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Commissioning of the Baxi Eco Four 24F boiler.

Heating and warm water in a house where gas is connected requires a boiler and a water heater. Baxi Eco Four 24F is a double-circuit boiler that combines this very boiler and a water heater. The model, according to the manufacturer’s description, is very smart and problem-free, it can show errors. In general, if you are reading this article, you most likely know all this and we will not go into details, but let’s move on to the very essence.

You installed the boiler, connected the chimney, connected and connected water through an oblique filter and polyphosphate, heating and gas. We connected the boiler to the mains through a stabilizer and start starting the boiler.

Start-up should be done by specialists, but as practice has shown, gas workers who come to start-up may not know anything at all and only do everything intuitively. T.To. the boiler starts to give out a lot of errors, they can assume that it is faulty and send you for a false repair. Something similar happened to me and I will tell you how the gas was started for me, what needs to be done and in what sequence, t.To. Not everything is written in the instructions.

Check the pressure in the expansion tank on the back of the boiler (red flat round tank with car nipple). Must be 0.5 atmospheres.

Check all heating taps, everything must be open.

We fill the heating system by opening a special tap and look at the pressure gauge, when the pressure has risen to 1.5 atmospheres in the “green zone”, turn off the tap and go to bleed the air in the batteries.

Flusted the air, the pressure dropped, we score again and again descend. We do this until water flows from the batteries and the pressure stays slightly above unity on the pressure gauge.

Next, remove the boiler cover, it can be removed easily and is not protected by seals. Just unscrew the 2 screws from the bottom and lift up to remove it.

Then we unscrew the screw of the plastic panel and turn it.

On the pump you will see another air bleed screw.

We unscrew this screw with our hands so that air comes out (it may be very small this time, but that’s not all).

The air is released, we tighten the screw, if necessary, add water to the system to a pressure of one (1), without putting on the front cover, turn on the boiler and start it in heating only mode at a minimum or up to 50 degrees temperature for one minute.

The pump will turn on, which will begin to drive water through the heating system. At this moment, errors may come out that the boiler is overheated, t.e. heat sensors are triggered, it can give a pump blocking error, thermostat malfunctions, etc.P. The main thing here is not to be scared, it was the same with me. The problem is that there is still air in the system. Some bugs block the burner, pump and who knows what else. Where possible, according to the instructions, get rid of these errors (R), and where not, just turn off the boiler from the mains and continue to do the following.

After a minute, turn off the boiler with the buttons on the panel and from the power supply. We open our screw behind the pump again, here you will hear that air comes out and moreover, not a little.

We close the screw and start the heating again for 1 minute, then turn off the air again. We do this until the air stops leaving the heating system.

Проблема с котлом baxi main 24 fi

Next, we unscrew the screw by 0.25-0.5 turns and leave it open, t.To. it is a float type and it will release the remaining air on its own. In theory, you can immediately open this screw and drive water, but then it will not be clear whether air came out and whether there was a reason for the errors.

The air is out, you can turn on the heating longer and see if the batteries are warming up. Should warm up and already becomes more pleasant to the soul.

Switch the boiler to the summer mode and open the hot water tap, if the water has flowed, the boiler has turned on, heated the water and it is constantly warm for 3 minutes and beyond, everything means normal and the boiler start-up was successful. Now mark with a marker how the boiler is connected to the power supply, if you have it turned on through the sockets, t.To. the boiler is phase-dependent and the plug must be turned on in a certain position.

But if, when starting the water, the gas lights up for 5 seconds and turns off, and the water goes cold.

I had just such a situation, then just turn the plug in the outlet and the gas should not turn off and the water will warm up to the set temperature.

baxi, main, turn

Remember that the high temperature in the circuit forms scale, so set the water so that it does not have to be diluted, because.To. within 40 degrees.

If you made different mistakes even after what was done according to my story, then it is better to additionally consult in the store where you bought the boiler, look for a similar problem on the Internet.

Of course, if it is possible to invite a specialist who understands the launch of Baxi boilers, then this is the surest option, but in my case it turned out to be difficult to find a specialist.

I want to note that this instruction describes the private experience of successfully starting the boiler with your own hands and cannot be an unconditional instruction, be careful and attentive. And remember that in the warranty card there should be a mark about putting the cat into operation with a seal, otherwise you will not have a guarantee.

Boiler instruction Baxi MAIN 24 Fi (i)

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Boiler instruction Baxi MAIN DIGIT 24 Fi (i)

How to use our website OnlineManuals.en Our goal is to provide you with quick access to the instructions for the boiler Baxi MAIN DIGIT 24 Fi (i). With online browsing, you can quickly view the contents of the manual and find a solution to the problem with the boiler Baxi MAIN DIGIT 24 Fi (i).

For your convenience If leafing through the user manual of the Baxi MAIN DIGIT 24 Fi (i) boiler directly on the site is not very convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:

Full Screen View. easy to view the user manual (without downloading it to your computer), you can use the full screen view. To view the user manual for the Baxi MAIN DIGIT 24 Fi (i) boiler on a full screen, use the “Open in Pdf-viewer” button. Download to PC. You can also download the Baxi MAIN DIGIT 24 Fi (i) boiler manual to your computer and save it in files.

Many people prefer to read documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The ability to print the user manual has also been provided on our website and you can use it by clicking on the “print” icon in the Pdf-viewer. There is no need to print the entire manual of the Baxi MAIN DIGIT 24 Fi (i) boiler, you can select only the necessary pages of the manual.

Where is the best place to use

The intended purpose of the Baxi Main 24Fi boilers is the operation in residential buildings, apartments, sometimes they are installed in offices or public institutions.

At enterprises with industrial facilities, the installation of boilers is not recommended due to the aggressive specifics of the work, which will lead to a breakdown of the boiler. This model is theoretically intended for heating the area of ​​240m2, but as the practice of 200-220 m2 shows the optimal area to work to reduce wear of the boiler nodes and prevent the appearance of scale.

Baxi boiler error codes

Boilers of the Italian brand Baxi enjoy wide and fully deserved popularity and respect. They are distinguished by manufacturability, energy efficiency, long service life and friendliness even to an inexperienced user.

At the same time, like any other technique, over time, even in these reliable boilers, certain problems occur. And since their design is quite complex, the variety of potential failures here is very impressive. However, Baxi has tried to make life as easy as possible for the buyers of its products and has developed its own self-diagnosis system. High-precision electronics analyzes the characteristics of work processes, compares them with nominal indicators and, if a problem is detected, displays information about it on the LCD display.

That’s just information about errors is displayed in encoded format E## or ##E, where E is an abbreviation for Error, and ## is a two- or three-digit numeric value. Knowing the code and what problem it shows, you can try to fix it yourself or at least estimate the magnitude of the problem. However, we strongly do not recommend trying to eliminate it on your own. this procedure should only be trusted by experienced specialists who comply with the established regulations and take into account the design features of the equipment.

Explanation of error codes in some cases can be found in the manual for your boiler model. However, it will be much more reliable to have at hand a complete list of possible problems and their coded values.

The Baxi turbocharged double-circuit gas boiler does not require the construction of a traditional chimney, so there is no need to rebuild the building if such a device was not taken into account when planning. To remove gases, the so-called coaxial chimney is used, designed according to the principle, a pipe in a pipe: cold air enters through the outer tube, and hot combustion products are discharged through the inner. Thanks to this technical solution, the safety of the heating system is significantly increased, it becomes more comfortable in the room, since the gas combustion process takes place outside, and the air in the room is not consumed.

In accordance with the instructions, Baxi MAIN 24 FI is a complete heating equipment that provides both space heating and hot water supply. The dimensions of the unit weighing 31 kg are very compact and are only 730 cm high, 400 cm wide and 30 cm deep. Recommended area of ​​the heated room. up to 180 sq. m.

On the front of the boiler there is a convenient control panel with a spacious LCD display, adjustment buttons for setting the required operating modes. Simple symbols and inscriptions show the emerging failures in the operation of the equipment and make it possible to quickly eliminate the malfunction. The package includes the Baxi Main 24 Fi boiler itself and the instruction manual, the coaxial kit must be purchased separately.

Baxi gas boiler error codes

A description of most Baxi boiler errors can be found in the classifier. The most common options are described in the accompanying documentation. But, sometimes it can be found that some codes may indicate several possible problems, and check the state of the nodes will be required. In many cases, it is not necessary to call the master to restore the operation of Baksi gas boilers, and you can return the equipment to working condition on your own.

Error e00

The appearance of the E00 code indicates a malfunction of the electronic board. She is responsible for managing all nodes. In this case, you will have to go to specialists to troubleshoot. Do not confuse E00 with A00. The display of the code A00 on the screen may appear if the “INFO” mode is activated and its appearance does not confirm that the equipment is in a technically faulty or inoperative condition.

Baxi gas boiler, error e01 and e04, repair methods

E01 and E04 are displayed in case of violations in the ignition system in the Baxi eco four 24 f boiler (ecofor 24 f). If the mounted boiler is not equipped with a display, then LED indicators signal such a problem.

In addition to these options, error E01 in the Baksi gas boiler can be displayed in the following options:

  • in the absence of gas;
  • if there is no contact on the flame sensor;
  • if dirt has accumulated on the flame control sensor;
  • with the wrong location of the power wires;
  • in case of malfunctions in the operation of the gas cock, chimney or equipment electronics.

Error e02 thermostat

A hardware error can occur for several reasons. The following options can be distinguished:

  • upon reaching the limit value of the liquid temperature of the main circuit;
  • in case of failure of the sensor that monitors the temperature regime of the circuit;
  • with insufficient contact on the temperature sensor;
  • with insufficient circulation of fluid in the system;
  • in case of debris in the filter or heat exchanger, or the formation of an airlock.

A similar malfunction occurs on equipment that does not provide for the installation of a display. A sign of a problem is the glow of the indicator responsible for the temperature readings.

Error e03 (draft sensor) in the Baksi gas boiler

A similar signal appears on models where there is a closed and open combustion chamber. The displayed code shows possible problems in the operation of the Baxi gas boiler draft sensor, the operation of the thermostat or the pneumatic relay.

  • large length of the chimney system;
  • a foreign object has got into the chimney, or the chimney channel is clogged;
  • malfunctions in the Venturi injector (errors in the Baksi moon 3 boiler);
  • violation in electronics;
  • incorrect operation of the fan or there is no contact with it;
  • incorrect connection of the pneumatic relay.

Errors e05 and e09 DHW control and burner flame

E05 occurs when a malfunction is detected in the operation of the heating circuit. Among the main reasons can be called a malfunction of the sensor itself, in some cases there may be a malfunction of the electronic board. Sometimes the occurrence of incorrect operation of the equipment may be due to a lack of contact between the sensor and the board.

E09 occurs when there is a malfunction in providing the room with hot water. But sometimes the occurrence of an error on a gas boiler is not related to the functioning of the hot water supply. Most problems are resolved by testing the circuits and then replacing the faulty assembly, assembly or part.

Error e06

If the DHW temperature sensor malfunctions, code E06 occurs. The reason is problems both in the sensor itself and in the wiring.

Error e10 of the Baxi gas boiler minimum pressure switch. Solutions

If the signal from the hydraulic pressure switch fails, E10 may appear. There are several main options:

  • in the absence of free space in the expansion tank or its breakdown;
  • when the water pressure sensor fails. Common on Baxi Main four 240f, Baxi Main 24 fi models;
  • if the oblique filter on the return is clogged.

Errors e25, e27 and e32 of a temperature nature

The occurrence of unexpected temperature changes in the heating circuit can cause code E25, E26, E27 or E32. There are several reasons for displaying on the display: pump blockage, debris in the filter, presence of air in the system, malfunctions in the electronic system, incorrect operation of the DHW sensor.

To eliminate, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance and check the nodes. Both electrical and mechanical testing of components may be required.

Error e35, e36 and e40, e43 flame control and gdc of the Baxi boiler, how to fix

The occurrence of signals is preceded by malfunctions in the gas burner flame control system and smoke exhaust systems. Error E35 in a Baksi gas boiler may occur when a parasitic flame occurs. The manufacturer explains this: a parasitic flame in a gas boiler is a situation when a burning signal is received from the ionization sensor before the valve opens. E36 about a malfunction of the NTC sensor, codes from E40 to E43 indicate failures during the GDC test. You can fix some options yourself, but in most cases you may need to call the wizard.

Code e55 problems with the gas supply valve

Cause. Incorrect valve calibration. It can be difficult to independently carry out an accurate calibration on your own. We advise you to contact the relevant services for help.

Error e98 gas boiler Baxi

Such a manifestation indicates violations in the operation of the control unit. This may be sticking of the relay contacts of the valves responsible for supplying gas to the equipment. Appears after the system self-diagnosis. In some cases, a malfunction may be due to incorrect setting of the board parameters. It should be remembered that you will not be able to get rid of the problem on your own. You will need to call the masters from the service department.

Code e99 electrical part

In most cases, error E99, E97 and E98 indicates possible problems in the electronics of the device Baksi mine 24fi, Baksi Slim. Accurately identifying a malfunction at home can be very difficult. There may be reasons for each option. In most cases, it lies in the electronic board itself. When calling the wizard, ask him to take a working board with him. To do this, you will need to specify the value indicated on the board, or name the model of the heating device.

The device of a gas double-circuit boiler Baxi Main 24 Fi

The main elements of the boiler design:

baxi, main, turn
  • Combined bithermic heat exchanger.
  • Closed type gas burner.
  • Expansion tank.
  • Turbo blower.
  • Circulation pump.
  • Three-way valve.
  • Control board with connected sensors.
  • Connection pipes, connecting pipelines.

The technology of the boiler operation consists in heating the coolant using a gas burner in a heat exchanger, where the outgoing RH is mixed with a reverse cold flow at a given temperature.

At the same time, water is heated in the heat exchanger, which circulates through the inner tube and converts energy from the hot HW.

Due to the fan absorbing clean air from the outer pipe of the coaxial chimney, the combustion process and the removal of fuel combustion products take place.

All processes are controlled by a complex of sensors, from which, in the event of a malfunction, a signal is received and an error code is displayed on the display. The entire cycle passes automatically with manual adjustment of the mode of operation.

Main nodes and principle of operation

The line of gas boilers Baksi includes a number of models that differ in volume, type of installation, functionality. At the same time, the principle of their work is generally similar.

  • Baxi Luna (Baxi Luna).
  • Baxi Slim (Baxi Slim).
  • Baxi Main four (Baxi Main four).
  • Baxi Main 24 fi (Baxi Main 24 fi.
  • Baxi Nuvola (Baxi Nuvola).
  • Baxi EKO four (Baxi Ecofor, Baksi Ecofor).

Gas boiler Baxi luna-3 1.310 price and where to buy

According to the type of installation, gas boilers are divided into wall and floor.

The wall heater is fixed with the help of special brackets in any convenient place, which makes wall models very popular. Closed combustion chambers such as the Baxi Main 24 fi offer increased efficiency and environmental friendliness in a small package.

The volume of coolant in the heat exchanger depends on the model, in the most powerful it reaches 80 liters. In terms of functionality, the models can be single-circuit. for heating, or double-circuit. in addition to the heating system, they also feed the DHW circuit.

They can work both on natural main gas and on liquefied gas from cylinders, which makes it possible to install them in non-gasified areas. The boilers are completely volatile and require connection to the AC mains.

The principle of operation of gas heating equipment:

  • Sensors analyze the temperature in the room, and when the minimum value is reached, they give a signal to turn on the circulation pump.
  • The pump turns on, creating a vacuum in the return pipe, while the heated water enters the heating system.
  • The microprocessor sends a signal to ignite the burner at low power, it gradually increases, and the coolant heats up to a temperature set by the user.
  • Further, the boiler operates in modulation mode. it maintains the temperature within the specified limits, turning on when it drops.

At any of these stages, a malfunction may occur, which the boiler notifies with the help of coded errors.

Possible malfunctions of the boiler Baxi Main for, Baxi Main 24 fi, Baxi Eco for:

  • the burner goes out immediately after switching on or during heating (error codes e01, e04);
  • ignition of the boiler is not possible;
  • overheating occurs (error code e02);
  • the water pressure in the system drops (error code e10);
  • extraneous noise is heard in the work;
  • pops occur in the combustion chamber;
  • the coolant does not heat up to the set temperature;
  • one of the sensors fails (various error codes may appear).

The most common causes of the appearance of certain malfunctions, according to service center specialists, can be:

  • improper installation of the heating system;
  • errors when connecting the boiler to the mains;
  • water ingress onto the board, into the burner or into the electrical part of the boiler;
  • low quality of network water or other heat carrier;
  • a sharp drop in gas pressure;
  • voltage drops or increases unacceptably in the network.

Почему котел BAXI Main 24 fi не запускается с первого раза.Обзор котла.

The malfunctions arising from this can be easily eliminated by adjusting the boiler, but sometimes it is necessary to call a specialist to replace parts of the boiler.

If you are not sure about your skills in setting up gas equipment, it is better to contact a service center. Incorrect repairs can lead to a complete failure of the boiler!

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