Can I freeze apples in the freezer

Recipes for storing apples in the freezer

Gardeners call apples a fruit potato. Dozens of dishes can be made from apples, including several kinds of compote and jam.

The advent of high-powered home appliances marked the beginning of a new trend. It’s freezing apples. The fruit retains many more valuable elements in the freezer. The freezer uses minimal resources for processing. Anyone can freeze apples in the freezer. it’s really easy.

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Frozen apples in brine

The salt solution will extend the safe storage time of apples in the freezer for up to a year. Salted apple slices can be used to make sauces for meat and vegetable dishes or salad dressings. How to freeze apples for the winter with salt?

Dissolve salt in a measured amount of water.

While the salt is dissolving, slice the apples into even, beautiful slices.

Dip the apple slices in brine for five minutes.

Pot immediately in a bag or freeze on a sheet and then bag.

How long can you store frozen apples at home

Apples in the freezer can be stored for 6 to 12 months, depending on the method of freezing, variety of apples and freezer capacity. At low temperatures (from.16° C.Apples at 18°) keep for a year, at lower temperatures for 3 to 6 months.

It is better to freeze fruit in small portions. Mark the freezing date and the variety of apples on the bags/containers.

How to defrost frozen apples correctly

To preserve all the useful qualities and structure of the fruit, use the method of slow defrosting.

First, put the apples from the freezer on the refrigerator shelf for 6-12 hours until they are completely thawed, after which you can take them out and use them for their intended purpose.

To freeze, choose ripe fresh fruit without blemish or spoilage. Apples should be washed and dried very well before freezing otherwise they will stick together in the freezer and be difficult to separate after thawing.

  • Cut the apples into slices: slices, circles, cubes. whatever you like. Remove the core with the pips, the skin can not be peeled.
  • Place sliced fruit into containers or zip-top bags, seal and seal hermetically. The density in the package should be optimal for minimum moisture loss and contact with air (oxidation).
  • The portions in the packets must fit your needs, in order to use them in one go. they must not be refrozen, otherwise they will lose their shape and their nutritional value.
  • If you want to preserve the color of the apples and keep them from oxidizing, dip the sliced apples in slightly acidic (1 tsp. л. (5 g) citric acid per 1 liter of water) or salted (1 tsp.л. (8 g) salt per 1 liter of water) water at room temperature for 10-15 minutes, then the slices should be dried on paper or a towel.

What you need for freezing apples

  • A sharp knife and cutting board;
  • Waffle or paper towel (for drying);
  • Food containers or bags for packaging;
  • A good freezer.

How to freeze apples for winter in the freezer in the easiest ways?

Knowledge how to freeze apples for the winter in the freezer will be useful to those who do not know where to put the rich harvest or prefer to make preparations that simplify the preparation of familiar dishes throughout the year. Through such a stockpiling, it will also be possible to preserve the vitamins that are lost over time in the traditional storage of the fruit in its fresh form.

Can I freeze apples for the winter in the freezer. reviews and recommendations of experienced hostesses

No one is surprised to find frozen fruit these days. you can bake it yourself or buy it in a bag from the supermarket. But not many people know that apples can be frozen in the same way. This type of fruit has its own rules for freezing. Remember, it is better to choose sweet and sour apples. Golden Delicious and Jonathan retain their original shape well, while Gala and Fudgie are sweeter for longer.

CAN WE FREEZE IT? Fresh Apples?

General rules and benefits of freezing apples and properties of fruit after defrosting

The main advantage of freezing is that this method allows you to save most of the vitamins and minerals. If, for example, cooking jam, then most of the useful substances are lost.

Another advantage is that you can be 100% sure that the harvested fruit is really natural and safe, even for children, because how could it be otherwise with their own harvest without pesticides and other chemicals. In addition, you can simplify the further process of preparation, because the fruit at this time will already be washed, completely cleaned and chopped as you need.

There are a few rules for successful harvesting of fruit:

  • Be sure to choose fruits that are fresh, not green and not overripe, with no obvious signs of spoilage;
  • Wash the prepared apple slices and remember to dry them (otherwise they may stick together).
  • Place frozen fruit into a plastic bag or hermetically sealed container as tightly as possible (this will retain more nutrients).
  • Try to harvest fruit in small batches (one time) because once thawed they cannot be refrozen.
  • Keep the cut apples for 15 minutes before freezing. In a salted or acidified solution in order to avoid oxidation and a darkening of the fruit pulp.
  • Ideally use a shock 18 degrees Celsius. In this case, apples can be stored for a year. If the temperature in the freezer is between 0 and.8. fruit retains its characteristics for only 3 months.
  • To avoid overdue cuts and confusion, sign the date on which the fruit was frozen and the variety that is in the pack.
  • Keep fruit in the freezer for no more than a year, as after this time it no longer contains any nutrients and no longer has any flavour.
  • Store fruit separately from vegetables.

Can apples be frozen?? You can and should pick them in slices as well as whole

Sliced and whole. the best ways to freeze fresh fruit

Apples can be frozen in different ways. We will list only the most common, which does not exclude the use of authors’ methods, which may be even more effective.

  • Shock freezing. This is the fastest way, the essence of which is to apply the minimum temperature in the freezer from.18 to.23C. The essence of the method is simple. we keep the fruit at this temperature for a few hours, and then set the usual.
  • Freezing apples without cutting them whole. This method is suitable for those who have a large freezer compartment or chest freezer.

It’s simple: you have to cut off the skin and pull out the core.

Afterwards, scald the fruit with boiling water, lay it out in a single layer and place it in the freezer compartment.

Can I Freeze Apples for Winter in the Freezer and How??

Can I freeze apples for winter?? It often happens that the autumn is rich in crops, and there is a desire to make a supply of fruit for the year ahead. But there is a danger that the fruit will simply go bad if not handled cold properly.

Freezing apples and pears? Freezing apples is slightly different from freezing berries, so if you follow all the techniques, autumn fruits will be stored in the freezer for a year.

Freezing methods for apples

Before freezing these fruits, many people wonder what shape to choose: circles, slices, slices, slices.

Blast-frozen apples

This is the fastest way to freeze at temperature.23 degrees. Put them into the freezer on the “quick freezer” function.

Slice apples into desired quantities and arrange them on a baking tray or on cutting boards, but so that they do not touch each other. Put in the freezer for a couple of hours, then put these slices in bags. Switch the freezer to normal operation.

Freezing apples in slices

Arrange the pieces on dry trays or on cutting boards. Put in the freezer for 3 hours. After that, spread out in plastic bags in small portions. Pay attention to the air volume, it should be minimal. You can also use plastic jars, containers.

Freezing apples with syrup

To prepare the syrup, dissolve ascorbic acid (up to 1500 milligrams) and granulated sugar (450 g) in water (750 g). Soak sliced apples in this solution for 24 hours, then pour hot water over them, spread them out on a tray and put them in the freezer. Place chilled apples in plastic bags. The result is a very tasty apple dessert that can be stored for a very long time.

Freezing mashed apples

Nothing complicated in this recipe. Boil the peeled slices for an hour, chop them with a blender. Place in plastic containers, use as pie filling or to make baby food.

Proportions: 100 grams of granulated sugar per 1 kilogram of apples. If you do not want, you can not add sweetener.

Freezing whole apples

Soak washed dried apples in a solution of water (50 gr).) and ascorbic acid (1500 milligrams). Next, everything according to the previous recipe: spread in containers or plastic bags, remember about the air. Their storage time should not exceed six months.

How to prepare apples for freezing

It is better to freeze dense, firm apples without any dents. Damaged apples flesh will soften and turn into mush. Choose any kind of apples at your discretion. Medium-ripening, late varieties are better suited. Summer apples are too soft. It is better to freeze them after cooking, for example, to make puree. Here’s an interesting recipe.

  • Rinse the apples under the faucet. If you have bought apples, use detergent.
  • Drying. You can wipe it off with a napkin, leave it on a towel.
  • If necessary, clean up. You can freeze them with the peel.
  • Slicing. Sticks and seeds do not make sense to freeze. They will only take up space in the chamber.

How do you freeze apples? SlicesMashed potatoes

Apples can be frozen whole, sliced, with sugar, syrup. It’s convenient to make mashed potatoes. Shelf life in the freezer at.18 degrees is 12 months.

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