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Bukhanka in a loaf: 31 recipe with photo

Bukhanka Oopecks confidently settle in our kitchens and conquer more and more sympathy. Thanks to this technique, you do not need to independently knead the dough and wait for it when it comes. All that needs to be done is to throw all the necessary ingredients in the form, wait a certain time and enjoy the delicious “result”. The only thing you need to know is recipes. It is about them that will be discussed below.

This article presents all recipes from the book. But if you still need additional information on how to use the stove, about programs, baking advice, then you can download the book of recipes and instructions.

How much time a loaf is baking in the oven?

Sprinkle the loaf with water, pierce in several places to the bottom of the shape of a thin wooden skewer. Bake a prepared loaf in a preheated oven for 45-50 minutes. If the crust is blossomed too intense, cover the top of the loca with foil or reduce the temperature to 200 ° C.

It is best to bake a loaf at a temperature of 160-170 degrees. It is necessary to put the form with a loaf on the lowest level of the oven and bake at least 30-40 minutes. Tasim Bukhanka will bake well and the center will not remain raw. The larger the size of Bukhankaa, the more time you need to bake it-at least 40-45 minutes.

Black. No?

In large sets of programs, there are always baking modes of Bukhankaa with high mulch of rough grinding. In this case, the stove can withstand the foods before kneading for at least 30 minutes and only after that proceeds to the formation of the bun. Heating should contribute to the release of gluten, and hence the activation of the work of yeast, since it will be complicated by the high m bran (they hold gluten).

Often, housewives perceive this program as a mode for black loaf. After all, we value black above (my mother has lost interest in a loaf of a loaf, as soon as she realized that a black loaf could not bake), in our country this is a traditional product that always took first place on the table (recall at least the famous story of Pavel Aleppsky about Russia of the times Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov).

But a truly black loaf, that is, completely rye, it is impossible to cook in a loaf. The fact is that the rye loaf is done not on yeast, but on the sourdough. It is not difficult to make the leaven. You need to combine part of the rye (wheat) flour with part of the water (by weight), make a chatterbox.

To withstand the day, then feed the second talker (proportions and quantity), every other day. The third. During this time, the colony of wild yeast will develop in the mixture, the sourdough will begin to roam. Here on its basis and knead the dough.

But this dough requires completely different algorithms and temperatures: after mixing it for a day, you need to put in the refrigerator, then it will rise about five hours, then bake. Not only that, not every loaf of the Open will be able to knead rye dough. The motor is simply not calculated, because the dough is very heavy.

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However, at home we can master adapted recipes with high m rye flour. For example, a Bukhanka like Borodinsky, a fitness loaf (ready.Made mixtures of poods), Tverskaya. To improve the lifting to the dough, you can add special components-worshipers: Pinifarin (glutinated enzymes), forex (carbohydrates, wheat, malt, enzymes), mastix (wheat, enzyme) and leaven: extrager P (malt, enzymes) and acrams (wheat and wheat and ash. Rye base, dough fermentation products, organic acids).

much, time

They are sold in stores for loafy.Bells. Dry milk is used to improve the properties of Bukhankaa (1-2 hours. L.), mashed potatoes (1 t. L., The loaf will be higher), dried or live fermentation (grow independently), bran and flakes.

much, time

A very important component of dark Bukhankaa is malt, it gives Bukhankau a delightful aroma and a dark reddish tint. In some recipes, for example, in Borodinsky, the malt is brewed. If it is difficult to buy malt, you can use Kvass concentrate (in a jar, natural), beer. Emphasizes the taste of dark loaf of honey or patho (this is a washed starch), burned sugar.

Fans of dark Bukhankaa can pay attention to the Bukhanka Opel, in which there are features associated with its preparation. In Panasonic models (for example, SD-ZB2502), a special blade with three teeth is offered to thoroughly kneading the dough with rye flour.

The LG HB-2001BY furnace has a regime for rye loafing with a simplified recipe on a home leaven. The Electrolux EBM 8000 model provides for a quick preparation mode for whole grain loaf, it lasts 2.5 hours. And the regime of village Bukhankaa with high mulge of rude grinding takes 5 hours. In the furnaces Moulinex (for example, OW 5004) there is a “Borodinsky loaf” mode.

What to take flour for baking Bukhankaa

I bake me from ordinary wheat flour of the highest grade. Sometimes I mix it with whole grain, or add 1 grade. To enrich the loaf with fiber, I use bran to 50 g per loaf. Sometimes a bake rye loaf. Experimented with rice, corn flour, oatmeal, buckwheat and loaf mixtures. For every day I chose a proven recipe for white loaf in a loaf of a loaf.

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The main thing in the baking of Bukhankaa in a loaf of the Opchic is to take flour with minimal humidity and be sure to sift it. This parameter is difficult to check at home, so during the baking process you have to adjust the recipe. There is nothing complicated here:

  • If the bucket in the bucket is stupefied tightly. Means flour with the least humidity. Add 1 hour. Water to the optimal state of the test. We are waiting for about a minute and look at the dough. If necessary, pour more liquids, but a little bit. A mixer needs time to make the dough homogeneous.
  • And vice versa, if the dough constantly sticks to the walls of the bucket. Then add 1 h.L. We are waiting for the flour for 1-2 minutes. We look at the bell and its consistency again. I will say from experience, first I add 1 hour.L. Flour, and after 30. 1 hour. L. Vegetable oil to the place where the dough sticks to the bucket. This saves the dough from excess excess flour. If you overdo it with flour, then the dough will be tight and will not be able to get up and bake.

Experiments with taste

Components, when added to the dough, should not be wet

For lovers of experimenting and adding non.Standard ingredients. Work no edge.

  • Caraway seeds, sunflower seeds, dill seeds, dried apricots, onions, sesame seeds and much more will turn your loaf into a culinary masterpiece.
  • In most models, there are built.In functions that will notify the sound signal when it is necessary to put additional ingredients in the dough.
  • But some housewives focus on their intuition, and add components not at the signal, but at their discretion, I do so and I do it.
  • The most important thing is that the components when adding to the dough are not wet, because wet ingredients will increase the moisture content of the dough, and the baking process may be violated. The loaf may not fit or it turns out wet and tasteless.

Do I need to put water in the oven during baking Bukhankaa?

The wet surface also slows down the formation of the crust, it is thinner and more crispy. In addition, moisture “dilutes” the starch that is present on the surface of the workpiece, and the crust becomes glossy, brilliant. Steam is needed only at the beginning of baking.

Time Baking Time Tables of Products from Dough

Product temperature, ° C Time time, min
Asso yeast
Small products (50-100 g) 240-250 10-12
Large products (800-1000 g) 210-230 30-35
Easter cakes, women, kolobok, pies 180-220 40-50

Universal recipe for any loaf for baking in a loaf of a loaf. Recipe for request!

Bukhanka has been baking the order itself for 14 years. I bake in a loaf. There were already several loafs during this time, tested, well, there are a lot of options! Over the years, a universal recipe for baking Bukhankaa has developed! The main requirement: no matter what flour you bake, no matter how many varieties of flour are used, the general weight of the flour should be 420 g of liquid.270-280ml (I’ll tell you about the intricacies below) it is imperative to observe the procedure for laying products. In my CP, we begin to make a bookmark with “wet” products and liquids, it is necessary to observe weight flour standards in grams, but not in glasses, as many manufacturers like to indicate in the attached book recipes! The humidity of the flour is different and in a glass-today you can pour 140g, for example, and tomorrow, it is a little more poured, for example 120g. And the loaf loves accuracy! Be sure to weigh the flour and liquid, which we lay in a bucket of HP!

OPTION 1.Ordinary wheat loaf-white (on the middle loaf-700g)

-Water warm-270ml.Any-1st oil.Lmuka wheat.-420.Salt-1h.L.(with a slide).Sugar-1st.L.(without a hill).Yeast Sukhi-4g mode.The main weight of the loaf is 700-750g, the color of the crust-medium or dark

At the bottom of the HP bucket I pour 1 t.L.Oils (to your taste! I’m baking with olive now!)

I pour 270 ml of water, a little warm.(I bake on cottage cheese and water in relation to 50:50.T.E 135ml of water135ml serum)

Pour 420 g of wheat flour (any variety)

I use dry active bukhanopyar yeast “SAF-MOGE”.4g

In the bucket, in this way, the flour in the center is yeast, along the edges and sugar.

We set the mode, color of the crust, the weight of the loaf and start the CP into the work. I have the main mode 2 hours 50 minutes.

After 5-7 minutes we will open the CP (only very quickly! You can’t keep it open in the process of its work!). The flour has different humidity and different degree of grinding. Let’s look at the “bun” he should be “kolobok”! You may need to add a little water or a spoonful of flour. I rarely need this! We buy flour some manufacturers and houses are stored under certain constant conditions!

We look so that the HP does not stand in a draft. By readiness, a loaf is a loaf, put it on a lattice and cover it on top with a linen towel. Let Bukhankau cool and mature! Bon appetit!

Option 2.Bukhanka from different varieties of flour with various additives (berries, seeds)

.Water warm-280ml.Any-1st oil.Lessers, berries-do 100g.Only-420g flour (see in the text).Salt-1h.L.(with a slide).Sugar-1st.L.(without a hill).Yeast Sukhi-4g

Add them immediately, not after the signal. Pour the liquid, I have a serum-cup-but already 280ml.

Add flour! The total weight of the flour.420. All varieties of flour are added in an arbitrary amount, but approximately so that most of the wheat flour is. I got it-70g corn100g ryeopper flour 250g. The total weight of the flour turned out 420g

You choose the mode yourself, you can mainly on rye on rye.

We look after Kolobka again. Depending on the varieties of flour, additives, it will be necessary to add water-muki

We look so that the HP does not stand in a draft. By readiness, a loaf is a loaf, put it on a lattice and cover it on top with a linen towel. Let Bukhankau cool and mature! Bon appetit!

How to bake a non.Cheaty loaf on kefir in a loaf of a loaf?

Bukhanka Opel will help you cook a delicious lush loaf without yeast. The dough for him is kneaded on kefir. Such baking will be an excellent alternative for those who are contraindicated for some reason to use yeast.

Cooking time: 15 min.

  • Wheat flour. 450 gr.
  • Kefir. 300 ml.
  • Food soda. 1 h.L.
  • Salt cook. 0.5 hours.L.
  • Sugar. 2 hours.L.
  • Olive oil. 3 st.L.
  • Italian herbs. 0.5 hours.L.

Put the dry ingredients first in the bucket of Bukhanka Opel, first sift the flour through a small sieve.

Then pour kefir and olive oil.

Place the bucket in a loaf of the Open, select the “Black” program for 10 minutes. Then install the Baking program for 1.5 hours.

Bukhanka Opel will report the readiness of Bukhankaa with a sound signal. Gently, so as not to burn, remove the loaf from the mold and let it cool completely.

Despite the fact that yeast was not used in the recipe, the loaf is lush and crumbly.

much, time
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