Bosch washing machine error e 18

Causes of error e18 in a Bosch washing machine and how to fix it

Bosch washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnostic system which shows error codes on the built-in display. Thanks to this panel, you can find out what exactly is broken and how to fix the machine by your own efforts, or not to overpay the master for unnecessary manipulation.

The code looks like the letter E and a couple of digits encrypting the error itself. Thus, the user receives information that allows him to find his problem in the catalog of errors and find out what could be the cause of it.

The reason of appearance of this error is the inability of the machine to drain the water from the tank at the end of the washing or rinsing cycle. If the sensors detect that the pump is energized but the water level is not reduced, the machine automation will block further execution of the program and display an error.

Among the reasons that do not allow the Bosch washing machine to drain water, you can distinguish such moments:

  • Malfunction of the pressostat, which creates a direct obstacle to water drainage.
  • Locking the switch of the water level sensor in a certain position, which does not allow it to transmit the correct data on it, although the water is drained correctly.
  • Failure of the main control unit, as a result of which it loses the ability to correctly process information from the sensors and manage the work of the modules.
  • Mechanical wear and tear on the pump, causing it to lose its efficiency or become completely unusable.
  • A clogged filter or inner connection which prevents water from flowing sufficiently to the machine‘s drain hose.
  • The position of the end of the drain hose is too high, so that the pressure produced by the pump is not sufficient to drain the water.
  • Clogged or badly bent drain hose, causing loss of ability to pass water.
  • Blockage in the drainage system if the pipe is rigidly connected to it instead of being lowered into the tub, basin or toilet bowl.

These causes are described in the official user manual, so they should be considered first, starting with the simplest variants, in order to discover what the fault really is, by elimination method.

How to eliminate fault E18

Before you call a master, you need to perform the following steps:

Causes of errors in Bosch washing machines and troubleshooting

Household appliances of the Bosch brand are of the highest quality and reliability. However, any equipment can fail during operation. In order to make it easier for the owner of the washing machine to determine the cause of failure, the built-in control unit displays the error codes of Bosch washing machines. If the problem is minor, the owner will be able to fix it on their own, using the recommendations available in the instruction manual. If the problem is serious, it is necessary to apply to a specialized repair organization.

Deciphering error codes of Bosch washing machines

Knowing the Bosch washing machine error code, the user can either fix the problem on their own, or report the code when calling a master for an exact description of the problem. Here is a list of errors and what they mean.

Opening obstruction when closing the door. Indicator on the machine‘s panel lights up with a “lock”. Washing does not begin. Most likely, the hatch will not close because of trash in the lock, a deformed seal on the door or clothes sticking out of the drum. If there are no visible obstacles to closing, the following solutions are possible:

There is no water supply to the machine. Washing does not begin or stops after a short time. The first thing to do is to check that the water is available (pressure is available, taps and standpipes are not blocked). If the pressure is normal, restart the appliance after checking the water inlet hose. It may be jammed with something.

If the error occurs again, check the water filter located on the water inlet hose. If this does not help, the water valve or pressure sensor must be replaced. The board may have to be re-flashed.

Water did not run out after washing. Occurs if the water is still inside the machine for 10 minutes after the end of the program. The laundry is still wet and has not been wrung out. Causes that are possible to fix on your own:

If there are no clogs and the hose is at the proper level, then:

Leakage. Water goes under the machine instead of the drain. It is necessary to check all drain-related hoses, filters, seals. One of them is leaking or not tightly connected. The door seal should also be checked, it may be damaged or dislodged. If necessary, replace damaged parts to fix the cause of the leak.

The hatch does not lock. Depending on the model, the panel will flash an error code or the number of rotations: 800 or 1000. Occurs when the door fastener is dislodged, the lock is damaged or the locking tab is dislodged. In most cases, damaged parts need to be replaced, but it is possible to fix the problem by tightening the bolts. Error may be caused by a failure in the electronic module.

The time interval for drawing the water has been exceeded;. The inlet valve or water level sensor is defective;. The water level sensor is defective. Occurs:

  • When switching on: door locks but no water is coming in.
  • The appliance stops after part of a programme has been executed: the machine hangs on the water intake and gives a code after a while.
  • When rinsing: no water intake.

Washing Machine E18 Error Code Fix Bosch Siemens Pump Filter blocked

On a model without display the stop after rinse and number of revolutions flashes. Causes of the error:

  • The water has been cut off or the water pressure is too low;
  • the hose is pinched;
  • Drainage hose is not correctly connected;
  • the filter is clogged;
  • The inlet valve or the water level sensor is defective;
  • control unit or its firmware is defective.

No water drain. Drain pump may be defective, drain filter clogged or control board damaged. The machine stops after part of the program is complete. Repair: you need to de-energize the machine, then check the filter, straighten the hose, make sure there is no interference with the drain, check the control module wiring.

No water heating. Occurs if there is no voltage in the network, if there is lime scale on the heating element, if the temperature sensor or control board is damaged. First you need to check the voltage, if it is sufficient, you will have to service the heating element, the heat sensor or the board. The board can have either hardware damage (burned contacts) or a firmware failure.

Unscheduled water heating. The water heats up, regardless of the selected mode. Heating is performed even when a low-temperature mode is selected. Reasons:

You can fix the problem yourself by restarting the machine. If the problem is not solved, it is necessary to repair or replace one of the above-mentioned technical devices or to re-flash the program component of the module.

No drum rotation. Occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • Torn or stretched drive belt.
  • Brushes in the motor of the machine are defective.
  • Machine motor is damaged.
  • Damaged bearings.
  • Drum movement is blocked by a foreign object.
  • Failure of firmware.

If after turning off and on again the error does not disappear, it requires repair: replacement of brushes, belt, maintenance of the motor, disassembly of the housing in order to find and remove the object blocking the rotation.

Water heating stopped. The appliance stops during a programme without having heated the water to the required temperature. Causes of occurrence:

  • Pressure fluctuations in the water system. water pressure is weak or irregular.
  • Power cutoff.
  • Thermistor, level sensor or control board controller defective.

Constant water pressure and sufficient power in the power supply system must be ensured. If the problem is not solved, the thermistor, the circuit board or the level sensor should be serviced.

bosch, washing, machine, error

“Aqua-Stop”. Aqua-Stop system is triggered by the appearance of a leak when water begins to enter the machine’s tank. Door locks, does not respond when buttons are pressed. Door does not unlock even after restarting. The control board may also malfunction. Damage to the fill port, hose, fill valve or pressostat is in most cases the cause.

Damaged turbidity sensor called the aqua sensor. The machine does not end the programme, stops and does not respond to button presses. Occurs when:

  • Clogged drain/intake system.
  • Scaling of the temperature sensor.
  • Pump malfunction.
  • Drawing dirty water from the water system.

Depending on the cause of the malfunction, the solution may be:

  • Starting a dry wash at high temperature.
  • Descaling the machine.
  • Installing the filter on the water pipe.
  • Replacing faulty parts.

No water movement due to damaged electrical circuits. The pressure sensor may also be defective. The easiest method of rectification is to disconnect the appliance from the mains for 20 minutes or reset the programmes. If the error persists after restarting the machine, check the electrical circuits and replace damaged parts if necessary. Or service/replace pressure sensor.

Pressure sensor malfunction. Check the water pressure. If this code appears on the machine’s display, in most cases the pressure sensor must be replaced. Rarely, it can be caused by a fault in the control board software. In this case the error will be corrected by restarting the machine and disconnecting it from the mains for 20 minutes.

Flow sensor is damaged. There is no water in the machine tank because of this. The error is due to the following causes:

  • Sensor sensor malfunction.
  • No access to water (clogged, no pressure).
  • Damaged control board.
  • The electro-mechanical valve is defective.

If water flow is stable and sufficient for operation and resetting the appliance does not solve the problem, the faulty sensor must be repaired or replaced.

No water movement through the flow sensor. Occurs in the following cases:

  • Installing the machine is faulty.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Hatch not closed.
  • Clogged filter.
  • Damaged valve or pressure sensor.
  • In rare cases. malfunction in the control.

To eliminate the problem, the hatch must be checked to make sure the water pressure is sufficient. Check the filter. Check if the machine is correctly installed. The valve or the pressostat can be repaired if necessary.

Water level in the tank is too high. The cause may be improper installation of the machine, which causes a siphon effect. Only the hose of the machine may be installed incorrectly. Pressure sensor, pump, inlet valve or control system malfunction.

To eliminate the problem, check the correct installation of both the entire machine and the water intake hose. The pressostat, the pump, the valve can be replaced or repaired if necessary. Carry out maintenance of the control board.

The hatch does not lock. The reason: lock breakage, door lid sagging, boot latch dislocation. Also, the lock may not close because of the laundry or a malfunction in the control board software. If there are no obstacles to closing the door, the control system is intact, and resetting the door does not solve the problem, the door lock/hinges must be repaired.

Washing does not begin, the indicated code is on the screen. If this error occurs, the device for locking the hatch cover must be replaced.

Temperature sensor defective. The machine doesn’t heat water to the required temperature, it stops during the program execution. Both the sensor itself and the wiring leading to it may be defective. If disconnecting from the power supply for 20 minutes does not eliminate the error, then you need to replace the sensor or its wiring.

Short circuit in the temperature sensor. Occurs when the system thermistor is broken, there is no voltage in the mains or a malfunction in the control module. To correct the problem, do one of the following

  • Provide the required line voltage level.
  • Service or replace the thermistor.
  • Perform maintenance of control board or re-flash it.

Service test and error codes of Bosch washing machines of 5-6-7 series

Heating elements fail, as a rule, because of the scale: impurities contained in water, particles of detergents, lint from clothes. all this adheres to the heating element, which reduces its thermal conductivity. Trying to compensate for the decrease by more intensive work, the heating element heats up, overheats and either burns out the coil or burns out the casing. In the latter case, water gets on the heater coil, and a short circuit occurs.

bosch, washing, machine, error
Signs of How to eliminate Price (only work)
The washing machine does not heat the water or blows out the plugs immediately when you turn on the program. Codes F19, F22 may appear. Faulty heating element must be replaced. from 1800

Price for masters work only, new heating element is not included.

Bosch washing machine error F18

F18 error is not found in all washing machines from Bosch. Sometimes in similar cases the machine gives out a code of error E18 or d0 depending on the version of system of diagnostics of certain model. However, it is not so important, which of the above codes the appliances gave out. It is much more important to decipher the error and eliminate the causes of its occurrence.

How to clear the error?

In order to reset the Bosch washing machine error, it is necessary to eliminate all the factors that prevent its normal functioning.

Most models after that can be successfully started and turned on again, in other situations you will need to reset the error.

In this case, the following steps will be required.

  • Pressing and holding the “Start/Pause” button for a long time. Always wait for the buzzer or flashing lights on the display.
  • The error can be reset also with the help of the readjustment of the electronic module. this method is used when the first one was ineffective. It is necessary to keep in mind that different models of washing machines have various test modes, which are described in the instruction manual. Adhering to the recommendations described there, you can quickly restore the operation of the machine.

Fixing error E18 in a Bosch washing machine

The owner of a Bosch washing machine may encounter error E18 during operation. In this case, you should not get upset. After all, any malfunction can be eliminated. Let’s try to understand what this code means and what steps to take when it occurs.

Problems with electronics

Problems with the electronic control unit cause commands and feedback signals to be transmitted incorrectly, causing the error to be displayed. The drain line includes a tank level switch (pressostat) that may not transmit information correctly. The initial check consists of an inspection of the connection cables and wiring connections. The surface of the cords insulator must not be damaged, solder places must not be covered with a layer of oxide.

If any damage is found, the protective layer must be covered with insulating tape or with a piece of heat shrink tubing. Places of soldering are cleaned from foreign deposits, it is recommended to check the integrity of wiring with a test instrument. To check the level switch, remove the assembly located under the upper cover of the machine. Hoses are disconnected from the sensor (fixed with clamps).

A 400-500 mm long tube is connected to the sensor. To test the sensor functionality you need to blow into the hose, the air pressure triggers the contacts (clicks). The technique allows you to roughly assess the functionality of the contact elements of the sensor. If the circuit closure does not occur, then you should replace the level gauge and check the functionality of the washing machine Bosch. If the problem remains, the equipment is sent to the service center.

If the washing machine shows E18, it means that the unit cannot drain the waste water from the drum. New Bosch models indicate the malfunction by an alphanumeric code on the display. Older units, not equipped with a screen, use an indication. most often the control panel lights up the spin lights 600 and 1000 revolutions.

There may be several specific reasons for the occurrence of error E18:

  • A clog or improper position of the liquid drain hose;
  • Breakdown or jamming of the pump pump;
  • The drain filter is clogged;
  • breakage of the water level sensor;
  • electronic control unit malfunction.

In the last two cases, it is better to give the Bosch washing machine to the service, because it is too difficult to repair the broken elements with your own hands without specialized knowledge. Other malfunctions can be solved quite easily at home.

Error E18 often occurs in old washing machines that have never been cleaned from debris

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