BCN connection to a single circuit boiler

Con indition with indirect heating: binding schemes

If the water clearance points are located near the heating capacity, the connection is made according to the standard diagram presented below. Let us explain the functions of some elements:

  • The pressure gearbox is recommended to be used for pressure surges above 6 bar;
  • The check valve for feeding the CVP does not allow the tank to empty the water line;
  • The expansion container compensates for an increase in the volume of heated fluid;
  • A safety valve configured for 7 bar dumps water into the sewer in case of increasing pressure to a critical mark;
  • The drainage crane is used to drain water according to the method of communicating vessels.

It is important to leave the drain line filled. Then when the drainage valve is opened, it will lead to the law according to the law of communicating vessels

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How to single pole MCB connection. M c b connection

When consumers are far from the boiler, it is worth putting a fishing line for a trimmer of recirculation with an additional pump and a check valve. If your heater model is not equipped with a separate fitting to connect this line, just cut the return pipeline into the highway at the inlet of cold water.

Before launching a system with a water heater such as a “tank container inside the tank”, you must first fill the internal tank with sanitary water, only then roll the coolant and put forward pressure testing. The details will tell the master on

What is an indirect heating boiler

A boiler of this type is a water heating element that provides with hot water to absolutely all households. Systems without boiler heating cannot always provide all consumers with hot water of the desired temperature and with normal pressure, since it compensates for the insufficient volume of water in the DHW system at a greater consumption. Such situations arise most often in large families, when it is necessary to wash the dishes, a car, take a shower, etc.

The main difference between an indirect heating boiler is the absence of its own heating element provided for in the design. Instead, any external heat source is used: it can be a central heating system, its own gas or electric boiler. Boiler tanks accumulate hot water and retain its temperatures for a long time almost unchanged, as they have a very low percentage of thermal losses. With a large volume of the tank, it is better to take a separate boiler room under the boiler and heater.

Connection and installation

This process professional installers of heating and water heating equipment is called a strapping. It includes a whole range of works: installation of pipes and assembly, measures to connect the boiler with a heating (water supply) system, configure, connecting a boiler.

All components are made of durable materials for long.Term work and high performance. With three coils in the tray as a single device in the market, this allows you to use solar energy to support central heating and additional savings.

Simplicity of operation and complete connection with the boiler provide low gas consumption and high comfort. It supports small houses, as well as very developed commercial heating systems. High reliability of the system. Energy saving. Simple installation. Low costs for maintenance and maintenance. Low maintenance costs. High modulation. Connection systems from 2 to 8 boilers in a cascade, with a coupling and a gas ramp.

A gas boiler connection diagram with an indirect heating boiler

The gas boiler finds its application in all types of buildings, especially if there is no connection to the central heating system. If you take as an example, it is a wall.Mounted gas boiler with a boiler, then its advantage is also that the second circuit will easily satisfy all the needs for household hot water, at any time of the year.

With energy needs above 60 kW, the cascading system is perfect. The combination of several boilers into one heating system increases the reliability of the system, compactness and intellectual control of great economy. Thus, we can build systems with a capacity of more than 500 kW. The cascade can be built in different ways to maximize the available space. Boilers can be installed on the wall, on many walls or on a special design, back to each other. Thanks to the intellectual control of the boiler, they maximize the use of condensate, thereby reducing gas consumption.

Heating system with a double.Circuit gas boiler

Due to the fact that the power of wall units ranges from 12 to 35 kW, their cost is approximately 1.5-2 times lower than that of floor analogues. This power range allows you to choose the optimal solution for a home with an area of ​​50 to 350 square meters.M. Also change depending on the manufacturer’s brand. The market is filled with units of various brands, and it will not be difficult for you to choose a device with an optimal price ratio for quality.

The controller is connected with the boilers in digital form, which allows you to very accurately adjust the produced power in relation to heat consumption. This guarantees high comfort and low heating costs. The device does not require additional space for storing hot water, since all the components are located in one case. The control of the boiler can be controlled using an intuitive and simple integration, where each function is a separate button. In addition, the device is distinguished by silent operation, a wide range of power modulation power and a very low minimum power due to electronic gas supply setting.

An important aspect is the ease of installation of this boiler. It is unlikely that it gives anyone pleasure to mess around all day by mounting the installation. The double.Circuit gas boiler is not necessary to carry into a separate room, its attractive and modern design and small dimensions will allow you to save decently places and means, both for installation and when designing.

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The use of a boiler in large heating contours often involves the presence of a recirculation line. Due to the recirculation circle, the speed of the coolant increases, which significantly improves its heating. All this allows you to instantly get heated water at remote points of consumers.

Boiler connection diagrams to a single.Circuit boiler

There are three ways to connect the boiler to the boiler.

Direct inclusion of the water heater in the heating system

In this version, the BKN is included in the heating system, sequentially or in parallel with other radiators. The simplest and most ineffective scheme is not recommended for use and given for reference.

Direct inclusion scheme of a watering gas single.Circuit boiler to the heating system.

If the boiler temperature is set below 60 ° C, this circuit becomes even less economical, and the water heats up for a very long time.

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Increase in temperature

A three.Way valve is added to the connection diagram. A special device that switches the movement of the coolant when the temperature drops in the water heater tank at the hot water and vice versa and vice versa.

Thus, if the water is cooled for the hot water, the heating is temporarily disconnected. The entire power of the boiler is redirected to the hot water. The temperature on the device in this scheme is set higher (usually 80–90 ° C). And the heating temperature is regulated by a three.Way valve.

Using a thermostat in a water heater and automation

If a thermorelele is installed in the BKN (a device that supplies a signal when the set temperature is reached), and on the controller of the boiler there are contacts for connecting a boiler thermostat, then this scheme is the most preferable.

In this case, the electronics of the boiler are known about the temperature of the water in the DHW system, and it decides where to direct its power: to heating the water in the BKN or to heating.

The thermostat for the water heater in the heating system, with it you can find out data on the water temperature.

Stages of strapping a boiler with a boiler

The BCN strapping is designed to perform a number of main tasks: ensuring the continuous circulation of the coolant from the boiler unit to the BKN, the prevention of hydraulic strokes, maintaining the established temperature regime for heated contours. To reduce thermal losses in the system, the design of the tank accumulator is installed closer to the heating source.

Water water is assigned to the lower BKN pipe, and the fence of the hot water is made of the upper. For the boilers of the factory manufacture, the binding circuit is developed by the manufacturer and is carried out by the installation organization, since the guarantee for equipment will depend on this.

Stages of the BKN strapping process with a heating single.Circuit boiler:

  • Before connecting the boiler, choose its location in such a way that it does not interfere during the operation of thermal equipment and is extremely close to the boiler.
  • Place anchors and brackets according to the scheme and fix the BKN housing on them.
  • Carry out a closer to a city.
  • Install a discharge, a shut-off valve, a safety valve and a filter for cleaning the source water.
  • The water heater is connected to the intake of the hot water system, an expansion tank is installed on the line for thermal compensation of the system when heated.
  • Mount a bypass and drainage fishing line for a trimmer with shut.Off valves for the repair and maintenance of BKN.
  • Before connecting an indirect heating boiler, tie lines of feed/return boiler coolant with a shut-off-regulating reinforcement and the primary sensors of the automation system.
  • Connect an electronic control unit and circulation electric pumps in accordance with the executive heat supply circuit.

Mandatory locking and regulating reinforcement and primary sensors that are installed in the security system of indirect heating:

  • A membrane.Type expansion tank, is installed jointly with a security group with a volume of at least 10 % of the total BKN volume. Serves to compensate the temperature expansion in the pipelines of hot water, reducing the risk of breaking the hydraulicular system and preventing the creation of emergency situations.
  • The safety valve protects from the exceeding the pressure in the BCN tank, performing emergency water discharge.
  • The BKN security group is equipped with a pressure gauge for monitoring water pressure in the tank, a discharge valve and air carrier.
  • The BKN temperature sensor, which is mounted in the circulation pump line, to control the temperature of the coolant in the coil.
  • A three.Way valve and a tee for connection, performs the function of switching the coolant through the contours.

Types of boilers

Fundamentally, indirect heating water heaters are divided into two categories: with and without control unit. The first category is used when connecting to boilers without automation.

They are equipped with a water temperature sensor and automation that blocks the flow of codes from the boiler into a coil if required.

By connecting such installations, you only need to attach the feed pipeline and the return, bring the chilled water distributing the collector to the upper connection. Then you need to fill the tank with water and start it to heat it. Water heaters without control are connected to boilers with automation.

When installing the boiler, you need to mount the temperature sensor into a special hole in the case and connect to the unit. Then the boiler is tied. Such boilers can be connected to boilers without automation, but for this you need to use special schemes.

The water in the boiler reaches a lower temperature than the water in the coil, so if the boiler works in weak heating mode, then the water in the tank will not be hot.

connection, single, circuit, boiler

To get rid of this problem, they came up with combined boilers, in which in addition to the snake there is an electric heating element. Ten brings the temperature of the water to the required.

This type of boiler is convenient to use in conjunction with a boiler on solid fuel, since the water will be warm, even after the full combustion of fuel. It is also possible to install several coils in the tank. This helps to reduce heating time. For this goal, heat.Insulated models can be used.

Connection of the boiler to the gas boiler

For the correct functioning of a boiler with a gas boiler, there is a temperature sensor in its composition. So that they work together connect a three.Way valve. The valve regulates the flow between the main contour and the contour of the hot water.

To a single.Optical gas boiler

For such a connection, a strapping with two pumps is used. It is she who is able to replace the scheme with a three.Way sensor. The main thing is to divide the flows of the coolant. In this case, it will be more correct to say about the synchronous work of two contours.

To a double.Circuit gas boiler

The main connection in this diagram will be two magnetic valves. The essence is this. The boiler is used as a buffer. Cold water comes from the water supply network. DOV entrance valve is blocked. If you open it, then at first water will come from the buffer, which is a boiler. The buffer contains heated water, the consumption of which is regulated by the capacity of the boiler and the set temperature.

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