Can I blow dry my hair?


Pros and cons of removal

Removing the hair curls at home is a responsible procedure. The fact is that the attachment of donor strands is not good for your own hair, and at the slightest mistake you risk damaging them. Despite this, many beauties do not rush to go to the professionals, and perform the procedure at home.

What are the pros of home transformation:

  • The price is the main factor that moves the fashionistas. It’s no secret that the removal of curls at home will save a lot of money;
  • no need to wait until the master has time for you. You are your own boss and can perform the procedure when it suits you;
  • undermined confidence. Unfortunately, not all masters can guarantee the success of the process, either because of low professionalism, or the condition of the hair is so bad. In any case the mood is spoiled, the expected result is not achieved, and there is no desire to go to the master again.

What do you risk, performing removal at home, its negative aspects:


  • If you do the wrong thing, you can confuse the strands;
  • the risk of damaging your own locks increases, due to the lack of experience of the performer;
  • You might inadvertently lose a little of your own, native hair when you remove the donor strands.

Even if the removal of donor curls at home does not go smoothly, you can always ask for help from a professional. Plus, you get a little experience in this business, which may be useful in the future.

How to get rid of the hair, extensions in the Japanese way

This technique locks the strands in place with plastic or metal rings and clips. To remove this kind of hair extensions you will need:

  • Apply oil to the roots of the hair and wait 1-2 hours;
  • Armed with tongs, gently loosen the rings or clips;
  • Crack the locks and gently remove the strands;
  • With a comb, remove the remnants of artificial hair;
  • Lubricate the hair with a hair care product.

General rules of care

The very procedure of hair extensions is not difficult. The most interesting part begins after its completion. The owners of beautiful hair should know all the details and nuances of good care of hair extensions. If you do not observe the recommendations of experts, you can say goodbye to the dream of a beautiful hairstyle.

If the locks did not last long on the head of the beauty, you should not blame the masters. Specialists who offer hair extension services have extensive experience. They have a practiced hand, and the methods and materials used have passed laboratory tests, have stood the test of time. The only thing that can affect the duration of the effect of the procedure is a full, high-quality, timely care.

During the procedure, ask the master what method he uses. Depending on this, the appropriate method of grooming is selected, which the girl will have to perform on her own.

Important! The use of cosmetics that correspond to the type of procedure, will save a beautiful hair from its premature loss in the future.

How to comb?

As mentioned earlier, combing hair when it is wet is strictly prohibited, before you need to dry it well. It is recommended to buy a special comb for detangling the hair extensions. It differs from conventional straightening with rare tines and absence of round balls, which can easily damage the capsules.

How to Comb Keralin Hair Extensions? A proper hair styling treatment should start with the ends. To do this, take a strand of hair in your hand and, starting from the ends, gradually comb it out, capturing more and more lengths. Tangled hair should by no means be torn using a comb, but it should be unraveled manually.

Indications and contraindications

The most common indications for keratin straightening are unruly hair that is difficult to style. Suitable for women who have dull, weak hair.

Keratin hair straightening helps to get rid of split ends and cope with electrification. This technology is ideal for ladies with naturally curly hair who are dreaming of straight hair.

This hairstyle is perfect for ladies who want to have well-groomed hair, without the hassle and time expense.

Unfortunately, not all women can experience the effectiveness of the technology. straightening has a number of contraindications. These factors also directly affect the quality of keratinization. These include:

  • Various types of diseases of the scalp (such as dandruff).
  • Allergy to a component of the cosmetic (before using, you must be tested). Allergens can even cause asthma attacks.
  • All kinds of head traumas (cuts, scratches, non-healed wounds).
  • Oncology. People who have been diagnosed with cancer risk aggravating their condition.
  • A natural tendency to alopecia.
  • Lactation, pregnancy. Keratin straightening is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.

Attention! It is contraindicated to perform the procedure yourself, as it requires professional training.

For the keratin straightening of the hair that has been added, it is necessary to remember about two nuances that greatly influence the final result:

  • The professionalism of the specialist who performs the work. A good craftsman will work very carefully and qualitatively on the transition between the natural and natural hair strands. One small mistake can lead to the fact that the hair extensions will come off If they consist of natural material, the transition will not be conspicuous and the strands will be easier to smooth out. Most professionals do not perform this procedure on synthetic hair because of the high technical complexity.

Usually correction is made once in 2-3 months depending on growth rate of natural hair. If you wear the hair strands longer than that, they can damage your native hair. Among other things, capsules gradually fall down and may become too noticeable, despite their small size.

blow, hair

It is not necessary, as a huge palette of shades is used in hair extensions, and before the procedure, the hair color is matched to the tone of the hair. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to dye the strands unnecessarily.

Can I blow dry my hair?

Proper hair treatment is key to beautiful and long-lasting hair growth.

How To Blowout Your Hair Like a Pro

Proper hair treatment is the key to spectacular and long-lasting results after the procedure. Its main goal is to treat the donor strands with care and to preserve the health of your own curls.

Hair extensions are not only beautiful, but also fashionable and comfortable. Imagine you have a haircut and you really want to have long hair. And you wonder, “Why not build your hair longer??”After all, it only takes a couple of hours instead of years. In a word, hair extensions are a great way to make yourself better. Read more:

Also, you should know that taking care of the hair extensions is not so easy, because they do not get vitamins and nutrients from the fruit, unlike real hair.

Home care for thickened hair

After the hair extension procedure is necessary to ensure proper hair care. You have to buy a special comb first. For the uninitiated comb for hair extensions care little different from the usual massage brush, but the difference between them is fundamental. First, a special comb has a softer cushion at the base. Secondly, the bristles must be of natural origin. Thirdly, this comb has no ball-shaped tips.

Comb the hair must be performed several times during the day, at least 3-4 times. To ignore this rule is to condemn the locks to permanent tangling.

In addition, you should wash your hair in an upright position to avoid entangling the capsules with each other. Shampoo and balm should be applied starting from the root area. The product is better to dilute with water and lather up in a separate bowl. If you habitually do it directly on the curls, there is a great risk of damaging the capsules. Dry your hair in the direction of its growth.

As for hair care products, they should not contain conditioning agents. Choosing detergents for hair, note that they do not contain large amounts of oils. The fact that the lipid environment is the main enemy of capsule and strip extensions. Therefore, if before the procedure you used to use shampoos and balms for dry hair, then later you need to switch to products designed for normal or oily hair. You should also use a moisturizing balm and a leave-in serum. Cover only the hair fiber, avoiding the area where the donor strands are attached.

Recipe for a moisturizing mask for hair extensions

In addition to expensive store-bought masks and balms, in the care of the hair can be used and folk remedies. For example, a yogurt-based mask is excellent for moisturizing and straightening curls.

  • Pour 5 tablespoons of water into a ceramic bowl. л. natural yogurt. Medium-fat, homemade yogurt is best.
  • Place the raw egg in a separate container and beat until smooth.
  • Mix yogurt with egg mixture. Add a teaspoon of natural linseed oil.
  • Thoroughly mix all the ingredients until homogeneous. If you have dark hair, then add 2 tbsp (50g) of your hair mixture to the bowl. л. Cocoa powder.
  • Apply the ready mask to dry hair and leave for 30 minutes. Under no circumstances, do not twist, do not wrap the hair to avoid trauma. After half an hour, shampoo and apply a moisturizing balm.

How to Wash Prestressed Hair

You can wash your hair while sitting, standing, lying down, in a comfortable position for the person, but before the procedure itself it is necessary to comb. Hair should not be tangled, it leads to trauma strand attachment, which significantly reduces its life. Do not wash your hair after shampooing, it is better to soap the entire length of the hair. Throwing them from the back of the head to the forehead is also not necessary. Under the weight of the new strands, your own strands may not hold and will stick out of the capsule until the next correction. Washing detergents should be done carefully under running water, not by soaking the head in the tub or sink. Water is the universal solvent.

It is necessary to wash your hair once every 2-3 days, because if you wash your hair often, the sebaceous glands of the head, in order to compensate for the lack of sebum, begin to produce it more intensively. In the worst case, the young lady will get serious problems with greasy hair, which will have to be solved even after the removal of the hair extensions. Any maneuvers with the hair is a stress to them. Who made the build-up, should take into account their physiological characteristics: oily hair, dry hair, thick, thin, frizzy, etc.п and take care of them accordingly.

The care of hair extensions?

And all just because the pleasure of wearing false curls is not for the faint of heart! A girl expects an additional load on the head, a complicated care, the hair should not be washed, not combed. Frequent companions are dandruff, itching, an unbearable desire to scratch her head.

Those women, who at least once faced with hair extensions, certainly make a wish during the chimes:

  • So that the capsules were microscopic in size and inconspicuous, but held firmly;
  • so that my head does not itch and my curls do not become tangled and felted in just one night or a day under a hat;
  • to come up with the perfect shampoo just for the hair extensions.

A new hairstyle brings a lot of problems and troubles, but all this is more than offset by the beauty. Such chic volume can’t be achieved by special haircutting techniques and hours of super-styling. The extra strands of hair guarantee strong, permanent volume, density, and lushness to your hair every day.

blow, hair

How to properly care for thickened hair

Head extensions are cool and beautiful, 100% of attention of other people and confidence in your own irresistibility. But only with proper care! Otherwise it is possible to achieve the opposite effect in just a couple of days and completely ruin the work of the master.

How to Wash

Women with superimposed curls will have to change a lot in their habits, including in matters of hygiene. All actions should be aimed at preserving the attachment.

A couple of tips on how to wash your hair with hair extensions:

  • Wash your hair in a straight head position. No inclining forward, the water should go straight to the crown of the head, but not to the back of the head. Most often women wash their hair by tilting it forward. That’s right! This eliminates the heavy contact of detergents to the delicate skin of the face. Now you’ll have to give up that method so that you don’t have to test the strand attachment system too much when it breaks.
  • Wash the bark and skin very gently, without any unnecessary or abrupt movements, extensive massage and foaming of the hair. During hygiene Accent is more focused on the scalp and root zone, as the most contaminated areas with sebum. With false strands you have to be more careful. Whip the foam in advance, gently massage the skin in short, almost punctual strokes, rinse more thoroughly.

How to blow-dry and comb the hair

Again, the attachment system dictates its own rules:

  • Exclude the hot hair dryer, so as not to melt and weaken the keratin capsules;
  • be sure to dry your hair completely before going to bed or putting a hat on, so that the locks do not get tangled, do not bunch up into tight tangles and thus do not make combing more difficult;
  • not to comb out wet hair, so as not to pull the rod strongly and not to pull it out with a bulb;
  • not combing hair from the roots, always start from the tips, gradually going upwards, stopping before fixing.

How to style

As for the styling of extensions of hair, then everything is a little easier!

Usually the strands are built up to reduce the time for styling and walk with loose or semi loose hair.

  • straight smooth hair with thick bangs or without bangs with a parting;
  • curled curls with a sloppy effect. “get up and go”;
  • Grass braids with different braiding patterns and degrees of strength. the looser the grass braid, the better;
  • not tight ponytail, tassel.

There are no restrictions on the use of styling products, but there are some bans on styling devices:

  • It is better to keep hot irons and curling irons away from the fixtures, if their use is allowed at all. synthetics should not be heated;
  • Do not pull the strand with a hair dryer and comb.

When using gels, varnishes, mousses, it is worth considering how easy it will be to wash it all off afterwards.

The unchanging hairstyle for the night is a slack to the ends herbal braid. This is the only way to hope that the strands won’t get tangled.

  • Gentle brushing, not from the roots;
  • minimum heat so that the attachment capsules don’t loosen;
  • Greater hygiene to rinse the root zone;
  • When styling, washing, and combing, try not to pull on your hair to avoid damaging your own.

The price of mistake is a stubbed curl in a hand, and it is good, if it is just loose fixing, the master will fix it. Trouble if your own hair is torn or the rods break off. No hairdresser in the world can put them back in place!

Hair care products for hair extensions

Almost all professional brands offer a series for hair extensions, but you can leave your usual products or combine them.

Important notes from hairdressers on cosmetics:

  • Make sure to use products for normal or thickened hair, but not for dry, brittle, lifeless hair so the moisturizing components won’t weaken the hold;
  • Avoid “2 in 1” products, shampoos saturated with sulfates, silicone and oils;
  • Continue to apply protective, softening and moisturizing oils and leave-in conditioners to the shaft from mid-length and below, even though most of the products will be wasted on non-living strands.

Use shampoo, conditioner, masks, as in the usual case, the only thing, do not apply conditioners on the mount capsules.

  • dry shampoos, because it is impossible to comb the product residues out of the hair;
  • thick or low-foaming shampoos, because they do not properly wash the root zone, it is better to give preference to liquid products with a soft foam that easily penetrates to the roots;
  • Detergents with an aggressive alkaline environment that can dissolve glue.

Given that the average wearing period of false curls a few months, hairdressers suggest to try different brands of cosmetics during this time and choose the best option. It is best to start your search with trusted brands, such as Estel, Matrix, L’Oréal, and Barex.


To make everything look attractive and natural, it is worth listening to the recommendations of experts.

  • The choice of material and the master;
  • How to properly care for hair extensions;
  • What hygiene and styling habits to forget;
  • How to protect your hair;
  • Things to think about before visiting a salon.

Ignore the recommendations is pointless and stupid, it directly depends on them, how the attached curls will look, what will happen to their native.

  • 1When choosing a material, do not start from the price or popularity, but from the quality and the initial conditions. for European women should choose real hair of other European women and nothing else, synthetics or Asian hair will not do.
  • Do not get too hot with the volume. to begin with, you can try very few strands, get used to them, to the peculiarities of care, and understand whether beauty is needed at such a cost and what it is like at all, to walk with an extra load.
  • Forget not only bad habits:
  • Tighten the ponytail;
  • going to bed with wet hair;
  • Wash your hair with the first shampoo you see;
  • Comb the locks in different directions to improve microcirculation;
  • Shampoo your scalp well to remove impurities;
  • abundantly moisturize and nourish your hair with different products.
  • Under no circumstances neglect proper care and regularity of corrections. in a few hours the master will not only hold a general literacy, but also tell you a lot of interesting and useful things.

By the way, if you follow all the tips of the wizard exactly, you can not be afraid to remove the jewelry from the head after a proper time. your locks can become even stronger and more resistant than it was.

If a girl is not happy with the volume, length or quality of their own curls can help her with other people’s hair extensions. A couple of hours of witchcraft and a completely different person will emerge from the beauty salon. a queen who proudly carries herself through the crowd of ordinary people! Everyone’s attention and the petty envy of girlfriends is assured!

The only BUT: if one does not know how to take care of the hair extensions or does it incorrectly, there is a high probability that the carriage will turn into a pumpkin. luxurious curls will become similar to tow, crow’s nest, felt, felted dreadlocks (underline the point).

Good material, proper care and regular correction. three rules that guarantee victory in the battle for beauty with hair extensions!

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