Beats Studio Buds review: Apple s surprise hit gets slight improvements. Beats studio earbuds red

Beats Studio Buds review: Apple’s surprise hit gets slight improvements

Studio Buds leave out some features in the step-up Beats Fit Pro and new Airpods, but they just got some small upgrades and remain appealing options for iOS and Android users.

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Beats Studio Buds


  • Lightweight and discrete, they offer a comfortable fit with active noise canceling and transparency mode
  • Slightly better sound than Airpods Pro and Powerbeats Pro
  • Physical control button
  • Similar experience for iOS and Android users, except iOS users get hands-free Siri
  • USB-C charging

Don’t like

  • With no onboard W1 or H1 chip, some key features are missing for Apple users
  • No in-ear detection sensor

Editors’ note: In January 2022, Beats updated the firmware of the Beats Studio Buds, adding a few new features, the most important of which is that Apple users now get “instant pairing” with all their iCloud devices from a “single tap.” This is not the same as the automatic pairing found on the step-up Beats Fit Pro. as well as the Apple Airpods Pro. Airpods 2nd Generation and Airpods 3rd Generation. The Studio Buds are automatically added to your list of Bluetooth devices available to you on your iCloud devices. But you have to click on the Studio Buds in the Bluetooth menu to pair them to that specific device. (The Studio Buds do not pair to two devices simultaneously.) With the January firmware update, the Studio Buds’ “b” button can also be customized to control volume, either within the iOS/macOS Bluetooth menu or the Beats app for Android.

The Beats Studio Buds are a little unusual for an Apple product.- yes, Apple owns Beats, for those who might have missed that 2014 acquisition. Unlike Apple’s own mega popular AirPod headphones, these new Beats noise-canceling true-wireless earbuds are being targeted at Android users, too. (If they sound like old news, thank a steady stream of recent leaks, up to and including LeBron James.)

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Beats says they offer a “universal” user experience for iOS and Android, and while that’s not completely true, it raises the question, is that a good or bad thing? Well, it depends on what side of the OS fence you’re on. While these are excellent earbuds that arguably sound better than the Airpods Pro, they’re missing some features that Apple users have come to know and love in the Airpods and even other Beats headphones.

At 150 (£130; AU200) and sometimes less during flash sales, they basically cost around the same as the Airpods 3rd Generation but they have active noise canceling and a transparency mode like the Airpods Pro. They come in three colors at launch.- red, black and white.- and like other Beats headphones, they could very well come in plenty of other colors in the future.

Stemless Airpods?

The first thing you’ll notice about the buds is that they look kind of like the once-rumored stemless Airpods. They’re discrete-looking in your ears and also quite lightweight, weighing just 5.1 grams. Overall, I thought they were really well-designed, with a physical universal control button on each bud that I prefer to the touch controls you’ll find on a lot of true-wireless earbuds these days. You tap and hold a bud to toggle through noise canceling on, transparency on and noise canceling off (you can also program that gesture for one bud to access your phone’s native voice assistant). And there’s the usual single tap to pause/play tracks and answer/end calls and double-tap to advance tracks. However, there are no volume controls on the buds.

Beats says it’s redesigned the silicone ear tips and I got a tight seal with the largest ear tip and the buds stayed securely in my ears. I found them as comfortable to wear as the Airpods Pro and I also thought they sounded a little better than both the Airpods Pro and Powerbeats Pro. But more on that after I finish talking about their design and features.

I had no issue with them staying in my ears while running with them but you may get a little slippage as you sweat.- they are IPX4 splashproof.- and sometimes it can help to use foam ear tips, as I do with the Airpods Pro. (Ultimately, foam tips offer a bit more grip.) They also fit my ears better than the Powerbeats Pro, which I have trouble getting a tight seal with unless I use my own XXL large ear tips. But I can see how some people would like the Powerbeats Pro’s ear hook for sporting activities because it gives you some reassurance that the buds won’t fall out of your ears.

As I said, these were designed with both iPhone and Android users in mind. For starters, the case is nice and compact.- it’s just a little bigger than the Airpods Pro’s case.- and it has USB-C charging instead of Lightning charging. Yes, you heard that right: USB-C. (A short USB-C to USB-C cable is included, but no charger is included.) over, the experience using the buds with Apple and Android devices is similar for both platforms.

There’s a one-touch quick pair feature for both iOS and Android; the Beats app for Android also allows you to check battery life, switch from noise canceling to transparency mode (or turn it all off) and get firmware upgrades. The app’s feature set is pretty limited.- for instance, there are no EQ controls for tweaking the sound profile if you care about that. But Beats says these are the first product to support both Find My in iOS and Find My Device on Android. It’ll show the last known location of the buds or play a chirping sound if they’re close by and you just don’t see them.

The only thing Apple users get that Android users don’t is hands-free Siri, which means you can give voice commands by saying, “Hey, Siri.” With Android, you have to use your phone’s native voice assistant by tapping and holding one of the buds.

No H1 or W1 chip

Here’s the rub to all this. One of the reasons the experience is so similar for Apple and Android users is that the Beats Studio Buds don’t have an H1 or W1 chip.- the not-so-secret sauce in other Apple and Beats headphones, including the step-up Beats Fit Pro (200), that allows them to tap into the Apple ecosystem. That means there’s no iCloud pairing across all your Apple devices, and thus no auto-switching. Here’s how Apple describes it: “When your other iOS and iPadOS devices are signed in with the same Apple ID as your iPhone, your Airpods seamlessly connect to whichever device you’re listening to (on supported Airpods and Beats headphones).”

That’s a killer feature for Apple users, the equivalent of multipoint Bluetooth pairing, one of the best conveniences of higher-end wireless headphones. That it’s not available with the Studio Buds may be a deal-breaker for some people, especially if they’re used to the feature on earlier Apple or Beats models. And while Beats updated to the Studio Buds’ firmware in January 2022 so now Apple users now get “instant pairing” with all their iCloud devices from a “single tap,” the Studio Buds don’t pair simultaneously with two Apple devices (you have to manually switch between devices by tapping on the Studio Buds’ Bluetooth menu). Practically speaking, this means the audio doesn’t automatically switch over to your iPhone when a call comes if you’re using the Studio Buds with your Mac or an iPad. But at least you can pair the buds with one of your iCloud devices and it will be listed in the Bluetooth menu of all of them.

While there is no multipoint Bluetooth pairing that would allow you to have these simultaneously connected to two devices, such as a PC and phone, you can pair them with multiple devices and manually switch between them using the Bluetooth menu. It works, but it’s not a terribly magical experience.

The other thing that’s missing is spatial audio for movie and TV watching. That’s Apple’s virtual surround feature and it’s pretty cool if you haven’t tried it already. These have no gyroscopes or accelerometers for the head-tracking that’s required for spatial for video. They do work for spatial audio for music in Apple Music, but that’s not a big deal because all headphones do.

Last but not least, these do not have in-ear detection so your music won’t automatically pause when you take them out of your ears and resume when you put them back in. On a more positive note, you can use either the left or right bud independently, a feature that some people find important when chatting on the phone or listening to podcasts.

Battery life is rated at five hours at moderate volume levels with noise-canceling or transparency mode on and eight hours with it off. The noise-canceling battery life number is in line with the Airpods Pro and you can get two additional charges from the charging case, which doesn’t have wireless charging (in case you were wondering). If totally depleted, the buds and case take about two hours to fully charge.- and you get one hour of playback time from a five-minute charge in the case. Beats calls this feature Fast Fuel.

Performance evaluation

As noted, the Beats Studio features active noise canceling. And while these do have decent muffling capabilities when it comes to noise cancellation, it’s not up to the level of the Airpods Pro, Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. They didn’t muffle the noisy HVAC unit in my apartment as well as those models did, nor were they as successful at muffling New York street noise.

However, transparency mode.- that’s the mode that allows ambient sound to leak into your ears, so you’re not cut off from your surroundings.- is better. The sign of a good transparency mode is that when it’s engaged, you should hear the world as if you weren’t wearing earbuds. That’s how the Beats Studio Buds’ transparency mode sounds (natural), so it’s at least in the ballpark of the excellent transparency mode of the Airpods Pro though maybe not quite it’s equal.

Voice calling was also good: I went back and forth with these and the Airpods Pro in the streets of New York, and callers told me they thought the BeatsStudio Buds were comparable to the Airpods Pro for headset performance, with good noise-reduction capabilities. They have three microphones in each bud, including a beamforming mic in each to home in on your voice. Callers said they could hear me clearly even as traffic passed by.

These are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and I didn’t have any issues with wireless dropouts or Bluetooth glitching, so all good there.

As I hinted at earlier, I thought the sound was good, though not as good as the sound of the step-up Beats Fit Pro, which are a little more articulate and dynamic. That said, the Studio Buds bass is relatively well-defined and the overall sound is well-balanced, with nice detail in the treble and natural sounding mids where vocals live. Beats engineers spent a lot of time creating the custom 8.2mm drivers for these and I think the sound is slightly clearer and more detailed than the Airpods Pro’s sound. While I can’t say they sound fantastic, they do sound a little smoother and better balanced than the Powerbeats Pro.

With its hip-hop roots, Beats has a reputation for having bloated bass, but that’s not the case here. In fact, while the bass goes pretty deep, it doesn’t have quite the energy or kick as some higher-priced earbuds like the Sony WF-1000XM4. Also, the Sony sounds a little more open and just has a slightly bigger, more refined sound and killer noise canceling. But I think most people will be pleased with the sound the Beats Studio Buds deliver and some will like the fit better than the Sonys, which cost over 100 more.

Beats Studio Buds: Final thoughts

As I said at the outset, these are a little bit of an unusual product for Apple in that Beats is catering to both iPhone and Android users. Google’s Pixel Buds A-Series at 99 are a touch behind in sound quality and don’t have active noise canceling, but they may be a better value for Android users. You also have the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus selling for around 100 now. But with all the little corners cut here and there.- no H1 or W1 chip, no in-ear detection.- it feels like there’s probably some room for discounts on these Beats. A few months from now you may well see them selling for 20-30 less.

I did really like them overall. As I said, they fit my ears well, they’re small, and have good sound and call quality. The case is good, too. It’s a shame Apple created a bit of a downgraded experience for its own users by not including a couple of those key differentiating features you get with the Airpods and other Beats. Maybe Apple didn’t want these to compete directly with the Airpods 3, but at least we’ve seen some good discounts on the Studio Buds that make them an enticing option, particularly when their price dips to closer to 100.

Beats Studio Buds review: Apple’s Android-loving noise-cancelling earbuds

The latest Apple Bluetooth earbuds from its Beats brand offer active noise-cancelling and cross-compatibility that goes beyond its competitors – even for Android users.

The Studio Buds cost £129.99 (149.99 or A199.95) and are Beats’ smallest earbuds to date, following on from the sport-oriented PowerBeats Pro and budget Beats Flex.

Most of the earbud fits comfortably within the concha of your ear with a pill-shaped projection that protrudes a little and has a button on the end. Press it once to pause/play, twice and thrice to skip track or press and hold to change noise-cancelling modes.

The controls work great but unlike some competitors, the earbuds don’t pause the music when you remove them, and there’s no onboard volume control, meaning that you need to reach for your phone to turn the music up or down.

Case and Battery

The case is medium-sized compared with its competitors, and just about fits into the money of a pair of jeans – significantly smaller than the PowerBeats Pro case but slightly bigger than the Airpods Pro case.

It charges via USB-C and stores enough power in it to recharge the earbuds twice. The Studio Buds last about five hours with noise-cancelling active or up to eight with it off. When low, a five-minute charge in the case is enough for about an hour of playback.

Cross-platform connectivity

The Studio Buds are Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds supporting the standard SBC and AAC audio formats but they have greater cross-compatibility than any rivals, even Apple’s other earbuds.

That is because unlike previous Beats or Airpods, the Studio Buds use a new chip not made by Apple. That means they have almost the same features whether connected to an iPhone or Android, including one-touch pairing and compatibility with the “Find My” device locator systems on both platforms, making them the first earbuds to do so.

The earbuds support “Hey Siri” for instant access to the voice assistant on an iPhone, as well as Apple’s new “spatial audio” surround sound for Apple Music.

The Beats App on Android handles settings and updates and shows the charge status of each earbud and case, while the same features are built into the settings app of an iPhone.

There are some limitations with Apple devices compared with the company’s other earbuds. They do not support spatial audio for movies on an iPhone or iPad, unlike the Airpods Pro, nor do they support audio sharing for two earbuds connected to one device simultaneously. Where you need only pair other Apple earbuds to one Apple device to have them available on any other iPhone, iPad or Mac you own, you will have to pair the Studio Buds manually with each device you want to use.

Call quality in a quiet space was good and clear with sidetone, so you can hear yourself and avoid shouting, but the earbuds let a little background noise into the call, and my voice became slightly garbled when in noisy environments.

Good sound and noise cancelling

The new earbuds are some of Beats’ most balanced and best-tuned headphones yet. They produce deep, thumping bass when required but it doesn’t overpower the well-balanced treble and high notes. They handle complex overlapping tones well, with good separation of instruments and super-clear vocals, sounding good with most music genres for everyday listening. There’s no customisation of the sound available, however.

Beats founder Dr Dre sounds better on the Studio Buds than on any of the company’s other headphones. But they lack a little detail and nuance in some more refined tracks compared with the very best earbuds, and a little energy in some more high-tempo songs.

The noise-cancelling is very similar to the Airpods Pro, successfully reducing low rumbles on an aeroplane or that of a passing car. They struggle a bit with speech and wind noise, and won’t trouble the best-in-class Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds or WH-1000XM4 headphones, but do a reasonable job for the money and size.

The noise-cancelling changes the sound a little, making the treble and higher tones more pronounced. The ambient sound mode is good for listening out for announcements or quick chats but isn’t quite as natural-sounding as the Airpods Pro.


Apple estimates that the batteries in the earbuds and case last far in excess of 500 full charge cycles while maintaining at least 80% of their original capacity but they are not replaceable, ultimately making the earbuds disposable.

Some parts of the earbuds are also not repairable but Apple offers replacements costing £82.44 or a battery service costing £66.44. All internal plastic parts of the earbuds are made from recycled material but Apple does not publish environmental impact reports for accessories such as headphones. The company offers trade-in and free recycling schemes, including for non-Apple products.


The Beats Studio Buds cost £129.99 (149.99 or A199.95) and are available in white, black or red.


The Beats Studio Buds are a surprising set of earbuds from Apple that support just as many features on Android as they do on an iPhone, including instant pairing and battery-level notifications.

They stay put and are comfortable for long periods, have a good connection to your phone and have easy-to-use button controls. Solid battery life and a good, if slightly larger, case make them easy to live with.

The Studio Buds sound good for everyday listening and have Airpods Pro-matching noise-cancelling, which is very good for the money and size.

However, the noise-cancelling alters the sound slightly and they don’t pause the music on being removed from your ears. The earbuds are unrepairable and the battery cannot be replaced when it wears out, ultimately making them disposable and losing them a star.

Pros: good sound and reasonable noise-cancelling, cross-platform compatibility with one-touch pairing for iPhone and Android, good battery life and case, fairly small and comfortable for extended periods, good button controls.

Cons: no onboard volume control, do not pause music on removal, no spatial audio for movies or pairing syncing with Apple devices, not repairable.

Beats Studio Buds Vs Airpods Pro: Which Earbuds Give The Best Sound For Your Buck?

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

It’s no secret that the Beats By Dre headphones and earbuds are part of Apple’s product lineup, and when it comes to wireless earbuds, the Beats Studio Buds are in direct competition with Apple’s own Airpods Pro. The design and appearance of the Beats Studio Buds and Apple Airpods Pro are somewhat different, however, their functionality and sound quality are rather similar.

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

Even when both sets of earbuds are on sale, the price of the Beats Studio Buds continue to be significantly lower than the Airpods Pro. Let’s take a closer look at these two popular earbud models, so when it comes to choosing which pair to buy, you’ll be able to make a more educated decision.

What The Beats Studio Buds Offer

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

Beats Studio Buds

Now being sold by Apple and the BeatsByDre website for 120 (30 off from their 150 retail price), the Beats Studio Buds come in four colors—black, white, red and Union (red, yellow and green)—offer active noise cancelling, up to an eight hour battery life in between charges, and they’re compatible with any Bluetooth compatible device that’s able to stream audio (such as a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or computer). They’re also sweat and water resistant.

Each pair of Beats Studio Buds comes with three soft silicone ear tips to ensure the perfect fit and maximum comfort. These ear tips help block out outside noise and work in conjunction with the active noise cancellation technology that’s built into the ear buds themselves. These earbuds also offer a Transparency mode that can be activated with a touch. This feature allows you to hear what’s happening around you, while still enjoying superior quality music or audio.

When using the Beats Studio Buds with an Android-based mobile device, you’ll need to use the free Beats app to access smartphone features like earbud controls, battery status, and to install firmware updates. However, all of this functionality is built into Apple’s iOS, so no special app is required when using an iPhone with the Beats Studio Buds. You’ll also be able to utilize the Siri voice assistant via the earbuds when using them in conjunction with an Apple device.

The charging case that comes with the Beats Studio Pros works with the supplied USB-C to USB-C charging cable. Unlike other non-AirPod earbuds, Beats Studio Buds are compatible with Apple’s Find My app (which comes bundled with the iPhone), so finding the earbuds if they get misplaced is a simple process for iPhone users.

Airpods Pro Are Apple’s Top-Of-The-Line Earbuds

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

New Apple Airpods Pro

When it comes to Apple-branded earbuds, the Airpods Pro are currently the company’s most advanced wireless earbuds. Like the Beats Studio Pros, these also offer active noise cancellation and a Transparency mode, however, they also utilize spatial audio with dynamic head tracking and adaptive EQ, which will be evident if you’re listing to music or audio (from TV shows or movies, for example) that were produced to provide a three-dimensional listening experience.

The Airpods Pro are also sweat and water resistant, support the Siri voice assistant, and work with Apple’s Find My app to help you locate either or both of the earbuds if they get misplaced. The charging case that comes with the Airpods Pro support MagSafe and Qi-certified wireless chargers (or the supplied Lightning charging cable).

A unique feature of the Airpods Pro (not offered by the Beats Studio Pros) is the ability for the Airpods to automatically pair with whichever compatible Apple device you’re using, so if you switch from using an iPhone to your iPad, Apple Watch or Mac, for example, the Airpods Pro will immediately switch to playing the audio from the device that’s being used.

The Airpods Pro also come with three soft silicone ear tips that ensure a perfect and snug fit. The iPhone includes an Ear Tip Fit Test that will help you determine which ear tips to use in order to experience the best quality audio and most precise fit.

From the Airpods Pro, expect up to a 4.5-hour battery life in between charges, but when used with the case to recharge, can provide up to 24 hours of listening without needing an external power source. When their internal battery charge is depleted, a quick five minute charge via the case will provide an additional one hour of listening time, which is also a feature offered by the Beats Studio Pros.

From a price standpoint, Airpods Pro have a retail price of 249, however, all of the popular online retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Target, for example, have been discounting these earbuds, regularly bringing their price down to under 200.

Choosing Between The Two Earbud Models

If you’ll be using the earbuds to listen to the audio from TV shows, movies or music that supports spatial audio with head tracking, this feature will provide a three-dimensional listening experience that’s more immersive, but to utilize this feature, you’ll need the Airpods Pro.

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

However, if you’re on a budget, you can still experience superior quality audio (with active noise cancellation) when using the Beats Studio Pros. In fact, if you’re an Android-based mobile device user, the Beats app will give you more control over the earbuds from your smartphone than you’d have with the Airpods Pro, but keep in mind you won’t be able to use them with Siri or the Find My app.

In terms of style, the Airpods Pro are only available in white, while the Beats Studio Pros come in four color options and have a longer battery life in between charges. The Beats Studio Pros also lack the microphone arm that juts out from each earbud (these earbuds have their microphones built into the main body of the earbuds), which is a more compact design that some people prefer.

So when you take everything into account, the Beats Studio Pros offer a better value for the price, without having to give up too many features. If you’re willing to spend the extra cash—especially if you’re already entrenched in Apple’s garden of computing devices—you’ll discover a more seamless user experience from the Airpods Pro. Android users, however, will not experience too much of a difference between these two earbud models, so the choice is more based on personal preference.

As you’re comparing deals from the various online retailers, in addition to a sale price, look for offers that include a six month subscription to Apple Music, which is sometimes offered with the purchase of either the Beats Studio Pros or Airpods Pro.

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Every Beats Studio Buds Earbud Color Which You Should Buy

The Beats Studio Buds are excellent 149 earbuds that are available in six great colors. Here’s a rundown of all the options, and which is the best.

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

The Beats Studio Buds are among the best wireless earbuds in 2022, and unlike Apple’s Airpods, they’re available in multiple colors for shoppers to choose from. Here’s a quick look at every color the Studio Buds are available in, along with which one is the best to buy.

Apple purchased Beats in 2014 to help the company’s presence in the audio space. In the years since, that acquisition has done a lot. In addition to Apple debuting its own Airpods lineup, it’s also kept the Beats brand around and continued to launch headphones/earbuds under it as well. In June 2021, the Studio Buds were released as Beats’ latest true wireless earbuds. Between good audio quality, a clean design, and equally great support across iPhone and Android, the Beats Studio Buds bring a lot to the table for their 149 asking price.

Among all of that, another perk of the Beats Studio Buds is the color selection. While Airpods and Airpods Pro are notoriously only available in stark white, Apple tends to let Beats have a bit more fun with the styling of its gadgets. In the case of the Studio Buds, there are six colors available: Beats Red, White, Black, Sunset Pink, Moon Gray, and Ocean Blue. All six colors are available on the Beats and Apple websites, though things are a bit tricky regarding third-party availability. Sunset Pink is exclusive to Target, Moon Gray is available at Amazon, and Ocean Blue can be found at Best Buy. Additionally, Beats Red, White, and Black are also available at those three retailers.

Beats Studio Buds In Beats Red

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

If you’re looking for the most iconic Studio Buds color, Beats Red is the way to go. Beats has often been associated with its bright red logo, and the Beats Red color mimics that perfectly. The earbuds and charging case both feature a bright red color with a white outline for the Beats ‘b’ logo. It’s bright, punchy, and looks oh so good.

Beats Studio Buds In White

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

As much as some people might love Beats Red, others may be put off by how bright and intense the color is. If that’s the case for you, the White Studio Buds may be a better fit. The stark white paint job is clean, minimalistic, and the black ‘b’ logo creates a subtle panda aesthetic. From a distance, you might mistake the white Studio Buds for a pair of Airpods! If that’s the kind of simplicity you crave for your earbuds, it’s hard to go wrong with the White Studio Buds.

Beats Studio Buds In Black

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

Want something even more basic than white? If so, the Studio Buds in Black may be a better choice. The Black Studio Buds reverse the colors of the White model — touting a slick black paint job and a discrete white ‘b’ logo. And there’s not much left to say! They’re discrete, stealthy, and the most laid-back choice of all the Studio Buds colors. If you’re trying to live the ‘matte black everything’ lifestyle, the Black Studio Buds are for you.

Beats Studio Buds In Sunset Pink

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

Going back to the more boastful colors, the Sunset Pink Studio Buds are really interesting. The earbuds feature a gorgeous pastel pink color, as does the outside of the charging case. The inside of the case, however, has a periwinkle paint job. It pairs perfectly with the pink outside and gives the Sunset Pink Studio Buds a two-tone design that we can’t get enough of.

Beats Studio Buds In Moon Gray

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Moon Gray. Similar to the Black Studio Buds, Moon Gray is quite boring compared to some of the other available colors. And for some folks, that’s precisely what they want. Combined with a black ‘b’ logo and a darker gray shade on the inside of the case, Moon Gray is as natural as it gets for Studio Buds colors.

Beats Studio Buds In Ocean Blue

beats, studio, buds, review, apple, surprise

Last but certainly not least, there are the Studio Buds in Ocean Blue. The earbuds and outside of the case are covered in a deep, dark blue that looks like the depths of an ocean (hence the name). The inside of the case compliments that with a lighter shade of blue, while the ‘b’ logo stands out in a bright orange/red color. Ocean Blue is arguably the most adventurous Studio Buds color, and if that’s what you’re after, these will certainly do the trick.

The best Beats Studio Buds color is the one that looks the best to each person reading this. The fact that Beats has six distinct styles to choose from is fantastic, and it’s a move Apple should seriously consider adopting for future Airpods releases. Whether someone chooses Beats Red, White, Sunset Pink, or anything in between, they can rest assured they’re getting a rock-solid pair of earbuds.

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