Bosch refrigerator gives an error Alarm reason

Bosch refrigerator gives an error Alarm reason

If a sound signal is heard or the Alarm Off indicator on the Bosch refrigerator burns after defrosting, this cannot be ignored. It is better to immediately find out and eliminate the reason than to pay for repairs or buy a new device.

If, after defrosting the Bosch refrigerator, the temperature indicator flashes and/or the sound alarm (depending on the device model) is triggered, which means that inside the unit is much warmer or colder than it is permissible for normal operation.

Alarm off: what is it?

A similar signal indicates an increase in temperature in the refrigerator. Alarm Off appears on the refrigerator Bosch and squeaks, t.E. The inscription is also accompanied by a sound signal to attract the attention of the owner.

How to make sure the alarm in your Bosch fridge doesn’t go off

It should be noted that not all refrigerators in Bosch will light up Alarm off. A red, yellow, orange light can burn as a signal of a decrease in temperature, depending on the brand of the refrigerator. In any case, the indicator warns about the malfunction of the unit.

After such signals, first of all, you should check the tightness of the refrigerator door. Alarm Off appears after the door was open within a minute. Thus, the literal translation of the “Disable” code means that the main function of the refrigerator is to freeze and cool is disconnected.

Breakdown of one.Compressor and two.Compressor refrigerators

If you have stopped cooling a one.Compressor refrigerator, first of all compare the temperature of both chambers. In such equipment, one compressor cools the freezer and refrigerator compress. If a normal temperature is maintained in one of the cameras, and it is high in the other, then you need to pay attention to the density of the door closure. Perhaps the door is skewed or the rubber seal is damaged (or strongly worn). Having determined the cause of the high temperature, you can solve the problem.

Poor cooling of one of the compartments of a one.Compressor refrigerator can also indicate an insufficient motor power. First of all, the engine gives its power to maintain the freezer. In the hot room, the engine power will not be enough for the second compartment. To eliminate the problem, no repair will be required. You will only need to manually reduce the temperature in the freezer. As a result, the unit will become less cooling this compartment, so its power is enough for the second chamber.

If you have stopped cooling a two.Compressor refrigerator, look for the cause of the phenomenon according to the scheme for one.Compressor technique. In two.Compressor units in each compartment there is its own motor. If he is not able to maintain the desired temperature, then you need to check the door and sealing gum. If they are in good condition, the electronic components of the system will have to be tested. In the most difficult cases, the cause of the malfunction may be a compressor breakdown. Its sign is a shutdown of the motor a few seconds after starting.

Poor cooling inside a refrigerator or freezer compartment is not always associated with the failure of the equipment. Perhaps you put the unit near the heating battery. In this case, do not be surprised at high temperatures, because the motor will not have time to cool the air in the cells. To optimize the work of equipment, it is enough to move it to another place.

But if the equipment really failed, it is better not to try to repair it yourself. You will not even understand why the refrigerator does not cold, since you do not have a special education. Trust this work to a master who has undergone good training and has extensive experience. Only in this way you can avoid expenses for unnecessary repair work.

Bosch refrigerator troubleshooting

bosch, refrigerator, gives, error, alarm

The bulb does not burn in the refrigerator “Samsung

In the Samsung refrigerators, the lamp lamp is protected by the lamp, remove it to get access

During operation, you may encounter a diametrically opposite situation: light bulbs and indicators do not burn in the situation when they should light up. This can happen due to the burning of the reed switch responsible for the operation of the light bulb and indicators.

bosch, refrigerator, gives, error, alarm

Important! When burning a rug you, you can hear a characteristic smell of burning plastic.

Hoering switch is hidden under the front upper panel. To access it, you need to remove the lid. But do not rush. Perhaps the reason is more banal. For example, there is no electricity in the house, a network cord or outlet is damaged. It is also possible to burn out the light bulb itself, which means that the burned lamp needs to be replaced.

If such problems as replacing the compressor, refueling by a colad and replacement of a rogue require specialists’ intervention, then you can change the light bulb and yourself.

To do this, disconnect the refrigerator, remove all shelves and trays from the camera that interfere with the access to the plafon. After that, unscrew the screw of fastening the ceiling and disconnect the wiring, unscrew the light bulb and replace it with a similar. After that, do all the actions in the reverse order.

How to turn off the sound signal on Bosch if it squeaks and burns “Alarm” or “Alarm Off”

In order to turn off the sound signal on the refrigerator, you must click on the “Alarm” or “Alarm Off” button. If your Bosch has sensory control, you need to press either the inscription itself or on the area near it.

After clicking on Alarm, the refrigerator will show the highest temperature that was set in the freezer. Then the one that is established will be displayed. The sound stops, but the “Alarm” button itself or the inscription on the display will glow until the temperature reaches the given.

Do not know what to do when Bosch is on on your refrigerator “Alarm” and does not disappear in any way? This is probably a breakdown. It is not recommended to use such a refrigerator. Indeed, with a malfunction, other nodes experience an additional load, which can lead to even more complex and expensive breakdowns in elimination. For help, contact professionals:

Masters “Rembetteh” will come to the call really quickly: within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the application. We repair at home by the client, we confirm the work with a guarantee for up to 2 years. Contact: we will help to cope with “Alarm” and return your Bosch to the usual work!

The main purpose of the red bulb

Most of the models of refrigerators from Siemens Serie 4, 5, 6 and above are equipped with a self.Diagnosis system, which allows you to extend the life of the device and timely detect the problem. One of the instruments of this system is the ALARM indicator, which is triggered when the temperature regime is violated in the refrigerator or freezer compartment. In this case, on the LED screen, the device burns or flashes (depending on the model) a bright red light or the inscription of Alarm, the color of which can be red, orange or black. In some models, in addition to light indication, a sound signal is triggered. All this should attract the owner’s attention to the incorrect work of the refrigerator.

Alarm indicator lights up if the temperature in the compartment is too high or too low. Possible reasons:

  • For too long open the refrigerator door. Warm air enters the chamber outside, the temperature rises.
  • Loading too many unkiting products into the compartment at a time. The rules for laying products are indicated in the instructions or on a proprietary plate. Before freezing a large volume, it is recommended to enable the supermurine mode.
  • LOVE AND FREASE door. The camera does not close completely, the device cannot cool the compartment.
  • When turned on after defrosting, the device has not yet managed to set the necessary temperature in the chamber.
  • The thermostat malfunction.
  • Compressor breakdown.
  • The formation of a layer of ice due to the fact that the refrigerator was not thawed for a long time. This leads to an additional load on the compressor, which requires more energy for freezing the device. Because of this, the risk of failure of the electric motor increases.
  • Malfunction of the system of anxious indication itself.

Some reasons for the trigger of the red bulb can be eliminated quickly. If the matter is in a large number of unkitable products, then part of them must be taken out of the camera for a while. If the door is fitting loosely, you should check the quality of the seal and, if necessary, replace it. When the ice is formed, it is enough to defrost the refrigerator to reduce the load on the compressor and extend the service life of the electric motor.

Alarm’s red light lights caught fire: Possible reasons

When turned on after defrosting. The red LED in the refrigerator Bosch lights up when the device is first turned on or startup after defrosting the refrigerator. In this case, the signal burns until the desired temperature is set in the freezer. If the refrigerator makes an alarm sound signal, it is disconnected by the Alarm Off button. It is usually located next to the light bulb or combined with it.

bosch, refrigerator, gives, error, alarm

On the touch control panel of the Bosch KAD line, the error notification is displayed on the display, and the shutdown button is on the side (pos. Nine)

When loading too much products. Each device is designed for a certain volume of one.Time load, which the equipment can easily cope. The performance of the freezer (a lot of warm products that can be loaded at a time) is indicated on the information plate and usually does not exceed 3-4 kg.

The location of the plate depends on the model of the Bosch refrigerator

If the door is closed loosely. Ajar door or damaged seal lead to heating the interior space. Illume is formed in the chamber, products are thawed near the door.

Ventilation of the back wall impaired. Between the refrigerator and the wall should remain the space for air passage. The capacitor on the rear wall heats up, the air flow removes heat. If the device is too close to the wall or the space is closed from above or below. The ventilation does not cope, the device overheats.

Malfunction. The temperature can rise due to the refrigerator breakdown.

Control block failure. Due to errors in the control system, the red light in the refrigerators Bosch lights up at normal temperature in the freezer or signals that the freezing has stopped working. In both cases, diagnostics, search for a defect and professional setting up equipment are needed.

Nou Frost “Indesit” malfunctions

Indesit refrigerators are also equipped with modern technologies, while the cost of technology differs favorably with other models. What to do with a malfunction of a two.Chamber refrigerator and what breakdowns are most common, read below.

Most often, the HR. The freezer does not work. In this case, a snow fur coat is formed on the walls. What happened:

  • You noticed that the engine is constantly working, but the temperature is increased in the department? There may be several reasons. The broken thermostat no longer has a connection with the module, so the module does not turn off cooling. Need checking and replacing a thermostat. Damaged wall or clogged capillary lead to a freon leak. It is necessary to check and eliminate the cause of the leak. The depressurization of the sealant on the door also contributes to non.Stop work.
  • The refrigerator works for only a few seconds or does not turn on at all. There are several options: a starting relay, an electronic module or its wiring broke.
  • The refusal to work thermal attemptor or the blockage of his tube is also accompanied.

You may encounter such problems:

  • Problems with the fan. In addition to external signs, an error code may appear on the scoreboard. By code you will understand where to look for a breakdown. Most often, there are problems with the wiring between the board and the fan. Contacts are nicknamed the multimeter, after which faulty elements change.
  • Flections of Ten thaw. In this case, the F07 code may be displayed on the scoreboard, which means the need to check the connections and the heater itself.

There are problems with the compressor motor. In this case, it is recommended to perform a replacement.

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