Can I put a dishwasher underneath the cooktop?

DIY replace or install dishwasher for beginners!

Types of hobs

The required distance between appliances depends on the type of cooking surface that is planned to be installed over the dishwasher. There are three types of hobs today:

The first two options have little or no heat during operation, in addition, their design is quite simple. This allows you to get by with just a few centimeters, about 5 to 6 inches. The gas panel will require much more space.

In reviews and installation instructions recommend a location where the difference between the height of the appliances is 15 to 20 cm. It is necessary to consider the thickness of the panel itself. it varies depending on the type (37-79 mm).

How to install a dishwasher under a hob

Is it possible to place the dishwasher under the cooktop? We will reveal the secrets of proper installation.

Small kitchens are a problem for many “Khrushchev” houses. What owners can only invent in order to place as much equipment in the room, but to save space at the same time. How to make sure that both the stove and the dishwasher last long without breakage?

Recommendations for installing near-by appliances

Dishwashers can be combined with different types of hobs. Installation features come in private and general. In the second case, adhere to such recommendations:

  • Leave a gap between the dishwasher and the stove and fill it with heat and water insulating material;
  • place the construction of the washing machine and the oven near the sink: it is convenient to rinse off the food remains before putting the dishes into the washing chamber;

IKEA METOD Kitchen Installation 5/7. Installing appliances, hob and sink | IKEA Australia

  • The oven must be installed in the gap between two pieces of furniture, and the cooktop must be inset into the worktop.

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To reduce the mutual negative effect of the devices, it is better to turn them on at different times. This approach allows you to increase the service life of both devices: the washing machine and the hob.

It is possible to put a dishwasher under the overhead hob, but with reservations. If there is no other option, a column installation is permissible. When the family budget allows, it’s better to buy a combined washing and cooking unit.

Dishwasher installation guide

For those who have decided to install the dishwasher cabinet on their own, there are a few rules, following which will allow you to properly install the dishwasher, as well as prolong its life:

  • Gas technicians annually check the stove, for which they need to move the stove, and with it the dishwasher, installed under the hob.
  • The height of the legs of the bottom cabinet should not be less than 15 centimeters. This distance is necessary for running the gas cord.
  • Between the top edge of the dishwasher and the stove should be placed a special gasket to protect against moisture and high temperatures.
  • The height of the hob should not exceed 4 centimeters. This is to ensure that it fits fully into the cut-out hole.
  • Do not forget that it is extremely risky to place the dishwasher underneath the plate. This should be handled carefully.

For the machine to last longer, it is better to use it and the stove at different times.

The manufacturers’ demands

In the manual to the dishwasher any manufacturer mentions the specific rules for the location of the specific model in the kitchen. Its main requirement is that the dishwasher should not be installed close to other items. This means that the owner of the dishwasher must take care to create the right conditions and provide at least some space around such equipment.

dishwasher, cooktop

Recommendation! The distance between the units can be used to create a new compartment in the built-in kitchen (for example, a storage drawer).

How to attach dishwasher to granite countertop

Another guideline from the manufacturer is the same (t.е. evenly) fixing the dishwasher on all sides. For this purpose, you can use the adjacent drawers of built-in kitchen furniture, in which there is a rigid attachment.

Consider the manufacturers’ requirements

Each manufacturer’s instructions indicate specific rules for placing this model of dishwasher in the kitchen. The main requirement of manufacturers is that the dishwashing machine must not be placed against other objects. The owner of the appliances is important to organize the creation of an air gap around the dishwasher.

Tip! The space of the technological gap (at least 40 cm) can be used to create an additional compartment inside the built-in kitchen (e.g. for a bottle holder or storage drawer).

Another recommendation from manufacturers is to secure the machine evenly on both sides. This can be provided by the adjacent drawers of the built-in kitchen, which have a rigid attachment.

The right choice of compartment in a built-in kitchen

When choosing a suitable place for the dishwasher, you should not forget the warning from the manufacturer about rigid fixing of the appliances on all sides. Based on this requirement, only one of the interior compartments is the most suitable. Do not consider the outermost drawer for this purpose, because in this case the appliance would not be secured completely, but only on one side. Insufficient fastening on the other side will affect the stability of the dishwasher during operation.

By following the above rules and recommendations, the dishwasher will become a real and reliable helper for the owner, and will make running a household easier and more comfortable.

Can you swap your kitchen and bathroom?? Or a kitchen with a living room? And with the relocation of the gas stove?

There are a lot of nuances, restrictions and requirements. First you need to get the specifications. They are issued in the “single window” service of JSC “MOSGAZ” (Mruzovsky per., д. 11, tel. 8 (495) 660-60-80). Then you have to order a design for the alteration and get it approved by the Moscow City Housing Inspectorate. Then. to conclude a contract with a construction company (which has a permit for these types of work), so that it mounted the gas pipeline according to the project. You have no right to do it all yourself, even if you are very handy.

Explosive and dangerous. 10 tips on how to avoid problems with gas

And plus. after all these manipulations. you need to submit to Mosgaz the technical documentation for tapping the gas line into the existing network.

And also a reminder: it is forbidden to place a gas-fired kitchen directly above or below a living room (this is stated in the order of the State Committee of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Ukraine of 26.12.2012).12.1989 г. N 250). Natural gas stoves may only be installed in kitchens with a ceiling height of at least 2.2 m, a window with a transom, an exhaust vent and natural light. Before you break down the walls, think about whether the redevelopment you have in mind is legal or not.

Worktop height

It depends not only on the possibility of mounting the dishwasher under the hob, but also on the ease of use of the appliance. The standard height from floor level to the top of the worktop takes into account the average height of a person (160-180) and ranges from 88 to 91 cm.

Another height for the cooker hob is the height of the top, which is the highest pan you can reach comfortably when cooking on the hob. For an average height, a height of 80-82 cm is usually sufficient.

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