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Automatic boilers with hopper PEREKO KSP DUO for coal, coal dust, pellets and biofuel

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They consume less fuel due to the precise control of its supply, which can not be achieved manually.

Semi-automatic boilers accelerate and decelerate only the combustion process, and automatic boilers regulate not only the combustion process, but also the fuel supply.

The most universal of all burners. Can burn both standard and the finest fuel. Works on coal fractions 5-25 mm (up to 31 mm), coal with coal dust, pellets and oats.

Automatic boiler with feeder and fuel hopper works on one load from 3 to 7 days. The duration depends on the type of fuel, the size of the hopper and the temperature outside. Combustion in the boiler is controlled by a controller and a fan.

All automatic boilers are equipped with a fuel hopper. Its volume varies from 150 to 300 liters depending on the boiler model.

The system controls the fuel combustion by means of a fan and a supply sensor. With the right settings provides fuel savings of 30-40% compared to classic stoves and up to 10% compared to semi-automatics.

Automatically supplies fuel to the burner. Has a unique backflow function: jammed fuel can be pushed through without disassembling the auger structure.

Controls intensity of fuel combustion and boiler output. When the desired temperature is reached, it slows down and the fuel smolders. As soon as the temperature starts to drop, the fan puffs up the fire again.

Type of fuel Calorific value 1 kg of fuel Consumption per year
Fine coal 4100 kcal/h 4445-7660 kg
Coal/coal mixture.dust 4,600 kcal/h 3960-6830 kg
Pellets 4500 kcal/h 4050-6980 kg
Oats 3800 kcal/h 4800-8270 kg
Fuel type Calorific value of 1 kg of fuel Consumption per year
Wood 2500 kcal/h 7300-12560 kg
Lignite 4,100 kcal/h 4450-7660 kg
Coal/coke mixture 4400 kcal/h 4140-7140 kg
Coal briquettes 4400 kcal/h 4140-7140 kg
Waste wood, wood shavings 2610 kcal/h 6980-12000 kg
Hard coal 6450 kcal/h 2824-4869 kg

Remote sensors transmit a signal of the outdoor temperature.

The controller analyses the data and determines the required heating system temperature.

Automatics tunes the boiler to the required output.

You can regulate the temperature in the house manually, by means of a clear control panel. Setting accuracy ± 1 C.

To understand this, let’s look at the combustion process using a match as an example. If we light and immediately put out a match we can see the white smoke. This is vaporized by the volatile substances in it.

If the wood is strongly heated, it will turn into three quarters of the gas we saw when extinguishing a match. If this gas is heated to a temperature of 200-300 ºC. it will ignite. This is exactly the flame that we usually see.

If the temperature in the boiler is low or there is not enough oxygen in the boiler, the gas is not burned completely. This produces acrid white smoke. To avoid the smoke, it is necessary to supply into the furnace a strictly controlled amount of oxygen: no more and no less.

Remote control of the boiler’s main parameters.

Alarm notification by phone or SMS.

Tracking of the current boiler parameters: Temperature, fuel level, etc. д.

Setting up the boiler remotely via the Internet or the app. This is a separate function which can be installed by purchasing a special module (ask the manager for details).

We are an official representative of PEREKO, so we are responsible for warranty and service of boilers.

If you have something broken, please contact the central office in Krasnoyarsk or a dealer in your city.

Solid fuel boilers with automatic fuel supply

When choosing automatic solid fuel boilers, you should initially pay attention to the following varieties:

    units having several furnaces or burners, which allows simultaneous operation in different modes; appliances that can boast of the highest energy efficiency indicators;. which can easily function without constant supervision for up to one week (7 days).

You can buy automatic solid fuel boilers for long combustion in St. Petersburg not only in the online store, but also in our sales outlets in these cities. Their address and phone numbers are available on the website.

Why buy automatic boilers for heating your country house or cottage? Initially, it is worth remembering about the following advantages:

  • The versatility of such units, which can use different types of fuel;
  • The possibility of manual loading of fuel in case of power failure;
  • simple and intuitive control panel;
  • inexpensive service;
  • durability of operation.

According to the reviews of the owners, who have purchased this heating equipment, their heating costs have been significantly reduced. This is due not only to the relative cheapness of solid fuel, but also the economical operation of modern boilers with automatic feed of sawdust, pellets, wood chips or other fuel options.

Coal boilers with automatic fuel supply

In search of an automatic boiler on coal, able to serve more than one year? Then you need only original products from manufacturers, responsible for their image. In our online store you can find models with different modifications and functionality. It is a question both about Russian and foreign boilers with automatic coal supply.

Price of automatic coal boiler in the online store will make you happy with its loyalty. Our company is the official dealer of the represented manufacturers, so you will not find unreasonable surcharges.

Coal automatic boiler has a lot of advantages, namely:

  • metered supply of coal;
  • extended burning period after one load;
  • automation that shuts down the unit in case of overheating;
  • clever technologies for improved draught and heat conductivity.

It is also worth noting that the boilers of this category do not require special service. According to experts, one annual scheduled inspection and cleaning is sufficient for the proper condition of the equipment.

Application and efficiency

Coal-fired boilers for heating private homes have found application in regions of Russia, where there is no mains supply of gas, and there is a shortage of other energy resources: wood, electricity.

The popularity of coal is higher near major transportation hubs, because mostly rail transport is used to transport large amounts of coal.

In order to improve the efficiency of the coal boiler, it is necessary to perform a number of measures. Start with the choice of coal grade. It is mined in mines and can contain 15-20% of waste rock that can not burn, and forms a lot of ash.

Raw coal has an ash content of up to 30%. Therefore, for energy purposes, coal is specially treated at coal preparation complexes, which increases the efficiency of units, in traditional coal units up to 70-75%, and in automatic units. almost 90%.

In addition, in order to increase the economical operation of the heating system of the house equipped with a coal-fired unit, you must take into account the following points:

  • Do not use raw coal, since a significant portion of the energy from the heat cycle will go to drying it.
  • To monitor the condition of the flue system and the heating surfaces of the boiler, they must be clean.
  • Provide a sufficient amount of air. In the room where the unit is installed, there must be an effective threefold supply and exhaust ventilation.
  • Use thermoregulators in the scheme of the automatic coal boiler.
  • Perform an effective heat insulation of the house.
  • Improve the in-house heating design, install a circulation pump and a boiler for indirect hot water heating.

Difference from semi-automatic boilers

In contrast to the semi-automatic models where only the fan speed is controlled, the automatic units are able to control the intensity of fuel loading. The initial raw material is fed by a screw mechanism from a special warehouse. In appearance, the installation is similar to a meat grinder, but the role of meat is performed by the fuel composition. It is used as:

Automatic long combustion coal boilers can run for 3-4 days without refueling. And if the owners have to leave the room, it is enough to activate the defrost protection mode, in which the system will maintain an optimal temperature regime. Semi-automatic boiler requires the direct involvement of a person.

The truth about automatic boilers for long combustion

Solid fuel boilers

When choosing how to heat a private home, many owners prefer the solid fuel boilers of long combustion (SHCH). Automatic fuel supply eliminates the need to “watch” the furnace, and the solid fuel is cheaper than gas and is not worse in heat output. But in practice, the bright expectations are dispelled by “skittishness” of boilers to fuel. Therefore, before installing TCBF in the house should understand what to heat it, otherwise the effective operation of the system is not worth waiting for.

Automatic coal boiler is a great buy!

Automatic coal boiler has a huge number of different advantages. The first and very important advantage is that, in comparison with simple similar equipment operating on solid fuel, it does not require the presence of constant attention. Also it does not imply time-consuming and too problematic maintenance. To a large extent, the costs that are needed to heat a private home have also been reduced.

With the use of such heating equipment will also be able to reduce costs associated with the number of coal used. The efficiency of the automatic device of this type, operating on solid fuel, is considered another important advantage. The real efficiency in this situation can reach about 90 percent. But when using a standard coal variant, this characteristic never exceeds the value of 84 percent. But this is only according to technical data. In fact, in practice, the level of efficiency, as far as standard boilers are concerned, is no more than 60 percent.

Automatic boilers of this type need to use coal with sizes no larger than 5 cm. At the direct combustion of this type of fuel a full-fledged combustion is carried out. Thanks to this, the amount of ash itself is significantly reduced. And it only needs to be removed from the system once every 4-7 days. Most often this is done during the next fueling.

Naturally, not every person can believe all the above even in modern times. In fact, this is not a banal advertisement, but the real fact. In addition, it is worth noting that in a simple solid fuel boiler, which operates on coal fuel, from the chimney constantly goes smoke. But in the automatic variant of heating equipment of this type, such a characteristic is absent. The smoke is simply invisible. It is only visible at direct ignition of the boiler.

Operating process

So, the process of heating with an automatic boiler and coal as fuel consists of several stages:

  • Manually dumps coal into the hopper. Depending on the capacity of the hopper depends on the number of bookmarks and continuous operation time of the system;
  • By means of screw feeding, the fuel is automatically fed to the chamber. The reducer does not stop working from the electric motor;
  • the fuel is squeezed into the chamber and air is pressurized;
  • Combustion occurs in thin layers, reducing amount of soot and unburned particles, but if necessary the boiler automatically removes ash.

Automatic boiler “Yamal” long combustion

Everyone, who heated his house by coal, knows about the main problem of this fuel, that prevents to organize its automatic feed to the solid fuel boiler. Usually its fractions vary in size, hence the automation of feeding as implemented for example in pellet boilers becomes impossible. Developers of automatic coal boiler “Yamal” have solved this problem by applying a completely new way of feeding, which can effectively work even with fractions of different sizes.

Photo 1: Household coal boiler “Yamal” with automatic feed

The essence of this method, like all brilliant, is extremely simple. Inside the sloped-wall hopper a conveyor belt picks up the lumps of coal and lifts them higher and higher. At the very top is a toothed crusher that passes through the proper size fractions, and those that are larger either split on its teeth or fall back into the hopper. As you can see, the mechanism does not contain complex designs and even if it fails, anyone can adjust its work with their own hands.

Photo 2: Automatic loading of coal into the furnace of the Yamal boiler

Solid fuel steam generators Wichlacz automatic fuel supply boiler

The work of the boiler “Yamal” is fully automated. Fuel delivery, ignition, slagging, power control all these processes occur automatically under the supervision of electronic control unit. With a full fuel tank and filled diesel burner, the coal boiler is able to heat the room independently for 20 days.

The company produces three models of Yamal of different capacities. Below are their main technical data:

Yamal-15 Yamal-40 Yamal-100
Power, kW 8-25 25-50 50-100
Hopper volume, m³ 0,35 0,4 0,7
Price, 175 000 210 000 398 000

Given the fact that pellets are not yet widespread in our country, the robotic coal heater is probably the only affordable way to organize an autonomous heating system on solid fuel in our country. in detail about automatic coal-fired boiler long burning “Yamal” we told in one of our previous reviews.

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