Baxi main four 240 f malfunction

Flame control sensor failure (Baxi e01)

In general, some manufacturers claim that “igniter”. it is a consumable. I personally have a boiler Baxi eco four in my apartment and I have never changed it (the boiler is in its sixth year). But nevertheless, it all depends on specific operating conditions, gas quality and air pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to make an inspection, if necessary clean the electrode with an alcohol solution and check its correct position and clearance relative to the body of the burner according to the instructions (it may be different for different models). Case Study: Customer Complains about Baxy Boiler Error E01. Replaced the circuit board The boiler worked for a day and again the same error.What did you do before the error with the boiler? Bent the electrode to make a gap of 1 mm. On what basis? Somewhere, someone told, showed.

In Baxi boilers, the ignition electrode also performs the function of flame control. Flame control is one of the most important functions of the boiler safety system. This is necessary so that the boiler immediately cuts off the gas supply if the flame on the burner has died out for any reason. The gap should be exactly as specified in the instrument’s instruction manual!

The principle of flame control is to register a small current, which begins to flow through the electrode during combustion. The structure of the flame has an air gap at its base, and if the gap is too small, the flame will not register and the boiler will crash when operating in certain output modes.

Do not bend the electrode under any circumstances. it is very fragile and is likely to break off.

As an option. neatly bend the place of attachment.

How to troubleshoot the boiler Baksi Mine Fore

The wall mounted boiler Baxi Mainfour 240F. The appliance quickly raises the temperature to 96 C, but then crashes on overheating. A little later, when it cools down, it can turn on by itself. What’s the reason?

Stopping due to overheating means that the circulation in the system has stopped. First of all check the position of the taps on the radiators. They need to be opened. After the inspection for clogging of the filter is carried out, and it is necessary to make sure that the heat exchanger is not dirty.

This boiler was started up in Autumn of the year. After about five months the device began to make noise. Can you advise what is causing the noise in the boiler?

Most likely there is lime scale in the heat exchanger. When the water is hard, then over time in the radiator lime will accumulate on the pipe wall.

baxi, main, malfunction

Decided to install a gas boiler Baksi Mainfour for heating the house. Please advise how to start it up correctly yourself?

In order to put this equipment into operation correctly, the following steps must be taken. Connecting the power supply to the machine. Open the gas valve. Then start the main burner. After adjusting the correct temperature.

I need to perform maintenance. Please advise how to drain the heating fluid from the appliance?

According to the instructions, the procedure is as follows. Disconnect the appliance from the electricity supply. Close the gas valve. Open the automatic air vent. Fully open the drain valve. Then collect the water that has drained out. If necessary, you can drain the water using a safety valve. Such a valve is mounted on the bottom of the unit.

Please tell us how to diagnose the operation of the 3-way valve? I have a suspicion that it doesn’t open properly. On heating can not pump distant radiators, although in the hot water mode heats the pipe to the supply of coolant under the boiler unit.

Of course, you need to check the 3-way valve to see if its stem is hanging in the intermediate state. We also recommend making a check of the heating system itself.

We use a Baxi Main Four 24 two-circuit gas boiler in the house. Up to yesterday it was working without any problems. At the moment it goes out 5 seconds after start.

Can not seem to run water in the system. What is the source of the problem?? The possible cause of this malfunction is the electrode-ionizer, which does not detect the flame, or there is no circulation process.

Gas wall mounted boiler Baksi Main For 240F does not start. While we press the start button, the burner is in operation. But if you let go of the key, the appliance starts to go out. What is the cause of malfunction?

Assume that the thermoelectric converter is defective or that the gas valve is broken. There can also be a drop in gas pressure at the inlet pipes. In some cases there is a voltage shortage on the electronic board.

A malfunction has been detected. It is difficult to start. Ignition pilot burner lights up, but there is no flame on the main burner. I cannot find out what the reason is?

Probably a breakdown of components in the ignition unit. We recommend checking the boiler and cleaning the igniter.

Why does the boiler Baxi Main Four 240 F stops switching off when it reaches the desired temperature?? Heating continues up to 90 degrees, after which a failure occurs. After restarting the cycle resumes.

Presumably, the electronic board is defective, the boiler water temperature sensor is defective, the sensor for overheating is broken. It cannot be excluded that an error has occurred in the automatic settings.

Would like to know the reason why the heating medium does not heat up more than 70 C? We are trying to increase the temperature, and the screen shows that this is the maximum. How can I adjust the heating temperature??

When the unit cannot increase the temperature of the heating system, the following problems can occur. The maximum heating temperature is limited to max. 70°C in the pre-set adjustments. The chimney draught is dropping.

Boiler Baxi Main Four unstable performs unstable operation in the mode of heating the hot water system. Alternately hot and cold water flows from the kitchen tap. Tell me what’s wrong?

The reasons for the functional failure seem to be. Cold water mixing has occurred because the 3-way valve is defective. The heat exchanger is very dirty. You need to clean it.

There is a tap under the boiler and water regularly leaks from it. The unit itself won’t start. What to do?

The water may have been discharged through a valve in the safety group. This sign indicates an increase in pressure in the system. In addition, the make-up valve of the system could be open or the expander tank must be pumped.

Please tell me, what is the malfunction when there is a pressure rise 24 hours a day and the safety valve comes into action? The heating icon on the screen is always on when the appliance is in heating mode. What to do?

There is a damage of the temperature sensor of the heating circuit. There is no proper water circulation in the heating system.

What is the problem when the boiler Baksi Mine For 240 shuts down repeatedly?? Recently the piezo ignition did not work at all. The appliance was serviced last week. What’s wrong??

There is a suspicion that there was a functional failure in the smoke evacuation system. You need to check the chimney. Failure of the ignition element can be an indication of wear and tear due to incorrect voltage or water ingress.

Can someone tell me how to fix the chimney problem? Soon to be the second day, there is a reverse draft, which causes the smoke to go straight into the room. The chimney I made myself. It looks like a metal pipe. There seems to be an error in the calculations.

The boiler operates normally in the DHW cycle, but when you turn on the heating water quickly reaches boiling point, and the unit stops working. What kind of fault is this and how to get rid of it?

Probably the circulation pump is out of order, the control board has malfunctioned, temperature sensor is broken. At the same time the filter screen could be clogged.

In DHW mode, the appliance alternately produces cold and hot water. I don’t know what the problem is. How to regulate the heating?

It looks like there is fouling in the heating system or the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. Also a relay that controls the pressure can break, or the circulation pump is damaged.

The main factor may be the wrong configuration of the chimney. Could be soot contamination, which drastically reduces its efficiency. In addition, it is advisable to inspect the vents in the living areas.

Just yesterday we had a problem with the heater. It whistles during the heating cycle. Tried to reset it. It worked, but the whistling does not go away. Perhaps someone will tell you why this happens?

In many cases, heavy whistling occurs if the pressure on the burner nozzles is not set correctly. It is necessary to check the set value and correct it, if it is advisable.

The gas boiler has recently been filled with water, and it started malfunctioning. For example, you set any temperature, but the heating mode is only up to 26 degrees, and then the unit shuts down. Explain what went wrong?

If water has gotten into the control board assembly, it is likely that it has gone bad. We recommend that you perform a reset, using direct disconnection of the unit from the mains. Then turn it on again and check its functionality.

I have the same model installed. Now during start-up the wick burns for 8 seconds, the main burner does not catch fire and therefore the unit goes out. How can this problem be solved??

Probably the automatic ignition switch or a problem in the burner is out of order. In any case check if the phasing is correct when connecting to the mains.

I made a connection to the same model in October of the same year. Supposedly three months later, there’s a problem with the hot water supply, but the heating circuit works as it should. Tried to open the hot water tap, but the appliance only displays the temperature and doesn’t want to heat at all. Why the DHW does not work?

There may be a breakage of the 3-way valve. It needs to be replaced.

I would like to know for what purpose a safety temperature sensor is installed in the boiler?

This part suspends the gas supply to the burner if the primary heat exchanger water overheats.

I was told to flush and clean the main heat exchanger. Tell me how to dismantle it according to the instructions?

The primary heat exchanger can be easily removed from the unit with a simple screwdriver. Here is the process of dismantling. Drain the unit using the drain valve. Next release the water from the hot water system. Unscrew the main heat exchanger fixing bolts and remove it from the frame.

Put this heater into operation. After about six months the water pressure in the unit has dropped. It keeps dropping it and turns off. It’s not holding pressure at all. Why is this happening??

When the unit doesn’t increase the water pressure the makeup valve is probably leaking. When turning off and the water pressure has dropped to zero, the 3-way valve is defective.

How do I clean the cold water filter??

First drain the water from the DHW system. Secondly, unscrew the nut of the flow sensor. Then take sensor and filter out of the cavity. After removing it, remove all debris and dirt.

The unit was already rumbling when starting up, but now it is rumbling even more. At first the sound was fast disappearing, but now it lasts longer. Heard a short time, observed such a malfunction?

The formation of excessive noise indicates the presence of lime scale inside the body of the heat exchanger, which heats differently due to the uneven thickness of the walls. The more the heat exchanger is clogged, the more noise the unit makes, which reduces the heat output.

The unit seems to work, although there seems to be no water circulation in the system. The return line pump noticeably heats up. What could have happened?

Probably a clogged filter or somewhere closed tap, blocking the flow of coolant. The circulation pump may also be damaged.

It can not heat the throat. water? The water comes out of the faucet almost cold. Explain what happened?

The problems can be searched for in the following directions. For example, the breakage of the DHW temperature sensor, it is necessary to carry out its replacement. Probably there was a malfunction of the regulated capacity of the device to heat water.

Often you can observe the termination of the flame at the time of ignition. No dirt in the burner, the chimney is normal, the draught is good. Where to look for the problem?

The apparatus cannot detect a spark because the warning from the combustion mechanism is too weak. Here it is necessary to diagnose the wiring between the ionization sensor and the electrode. It may need to be tightened. There may be a defect in the sensor insulation, which must be replaced.

Error codes of Baxi boiler: what do the codes on the display say and how to eliminate typical faults

Boilers brand Baxi are one of the best options for technology, used in the arrangement of heating systems. Developed different configurations of this modern thermal equipment, respectively, potential users are provided with quite comfortable conditions of operation.

Nevertheless, like any other electronic and mechanical devices, this kind of equipment is not completely insured against malfunctions. Technical documentation mentions possible malfunctions of different type at least 99 times.

How the malfunctions are expressed, what numbers are accompanied by errors of boiler Baksi and how it is possible to remove a problem in house conditions? Let’s look at this issue in our article.

Types and causes of failures

If the boiler Baksi stopped working normally, you can make repairs on your own, without asking for help from specialists. But troubleshooting is possible only if the breakage is small and easy to fix. If you have never tried boiler repair before, you should not take any chances in this case, but call a master at once.

baxi, main, malfunction
  • The burner of a boiler doesn’t turn on or goes out;
  • it is impossible to ignite the boiler;
  • popping sounds in the furnace chamber when the boiler is working;
  • Overheating of the boiler;
  • insufficient max. Heating temperature of the heat carrier;
  • There is a lot of noise during operation of the equipment;
  • One of the sensors of the system break down.
  • Moisture has gotten into the boiler;
  • Quality of used coolant is low;
  • The gas pressure in the pipeline has dropped or there is a drop in pressure;
  • there is a voltage drop in the power network;
  • The installation of the heating system was carried out with errors.

No ignition on the boiler Baxi

If your Baxi Main Four 240F needs qualified help, no spark or as experts say automation does not see the flame, contact!

The forum and discussions here will not help! Error E98, however! Knowledge and experience. the solution to each case!

Order diagnosis from our service center of gas boilers and Moscow region.

Successful repair with us is guaranteed, because our craftsmen can not only clean the combustion chamber, but also repair the control board Ecofour 24F, if necessary, and then run the heating in your home!

With us it’s a bargain! One year warranty, lifetime warranty!

At one moment, when heating and hot water, as always indispensable, you will find the gas boiler Baksi Ecofor24F stopped due to error E01.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the boiler electronics do not see the flame that should originate in the combustion chamber.

By all commonly available knowledge you have already restarted the Italian unit, using a two-second press the panel button R. reset. Reset (reset value, reset). Nothing worked!

Газовый котел Baxi Main Four 240 F _ Ошибка 99

Just in case, we will list a few central causes of this malfunction of Four series boilers.

But if you take the professional base of repair of the electronic component of gas boilers, then to restore the control board and to identify adverse external factors associated with malfunctions and failures of heating technology, the grounds for deficiencies will accumulate a few dozen.

So, let’s return to the main sources of failure!

All about the gas fuel, which allegedly does not exist, and it does not ignite for any reason:

  • Gas is out of gas (in a gas tank)
  • The gas fitting is blocked
  • The gas shut-off valve has been triggered after exceeding the permissible hot gas threshold. contact a specialized organization (our phone numbers are listed)
  • If the gas meter is of a certain design, then the gas supply can be blocked if the pressure in the mains is exceeded
  • Gas modulator valve does not open

Everything about air masses and fluxes of burned gas:

  • Incorrect fitting of the coaxial chimney
  • Incorrect gas settings
  • blockage of ventilation ducts and air intake. stop the boiler and have the cause removed by a specialist with a license of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • The boiler has not been serviced for a long time

All about electronics, electrical harness of boiler and sensor system

  • In the third point it is necessary to inform much and at the same time there is nothing new, as all components of electric harness, as well as electrodes, sensors with the general work of the electronic board of the boiler simply must work in a perfect formula. You need an experienced master electrician with a permission to work under load!
  • Otherwise by any small error of contacts, phasing, weak currents, at any deviation from the factory parameters in setting of gas pressure or current of ignition unit the boiler will not work! To do this, the entire boiler automation, which is called the safety system. the basis for the operation of any gas equipment at any site!

Repair of electronic control board of boiler Baxi

In other cases of professional repair of Baxi boilers contact our company!

All electronic boilers of Baxi Group are repaired according to the same principle! Our service department maintains and performs all types of repairs for boilers:

Service center offers all kinds of repair and preventive maintenance of gas wall and floor boilers manufactured by Baksi.

We also perform recovery of electronic boards for modern boilers by component repairs. What models we repair?

ECO-4s, ECO Home, ECO Four, ECO Classic, MAIN-5, ECO-5 Compact, LUNA-3, LUNA-3 COMFORT, LUNA-3 (Comfort) COMBI, NUVOLA-3 B40, NUVOLA-3 Comfort

Floor standing gas boilers Baxi with atmospheric burner

In turn, we report further service and component repair of control units of older series of boilers Baksi.


Wall hung condensing double-circuit heaters

We offer installation and adjustment when you need a remote boiler control system ZONT-H1B, as an indispensable aid in setting the temperature of heating outside the home.

Additionally you can familiarize what non-standard defects in models Baksi we successfully remove when from such repair work many refuse and do not undertake to complete business!

Eliminate overheating of Baxi SLIM, Galaxy and COPPER floor standing boilers once and for all

Attention! Before to undertake independent actions on elimination of problems of the gas boiler study carefully the instruction manual and recommendations of manufacturer, and better. contact the expert.

This error in Baksi boilers can also be caused by a large amount of air, which accumulated in the heating loop. Trapped air in the heating system contributes to the rapid heating of the coolant, and it is to this rapid heating that the electronics reacts gas boiler. turns off the heater, displaying error e25. Also the appearance of this malfunction can provoke breakage of the circulation pump, or failure of the temperature sensor. Rarely, this error is caused by incorrect operation of the electronic control board, or lack of good contact between the circulation pump and the electronic control unit.

Trouble with this code is also related to temperature readings. If the operating temperature of the boiler exceeds the set temperature by more than 20 degrees, the heating device immediately shuts down, and the display shows error e26. The causes of this fault are the same as with e25.

What can cause error E25/E26?

In addition to contamination, there may be other possible causes of this error in boilers Baxi. It could have happened after the settings in the manifold, when the shut-off valve is closed, due to system re-equipment.

In new boilers, the appearance of this malfunction may be due to an air lock. This phenomenon is normal for new equipment. Air will escape on its own with an automatic pump air vent. The air can also be vented using the Mayevsky air cocks or additional auto-ventilation valves.

Another cause of the error is freezing of the entire heating system or an individual element. Freezing can occur in a single tube system, when due to the impassability of one element air circulation throughout the system is stopped. It is necessary to warm up the frozen area.

Poor-quality coolant can also provoke clogging. Sometimes it is necessary to replace it throughout the heating system to solve the problem.

For two-circuit boilers Baksi recommended to check the hot water. After resetting the error carry out a check. If the boiler works well with hot water, and the error E25 pops up after the heating is turned on, it is likely to be faulty. The cause of the error may be one of the previously examined. If the boiler gives out an error when heating water, then the cause of failure is in the boiler itself. Causes may be different:

  • Blocked or faulty circulation pump;
  • The boiler heat exchanger is clogged;
  • Failure of the three-way valve or its motor;
  • Breakdown of the automatic air vent of the pump;
  • Faulty temperature sensors;
  • Lack of electrical contact between the pump connection board and the cable;
  • Control board fault.

Causes can occur separately or together. Error removal of gas boiler Baxi depends on the individual problem, as well as the characteristics of the heating scheme. Error E25 is formed as a result of a decrease in the flow rate. Locate and repair the defective section.

Identification and elimination of faults

If an error code appears on the boiler’s display, the problem must be determined using the classifier that comes with the operation manual. Codes, as a rule, indicate a number of malfunctions, so in addition you will need to check the condition of nodes and units of the boiler. Some faults can be repaired independently, how to do this is described below.

It is not possible to start the boiler

This fault occurs when phase-independent boilers, such as Baxi Main for or Baxi Main 24 fi, are incorrectly connected to the mains: if the “phase” and “zero” are mixed up, boiler operation is impossible due to air accumulation in the system. In case of this malfunction on the boiler control panel, error e01 appears and water pressure drops.

  • Perform correct “phase” and “zero” connection;
  • bleed air from the system;
  • Refill the coolant;
  • turn on the boiler and check that the error e01 has disappeared.

The burner does not work at full power

This situation can occur in several cases: in case of wrong pressure setting in the heating system or in case of diode bridge or gas supply valve malfunction. Error e01 also appears on the display.

If the problem is with the settings, they can be adjusted according to the instructions in the documentation of the boiler. If components are defective, they may need to be replaced.

Boiler starts up, but shuts down immediately

Error E01 is displayed. The most common reason. low gas pressure in the pipeline or incorrect setting of the lower limit. If the gas pressure is unstable and constantly drops, it is better to set the lower value to 5 mbar.

Deterioration of draught, error code e03 appears

Error E03 signals serious problems, which can cause damage to the boiler. It can be corrected by yourself, the causes can be:

  • Incorrectly installed smoke evacuation system;
  • Defective fan;
  • Inadmissible narrowing of flue pipes; ;
  • Faulty pneumatic relay;
  • no electrical contact between the board and the relay or the board and the fan.

In models with a closed combustion chamber, such as Baxi Main 24 fi, the reason for error e03 can be wrong adjustment of parameter F-43.

Low temperature of the heating medium in the system

Another malfunction that can occur if the gas valve, minimum and maximum gas pressure limits are not set correctly. It must be adjusted according to the instructions in the manual.

Boiler does not work in temperature maintenance mode (modulation)

Most often occurs when there is a failure of the board that controls the burner, or the gas valve. Testing, replacement of the board is required, sometimes together with the valve.

Temperature sensor readings are not correct

Causes. failure of one or more sensors. They need to be replaced, after which the boiler is stable.

The insufficient temperature of water in the DHW loop

It is actual for two-circuit boilers Baxi Main form, Baxi Eco form, Baxi Luna 3 Comfort and other models. The temperature in the hot water circuit drops sharply or gradually. Failure reason. breakage or improper work of the three-way valve.

To make sure of its fault, you need to turn off the dual-circuit boiler, wait for the coolant in the system, then close the valves that lock the heating circuit, turn the boiler in a DHW heating mode and check the temperature of the coolant and hot water. If the valve is broken, it will be warm in both circuits.

Rattle when starting and operating the boiler

Specific popping in the boiler combustion chamber can occur for several reasons:

  • Gas pressure drops (error e01 occurs);
  • the clearance from the igniter to the gas line does not meet the requirements of operation, it must be 4-5 mm;
  • The smoke extraction draught is too intensive.

If any of these faults are found, the following adjustments must be made

Minimum water pressure switch activated, error e10

If the code e10 appears on the electronic control unit of boiler Baxi Main 24 fi or other model, it indicates several possible problems:

  • Reduced pressure of the coolant due to clogs, leaks, pump failure;
  • Faults in the minimum pressure switch itself;
  • Loss of contact between control board and relay.

To eliminate the error e10 check the pressure in the system using the pressure gauge on the safety group, exclude leaks and blockages. If these actions didn’t help and code f10 doesn’t disappear, check or replace board or relay of minimal pressure.

Rapid decrease of temperature in the heating circuit

Can be caused not only by incorrect operation of the boiler, but also by blockages in radiators, pipes, filters clogging. This most often occurs when the water quality is low, causing rust, salts or particulates to build up.

To eliminate this malfunction it is necessary to turn off the boiler, remove clogs and pour quality coolant to avoid recurrence of failure in the future.


Consider the possible problems and what you need to do to fix them:

This fault indicates malfunction of the control board. It is possible to solve the problem only by forces of workers of the service center as there can be many reasons and possible consequences of intervention.

No ignition (no flame). The cause can be both the absence of gas in the mains, and the failure of the ignition system.

The problem can be solved step by step, first checking for gas presence, then checking the gas appliances, checking the ignition system, etc.д. This error occurs most often, because there can be many reasons for it.

Solving the problem by yourself is not recommended, it is better to invite a master.

The cause can be equally chimney blockage and lack of contact of the fan with the control board.

It is recommended to examine both positions and perform work on both the chimney and the contact group of the fan (pressostat).

Е 05 06

Failure of these sensors indicates failure of either the elements themselves, or a breach of contact with the control board.

First it is necessary to check the temperature of hot water and DHW to determine whether the sensor readings in general are true.

Then the contacts with the control board must be repaired. If a positive result can not be achieved, it is necessary to replace the sensors.

Falling water pressure indicates leakage. It is necessary to examine the heating circuit and check the boiler drain valve.

If no fault is detected, the sensor contacts should be checked. If necessary, it is changed.

A sharp increase in the temperature of the heating element indicates a lack of circulation. The most likely cause of this is that elements of the heating circuit are leaking. The solution is to bleed the air from the system. If this does not help, the sensor has to be replaced.

The signal of a parasitic flame indicates either the closure of the sensor contacts due to water droplets (condensation) on the board, breakdown through a layer of soot, or other similar situations.

The solution is to clean the board, install a quality ground and additional insulation on the contact group of the sensor.

Е 98 99

This error indicates a failure of the control board for unknown reasons. This problem must be entrusted to a specialist, independent correction of the situation is inadmissible.

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