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Bosch refrigerator broke

Bosch refrigerator is popular with many users thanks to modern design and functionality. But this technique is also not insured from breakdowns. Although the malfunctions of all refrigerators are similar, there are breakdowns that Bosch models occur more often. For example, freezer or refrigerator does not work.

Electronic control models often notify the user about the malfunction, highlighting the error code on the display. Having learned the value of the code, the user can quickly find the cause of the breakdown. But the error does not always help to understand the problem.

You need to pay attention to the work of the refrigerator. failures hint at the causes of the malfunction.

Your Bosch refrigerator has broken? The reasons that lead to a breakdown of technology:

  • Wear of the refrigerator components. This happens after a long service life or if operating is improper.
  • Voltage surges on the network lead to combustion of electronic parts and parts: control board, wiring.
  • Refrigerant leakage due to mechanical damage or due to violation of the capillary system.
  • The malfunction of the starting relay and thermostat. this leads to the fact that one camera can freeze and the other does not.
  • Motor compressor malfunctions.
  • Malfunctions in the no frost tackle system.

We will analyze in more detail some malfunctions.

The refrigerator separation does not work

It often happens that the freezer does not work, and the refrigerator is functioning normally. Or vice versa. the refrigerator department has stopped working, but the freezer escapes the frost “in full program”. Why is this happening?

First, make sure you follow the operating rules:

  • Is the camera door tightly closed? Otherwise, the constant penetration of warm air leads to an imbalance in the system. The refrigerator is trying to cool the department even more.
  • If you have a No Frost system, check if the fan has frozen. In this case, the cold will not enter one of the cameras.
  • You defrost the refrigerator, but after turning on, the fan does not work? The fan motor is faulty. Will have to completely replace the part.
  • If the fan does not work, but there is a snow cover in the freezer, then the reason is in the evaporator. The heater of the evaporator was covered with a layer of ice, which interferes with the rotation of the fan. Need repair or replacement of the heater of the evaporator.
  • The freezer compartment is badly freezing, the compressor works without stopping. The thermostat in the freezer or the evaporator sensor broke. The system pumps cold due to incorrect data.
  • Freon leak. This could happen due to mechanical damage to the wall. A leak in the steel circuit is possible.

Signs of breakdown are superficial: in order to determine exactly what has broken, you need to conduct professional diagnostics. Often this behavior of the refrigerator is associated with problems in the electronic board. Repair of control board. complex task. Most often, an unstable voltage in the network leads to the combustion of electronic elements. Therefore, it is recommended to install a stabilizer.

The refrigerator works loudly

Such a problem often bothers users. Today there is no such technique that works completely silently. But sometimes the refrigerator really works very loudly. What you need to check:

  • How smoothly the refrigerator is installed. If the technique is close to the wall or to other furniture, during the operation of the motor of strong sounds cannot be avoided. Perhaps the camera is full of dishes that rattles and rings. Then it is enough to rearrange the dishes to another place.

Bosch KSV33VW3P Refrigerator (324 liter, A)

Having checked the accuracy of the installation, you have not found deviations? Let’s move on to probable faults:

  • Compressor wear. A serious problem is caused by wear of the motor nodes, so when turned on, it works noisily. For repair, you need to completely replace the part.
  • During the launch and disconnecting of the compressor, a loud noise is heard. the motor fastening could crash. Shock absorbers are provided for extinguishing vibrations. when their fastening becomes weak, the motor begins to rattle more strong.
  • In case of noise and rattle, check the fan. His blades could be formed by ice, so they turn with a noise. It happens that the blades are so filage that the fan does not work. The rejection of the refrigerator will help at least a day. Perhaps the door of the upper chamber of the refrigerator has broken, so the walls and details begin to be covered with snow.

Why is a new refrigerator loudly

The reasons are similar to the above, but there are some differences. Inspect the refrigerator case. during transportation, the equipment is equipped with transport bolts. If you do not remove them after installation, they will interfere with normal work and cause extraneous noise.

As soon as you were delivered to your home equipment, give her time to “recover”, normalize work in the new conditions. If after a day the refrigerator is still buzzing. this is an occasion to contact the service center.

Attentive attitude to technology will allow you to quickly notice a problem and contact the master. Or try to find the cause of strong noise yourself. Sometimes simple manipulations are enough for the refrigerator to work normally.

Bosch refrigerators error codes: how to fix it

Bosch household appliances are popular among users, but not a single device is safe from breakdown. Therefore, if the error code has been displayed on the refrigerator, you need to decipher it. Its meaning will indicate to you to the element that failed. So you can diagnose and repair the part.

You habitually operate the refrigerator, and suddenly you notice the characters on the display. In some models, indicators can flash or signal. Before you start in search of a breakdown, exclude a systemic failure. For this:

Bosch Refrigerator: How to connect to the Home Connect App

Look at the screen. If the code has disappeared, then the reason was in a system failure. If not, then look for the decoding in the instructions or our table.

  • The door of the camera is closed loosely.
  • The loops of the doors sank, and it does not fit the case.
  • The rubber seal was worn out or polluted.

Open and slam the door again. Check the switch connection, install a new part.

Signs that portend a breakdown or indicate a malfunction in the Bosch refrigerator:

  • The compressor is constantly working, without a break to rest. The temperature in the department does not reach the norm, ice and snow can form on the walls. Check the rubber seal, the heat regulator position. Perhaps a too low temperature has been set.

Remember, you do not need to install the relay to the maximum, even if it is hot in the room. If the device is correctly selected, it will cope with the load. See if the “Super.Summarks” mode is turned on. In mechanical models, it is disconnected manually: perhaps you forgot to turn it off.

  • The compressor does not start, while light burns in the compartment, which indicates the presence of voltage in the network. Clicks can be heard additionally. This means that the start.up relay is trying to launch the motor. It may turn on, but immediately turns off. Conclusion: compressor wear. Urgent replacement.
  • During the operation of the unit, a noise is heard, although this was not there before. If extraneous sounds are heard during the refrigerator, the reason may be in the wear of the motor. Its fastenings could also be shattered, so it is necessary to twist them. In models with No Frost, a fan can make noise if the blades are covered with ice. Then a defrosting is required for at least 10 hours.
  • Snow is growing on the walls of the department. There can be many reasons: the seal broke, the thermostat broke, there were problems with the evaporator or its details. Complete diagnosis is required.
  • The temperature in the chamber is optimal, but the compressor continues to work. Perhaps the thermallane broke, a refrigerant leak occurred or the capillary tube clogged. The most difficult thing is the breakdown of the electronic module.

You noticed signs of a problem in your refrigerator Bosch? You can’t carry out repairs yourself? Then contact the service center. After all, insignificant repairs will be cheaper than buying new equipment.

Breakdown of one.compressor and two.compressor refrigerators

If you have stopped cooling a one.compressor refrigerator, first of all compare the temperature of both chambers. In such equipment, one compressor cools the freezer and refrigerator compress. If a normal temperature is maintained in one of the cameras, and it is high in the other, then you need to pay attention to the density of the door closure. Perhaps the door is skewed or the rubber seal is damaged (or strongly worn). Having determined the cause of the high temperature, you can solve the problem.

Poor cooling of one of the compartments of a one.compressor refrigerator can also indicate an insufficient motor power. First of all, the engine gives its power to maintain the freezer. In the hot room, the engine power will not be enough for the second compartment. To eliminate the problem, no repair will be required. You will only need to manually reduce the temperature in the freezer. As a result, the unit will become less cooling this compartment, so its power is enough for the second chamber.

If you have stopped cooling a two.compressor refrigerator, look for the cause of the phenomenon according to the scheme for one.compressor technique. In two.compressor units in each compartment there is its own motor. If he is not able to maintain the desired temperature, then you need to check the door and sealing gum. If they are in good condition, the electronic components of the system will have to be tested. In the most difficult cases, the cause of the malfunction may be a compressor breakdown. Its sign is a shutdown of the motor a few seconds after starting.

Poor cooling inside a refrigerator or freezer compartment is not always associated with the failure of the equipment. Perhaps you put the unit near the heating battery. In this case, do not be surprised at high temperatures, because the motor will not have time to cool the air in the cells. To optimize the work of equipment, it is enough to move it to another place.

But if the equipment really failed, it is better not to try to repair it yourself. You will not even understand why the refrigerator does not cold, since you do not have a special education. Trust this work to a master who has undergone good training and has extensive experience. Only in this way you can avoid expenses for unnecessary repair work.

Factors leading to problems with Bosch units

A list of causes that can lead to breakdown of Bosch refrigerators is quite voluminous. But, most often such factors lead to malfunctions:

  • Full wear of certain elements and refrigerated systems that occurs with prolonged or improper operation.
  • Work failures and failure of a launcher or thermostat.
  • Refrigerant leaks or regular voltage drops in an electrocope.
  • Malfunctions of the functioning of compressor control devices or No Frost system.

Когда присутствуют некоторые знания и опыт, предположить конкретную причину, приведшую к поломке, возможно даже по наименьшим изменениям в функционировании холодильного шкафа. For example, with an increase in the volume of moisture inside the compartments, it is possible to assume a freon leak. Когда агрегат перемораживает, это способно указывать на выход из строя управляющего модуля или термостата.

Reference! Each of the Bosch models is equipped with electronic protection systems from electricity lek. Nevertheless, if such differences occur often and daily, then such protection may not cope, so it is important to connect Bosch refrigerators via voltage stabilizer.

When should be called the master

You can call a master at home if the Bosch refrigerator does not turn on. A breakdown can happen if:

  • Damaged power cord.
  • The outlet does not work.
  • Software settings were lost.
  • Elements burned with electricity drops on the network.
  • Separate blocks responsible for work failed.
  • The convector overheating occurred.

These and other problems will be able to eliminate the master of our service center.

Our advantages

By contacting our service center, you can be sure that we will provide guarantees:

  • Honest price. The cost of services is calculated by price. No additional payments and expenses.
  • Original details. If components are required to restore the Bosch refrigerator, then we will select them from those that the manufacturer ourselves order. This is a guarantee of complete compliance of spare parts with the characteristics of your refrigerator model.
  • Professional masters. Our experts know the features of Bosch household appliances, so they will be able to quickly eliminate problems.
  • Safe service. We comply with safety precautions, carry out all the work taking into account the subsequent reliable operation of household appliances.

And also. we are ready to quickly come on your call at any time. You can call masters at home on weekends and holidays.

The scoreboard does not work on the refrigerator

If the scoreboard does not work on the refrigerator, then this does not always mean that you have problems with the voltage in the mains. this, by the way, is a common theory in the issue of a non.working scoreboard. If the refrigerator does not turn on the scoreboard, then the reasons may contribute to this:

  • Check the power cable: it may be torn or damaged.
  • It does not hurt to check the socket itself. it may be that the reason for the fault of the refrigerator in its breakdown.
  • Masters also say that the cause of a non-working scoreboard can be a burned control board-or, as it is also called electric schemes.
  • Well, you should not exclude the reason that we talked about a little higher. in a non.working scoreboard it can be to blame and the voltage difference in the network.
  • Check the button that turns on/disables your refrigerator. the reason can be hidden in it.
  • If the indicator display does not work, then perhaps the fuse is burned out.

It may be that the scoreboard is damaged by a mechanical way. for example, during transportation or it does not hurt to ask households about what has recently been happening at the refrigerator.

How to eliminate malfunctions with an electronic scoreboard

Specialists advise, first of all, to make sure that there is a voltage in the outlet-do not try to climb there with a screwdriver or something else, it will be enough to include another working electrical appliance in this outlet. If the device works, turn on the refrigerator into the network and then press the power button of your refrigerator. If the indicator scoreboard never earned, then you should not try to immediately fix the refrigerator yourself. because the repair may not be required to the display itself, but the entire control panel, and this task will be best transferred to the shoulders of competent specialists. Do not forget that independent attempts of such repairs can end with a damaged appearance of your refrigerator, and even worse, to entail a more expensive and troublesome repair, in the case of your fiasco.

  • Violation of the electronic board can be expressed in the fact that it is impossible to clearly consider the figure that displays the temperature. What is it? This means that some segments of the electronic display do not work. That is, you can see an incomplete figure. its some elements.
  • Flashes any icon on an electronic scoreboard. As for the work of the refrigerator, it is usually not violated. If the temperature indicator flashes, then this means that in one of the chambers for one of the reasons the temperature can be increased-at best, this can happen due to constant opening of the refrigerator door, in the worst-due to the leakage of the refrigerant. Check it is simple. wait until the camera takes the desired temperature and until the badge stops blinking. If this did not happen, diagnostics are needed and, most likely, repair. By the way, it also happens that a completely incorrect temperature displays on the scoreboard.
  • If the segment of the screen flashes, and not a separate element, it will not prevent the electrical connection between the refrigerator’s body and its door. it is possible during transportation or re.hanging the joints of the connection.

As the experience of many owners of refrigerators shows, sometimes the temporary shutdown of the refrigerator helps to get rid of some problems, because some of them sometimes sometimes appear simply because the refrigerator, as they say, “burst”. In any case, if the problem returns again and again. if an error is displayed on the display, the scoreboard flashes or the screen does not work at all, then the assistance of the master will not harm, but on the contrary, he will help get rid of the annoying problem.

The reasons for the problem

In general, Alarm on the refrigerator Bosch squeals if the temperature rose in the freezer or refrigerator. In this way, the indicator warns about the possible breakdown of the unit and that the products may deteriorate. Alarm translated from English means “anxiety”. The signal zummer is triggered at the same time as the light bulb. By the way, the warning lights up and when the temperature, on the contrary, drops below the set level.

If the indicator lights up and the sound signal in the Bosch refrigerator is triggered, you can do the following:

  • If the indicator has worked with the initial launch of the equipment or after washing the device, you do not need to do anything. The signal will turn off automatically as soon as the temperature in the chamber reaches the required values.
  • Indication is activated when overloading the strips of compartments with products. As soon as they cool, sound disconnected. But we do not recommend overloading the shelves.
  • The bulb will light up if the door is not closed. In this case, warm air will fall into the camera. Just check the door closing density and, if necessary, cover it as tight as possible.

It happens that Alarm is triggered in Bosch refrigerators without No Frost when the ice is formed on the walls of the chambers. In this case, the compressor begins to work without stopping. In this case, the unit just needs to be defrosted, washed and dried.

When the repair is required?

Repair of refrigeration equipment will be required in the following situations:

  • Wear of the door seal. Gum is installed around the perimeter of the door. If damage has appeared on it, or it is deformed, you need to replace the replacement. Otherwise, the compressor will work with a high load and will quickly fail.
  • Damage to the door loops. From the time between the body and the seal, gaps may form due to deformation of the loops. It is necessary to adjust their position by adjusting the departure of the supports and moving the loops. If the problem does not solve, the loops must be changed.
  • Compressor malfunction. If the motor is out of order, its diagnosis is carried out. With a break in windings, short circuits, the compressor is restored or replaced. In parallel with this, the filter-dryer is replaced and the refrigerated circuit refueling by freon.
  • Refrigerant leak. The refrigerant circulates the contour of the refrigerator. If the leak forms, the temperature rises in the chambers, as a result, the indication turns on. It is necessary to identify the place of leakage, carry out sealing, and then season the system by freon. Also, the replacement of the evaporator radiator can be performed.
  • The blockage of the capillary pipeline. If oil gets inside, dense deposits form in the tubes that block the cross section. In this case, you need to rinse the channels and blow. If the situation is serious, a complete replacement of the tubes is performed.
  • A malfunction of the temperature sensor. The part is not subject to repair, only replacement.
  • Problems with the hidden system. In this case, an alarm also turn on. To eliminate the malfunction, the sensor of the thaw, fan or heating tank is replaced. It depends on the nature of the breakdown.
  • ECU malfunction. Control unit. “heart” of the refrigerator. With its breakdown, the technique begins to work with failures. Depending on the nature of the malfunction, the module is either restored or changed in collection.

The failure of the control module

The malfunction of the control system is manifested in different ways. The presence of light in the closet, but the lack of a compressor launch or the work of the refrigerator with interruptions. Sometimes the compressor starts for 2-3 minutes, after which it turns off. It will not be possible to eliminate such a breakdown at home, since a computer diagnosis of control board will be required.

The master will take the module to the service center, where a breakdown will be found and eliminated. The advantage for the owners of the device is that you do not need to take the refrigerator for repairs, just remove the module.

The presence of a problem in the compressor itself

The compressor triggers the process of circulation of the refrigerant, which lowers the temperature inside the freezer to the required level. Its breakdown is characterized by a knock and rattle when starting. Also, the failure can be determined by other symptoms: a puddle on the floor, loud work, vibration of equipment and overheating of the motor.

For some time, a faulty compressor can function, but if you do not eliminate the problem, soon the refrigerator will stop starting.

Proper diagnosis of the problem. half the success of repair. Replace the part or find oxidized contact yourself is problematic. The baggage of knowledge of the experimental team of our company will help to cope with the problem that has arisen.

Independent repair leads to the fact that the equipment is in a deplorable state, so Bosch refrigerator repair is better to entrust to a professional.

The motor-compressor is faulty

It is clear that it was not just a breakdown of the engine (otherwise the refrigerator would not work at all), but its malfunction, wear. The motor creates pressure for the supply of refrigerant to the system, and when it wears out, this energy is simply not enough for gas to circulate normally. The compressor is continuously “trying” to create this pressure, it works, and later it simply burns out.

Such a malfunction is eliminated only by replacing the engine.

Other reasons

There is another detail that may fail. It is replaced, and its breakdown can be determined by the termination of the usual hum of operation of the device. We are talking about a fan, the task of which is to drive cold air into the refrigerator chambers from the evaporator “No Frost”. With this breakdown, the engine also works without periodic disconnect.

The last common reason is the failure of one of the elements of the evaporator system hidden in the refrigerator with “No Frost”. It can be a heating element, a touch sensor, a timer, a fuse. Diagnosis is carried out, the broken nodes are changing.

Employees of our service center work with any Bosch refrigerators. If you know for sure that the problem is not in the temperature of the room and not in objects that interfere with the door to close the door, we strongly recommend that you seek help from the masters. Otherwise the compressor will burn, and the refrigerator simply will not turn on. We will conduct accurate diagnostics, let’s say what needs to be done. I agree. everything, we will immediately begin repair work!

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