Best Nintendo Switch OLED accessories – June 2023. Hori nintendo switch oled

Best Nintendo Switch OLED accessoriesJune 2023

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The Nintendo Switch OLED is great all on its own but for the best experience there are some accessories that all Switch OLED owners should consider. While some are simply nice-to-haves, others are absolute must-haves.

Whether you play your Switch OLED in handheld mode or while docked, or both, these accessories can help ensure you not only protect your Switch OLED, but also play it more comfortably, and just with more convenience and enjoyment. Most of these will also work for the regular Nintendo Switch. So if you don’t have an OLED, not to worry.

Also worth noting is that there are tons of other great Switch accessories out there, these are just what we found to be the best and most useful ones.

Best Nintendo Switch OLED accessories

Accessory Price Where to buy
SanDisk Extreme Plus microSD card (512GB) 79.99 Best Buy
ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Defense Screen Protector 34.99 Best Buy
tomtoc Slim Carrying Case 24.99 Amazon
SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless 179.99 Best Buy
PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock 22.99 Best Buy
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 69.99 Best Buy
Hori Split Pad Pro Handheld Controller 49.99 Best Buy
KontrolFreek Turbo Thumb Grips for Joy-Con 22.88 Amazon
Skull Co. NeoGrip 22.99 Amazon
GENKI Global Convert Dock 69.99 Amazon

SanDisk Extreme Plus microSD card (512GB)

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

You can probably skate by for a while without a microSD card for your Switch OLED. Especially if you’re buying most of your games in their physical cart form. But sooner or later, you may end up wanting to download some games digitally. This is where the microSD card comes in handy.

There are lots of options out there but you don’t want to skimp on a microSD card. Not only do you want one with fast read and write speeds to ensure quicker load times and smoother gameplay, but you want one that won’t be poor quality. The last thing you want is for it suddenly break on you. That’s why we’re recommending the SanDisk Extreme Plus. It has read speeds of up to 200MB/s, and write speeds of up to 140MB/s. than capable for the Switch and Switch OLED.

This card also comes in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB sizes. So you have options for how much space you want or need. Of course we think it’s always better to have more than not enough. You could always go for the Nintendo co-branded SanDisk cards as well, but you may find them to more expensive than these non-branded ones. So these are just a better value. Hands down a good microSD card is one of the best accessories you could pick up for the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Defense Screen Protector

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

With portable devices that come with a display, it’s always an excellent idea to protect that display as best you can. That’s why we’re recommending this ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass screen protector for the Switch OLED.

In fact this is probably the first accessory you should buy. Or at the very least, some form of glass screen protector for the device. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this one, although we do feel this is the best one you can get. You just want something to protect that beautiful Switch OLED display from scratches and scuffs. This will do the job. It also comes with a smudge resistant coating and it’s super simple to apply.

Absolutely one of the best Nintendo Switch OLED accessories. That being said, this particular screen protector only works with the Switch OLED. But ZAGG does offer a version for the normal Switch as well.

tomtoc Slim Carrying Case

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

If you plan to take your Nintendo Switch OLED with you outside of the home, you want a carrying case. We absolutely love this one from tomtoc for its slim and stylish design, but also for its utility. The fact that it’s slim means it’s easy to stuff into a backpack or bag without taking up too much space. And if you don’t have a backpack or bag that you’re bringing with you, the case also has a carry handle.

Beyond that, you’ll get a nice snug (but not too snug) fit for the Switch OLED and the normal Switch, along with extra space for the Joy-Con joy sticks and buttons. Additionally, it has space for 10 physical game carts and the case is military standard drop tested, with a spill resistant coating. Plus it comes in loads of color options like white, black, and a range of new gradient colors. It’s one of the best Nintendo Switch OLED accessories and one of the cases for the console in general. So good we also recommend the Steam Deck version that tomtoc makes.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

There’s a few reasons why this is an excellent headset worth your consideration for the Nintendo Switch OLED, not the least of which is the comfort. It also provides great audio quality and most importantly, lag-free audio thanks to the 2.4GHz USB-C dongle.

Simply plug that dongle into the Switch’s USB-C port and enjoy a lag-free connection. Or if you like, the headset works with Bluetooth as well and you could simply connect it that way.

Additional features include 360-degree spatial audio, multi-platform compatibility with PC, Playstation, and mobile, and a 38-hour battery life. While something like the Arctis 1 Wireless would also work, this is quite a bit more comfortable and has better battery life. So if can get past the extra 80 in price, it’s worth it.

PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

If you only have one pair of Joy-Con controllers, then you can easily just charge them by connecting to them to the console and then docking the console. But, if your console dock is broken or you have more than one pair of Joy-Con controllers that you want to keep charged up, this Joy-Con charging dock from PowerA is an invaluable accessory to have and one of the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

It charges up to four Joy-Con controllers at the same time too. So if you have even more of them, you can easily top them up on power. The base is weighted so it stays in place and the dock isn’t terribly expensive. An excellent pickup for sure.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

There’s more than one pro controller out there for the Switch, but quite honestly it’s hard to justify anything other than the official Pro Switch controller from Nintendo. While there are some other good ones out there, like the Fusion Pro controller for Switch from PowerA. But that controller is more expensive and doesn’t include things like the HD rumble haptics or the NFC support. Which means no use of Amiibos.

When it comes down to it, the official Switch Pro controller is still your best bet if you want something wireless. Whether you’re playing in docked mode or in the tabletop mode, the Switch Pro controller is a much more comfortable option (especially for longer sessions) than the Joy-Cons.

Hori Split Pad Pro Handheld Controller

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

Probably one of the single best accessories for the Nintendo Switch OLED and the regular model is the Hori Split Pad Pro. This is an officially licensed accessory, and it’s a full size controller for the console while in handheld mode. Unfortunately it doesn’t support HD rumble or the motion controls, and it doesn’t support NFC which means no use of Amiibos. But it is a lot more comfortable to use when playing the Switch in handheld mode than the Joy-Con controllers.

It has larger grips, larger joysticks, a full size actual d-pad, and turbo functionality in addition to remappable rear triggers. It also comes in multiple colors.

KontrolFreek Turbo Thumb Grips for Joy-Con

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

If you like the Joy-Con controllers and prefer to use them, you may want to consider the Turbo Thumb Grips for the Joy-Con controllers from KontrolFreek. The Joy-Con controllers are great, and they certainly look nicer than alternative options for handheld mode. But in all honesty the thumbsticks could be a little more comfortable.

These thumb grips for the Joy-Con controllers really help quite a bit to provide more comfort and some additional anti-slip. They’re also high-rise for better control. Plus they’re not too expensive.

Skull Co. NeoGrip

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

A really cool accessory that some people may not know about is the NeoGrip from Skull Co. It’s an ergonomic hard shell that you can slide the Nintendo Switch into while the Joy-Con controllers are attached, so you get extra grip from the NeoGrip but can still use the Joy-Con controllers. We love this thing with the Turbo Thumb Grips above for a really comfortable handheld gaming experience.

This model of the NeoGrip also works with both the Nintendo Switch OLED and the regular Nintendo Switch, and there’s even a cutout space so you can use the Switch OLED’s kickstand with this thing on. It also comes with three different grip styles so you can find one that suits you best. And, it even works with the Switch OLED dock. So you don’t have to take it off when you dock the console. If you play a lot in handheld mode, definitely consider this accessory for your collection.

GENKI Global Convert Dock

best, nintendo, switch, oled, accessories, june

Last but certainly not least, we have the Global Convert Dock from GENKI. This is an absolute must-have accessory if you travel or take the Switch with you places often that have a TV or monitor.

It’s essentially your Switch and Switch OLED dock but in a compact formfactor. Simply plug the wall adapter into an available outlet, then plug in the USB-C cable to the Switch itself to charge it, and plug an HDMI cable into the dock and the other into the TV or monitor. And boom, you’re playing your Switch OLED in docked mode without the dock itself. There’s even a USB-A port for plugging in an accessory.

This particular version is the Global model which comes with three additional regional adapters. We highly recommend this one if you ever plan to play the Switch OLED or the regular Switch away from home in docked mode. Because it’s a lot easier to carry this around then the dock and associated cables.

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New pastel Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are ready for pre-order

Nintendo’s feeling the summer vibes this week, launching two new sets of Joy-Con with unique pastel colorways. Even better news. you can land yourself a pastel Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pre-order right now. The latest controllers come in either a Purple / Green pairing or Pink / Yellow, retailing at the standard 79.99 / £69.99 MSRP and launching on June 30.

There’s not long to wait to get your chill on, then. especially considering the retailers we’re seeing offering pre-orders are ready to ship them in time for release day. In the US, we’d recommend heading over to Best Buy first and foremost, where you’ll find both sets on the shelves with speedy shipping come launch time. Over in the UK, though, you’re all set with Amazon, with all four colors ready and waiting.

Whether you’ve suffered the dreaded Joy-Con drift, or you’re looking to spice things up with some new Nintendo Switch controllers, this surprise drop is certain to bring some sunshine. It’s a slight relief from Ninty’s Zelda-marathon as well, though you’ll still find the Tears of the Kingdom Pro Controller on the shelves below if you’re looking for a complete setup overhaul.

We’re rounding up all the retailers currently offering pastel Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pre-orders just below, and plenty more Nintendo Switch deals further down the page.

Pre-order pastel Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in the US

Pastel Purple / Green Nintendo Switch Joy-Con | 79.99 at Best Buy The pastel purple and green colorway is available to pre-order right now at Best Buy. You’re paying the full 79.99 whack here, but Best Buy is promising free shipping by that June 30 release day.

Pastel Pink / Yellow Nintendo Switch Joy-Con | 79.99 at Best Buy The pink and yellow pastel set is also available to pre-order right now at Best Buy, and will ship by the same June 30 launch date.

Pre-order pastel Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in the UK

Pastel Purple / Green Nintendo Switch Joy-Con | £69.99 at Amazon Over in the UK, you’ll be heading to Amazon for your pastel Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pre-order. Pitched at £69.99, the purple and green colorway is available right now, with free release day delivery in time for June 30.

Pastel Pink / Yellow Nintendo Switch Joy-Con | £69.99 at Amazon Amazon also has the pink and yellow version up for pre-order, with the same free release date delivery available as well.

Today’s best Nintendo Switch deals

After more of the best Nintendo Switch accessories? There are plenty out there, and we’re rounding up the web’s lowest on our top picks just below.

The Best Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers – June 2023

The Nintendo Switch is great as a portable console but if you play it while docked to a TV, you may want to use a controller other than the Joy-Con, and these are some of the best wireless controllers we’ve found for the Switch. Nintendo of course makes its own, but there are a number of other brands that make third-party options. And some of the best wireless Switch controllers out there don’t come from Nintendo. Which might surprise you. Then again maybe it doesn’t.

© Provided by Android Headlines Best Nintendo Switch Controllers

But I digress. If you’re looking for some of the best wireless Nintendo Switch controllers to use for your own setup, we’ve rounded up a number of them in this guide that are worth checking out. Keep in mind that you can also still use the Joy-Con controllers that come with the Switch if you prefer. But some of these other options will have more features and may even feel more comfortable to hold for longer gaming sessions.

With all of that said, here are the best wireless controllers for Switch whether it’s docked or not.

Best Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers

Controller Cost Where To Buy
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 69.99 Amazon
PowerA Switch Fusion Pro 99.99 Amazon Various Other Retailers
8BitDo Pro 2 49.99 Amazon, Best Buy
PDP Gaming Faceoff Deluxe Wireless From 54.99 Amazon, Newegg
PowerA Enhanced From 43.49 Amazon Various Other Retailers
Hori Split Pad Pro From 49.99 Amazon Various Other Retailers
Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless HORIPAD From 60 Amazon, BH, GameStop
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con 71.64 Amazon
Sony DualSense 69 Amazon Various Other Retailers

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo’s own Pro controller is a trusty workhorse of a controller with decent battery life, it’s comfortable to hold, and has all the buttons you need. Some feel it’s a bit expensive for what you’re getting, but it is honestly one of the best wireless controllers for the Nintendo Switch out there. Even among some of the other options.

It also comes in various colors, and designs featuring some of Nintendo’s iconic franchises like Pokémon, Zelda and more. It also charges via USB-C ad even supports the amiibos which is a cool little add-on.

If you want to stick with Nintendo products, then you can’t go wrong here. And it’s far and away better than the new wireless N64 controller for your Switch needs. Unless you feel like being nostalgic.

PowerA Switch Fusion Pro

What we really like about the Switch Fusion Pro is that it has the mappable four back paddle buttons. Which are in addition to the regular buttons on the front and the triggers on the top.

For all intents and purposes, this looks and feels a lot like a Switch Pro controller from Nintendo. But the paddles on the back can make a huge difference when playing certain games. So you end up with a slight advantage and there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially if you like to play games that are competitive like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This controller does support motion controls, however it does not support HD Rumble, IR, or the Amiibos. So if you want those features, then this is not the controller to go with.

BitDo Pro 2

If you do like a bit of nostalgia, the controllers from 8BitDo can fill that role. The Pro 2 mixes classic SNES stylings with modernized features that you’d see in more advanced controllers. For instance, the Pro 2 has two back paddle buttons similar to what you find on the back of the Steam Deck or controllers like the Instinct Pro from SCUF for the Xbox.

The Pro 2 comes in multiple colors that include Black, Gray, and G Classic which is basically the color scheme from the Game Boy. It also charges via USB-C and can last for up to 20 hours on a single charge. Additionally, the controller is compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, PC, Steam, and Raspberry Pi.

Not to mention for the cost, this is an excellent option.

PDP Faceoff Deluxe Wireless

This is another alternative to the Pro Controller from Nintendo, though like the PowerA Fusion Pro it doesn’t have the support for Amiibos. It does however have the same shape as the Pro Controller, and it supports motion controls.

All the buttons are also customizable and you can swap out faceplates. It’s quite a bit cheaper than the Pro Controller too. So if you want a controller that feels like the Pro Controller from Nintendo, this is a great option without having to pay the higher cost. If you don’t mind giving up a couple of features.

When it comes to battery life, it should last for up to hours. And it has a range of up to 40 feet and works with all Switch models.

PowerA Enhanced

Next up is the Enhanced controller from PowerA. This is a little more like the Pro Controller in that it has less buttons than the Fusion Pro. But, it still comes with two back buttons for additional controls. Which is a slight step up from the Pro Controller that Nintendo makes. This one also comes in multiple colors and styles.

What we really liked about it is that it comes with a low battery indicator. Though this isn’t necessarily needed if you’re keeping track of the remaining charge, we’d wager that most people aren’t doing that. So the indicator is a nice visual touch.

Speaking of battery life, it should last for up to 30 hours on a single charge. And if you need to, it can still be used when you plug it in like most other wireless controllers out there.

Hori Split Pad Pro

If you’re simply looking for a better option for playing in handheld mode, the Split Pad Pro from Hori is all you need. With contoured hand grips it’s way easier and more comfortable to hold the Switch than with the Joy-Con. Not to mention you have two assignable rear triggers and two turbo function buttons.

With multiple color options at your disposal, this controller also gives you a more full-size experience in handheld mode. Which is a lot better than you might expect. And we think it’s well worth it for the price for those that take their Switch with them just about everywhere. And, it’s also dock-friendly. So you can leave the controller attached while the Switch is docked and move to using a regular controller if you ever want to.

Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless HORIPAD

In addition to the Split Pad Pro, Hori also makes a great full-size controller called the HORIPAD. This one has some more defined grips on the sides. Which some people might find are perfect for sweaty hands. If you’re like me and play for long hours, your hands probably sweat a little. And these grippier grips really do wonders to prevent your hand from slipping.

The button layout is pretty much what you’d expect as this is a standard wireless controller for Switch. For the most part. Which means no additional back buttons or paddles. It has up to 32 feet of range and should last up to 15 hours on a single charge. Comparing that to the Fusion Pro and Faceoff Deluxe Wireless, it’s not as good for longevity or from longer distances.

But putting those things aside this is a great Switch controller that will get the job done.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

If you like the official Joy-Con then you can’t really go wrong with additional Joy-Con pairs. And with so many different color options, it’s never a bad idea to add some to your collection. This also means you’ll have backups if the battery for your main pair dies. Which means no downtime for you if they happen to die in the middle of playing.

Sony DualSense

You may or may not have known that you can use the PS5’s DualSense controller with the Nintendo Switch. But you can as it is compatible. While you won’t get the benefits of the advanced haptics or the adaptive triggers, you can still use it to play games. And since this is one of the best controllers out there period, we’d say it’s a great option for playing Switch games when you either have it docked or while using the kickstand.

The Nintendo Switch 2 needs backwards compatibility but not in the way you think

Now that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has arrived as the perfect send-off for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s next console is back on everyone’s minds.

While some thought the latest Zelda game might be a cross-generation game that was released on both the Switch and its successor like Breath of the Wild did back in 2017, that didn’t end up happening. Personally, I’m glad this was the case as if it had been, the Nintendo Switch 2 might have ended up being rushed.

Now though, Nintendo has another massive hit on its hands with a bit more time to perfect the Switch 2. There are a number of upgrades we’d like to see in the Switch 2 from upgraded Wi-Fi to drift-free Joy-Cons and a more powerful chipset. However, backwards compatibility with the Switch’s existing library of games would go a long way to making its successor a day-one purchase.

As someone who’s invested heavily in the Switch and its ecosystem, backwards compatibility is extremely important to me. However, alongside all of my digital and physical games, I also want to be able to use my Joy-Cons and all of my other Nintendo Switch controllers.

My next-gen conundrum

I’ve been having so much fun playing the best Nintendo Switch games over the past six years that I’ve put off upgrading to either a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Alongside my gaming PC, the Switch has more than enough games to keep me occupied.

While I’ve yet to buy a next-gen console, I’ve still been following all of the news carefully so that I’m ready when I do decide to upgrade. Although the PS5 will likely have better exclusive games just like the PlayStation 4 did, I like the design of both the Series X and Series S a lot more than Sony’s futuristic reinvention of the Playstation.

Besides being more powerful on paper, the Series X has another thing going for it that the PS5 doesn’t: all of your old Xbox One controllers work with Microsoft’s latest console. This may not be that big of a deal for some people, but for those with a controller collection as big as mine, it adds a lot of value to the Series X or even the Series S.

For instance, I can pick up my Hyperkin Duke controller modeled after the one that shipped with the original Xbox, plug it in and it will just work. While PlayStation 4 controllers can be used to play PlayStation 4 games on the PS5, they don’t work with the best PS5 games. The DualSense does add an extra layer of immersion to PS5 games but I still don’t know if it justifies the cost of no longer being able to use your old controllers.

A third-party controller renaissance

The hybrid nature of the Nintendo Switch led to all sorts of accessories being made for the console. From grips to make playing in handheld mode more comfortable to carrying cases and even 3D printed holders for your dock and Switch cartridges, accessory makers had their hands full with the Switch.

Unlike the Wii U which had very few third-party controller options, PowerA, PDP, Hori and most notably, 8BitDo all released new controllers for the console. This made sense as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller cost 70 when the console was released and gamers needed cheaper options.

In addition to cheaper Pro Controller options, we also saw third-party Joy-Con alternatives in a number of different shapes and sizes. While Hori’s D-Pad Controller was one of the first, its Split Pad Pro took things to another level with bigger grips and full-size joysticks. In the time since, we’ve seen other great Joy-Con alternatives like the Binbok RGB Joy-Cons along with some cheaper options.

With games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros.Ultimate, Switch Sports and the others on our list of the best Nintendo Switch multiplayer games, it’s likely that you also picked up a few controllers for your Switch.

Being able to use them on the Switch 2 would certainly help convince current Switch owners to upgrade. That is as long as the new console is also backwards compatible with their existing game libraries.

Don’t forget about the Amiibos

Even though we haven’t seen Nintendo do that much with its Amiibo toys-to-life series recently, they are one of the more interesting features that helps set the Switch, as well as the Wii U and 3DS before it, apart from what Microsoft and Sony are doing.

With Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Zelda, Tom Nook, Samus and its other iconic characters, Amiibo provides Nintendo fans with a way to hold a piece of their favorite games in their hands. They’re really cute and unlike Funko Pops, they actually serve a purpose as many can be used on the Switch to get exclusive items or new outfits in games.

It’s rare to find a third-party controller that supports Amiibo, but there are a few with the GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro being the most popular. Even then though, the Joy-Cons that shipped with your Switch have Amiibo support thanks to the inclusion of NFC as does the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Although Amiibo aren’t nearly as popular as they once were, it would be a shame to see them go away for good since they are one of the only toys-to-life series that are still around. Given the failure of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, we likely won’t see any other company try their hand at this genre for quite some time.

There’s still hope for backwards compatibility at least with controllers

Even if Nintendo decides to completely redesign the Switch 2 from the ground up to avoid having another Wii U on its hands, there will likely be workarounds to get your old Switch controllers running on the new console.

8BitDo, Brooks, BigBig Won and other companies make a variety of USB adapters you can plug into your Switch dock to be able to use the best PC game controllers or almost any other controller you want on Nintendo’s console. Many of them also work the other way around if you want to use your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on your Xbox or Playstation.

Still, existing Switch controllers being backwards compatible with the Switch 2 would make things a lot easier, plus, you’ll end up with fewer dongles to keep track of. Whether or not the Switch 2 is backwards compatible with Switch games and controllers is hopefully something we’ll find out directly from Nintendo later this year (fingers crossed).

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