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What to do if your Samsung Galaxy Watch won’t turn on

You flip your wrist to wake up your Samsung Galaxy Watch and—time out—it’s not working. Now you can’t check the weather, track your workouts, or even know if you’ll be late to your next meeting. Frustrating, right?

Don’t worry, here at Asurion, when tech breaks, we fix it — whether your Android phone is stuck on the Samsung logo or your keyboard isn’t working. We’ll walk you through what to do when your Galaxy Watch won’t turn on.

Why won’t my Samsung Galaxy Watch turn on?

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to get a Samsung watch that won’t turn on working properly again. We’ll walk you through the steps.

Restart your Galaxy Watch

If your device won’t turn on, it could be frozen. A restart could fix that, but if your device feels hotter than normal, wait for it to cool down before following these steps:

  • Check the Power button to make sure it’s not stuck. If it is, try blowing off any dust, then clean it with a cotton swab dipped in a drop of rubbing alcohol.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds.

Device won’t power on? We can help

We’ll do a free device diagnostic to find out what’s wrong—visit your local store or schedule a repair.

Fully charge your Galaxy Watch

If your Samsung device won’t turn on or off, it’s possible the battery has drained completely. Here’s how to recharge your device:

First, place your watch on its charging dock.

  • Use the dock designed for your watch’s model as well as an approved Samsung wall adapter for best results and to prevent any damage.
  • If you’re using a wireless charging duo stand or wireless charging pad, lay your watch flat with the screen facing up.
  • If the charger blinks red, there may be an issue between the watch and charger. Try removing and replacing the watch, making sure to place it properly on the charger.

Then, charge your watch to 100%. This takes approximately one hour but may take more or less time depending on the age and condition of your device and charger.

If you notice your watch is charging slowly, try removing your watch Band and charging your device again.

Make sure your charger is working

If you’ve charged your watch for a few hours and it won’t turn on, your charger cable or adapter may be to blame. Check for any damage, including dust in the charging ports. which you can clean with a cotton swab. Then, try using a different charger cable or adapter.

Try another power outlet

If your Galaxy Watch still doesn’t turn on, you may have plugged the charger into a bad power outlet. Switch to another one that you know is working and charge your watch.

Charge your Galaxy Watch from your laptop

Still no luck? Try charging your watch by plugging the charger (with the watch attached) into a USB port on your laptop.

Factory reset your Galaxy Watch

If none of the above steps worked, your last resort should be to complete a factory reset. Doing so will remove all your personal data and restore your device back to its default settings, so make sure to back up your watch before you begin. Then, use the Galaxy Wearable app to reset your device.

Reset your watch using the Galaxy Wearable app

This method works for most models, including the original Galaxy Fit. On the phone you’ve paired with your watch, do the following:

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Tap Watch Settings. (Some models allow you to skip this step.)
  • Tap General Reset, then tap Reset again to confirm.

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best, samsung, galaxy, watch, faces, options

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces: Top options for the Galaxy Watch 5 and more

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Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatches have the ability to tap into tons of superb watch faces and help you personalize the look on your wrist.

Whether you own a Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 4 and access watch faces via Google’s Wear OS or have an older Galaxy Watch that relies on Samsung’s own Tizen software, the collections are wide-ranging.

With the help of either the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store, there’s also the opportunity to find even more watch faces, too.

We’ve spent years testing Samsung’s different smartwatches, which means we’ve also done our fair share of trawling through the Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store to find our favorite faces. In this guide, we’ll be providing a list of our favorites.

Best Galaxy Watch 5 Galaxy Watch 4 faces

E-Look Watch Face

An animated option for Watch 5 / Watch 4 owners, this digital face fits in eight data fields, letting you see information like temperature, daily step count, and even phone and battery life along with the date and time.

It sounds like it’s squeezing a lot in, but it actually does a very good job of giving you lots of data to glance at and still looks very slick. It also offers an always-on display mode, too.

Pixel Minimal Watch Face

If you want to add more of a Pixel Watch feel to your Samsung smartwatch, this is currently one of the best faces to do it.

You can display simple details like the time, date, and temperature, with a premium mode letting you add additional widgets to show off data like real-time heart rate and battery status.

If you like a more uncluttered face look and something that screams Wear OS, this is the one for you.

Free (with in-app purchases): Google Play

G-Over Watch Face

Offering a mix of analog and digital looks, this is another watch face that will let you glance at the time on one side while also keeping a close eye on step counts and things like the weather.

You can adjust colors, there are eight data fields and it works with Wear OS widgets, too, to make it one of our current favorites.

Analog Watch Face

If you like your faces customizable, that’s what this analog-style watch face promises.

You can stick to just showing off the time or add in custom complications, customize all parts of the watch face and it supports hidden complications when in ambient mode.

A/D Watchface

This is definitely one of the sleekest faces we’ve spotted in the Google Play Store. and it’s a really good fit on Samsung’s latest smartwatches.

It displays time in both digital and analog and hosts multiple complication spots that you can configure where they live on the face.

You can adjust the look of the watch’s face color and the font style on the digital watch display.

It also works with background complications, and, while is best optimized for square devices, it worked fine on our round Galaxy Watch.

Forty-Five Color

If you love watch faces, Facer (linked below) is your best friend. and it’s already got some pretty slick faces for Samsung’s Wear OS smartwatch.

This Facer Premium option puts that time at a slant but still offers space to show off additional stats like step counts and heart rate data.


Another Facer Premium option, we’re big fans of its highly stylized look.

It puts the time and date at the front and center using a mix of gauges and complications to show off your additional smartwatch stats.

You can customize colors, choose whether to display time in 12/24 hour modes, and also select between metric and imperial measurements, too.

BA | Simply Info 4.0

It has ‘Simply’ in the name, but it’s far from a simple watch face to look at.

It crams in a lot and it shouldn’t work, but it still manages to make checking in on the weather, step counts, battery life, or checking the date nice and easy to do.

You’ll need to have a Facer Premium subscription to grab it, but it’s one worth having in your watch face tray.

PD. psychadelic girl

If you like your watch faces with a big splash of color, we think you’re going to have a lot of time for this watch face.

It’s a free digital face option from Facer that can show off battery status, daily step counts, and heart rate data.

You can change the time format but you can’t change the colors, and the chosen shades are bright and brash in the best kind of way.

Kitchen Sink

Apart from loving the name of this face, this Facer freebie displays the time in analog and digital looks and shows off battery status, daily step count progress, the weather, and real-time heart rate data.

It works in both always-on and dim watch modes and is a data-rich option that, crucially, looks the part, too.

Best Galaxy Watch 3 Watch Active 2 faces


If you’re yearning for that Samsung phone feel on your smartwatch, this is what this watch face is all about.

It pulls in those familiar app icons that offer shortcuts to your most used features and frees up ample room to show off the time and date, and also discreetly shows off the current battery status.

It won’t sap that watch battery and there’s even an ambient mode to revert to a simpler watch face look, too.

KRT Modular

A watch freebie from the Samsung Galaxy Store, this face spreads your data around the screen with a big spot saved for the time and supports four app shortcuts in total.

It can also display heart rate, battery status, and step counts. You can tinker with the main color here, too, but we are definite fans of the green-on-black case look on the Galaxy Watch 3.

My Day

The My Day watch face made its debut on the first Samsung Galaxy Watch and we’re glad to see it’s stuck around for the newer Tizen watches, too.

As you might have already deduced, this one gives you a glanceable look at – drumroll, please – your day.

It syncs with your calendar to give you a tab for when you’re getting close to events and clicking it pops open the details in a mini-screen.

Since this is a Samsung-own face, there’s also room to customize.

If you hold down the face, you’ll be given the option to change the style of the hands, as well as mute/unmute toggling for the ticking sound.

Weather center

This is absolutely one of our favorite Samsung watch faces. Surprise, surprise, it’s all about the weather displaying the chance of rain and uses small weather icons to display forecasts by the hour.

Best of all, the real-time weather conditions form the backdrop for the face.

best, samsung, galaxy, watch, faces, options

So if it’s cloudy, moving clouds appear or you’ll see water droplets when it starts to pour with rain.

It’s a bit of a battery hog, but if you can live with that, it’s a great watch face addition to Samsung’s collection.

5 Must-Have Watch Faces for your Samsung Galaxy Watch (Any Model)


This is one that sticks out from our time with the first Galaxy Watch and one we enjoy rocking on the Active 2.

Found under the Classic category, Tomcat is an analog-style face that matches a black watch face with orange hands that offers a really nice, clean look.

There’s room for three widgets to show off data like battery status, step counts, and the weather. It’s one of the nicest analog faces that looks like the part on Samsung’s smaller smartwatch.


Another one for the Watch Active 2, this one used to be a paid-for watch face, so it’s nice to see it’s now free.

The black font on sky blue keeps things really simple showing off information like the date, time, step counts, and heart rate data.

It’s not one you can customize yourself, but it does manage to cram in a lot of data when you accept to share your sensor data.

If you’re looking for a digital face option and one that’s a good match for the blue Active Watch 2, this is one of our faves.


The Galaxy Watch 3 is designed to be a dressier Samsung watch with its leather Band and high-grade watch case. Samsung includes a range of analog faces and Acentric is the one that stands out for us.

It’s a face that includes multiple sub-dials that can show off information like battery status and step counts a bit as you’d find on a hybrid smartwatch.

You also have the ability to customize those dials to display additional information like the weather, heart rate, and displaying time from another time zone.

Color Pie

Sometimes the simplest watch faces are the best faces. and that’s definitely how we feel about Color Pie.

Available for free in the Galaxy Store, it puts the time front and center with the second hand replaced with a moving line of color that changes hue every time it hits 12.

There’s no room to customize, though that would ultimately defeat the purpose of what is an attractive, minimalist watch face option.

Friss 44 Core

For Galaxy Watch 3 owners only, this is one that you need to see live to get a sense of its trippy look.

It’s one of the top animated faces we’ve found, and, if you’re worried about that animated look hitting the battery hard, there’s also an eco mode that adjusts the look.

It’ll still give you a big hit of additional data including steps and heart rate, of course, and will also support reminders to make sure you keep moving during the day.

Matveyan Digital watch

This feels like a digital watch that shouldn’t work, as it tries to cram in a lot around the edge of the screen, but it surprisingly stayed on our wrist for quite a while after first appearing.

The splash of color in the center gives it a nice, stylish look, and you can quickly access contacts, messages, and music features without jumping into the main app screen.

You can adjust the colors used, and there’s also an always-on display mode if you want to stare at it 24/7.

Jibber Jab stripe face

There are a lot of quite fun, cartoon-style watch faces available, and this is the one we’ve found that makes great use of that vibrant AMOLED display.

It’s still easy to absorb your info at a glance, and you can adjust shortcuts by simply tapping on the screen.

You also have the option to adjust background colors if you fancy going for a darker one, and black and white looks great, too.

Szasz Cold

This is a big, digital love-in that goes huge on stats you can view, while still making sure the time is front and center.

It finds room to show off the battery, step counts, calorie burn and heart rate, which all sit above and below the time.

There’s also a very small floating ball that floats around the edge of the screen if you want a nicer way to count down the minutes.

You can’t tinker with the font color, unfortunately, but we kind of like how that electric neon blue looks on the black watch face. If you do a search, you should be able to find it in more colors, too.

BoSSWatch Yin Yang

Mixing an analog watch face with an LCD one, this face feels like a bit of a throwback to retro watches.

It nicely embraces that yin-yang design to show off the battery, heart rate, step counts, data, and time without making things feel too overcrowded.

It’s a good example of a Samsung watch face that merges analog and digital looks in a really attractive way.


Fresh is a mash-up of analog and digital elements that come together that uses the heart rate icon as your second watch hand as it streams past widgets that display the date, step counts, elevation, and calorie burn.

The contrasting minute and hour hands also look great and it’s one of the more stylish face options you can find in the Galaxy Store.

Fit future

There are plenty of watch faces that put your fitness stats front and center, and this one that appears on the Watch Active 2 and the Watch 3 is one of the best at doing it.

The icons are nice and big, the color is great and it comfortably looks the part when displayed on both of Samsung’s watches.

Step Challenge 2

Samsung offers some of the most rewarding and motivating fitness features you can find on a smartwatch, and this watch face is designed to play nicely with one of those key features.

If you are planning to take on a fellow Samsung smartwatch owner in a challenge to see who can rack up the most steps, this face is able to display progress against your competition.

So you can quickly find out if you’re comfortably ahead of the need to step up your step game.

Earth our home

Another face that takes advantage of the live faces support on the Galaxy Watch 3, this simple face displays the time and our planet slowly spinning on its axis.

It’s just a really lovely option to look at, and, also, there’s also something quite calming about seeing the world spinning. This is another one to hunt out in the Galaxy Store.

Under the sea

No, this isn’t paying homage to Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Instead, it’s giving you that feeling of having a fish tank on your smartwatch.

Along with displaying the time, it can also show off battery status, daily step counts, and heart rate all while a trio of fish gently bob up and down on the display.

This is one you’ll find swimming around in Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

London’s night

Taking full advantage of one of the best smartwatch screens in the business, London’s night drops that city skyline onto your watch face, while making room for additional widgets and of course the time up in the sky.

It’s a really good example of how to fit in those data widgets without breaking up the great imagery used as the face’s backdrop.

It’s a slight shame you can’t tinker with the colors, but we can deal with Big Ben and London Eye dressed up in pastel purple.

Surfing On Beach

If you’re looking for watch faces outside of the ones lurking inside Samsung’s store, you’ll find plenty of good ones from the Facer app, where you can also make your own faces, as well.

It’s an app that’s available for both Samsung and non-Samsung phones, too.

This surf-themed one offers great colors and does a really nice job of discreetly adding details like date, current heart rate, temperature, and step counts.


Another one from the Facer watch face library, this one carries that round watch theme to section off your stats and leave plenty of space to show off the time as well.

The colors look great on the darker Galaxy Watch Active 2 case designs and it’s easy to absorb information when you glance down at your wrist.

Things You Can Do on a Galaxy Watch With Your iPhone

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is not nearly as useless when paired with an iPhone as you probably think.

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If you have an iPhone and are looking to buy a smartwatch, you might be inclined to get the Apple Watch. Although the Apple Watch integrates with the iPhone seamlessly, buying Apple products always comes at a price.

So, what do you do if you are looking for a cheap smartwatch that offers good integration and features with the Apple ecosystem? Well, you could look at a pair of smartwatches by Samsung that offer a good balance of price and compatibility.

Do All Samsung Watches Work With an iPhone?

Samsung dumped its proprietary Tizen operating system for Google’s Wear OS in 2021, and all watches starting with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, use the new operating system. Although the new operating system offers a refreshed look, they don’t offer compatibility with Apple devices.

Therefore, if you want a Samsung smartwatch that can work with your iPhone, you will have to resort to an older model running Tizen. Another thing to note is that if you plan to buy a watch running on Tizen, it will get updates for three years from its launch date.

Hence, if you pick the Galaxy Watch Active 2 over the Galaxy Watch 3, know that you will only get software updates from Samsung until 2022, considering it came out in 2019.

Things You Can Do With a Galaxy Watch Paired to Your iPhone

Although you can still find several Samsung smartwatches running Tizen OS, we tried using the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with the iPhone 12 mini for three months, and below we’ve listed everything we could do with it. You can see if these features are worth your time and the money you save by not getting the Apple Watch.

Get Notifications at Lightning-Fast Speeds

Most users buy a smartwatch to stay on top of the notifications they get at the flick of a wrist. With a Samsung Galaxy Watch connected to your iPhone, you can access all your notifications immediately—provided it’s running Tizen.

In addition, if you want certain apps not to send notifications on your Galaxy Watch, you can block them from taking away your FOCUS. To do this, all you need to do is tap the Block Notification option on your watch.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch lets users interact with the notifications, it does not allow users to reply to them through the wearable. Therefore, if you want to reply to a notification quickly, you will have to pull out your phone from your

Not only this, as the Galaxy Watch is not part of the Apple ecosystem, notifications can get a little overwhelming as they will not be sent to the device you are using; instead, they will be broadcasted to both the watch and the iPhone—causing multiple vibrations both on your wrist and your

Track Your Sleep Properly

If you go to bed wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch on your wrist, you can track how you sleep. Also, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 provides sleep stage data to users enabling them to know when they were in deep, REM, and light cycles during their sleep.

The smartwatch also sends this data to your iPhone, which you can find in the Samsung Health app enabling you to get an idea of how you sleep. So, if tracking sleep is one of your top priorities, you won’t regret saving money on an Apple Watch.

Stay on Top of Your Workouts

If you like to keep close tabs on your workouts, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 lets you track over 39 different workouts. In addition to this, the wearable can automatically detect workouts like running, cycling, swimming, and walking, just like an Apple Watch.

Enabled with GPS, the watch provides insights about your running routes, even if you don’t have your phone with you in your Not only that, but the wearable also sends all your workout data to the Samsung Health app, enabling you to understand the intensity of your workouts.

The Galaxy Watch also comes with a running coach, which provides information like laps completed, average pace, and workout duration to keep you informed about your workout. The assistant also tries to keep you motivated during the workout by sending motivational audio notifications to you, either through the watch’s speaker or your earphones if they are connected to your Galaxy Watch.

Additionally, the watch offers IP68 water and dust resistance rating, allowing you to wear your watch when you go for a swim or while you shower without worrying about water damage.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

The Galaxy Watches running Tizen allows Apple users to detect their heart rate and sync it with the Samsung Health app. The watch also lets you define the frequency at which the heart rate data is collected, and you can select between continuous monitoring, manual data collection, and 10-minute heart rate monitoring.

It also sends notifications to users when the heart rate goes below or crosses a particular threshold which can be configured in the heart rate settings, allowing users to keep tabs on heart rate patterns in a better manner

Stress level monitoring is also available on the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and according to Samsung, the watch uses the heart rate sensor along with some other data points to calculate your stress levels.

Talk to People on the Go

Once paired with the iPhone, users can answer calls using their Galaxy Watches running Tizen. However, unlike the Apple Watch, users need to connect to two different Bluetooth radios to enable the calling feature.

One of the radios uses the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol to transmit information, whereas the other Bluetooth connection is used for transmitting voice data.

Listen to Music With Ease

You can use the onboard storage on your Galaxy Watch to store music and listen to them offline. For instance, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 offers 4GB of onboard storage.

So, if you are someone who likes to ditch your phone when you go on a run, you still have your favorite songs on your wrist to get you through it. Also, you can connect your headphones to your watch and enjoy music during your workouts.

Customize Your Watch to Your Heart’s Desire

Unlike traditional watches, a smartwatch enables users to personalize its appearance by changing watch faces. The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which lets you customize its watch face with minimal effort.

The Galaxy Watch also allows users to create personalized watch faces by sending the images on their iPhone to the Gallery app.

Although the Galaxy Store offers many options for customizing the watch face on your Samsung wearable, users can’t download paid watch faces when accessing the store from an iPhone.

Track Daily Health Goals

The Galaxy Watch automatically tracks your workouts, sleep, and heart rate. All this information can give you great insights into your daily well-being.

When paired with an iPhone, the Galaxy Watch allows users to enter their water and food intake in the watch. This data is then sent to the Samsung Health app, which can help users understand the amount of calories they consume and burn.

best, samsung, galaxy, watch, faces, options

Is a Samsung Galaxy Watch Worth It?

Offering a Super AMOLED display along with lucrative sleep tracking and health features, the Samsung Galaxy Watches offer great functionality and a low price.

However, despite running Tizen, the watch loses some functionality when paired with an iPhone, as most manufacturers want to trap users in their own ecosystems.

How to Turn on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

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What to Know

  • Press and hold the Power /Home key on the side of the Galaxy watch.
  • If the Galaxy Watch won’t turn on, check the charging dock, try charging it, or contact the Samsung Support Center.
  • The charger’s LED will flash red if there’s a charging error, and the Watch may show a message on the display.

This article explains how to turn on a Samsung Galaxy Watch. In most cases, the watch will remain on unless the battery has depleted or it needs to restart—such as while installing a software update.

How Do I Turn on My Galaxy Watch?

If this is the first time you’re using the Galaxy Watch, you will need to power it on. You may also need to turn it back on if the battery died and you didn’t plug the Watch into the charger in time.

Here’s how to turn on your Galaxy Watch:

  • Press and hold the Power key. On Galaxy Watch 3 and earlier, this is the lower key on the side of the watch. On Galaxy Watch 4 and later, it’s the top key.

If this is your first time using the Galaxy Watch, you should also download and install the Galaxy Wearable app (on Android) or the respective Samsung Galaxy Watch app for your model (on iOS). For example, the Samsung Galaxy Fit has a separate app from the Galaxy Watch.

Why Is My Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Turning On?

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is not turning on, even after pressing and holding the Power key, you may need to charge the device. It’s possible the battery is almost entirely depleted, in which case you can set it on the dock or a compatible wireless charger.

Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you get your Galaxy Watch turned on:

  • Verify you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch-compatible charging dock or adapter. If you are not using a Samsung-approved wall or device charger, your Galaxy Watch may not be charging correctly.

Make sure to back up all important data stored on the device before you attempt a factory reset. It will wipe all user settings and content.

How to Factory Reset the Galaxy Watch

Here’s how to factory reset the Galaxy Watch:

  • Open the Galaxy Watch Settings.

Navigate to General.

Tap Reset.

Scroll down and tap Reset again. You will be asked to confirm, so tap the to move forward, or the X to cancel.

If none of these troubleshooting steps help and your Galaxy Watch won’t turn on, your next action should be to visit the Samsung Support Center.

To turn on a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, press and hold the Power key (also known as the Home key) for a few seconds. If your Galaxy 3 watch is unresponsive, press and hold the Power key and Back key simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

Press Home key select Samsung Health app scroll down and tap Settings Workout Detection toggle off Alerts. To turn off auto-pause only for a selected activity, go to Workout Detection Activities to Detect select activity toggle off Alerts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Specs

Live a stronger, smarter life with Galaxy Watch at your wrist. Rest well and stay active with built-in health tracking and a Bluetooth connection that keeps everything at your wrist. Plus, go for days without charging.

Your most balanced life

Balance mind and body with cycle tracking, reminders to keep moving, calorie tracking, guided meditation and breathing exercises for stress management.

This device and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.

Go for days.

Go nonstop for days on a single charge. The wireless charger lets you power up without slowing down.

Average expected performance based on typical use. Battery life varies based on model size and type.

Made to last

The Galaxy Watch takes on life with military-grade durability, swim-ready water resistance and Corning Gorilla Glass DX that prevents the display from getting scratched.

This device passed military specification (MIL-STD-810G) testing against a subset of 10 specific conditions, including drops from 4.9 feet, extreme temperatures, dust, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude. Water-resistant up to 50 meters per ISO standard 22810:2010. Not intended for scuba diving. Avoid excessive, sudden temperature changes and high-velocity activities. Rinse in fresh water/dry after use in sea water or chlorinated water.

Two sizes. Unlimited style.

Available in two sizes and three colors, the Galaxy Watch offers stylish watch faces so realistic they hardly look digital. Plus, choose from a collection of interchangeable bands.

Everything you need on your wrist.

Even when your phone isn’t in reach, make and take calls with an integrated speaker and voice mic, respond to texts, and access scores, headlines and playlists.

Compatible with select Bluetooth-capable smartphones. Galaxy Watch supported features may vary by carrier and compatible device.

tracking than ever

Galaxy Watch automatically tracks select workouts, monitors heart rate and detects when you switch activities. Get credit for up to 40 workouts, plus GPS capabilities when you go for a run.

Top 10 Best Free Galaxy Watch 3/ Galaxy Watch Faces 2021

Galaxy Watch auto tracks six different workouts after ten active minutes. Up to forty workouts can be tracked manually. This device and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.

Your daily rundown

See your appointments as soon as you wake up, then track your activities as the day unfolds. At the end of the day, check your steps plus tomorrow’s schedule and weather.

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