supply enters the washing machine. When the desired amount is reached, the level sensor (press) signals the control unit and the current is disconnected. The spring returns the rod to its original position, closing the water.

First remove the water

So, having determined why the machine refuses to drain the water, it is necessary to do this manually. There are several techniques that can be used.

In any case, your task is to try to make sure that there is no liquid left in the washing machine.

The procedure for searching and eliminating defects

Having dealt with the first problem, we will try to eliminate problems. The very first thing to do is turn off the equipment from electricity. If you drained water through the filter, you already looked if it was clogged and cleaned the pipe. If you got rid of water with a hose, then unscrew the filter. A small amount of water drains, prepare a container or rag. See if something fell into this compartment. You have done all the above actions, but the car still does not drain the water.

You need to check the drain pipe. We’ll have to try and disassemble the machine a little by unscrewing the fasteners of the drain knot. Then remove the pipe and feel with your fingers. If you block somewhere, you can feel it. Cleaning, install all parts in place and twist the screws.

We already wrote that threads, hair or laces wound on the impeller can become source of breakdown. How to check it? She is immediately behind the filter. Try to twist the impeller. If this is not possible, she jammed. You have to free it from interfering objects. If after these actions the impeller does not begin to spin, then then the problem is inside the pump.

Whether it can be checked by yourself. What do we have to do? Unscrew the filter. Programing the washing machine for the “Squeezd” mode. Next, look into the drain hole. You can use the flashlight. The impeller in your case will be motionless.

But there are situations when the impeller rotates, and the machine is still faulty. This usually happens in old devices. She works on the spin, but there is no plum. This situation comes from the natural wear of components. Due to the improper operation of the magnet, the pump is closing and the machine does not push.

Why is this happening? Magnets are located in a plastic glass, inside the pump. The voltage enters its winding, and ensures the movement of the rod. Protects the cuff from water and dirt. When it is damaged, the work of the part is disturbed.

After 7 years, magnets can become weaker themselves, which will lead to a weakening of the power of the pump and malfunction.

We’ll have to replace the part. You can easily determine such a malfunction on the characteristic noise in the “Super” mode. In this case, the program does not perform a given function. Perhaps a drain pump is replaced.

The drain pump is to blame

Drawing conclusions from the above, if your washing machine began to buzz hard, but at the same time it does not push the linen and the water leaves, then the matter is a malfunction of the pump. The problem is quite serious, but the repair can be done with your own hands.

The replacement instructions begin with the fact that it is necessary to remove the drain knot. Then unscrew the drain pump. Disconnect the old wires. Change the old and new detail. Join the wires. Only after that we connect the washing machine to the power supply network. And carry out test washing. If this time the drain of water passes badly, then you can’t do without contacting the service service.

Warranty for services and details

All original spare parts are applied by the proprietary factory warranty. Take an interest in the master before the installation, what is the warranty period in your case? It depends on the installed part, usually from 3 months to 3 years.

The documents

At the end of the repair work, our service engineer writes out the BSO form and leaves you a copy that indicates the work performed, set spare parts, cost and warranty period.

Payment options

Payment of cash to the master on the fact of execution of the order
Payment for details or phone number through Sberbank On-Line
We accept payment for an electronic wallet. Yandex money

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First, check

Dot in the Washing Program

First check the mode in which the machine works. Try to cancel the wash. If the problem does not disappear, reboot the machine, turning it off the network for 10-15 seconds. If there was a software failure of the controller, when turning on, the water will begin to recruit.

Puddles on the floor

If puddles appear under the machine, carefully inspect it from all sides.

  • Protte tank,
  • Bloved or deformed the stack inside the case,
  • A set hose broke or a fitting has moved, which connects the device to the water supply.

The presence of water in the tap

Then we check if there is water in the apartment. If there is no water, but it was not disconnected in the house. perhaps you blocked the input tap of cold water (usually there is a counter on it).

Display messages

Some machines indicate a malfunction on the display. In this case, we are looking for the instruction and follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Our mistake, for example, indicates codes:

  • Ardo, Asko, Candy, Hansa, Kaiser: E02. Error when typing water level
  • Beko: H4. a valve pouring water is closed
  • Bosch, Siemens: F02. Water does not enter the drum
  • Electrolux, Zanussi: E11-error when filling the tank with water (filled too long), E13-falling water level due to leakage
  • Gorenje: F2. Exceeding the Limit to the Set of Water
  • LG: IE. it is impossible to get water
  • Samsung: e1. water set is made with an error
  • Whirlpool: E10. the machine is not filled with water
  • Atlant: F5. Water is simultaneously gained and drained, the inscription “Door”. the door is not tightly closed

Electrolux Washer Tub-To-Pump Hose Replacement #134639910

If the problem cannot be solved, we begin a consistent detailed analysis.

Causes, diagnosis and treatment

Water is slowly gained or not coming

Check the pressure in the tap. the jet should be good, not barely current stream. If everything is in order with pressure, move on.

First of all, remove the top cover, turn on the machine for washing and listen to whether the solenoid of the water bay works. If the characteristic sound of an electromagnet is heard, this means that the control controller gave the command to fill out, the valve works for the opening, but there is no water.

Close the water supply tap and carefully unscrew the hose from the pipe on the typewriter (preferably with hand, because it is plastic). Gently let water into the prepared container. If the water has gone, the crane and hose are in order. If not, we look further.

The filter clogged

Check if the input filter of the washing machine is clogged. If it is clogged, we take out with pliers, clean, check the condition of the gasket, connect the hose, turn on. If the water still does not enter, move on.

The door is not closed

When you loaded the linen and closed the machine door, it locks a special lock. the hatch lock device (UBB). If you launch the wash, the device tells the controller that the hatch is closed and the machine is ready to work. If there is no such command, the controller does not let water.

First we pull the screws of the hatch mount and close the door, pressing the hatch tightly. If the water has gone, the problem is the wear of the mechanical part of the fasteners. You need to tighten the mounting of hinges and latches. If it does not help, we change the lock.

Checking the input valve and its winding

To check the valve, we will need a multimeter with the ability to measure resistance up to 5 kOhm.

  • Resistance check. Remove the top cover of the machine. The valve is located on the opposite side of the hose supplying water. Spread the resistance of the windings. There should be values ​​in the range of 2.5–4 kOhm. If the devices of the device are different, the valve must be replaced.
  • Control checking on the valve. We include the machine in the rinse mode and measure the voltage at the valve terminals. If there are 220 volts, then this means that the control controller gives the command to fill in the water, but the solenoid does not perform it. Change the valve. If there are no 220 volts, we continue to look for the problem in the controller (see. below).

In general, if you see a burned out winding, it is better to immediately replace the valve: it is unlikely that it will be able to successfully repair it

Pressostate broke. a water level sensor

Pressostat informs the controller about the presence and amount of water in the tank. The sensor can be located in various places of the machine, more often on the side wall from the inside. To verify the part, it is required to disconnect, clean from dust, check the integrity of the contacts and blow the tube of connecting the sensor with the machine tank. Then we connect a piece of the hose and blow into it. If we hear one-three click-the device is regular. If there are no clicks, we replace.

Damage of the pump (pump)

The electrical circuit of the washing machine is arranged so that the operation of the filling valve depends on the performance of the drain pump. The algorithm is laid: if there is no way to drain, then there is no need and pour.

You can check the performance of the pump in two ways:

  • Drain the remaining water through the pump filter. usually it is located below on the right. Remove the filter net and inspect the pump. If it is clogged with wool or fibers, most likely this is the reason for the breakdown. Try to clean the pump and start the wash. If the problem has not disappeared, we move on.
  • Put the machine on the side.
  • Remove the pallet (if any) without touching the wires of the water area. Disconnect the pump.
  • Clean the pump if it is dirty.
  • Inspect the pump for damage. Check the impeller for integrity and mobility.
  • Check the pump with a multimeter: if the device shows 0 or infinity, the motor is faulty, the pump needs to be replaced.

The easiest option is described above. In the premium-class machines, everything can be different.

The drain is incorrectly connected

If the drain is connected incorrectly, the machine cannot drain the water from the old washing and therefore does not allow to get a new one. Check the main rule for installing the drain: the tank should be lower than the connection of the output pipe with the sewer. The exception is only for models with a check valve, which does not allow spent water to come back.

Such a malfunction is usually accompanied by a hum of electric dedication, which cannot develop a pressure given by the program.

drain, electrolux, washing, machine

Read more. in the instructions for installing a washing machine and other articles:

Hitchhog breakdown on the hose

Part of the washing machines is equipped with aquastop. Aquastop system, which protects from the leaks of the hose. It can be distinguished by thickening the hose in two places: at the connection to the water supply and near the pallet.

Open the back cover and inspect the pallet. If it has water, then the tank is a tank, a bay system and supply of detergents or draining. Search for leaks will require a deeper disassembly of the entire machine and survey of its components.

If a hitchhiker accidentally turned on in the pallet, for example, if the float hangs in the pallet or the valve on the hose breaks. We look at the work capacity of the float and check the valve on the hose multimeter. If the module burned, we replace.

Damage to the wiring

If the machine has been used for a long time, the wiring is perhaps damaged. the wires are dry, the contacts disappeared from vibration or the animals gnawed at the wire. Both the power and signaling part of the wiring are subject to damage. These malfunctions affect the operability of the control controller.

Check the wiring with a typewriter disconnected from the network. Check all the wires and connections, replace the defective, turn on the machine and check the work.

The programmer or control module is faulty

The controller controller is a board or block at the top of the front panel. Usually they are changed entirely, only specialists from the service center can be repaired qualitatively.

Yourself, at home, you can only replace the control unit with a new. We take the type and marking of the machine, score on the Internet, select a full analogue. Take a picture of yours and send it to the seller. Get a response with guarantees of a complete coincidence.

Possible causes of breakdown

Often only a master can determine the cause of the breakdown, however, the vast majority of problems boil down to three options that are described below. In some cases, a malfunction may consist in a clogging of a drain filter. However, this problem is manifested gradually and is expressed in a significant increase in washing time, which the owner immediately notes.

Drain pump

Cold water enters the washing machine by gravity using electromagnetic valves, which open and close at the command of electronics. Water drainage occurs using a special device. drain pump (pump), which pumps out dirty water and sends it to the sewage system.

This part may fail due to prolonged operation of the machine or can be damaged when foreign objects, such as coins or lighters, hit. In this case, a special impeller breaks and can no longer pump out water even with a good motor. In this case, the drain pump must be replaced entirely, which can adversely affect the further operation of the machine. Even an experienced master will not be able to 100% guarantee the absence of leaks in the future, which can lead to flooding and damage to both the property of the owner and neighbors from below.

Water level sensor

The second breakdown option is associated with a special device that controls the water level in the tank of the washing machine. This sensor (press stratum) determines the amount of water at all stages of washing and transfers readings to the electronic control module, which opens or closes the electromagnetic valves.

In the case of “plugging” the sensor, he ceases to correctly determine the water level and transfers the electronics incorrect readings. Modern machines do not allow to open the hatch door if there is still water in the tank. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to completely disassemble the washing machine and break the tightness of the tank to replace the sensor. Repair can be quite expensive and requires high qualifications of the master, who will be able to replace the press steam without damage to sealing gum.

Electronic control module

The latter option is the most difficult in terms of repair and the easiest to diagnose. Unlike the first two options, an electronics breakdown, which is responsible for managing all the functions of the washing machine, is often accompanied by abnormal “behavior” of control elements. For example, the machine stops responding to the pressing of the buttons or the indication completely disappears. In some cases, indicators can arise spontaneously, or incomprehensible characters will appear on the display.

Unlike the drain pump and press start, this part can be repaired and completely replaced. In case of repair, it is necessary to contact a specialist-electron, who is engaged exclusively with the repair of control modules. Such masters can reflash a fee or replace a number of elements to restore performance.

In the most difficult cases, the module will have to be completely changed, which is not always justified from a financial point of view. Many boards cost up to 50% of the price of the entire car, and some models will have to order and wait for their delivery for several days or weeks.

Will there be reliable repair?

Unfortunately, an exact answer to this question does not exist. The quality of the repair depends on many factors: the qualifications of the master, the availability of certificates of conformity, as well as the quality of spare parts. In order to save money, some masters establish Chinese spare parts instead of the original ones, which significantly increases the risk of re.failure of the equipment.

drain, electrolux, washing, machine

When contacting the official service centers in the post.warranty period, the repair can be quite expensive, and private masters often do not provide any documents and do not give a guarantee for their work.

What to do if water remains?

Residual water in the Electrolux washing machine can be determined visually or by errors that are displayed on the panel. Independent diagnosis includes checking not only modes, but also the drain system itself. This refers to the drain slag and the place of its connection. The barrier can be twisted, so the water does not enter (or slowly enters) in the drain. Perhaps clogging in the sewage system or in a siphon. To do this, you need to disconnect the slag, hang it into the sink and start any mode. If the water from the hose flows normally, then the blockage in the sewage system and without plumbing is not done here.

    In the Electrolux washing machine. In these cases, the water will merge for a long time or not to the end. The filter is located in front of the drain pump and delays the pile, threads and small garbage. If it is not cleaned for a long time, then the blockage will interfere with the flow of water. The filter needs to be twisted, rinse and put in place. If the problem is in the pipe, then the master’s help will be required to open the case of the car’s body rotates at high speed and pushes water into the sewer. The pump and crackle are indicated for damage to the pump during attempts to drain water. You can shine into the hole of the drain filter and see if the impeller is spinning. If there is no rotation, then the installation of a new pump will be required.

  • Damage to control module or water sensor. If the pump does not work and the water does not drain, then the electronic control board (programmer) is possible. The signal for the drain of water does not enter and does not start the pump, which can be good. Sometimes not a fee is damaged, but a water level sensor (Pressostat). Electrolux washing module does not receive a drain signal and does not start this function.

Low prices

ServiceDiagnosticsOverhaulReplacing the electric engineReplacing the pulley of the drumReplacement of shock absorbers without tank removalReplacing an electric burnerReplacement of supports, crossDrum replacement, tankReplacing bearingsInstallation of counterweightsReplacing corps elementsRepair of medium complexitySealing or replacing nozzlesReplacing the drain pumpElimination of a clip of drain pump, inaccessible pipesReplacing the electromagnetic valveReplacing the heaterReplacing the presettateReplacing the level sensorReplacing the indication unit, electronic moduleReplacement (installation-demonstration) KSMARepair of an electrical circuitConfiguration (firmware) of the electronic unitReplacing the signaling lamps of the dispenser, front panelFront replacementDrying cleaningReplacing the heaterReplacing the thermostat, drying timer, suspension springs, hatch lockClosing the drum curtainsExtracting foreign objects from the tankMinor repairsRemoving transport fastenersReplacement of the hook, handle handle, hatch fasteners, glassReplacing door seals, hatch cuffsOpening the door of the loading hatchReplacing the power button, capacitor, network filter, network cord, repair of the KSMA pointerReplacing the drain hoseReplacement of the water area (hydrostopia)RelatedRepair of nodes, modulesInstallation-demonstration of a built-in deviceMargin of marginBasic valuesFinal provisions
When ordering repairs
In case of refusal to repair
Full diagnosis of the product (performance check)
Little repair (not disassembling the car)
System cleaning
Premium model
Urgent exit (within 15 minutes)
Cleaned working conditions
Any repair associated with complete disassembly of the product
Normal (rounded up to half an hour)
During the repair of the management fee, the master takes the fee, after the repair returns it and sets spare parts and consumables are paid separately to the city. 40 /km, the final price of the repair is determined by the master, based on the complexity of the breakdown and the volume of the work carried out
Types of work Discount on the work of the master To whom
Replacing one part
Replacing two parts
Replacing three parts
Veterans of the Second World War
Poor citizens
Large families
Mother loners
Disabled groups of the 1st group

Cleaning without shooting

If there is no desire to extract a part from the system, you can try to clean it without shooting. This can be done in several ways.

Lemon acid

To clean the filter using this substance, you will need:

Soda dining room

This substance allows you to clean not only garbage, but also remove mold, which is formed not only on the filter, but also inside the hoses.

For cleaning, you need to do the following:

Dining vinegar

When using a substance, the eyes and respiratory organs should be protected. To cleanse, vinegar with a 9%concentration is used.

After using vinegar, it is recommended to extract the filter in any case. Acetic acid perfectly expels dirt from the inside of the system, so there is a big risk that the filter will be even more contaminated if a lot of garbage has accumulated inside the machine itself. After that, it is recommended to enable a machine with a small portion of powder, soda, vinegar or citric acid again.

Whiteness or any remedy with high mlor

When working with such substances, you should be as neat as possible, avoiding its entry into the eyes, respiratory organs and skin.

Questions and answers

Not. But the older the device, the more often you need to care for it.

Such work needs to be carried out every six months. If the washing machine operates several times a week, the cleaning is carried out every three months.

No, it is used even in dishwashers. The main thing is to choose the right temperature regime.

How To Fix Top Load Washing Machine Drain If Water Not Draining On Spin Mode

This volume of work is quite capable of any person, so there is a point in contacting repairs only if for some reason you cannot remove the filter or its lid.

Yes, you certainly may. But strictly in different cycles, so as not to provoke the release of poisonous vapors into the air.

How to drain water quickly

To diagnose the breakdown yourself, you first need to drain the water from the drum.

Electrolux Front-Load Washer Drain Pump Assembly Replacement (part 5304514775)

  • Through the drain hose. This method comes to mind the first. The main thing here is to make the sleeve lying below the level of the tank. In this case, water will pour itself. Further, substitute a bucket or any other container under the tube wait until the liquid comes out.
  • Through the drain filter. Here you need a low container, because the filter is located almost by the floor. Put the container under the filter hatch and carefully unscrew the cork. You don’t need to do this completely. It is enough to wait for the moment when the water is piled.
  • Emergency hose. Some of the manufacturers of the equipment (far from everyone) introduces a special emergency hose into their devices, just for cases when you need to urgently drain the water in the tank. It is located under the plug, where the filter is. Remove the phone, lower it into the cooked container and remove the plug.
  • Drain pipe. It is worth resorting to this method only when the previous methods did not work. Open the rear panel of the machine and find the drain pipe. Most often he is under the drum. Throw rags on the floor and put the container under the pipe. Remove the clamp and carefully start disconnect the pipe itself. Get ready that there is a lot of water from the tank.

Prevention recommendations

The lion’s share of the problems is easy to avoid by observing simple recommendations for the operation of washing machines:

  • Before washing, check your clothing s, nothing should lie in them. You even need to get store checks. It is impossible to allow the rattle and crack of foreign objects to come from the drum.
  • Do not stuff the drum with clothes to failure. It is better to wash the linen twice;
  • Bras, it is better to wash in a special bag. a flying bone can damage the impeller;
  • Do not rash too much powder in the tray, you can clog it. Lumps of powder settled on the walls of the pipe, and the drain hole is narrowed due to this. The problem can lead to the fact that water will begin to accumulate in the air conditioning compartment.
  • Buy a network filter and connect the device through it. This will help prevent the consequences from voltage drops;
  • Sometimes clean the parts of the car from hair, extraneous objects and debris residues. It can also help in cases where the machine is buzzing hard.

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