Baderus boiler does not turn on after a thunderstorm

Bauderus boiler does not light up

The Buderus Logamax gas boiler is equipped with automation, which controls the work. Therefore, if the system gives an error on the display, do not be alarmed. You can find their decryption in the instructions and our article.

How to reset the error? It is recommended to reload the equipment. To do this, hold the “reset” for 5 seconds. If the code is displayed again, then take up the search for the reasons for the problem.

Another possible reason is that the temperature of the flowing flow is rapidly increasing.

  • Sensor installation in normal position. Diagnosis, installation of a good element;
  • Inspection of the pump. Connect it to the chief regulator BC20;
  • Pomp.Power adjustment.
  • Both sensors are inspected, as well as their train;
  • Measurement of pressure in the highway. Removal of accumulated air;
  • Diagnosis of the pump using the T03 test;
  • Checking the water unit of the radiator.
  • Open the gas valve until the stop;
  • Adjust the pressure in the highway;
  • No traction. Bring a lit match to the chimney. When the flame is deviated in the direction of traction, there is. If the flame burns evenly, you need cleaning the chimney channel;
  • Call the stream relay. Make a replacement;
  • Clean the contacts of the electrodes when salting;
  • Cleam the burner nozzles with a brush;
  • Put a new gas knot in case of breakdown.
  • Oxidation electrodes;
  • The work of the chimney;
  • The main fee for humidity. Dry it if necessary;
  • Gas system;
  • Condensation siphon for blockage.
  • Adjust the relay;
  • Configure heating regulators;
  • Inspect and install a working element;
  • Put a jumper;
  • Check the capacitor, its wires.

Typical malfunctions

Technology nodes can break without highlighted codes. We list the main problems that users face.

The burner does not turn on. Translate heating regulators and control systems into “inclusion” mode. Inspect the following details:

Perhaps the gas excretion sensors worked. Wait for 15 minutes. If the boiler does not start functioning, clean the chimney shaft. Put new sensors.

There is no spark. Pull out the ignition cable and try to turn on the ignition. If the sounds are heard, then the replacement of the burner or electrode is required. If not, a transformer.

Ionization problems. No current. How to proceed:

boiler, does, turn
  • Correct Connections N and L;
  • Measure voltage between l and pe. If it is absent, the PE is grounded by installing a transformer;
  • Loose connection of ionization wires. Tighten contacts or replace;
  • The combustion machine is defective. Install a good part.

The details of the boiler are constantly in contact with moisture, which leads to the oxidation of contacts and nutrition elements. The operation of the device is required.

The sound of a boil is heard. Nodes and details need cleaning. Experts recommend once a year to conduct a technical inspection of the device, clean the elements from scale. The heat exchanger is most prone to the deposit of salts, in which water constantly circulates and heats up. In order to avoid blockages, you can install treatment filters. They reduce the concentration of salts in water.

The noise of water is heard, prolonged heating. This may also indicate an abundance of scale or incorrect settings. The pump speed is adjusted, checking its turbine.

We have listed all the errors that can be seen on the displays of the boiler “Buderus”. Do not forget: when characters appear, first of all, reset, reboot is carried out, and after that you can search for the causes of the malfunction and its elimination.

Reasons why the boiler does not turn on

If the heating equipment does not light up at all, the reasons are the following factors:

  • The ski system failed;
  • The gas supply was stopped or the crane on the pipe supplies is closed;
  • Too low or high gas pressure inside the pipe;
  • The nozzle of the burner clogged.

If it lights up the first time

Breakage of the gas heating unit, in the case of which they light up do not cut different factors. External:

  • Too low gas pressure in the main pipeline;
  • Problem with the functioning of the chimney;
  • Voltage fluctuations;
  • Drafts or low temperature inside the building where the boiler stands.

The internal classes include failure of electronics, pump, heat exchanger.

If the unit goes out, and then does not immediately light up, the cause of this phenomenon may be a violation of ventilation in the room. This often happens in heating devices “Potter”, “Navien” and others., whose combustion chamber is open. They take air for combustion from the room.

Other malfunctions

When the pressure in the highway falls in the highway, the AOGV or Veilant, for example, disconnects. This happens with fluctuations in fuel supply. With improper adjustment of the fabric, protection is triggered, the boiler stops working.

To determine other malfunctions, knowledge of the device device is required, which requires repair. Each model has its own distinctive features. But more often all brands break nodes, sensors or circulation pumps. If such a pump is out of order, then the burner will not turn on, and the boiler will not be able to work on the supply of hot water and heating. It happens that the pump is buzzing, but there is no work. It is possible that he is jammed.

Sometimes in the whole house you can hear the boiler loudly and strained. This is often caused by a large amount of scale in the heat exchanger. This factor often leads to overheating of the heat exchanger.

Wizards can also be published. This happens when the boiler is ignited. Whistle signals the presence of air in the gas pipeline. To eliminate the whistle, it is enough to lose the air.

When water or condensate gets on the main fee, incorrigible breakdowns occur inside it. If moisture is the reason, stains are visible on the board.

Attention! For prolonged gas equipment, the fee must be protected from water flow and steam from entering.

Malfunctions and breakdowns in the boiler Buderus Logamax

Wall single-circuit boiler Buderus Logomax U072-35 does not start. When to keep the power button, the burner device works normally. As soon as release the button, the unit immediately goes out. What is the reason for the problem?

It seems that the thermocouple or gas valve failed. There is also a decrease in gas pressure on the supply line. Sometimes there is too small voltage of the electronic board.

There was a malfunction. The start is difficult. The smell burner is lit, but there is no main flame burner. Help me figure out what is the reason?

Perhaps a functional failure of the ignition mechanism. You will need to carry out the boiler maintenance and clean the ignition mechanism.

For what reasons, the Buderus Logamax U052 gas boiler does not turn off while heating reaches the necessary temperature? Heating occurs up to 90C, then goes into an accident. After the restart, the situation begins again.

Apparently, the control board fails, the thermal attemptor has damage, the defense sensor button broke. It cannot be ruled out that there was a failure of automation functions.

Please tell me why it is not possible to raise the temperature of the coolant above 70 s? We need to increase the temperature, and the display issues that this is the greatest value. How to add heating?

If the device cannot implement an increase in temperature in the heating system, then the following factors can be assumed. The settings set the limit for the highest heating temperature of no more than 70 degrees. The smoke of the chimney crashed.

Wall gas boiler Buderus Logomax 24 unstablely began to work in the heating cycle of the DIS system. From the tap in the kitchen, it can come alternating hot water or cold. Tell me why this is happening?

Water leakage often occurs from the tap at the bottom of the boiler. The device itself cannot be launched. What to do?

Most likely, the coolant follows from the safety valve. This situation means increasing pressure in the system. Also, the system of fueling the system may not be closed or the expansion tank is required to pump up.

Please tell me for what reason the pressure increased regularly, and the coolant discharged valve begins to work? A symbol of heating in the unit heating cycle always flashes on the display. What happened?

There is a malfunction of the heating circuit thermist. There is no normal circulation in the heating system.

What is the problem if the bugamax u072-24k binucoma boiler is regularly cut down? For example, recently piezing did not work at all. Maintenance of the device was produced this week. What a malfunction?

It seems that there are malfunctions in the smoke removal device. You must examine the chimney. Failure to fulfill the functions of piezorodes means the wear of one of the components after the voltage jumps or water fell into it.

Please help to eliminate the malfunction with the chimney? Soon for three days, as a refundable traction appeared, in which smoke began to bring down immediately into the room. I made a chimney myself. It consists of a metal pipe. It seems in the calculations a miss.

The unit operates normally in the DHW cycle, but if you run the heating, there is a boil of water, and the device stops working. What could be faulty, and how can you eliminate?

Probably, the circulation pump is inoperative, the electronic board was out of order, breakdown of a thermal attew. At the same time, the filter grid could clog.

In the process of supplying hot water, the boiler began to serve hot or cold water alternately. It is not clear what it depends on. How to adjust water heating?

Perhaps a clogged heating system has occurred or the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. In addition, a malfunction of the pressure control sensor is possible or the circulation pump is faulty.

The main reason may be an incorrect chimney configuration. Perhaps the deposition of soot on the walls of the pipe, which sufficiently reduces its effectiveness. It is also recommended to check the ventilation holes in the house.

We operate a single-circuit boiler Buderus Logomax U072-18. He instantly produces a temperature set of more than 96C, but then gets into an accident with overheating. Later, when it cools it, it goes to reboot. How to eliminate the breakdown?

The failure of the overheating functions indicates the malfunctions of the circulation process. Initially, it is necessary to monitor the taps of radiators. They must be left open. After that, a check for the cleanliness of the filter element is performed, and you also need to make sure that the heat exchanger has dirt.

Completed the launch of this boiler in the fall of that year. Somewhere a few weeks later, the apparatus began to make a lot of noise. Explain why it is noisy?

Presumably the presence in the heat exchanger of the scale. Когда вода жесткая, то с течением времени в радиаторе на стенке труб откладывается известь.

We think to connect the Logamax Plus GB172 wall.Mounted house in a private house. Please tell me how you yourself need to put such an unit into operation correctly?

For the correct start of this equipment, subsequent actions must be performed. Connect the device of the device. Put the gas tap open open. Then we start a burning device. At the end, we adjust the necessary temperature.

We need to perform maintenance. Advise how to independently drain water from the unit?

In accordance with the leadership, this operation is carried out so. Disconnect the unit from the electric network. Overlaid the gas valve. Open the automatic air vent. Turn the plum tap. After that, remove the leaked water. If required, it is allowed to drain the liquid through the discharge valve. This valve is located at the bottom of the device.

You can tell me how you can diagnose the work of a three.Way valve? There is a suspicion that this component does not fulfill the discovery. The extreme radiators cannot pump heating, however, a pipe to feed the coolant under the boiler is heated on hot water supply.

You are right, we recommend that you inspect the 3x-lane valve regarding the acidification of its rod in an intermediate state. We also recommend an inspection of the heating system itself.

How to turn on after disconnecting

The boiler is turned on by pressing the corresponding button. If the disconnection occurred due to external causes (lack of gas in the highway, disconnecting water or electricity), then you must first make sure that the necessary resources are restored.

In case of refusal of any nodes or parts that caused the boiler, it is necessary to eliminate the cause-replace or repair a problem node or part, restore oxidized contacts, etc.D. Otherwise, the launch of the boiler will not be made, the installation will immediately be blocked by a self.Diagnosis system.

The main malfunctions and repair of gas boilers Buderus Logano

The floor boiler Buderus Logano G234-44 WS cannot launch. While holding the start key, the burner is functioning. If you do not fix the key, the device rush immediately. Tell me the cause of the malfunction?

Apparently, a thermo element or gas valve failed. There may also be a decrease in gas pressure on the entrance line. In some cases, there is a lack of voltage of the control board.

We have a problem. Starting is hard. The smell burner lights up, and there is no fire on the main burning node. I just can’t understand what reason it is?

Apparently, violation in the operation of the node. You need to conduct a technical inspection of the device and clean the ignition device.

Why the gas boiler Buderus Logano 32 kW does not stop working at the time when it gains a given temperature? It heats up to 90 s, after this there is a failure. During the surge in the restart operation, the cycle begins again.

Probably, the board is damaged, the temperature sensor has a breakdown, has a problem of protection button from overheating. It is possible that there was a failure of automatic adjustment.

Could you tell me why the coolant does not heat up more than 70 degrees? I need to configure more, but the screen shows that this is the largest value. How to enhance the heating temperature?

If the device does not perform the temperature lifting cycle at the heating circuit, then the following reasons are likely. The adjustments set the limit of the highest heating temperature of not more than 70 degrees. A decrease in the speed of the chimney traction is traced.

Buderus Logano G234-38 WS is unsatisfactorily functioning in the heating mode of the hot water supply circuit. It flows from the tap in turn either cold water or hot. Explain why it happened?

There is a crane under the boiler, water is dripping all the time. The device itself does not work. What should I do?

Apparently, there is a drop in the coolant through the valve of the security group. In this case, this indicates an increased pressure in the system. In addition, the valve of the system filling could not be blocked or it is recommended to download an expansion tank.

I would like to know why pressure rises continuously, and at the same time the water discharge valve opens? On the display, the heating icon is burning each time when the device is heated. How to be?

There is a malfunction of the temperature sensor of the heating line. Termination of the corresponding circulation process in the heating line.

boiler, does, turn

For what reason the floor gas boiler Buderus Logano 44 kW constantly began to turn off? Say, the other day, the settled did not work in any way. The unit service was carried out that month. What happened?

We assume that there are problems in the process of displaying smoke. You need to check the chimney. The inoperability of the ski element may indicate damage to some component in the event of a voltage difference or water.

Someone can help fix the problem with the chimney? For 2 days there is a reverse craving, while smoke penetrates directly into the kitchen. They engaged in the chimney on their own. It looks like a metal pipe. It seems that there is a mistake somewhere.

The device produces hot water well, but at the time of heating starting, the water immediately reaches a boil, and the unit turns off. What is the malfunction, and in what way you can eliminate?

Apparently, the circulation pump is faulty, the control board has damage, a temperature sensor malfunction. Also, the filter mesh mesh can clog.

In the hot water preparation cycle, the device alternately suppresses either cold or hot water. I just can’t understand what it comes from. How to establish the heating of the coolant yourself?

It seems that the heating system is dirty or the heat exchanger clogged. In addition, there may be a defect in the sensor that controls the pressure, or the circulation pump could break down.

An important factor can be an incorrectly performed chimney configuration. Often there is pollution of soot, which significantly weakens its efficiency. In addition, it is required to control the hood in residential premises.

Installed Buderus Logano G124 WS a week ago. The device sharply gains a temperature above 96 degrees, and then turns off by overheating. Subsequently, after its cooling, he begins to start on his own. What is the reason?

The overheating accident indicates a violation of the circulation process. Previously, you need to control the position of the radiators cranes. They are installed open. Then an inspection is made for clogging the filter, and you should also make sure that the heat.Expanded device is clogged.

Performed independently installation of this unit in 2015. After about three months, the device began to publish noise. Please tell me what is the reason that the noise is happening?

Most likely, the heat exchanger is clogged. If the water is hard, then the lime plaque will be accumulated in the radiator pipes.

They would like to connect the floor boiler Buderus Logano G234 for heating the house. Tell me how to correctly start such an unit to work yourself?

For the correct commissioning of this device, certain measures must be taken. Connect the power supply of the device. Open a gas valve. Then we turn on the main burner. At the end we set up the necessary topics.

We have plans to perform maintenance. Instruct how to properly drain the coolant from the apparatus?

According to the instructions, this work is implemented in the following order. Disable the device from electricity. Close the gase valve. We open the automatic air challenge. Completely open the drain valve. Then collect a spilled liquid. You can also drain water using a safety valve. This component is installed in the lower part of the unit.

Please tell us how to check the three.Way valve? There is a suspicion that this part does not fully open. In the heating cycle, extreme batteries cannot pump, and in hot water supply, the pipe for supplying the coolant under a boiler unit is very hot.

Repair of floor boilers Buderus

In operation, the floor gas boiler Buderus Logano G124 WS, control logo 2107. I noticed such a thing in frosts, the coolant warms up to 76-77 gr. (AUT mode), then chopped off with a loud click in the control unit, drives, cools to 68-69 and again the same. On the street.34. In the same way it warms with.18, while turning off the burner regularly (without this loud click). It seems that some protection is triggered in my head, that it can be and what to do?

TR thermostat is triggered (the one with a twist). The relay on the board worked faster. Warm the unit will be the coolant until or the TR or electronic sensor does not work. If the handle is 90, and in the settings of the boiler the maximum set 80, then up to 90 reptiles should not heat up.

In the cold, the house has cooled very much (210m). Temperature 15. Buderus G234-35 BFU boiler, external sensor. The unit issued 80-90, 62-64 came to the system. The question is. Do you need a hydraulic separator in my scheme? The brigade that did can not say anything with confidence, the trusts claim that the hydraulic shotgun is necessarily needed.

The pump between the hydraulic shotgun and the boiler at what speed costs? Try to put the maximum. If it does not help, then try the boiler pump more powerful. The power of the pump should be 15% more than all other pumps combined. Then the hydraulic shootout works as it should. And you have a return from the heating system to feed. And a hydraulic shotus is necessary.

Tell me, if a logamatics stands on a boiler in a remote boiler room, Bfu in the house, then you will have to, and for each manage in the house a pump to drag his pair, etc. D. But Buderus does not have any solution for a remote boiler room? I see some kind of Logamatic 4323 in their lineup installed on the wall. It won’t help me? True, I do not see a way to connect to the unit and permissible remoteness from it.

Buderus Logamatic 4323. This is a controller for a remote heat point. The maximum configuration can control the heating main pump, with one boiler and up to 8 heating circuits with or without or 9 heating circuits without a boiler. One BFU can be tied to each heating circuit, however, BFU will work correctly only on condition that the contours are mixing. The maximum wire length for the BUS tire connecting this controller with a boiler up to 1000 meters. For each Bfu, there is no need to pull your pair of wires to the control unit. You can connect all BFU to one pair of wires, be sure to observe the polarity and correctly prescribing the numbers in the service settings of the controller and on the BFU themselves.

The Logano Buderus boiler G125, diesel burner, 3 heating circuits (2 radiators without displacement, 1. TP with ESBE mixer). There is also BKN, Buderus Logalyux. In addition, I purchased 3 BFU, one for each of the contours. The main settings that were set in automation: type of heating system. Indoor regulator; Type of decrease. According to t. Questions, the answers to which I wanted to find: 1. When moving to a low (night) mode, whether the contour pumps should be completely turned off? If they should, then it depends on it. And should the boiler be drowned during the reduction (night) or should slowly distribute the remaining heat and only periodically flood? 2. I understand correctly that the pump is adjusted in the direct circuit with the temperature, in the mixing. Mixing valve? 3. Interested in the operation of the pumps, because at night (according to the schedule) is the electric boiler is turned on, which is tied with diesel in parallel, but does not have its own pump, that is, when the electric boiler is turned on, the circulation of the coolant is provided by pumping contours pumps. Accordingly, I need a mode in which the pumps at night would continue to work. If you tie the operation of the pumps to “protection against freezing”, then the maximum binding, as I understand it, is 1 overboard, and then?

When choosing a “indoor regulator”. The pumps are turned off upon reaching a given room temperature in any mode, at least day, at least night. If the temperature below the “freezing protection” specified in the item (factory setting 1 degree) indicated in the item). Changes to minus 20. You can configure individually for each circuit, the pump is turned on in any mode. When choosing “T Comn.”The night room temperature is set. When this value is exceeded, the heating circuit is turned off. At a temperature below the boundary value of the heating system, the specified temperature of the night regime supports. That is, for your case, these settings are not suitable in its pure form. On a vapid, I see two options for solving the problem: 1. Types of the heating system we set the “radiator” and “floor”. “Remote control”. “No display” 3. “Max. Influence of comn T “. The question is debatable, I propose to install 7 for radiators, for the floors to choose so that there is no discomfort. 4. Type of decrease. “Reduction”. The only “but”, if the ec sufficient power, then overheating of the room at night is possible, because the pumps will work constantly. 2. By simple improvements, we organize switching the control command to turn on between boilers. In the afternoon. Diesel, at night. Ec. Then the action will be turned on only when it is really necessary. The only possible ambush. When the boiler water cools below 40 degrees, the pumps are disconnected, in order to avoid condensation and are turned on when this threshold exceeds. And with parallel to the inclusion of boilers, this moment may never come.

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Tell me, please, will I be able to solve my problems with Buderus equipment? There is a house 220m2, 40m from the house of the boiler room. I would like to install a boiler there (some easier). Single.Circuit flooring atmospheric and lay the heating main to the house. As far as I understand, the Logamatik itself measures the temperature in the room? (Or some sensor hanging nearby)? But in the boiler room planned to hold 5-10C. What to do in such a situation? Is it possible to somehow lengthen the 40m Logamatics bus and place it in the house, far from the unit? What solutions do Buderus have for such cases?

Logamatics in itself does not measure any temperature, receives data from the corresponding temperature sensors (street, boiler, boiler, under. Or arr. Lines, indoor, etc. D.). In your case, you need a BFU indoor sensor, configured to the outline that heats the room with the installed BFU. The length of the connecting wire between the BFU and the unit control unit is not more than 100 meters.

The boiler does not warm the water for heating

So, let’s consider the main reasons why the gas boiler does not warm the water for the heating system and what to do:

  • Airlock. It is necessary to examine the heating system for the presence of air in radiators. To exclude such a problem, you need to install an air vent. The principle of its operation is similar to the operation of the expansion tank, but it is able to maintain pressure in the system. Using the air vent, you need to release air from the system. It is important to inspect the valve itself for the presence of a mechanical blockage. The presence of scale is possible there;
  • Corrosion in radiators. You can determine the blockage of heating devices by draining water from the system. If the water flowed dirty, then you need to rinse the system until visually clean water appears;
  • Errors in the connection. Hot water may not flow if the diameter of the pipes is not the same as provided for by the project or instructions. It is necessary to check the compliance of the pipeline, the correct connection and quality of the installation of shut.Off valves;
  • Insufficient pressure in the network. You should try to add water to the heating system, as there may not be enough pressure to trigger the automation of the burning of the burner;
  • The presence of scale in the heat exchanger. The first sign is the long.Term heating of the coolant and the heating of the batteries. You need to get rid of the deposits and carry out boiler treatment of water. To do this, disassemble the boiler and dismantle the heat exchanger node.

Before this, you need to block the flow of gas and water to the device. Then flexible connectors from the pump are connected to the heat exchanger and it is washed with a special treatment plant, which can be purchased in free sale. After which the parts are washed with water.

It is important to understand that the addition of chemical reagents to the coolant prevents and reduces the appearance of deposits on the details. But before using the reagents, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions of the boiler, since some manufacturers, such as Ariston, Electrolyux, Buderus, Navien or Arderia, do not provide for the use of chemical additives in the coolant. In this case, you can use water treatment filters or distilled water.

Some manufacturers allow the use of antifreeze instead of water in the heating system. This substance can be used in the following boilers: “Baxi”, “Vaillat”, “Potter”, “Beretta”, “Korea Star”. However, it should be understood that each manufacturer recommends using antifreeze of their own production;

  • Filter filter. When clogging the filter nets with mechanical garbage, radiators can also warm up poorly. Therefore, the filter should be regularly checked and cleaned, washed with water. If clogging occurs too often, then such a part must be replaced;
  • Incorrect tuning. First of all, with weak or absent heating, it is necessary to check the settings of the control unit. Insufficient temperature can be installed and gas does not warm up water;
  • Malfunctions in the operation of pumping equipment. If the pump power is not enough to ensure good circulation, then it can be disconnected when overheating. This can happen when the DHW contour is turned on;
  • Incorrectly selected heating devices. If radiators with the inappropriate parameters of heat transfer and structure are installed in the system, then this can also lead to weak heating;
  • Incorrect bias of pipelines. Most often, this problem is found in systems with natural circulation. Regulatory documentation determines that the bias of the pipes should be from 10 mm per meter of the pipes. If these requirements are inconsistent, circulation may be violated and, as a result, there is no heating due to the low duct of the coolant.

Probable errors, their codes and malfunctions of Buderus boilers (Buderus)

This article contains all likely malfunctions and options for their elimination, as well as errors for Buderus boilers (Buderus). All information is read in the following order: code. Name. Possible malfunction. If you have any additional questions, please leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев for this article.

Error code a. Pipe Chronicles mode

The device is in the “chimney sweep” mode. After 15 minutes, the “chimney sweep” mode is automatically deactivated.

Error code h. Heating mode

Buderus boiler is in heating mode.

Error code 0a. Blocking

Active blocking is active: the delay time between turning off and turning on the burner has not yet expired (service function 2.3b).

Error code 0a for GB072-24K

The duration of support in hot condition: the temporary interval of water support in hot condition has not yet been exhausted (service function 2.3F).

Error code 0e. Turning on-switching mode

Heat voltage is less than the minimum heat production of the boiler. The boiler works in switching control mode.

Error code 0h. The need for warmth

The device is in a state of readiness, there is no need for heat.

boiler, does, turn

Error code 0L. Delay

Gas reinforcement opens, the first time delay.

Error code 0Y. The temperature is higher than the given

The actual temperature of the feed line is higher than the given. The boiler turns off.

Error code 2e. Air removal

Error: Active Air Removing Function.

Error code 2H. Protection of the pump

The protection of the pumping circuit pump and a three.Way valve from jamming is active.

Error code 2p. Temperature growth

Gradient restriction: too fast temperature growth in hot water supply mode.

Error code H21. Temperature sensor

Damage to the temperature sensor of the hot water (GB072-24K).

Error code 0Y. The temperature on the sensor of the feed line is more than 95 c

This message may appear in the absence of a malfunction if all the valves are suddenly closed on radiators or after the selection of hot water from GB072-24K.

  • Check the working pressure in the heating system.
  • Open service cranes.
  • Perform an electrical connection of the heating circuit pump to the chief regulator BC20.
  • Take or replace the pumping circuit pump.
  • Set the power of the pump or its characteristic correctly and coordinate with the maximum power.
  • Check the presence of damage or short circuit of the temperature sensor of the feed line and its wires, replace it if necessary.

Error code 3a. The fan does not work

Check it, and if it is faulty, replace it.

Error code 3F. A break during work

The burner and fan worked 24 hours without a break and turn off for a short time for safety reasons.

Error code 4c. Blocking

The heat exchanger temperature limiter or the temperature limiter of the smoke gases of the Buderus boiler temperature. If a blocking malfunction has existed for a long time, then it goes into a locking.

The temperature sensor of the feed line (short circuit) is faulty. If the malfunction has existed for a long time, the display will show a 4U malfunction code and working code 222.

Error code 4Y. Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor of the feed line (break) is faulty. If the malfunction has existed for a long time, the display will show a 4Y malfunction code and working code 223.

Error code 6a. There is no flame

After the 4th attempt to ignition, the blocking malfunction goes into a locking.

Error code 6L. There is no ionization signal while the burner

The burner is restarted. If the ignition is unsuccessful, then the blocking error 6A will be shown, after the 4th attempt to ignit the blocking malfunction goes into the failure.

Error code 8Y. There is no jumper between the terminals of a separate temperature control relay AT90

If the temperature control relay is not connected, then install the jumper.

Error code 8Y. Temperature control relay is blocked

  • Unlock the temperature control relay.
  • Check condensate removal.
  • The condensate pump does not work. Replace the condensate pump.

Error code EL

The main regulator BC20 is faulty. Replace.

Error code 3c. Fan work error

Check the fan and its wire with a plug, replace if necessary.

Error code 3p. The fan works too slowly

Check and if necessary, replace.

Error code 4c. Temperature limiter

The error of the temperature of the heat exchanger or the temperature limiter of the flue gases.

  • Check: the presence of damage to the temperature limiter of the heat exchanger / smoke gases and its connecting wires, replace if necessary, operating pressure in the heating system, temperature limiter, if necessary, replace the pump pressure, replace the pump, fuse, replace if necessary.
  • Remove the air from the boiler.
  • Check the water circuit of the heat exchanger, if necessary, replace.
  • At the boilers, Buderus with a cutter in a heat exchanger check if a cutter is installed.

Error code 4U. Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor of the feed line (short circuit) is faulty.

Check the presence of damage or a short circuit of the temperature sensor and its wire, replace if necessary.

boiler, does, turn

Error code 4Y. The temperature sensor of the feed line (break) is faulty

Check the presence of damage or cliffing of the temperature sensor and its wire, replace if necessary.

I have a Buderus Logano G124 boiler. The problem is that sometimes

Error code 6a. Error: Flame is not found

  • Check: connecting the protective wire, whether the gas valve, the gas pressure, the gas pressure, the connection to the mains, the electrodes with the wires, the system of drainage of the smoke gases are open, if necessary, clean or repair.
  • Check the ratio of gas-air, fix it if necessary.
  • For natural gas: check the gas flow control relay, replace if necessary.
  • When working with air fence for combustion from the room, check the supply of air into the room and ventilation holes.
  • Clean the drain of the condensate siphon.
  • Dismate the membrane in the mixing device of the fan, check the presence of cracks and pollution on it.
  • Clean the heat exchanger of the boiler Buderus.
  • Insert kim correctly, replace if necessary.
  • Two.Phase network (IT): set the resistance of 2 Ohms between PE and N by connecting an electronic board to the mains.
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