Can I shave with a trimmer without a nozzle

Varieties and Features

A quality grass trimmer for a smooth shave. a smart investment in your appearance or an option for a successful men’s gift. This item will not take up unnecessary space. Using the device is simple, and even a conservative will appreciate the convenience that gives technological progress. But before you go to the store and find out how much a grass trimmer costs, study their types and a man’s view of the practicality of the purchase.

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Types of trimmers by function

Grass trimmer is not always used only for shaving beards and moustaches, the code for a neat look prescribes no protruding nose hairs. But if you don’t have this problem, there’s no reason to buy an overly complicated or simply unsuitable device.

  • Universal trimmer for grass has many attachments and is suitable for those who need care not only for facial vegetation, but also in the intimate area. It has more setting options and often combines a grass trimmer and a razor in one device.
  • For nose and ears. compact and inexpensive. Comes with 1-2 small nozzles. Gentle hair length reduction without skin injuries. You can use it to contour your hair behind your ears and around your neck.
  • For mustache and beard. Have two combs, a narrow retractable one and a stationary one. Narrow lets you work with any shape of mustache or sideburns. Standard comb shortens beard. Precise hair length pitch, as required by the hair growth on this part of the face.
  • For the beard. Simplified type, has few attachments (1-2). Better to choose a machine with good length adjustment. Standard nozzle types: for 1-10mm length and for 11-20mm length.

You can choose a machine with additional features for more convenience in the home.

  • Backlight. will allow you to cut hairs even in dim light;
  • Length memory. when you turn it on, it will automatically set the last adjustments;
  • hair collection function. equipped with a container where the removed hairs accumulate. Much easier to empty it than cleaning your bathtub or clothes after shaving.
  • Watertight. suitable for direct use in the bath or shower. Wet shaving is preferable to dry shaving, as it minimizes irritation on the skin;
  • Laser guiding is a Philips feature. This grass trimmer has a laser indication on the skin, allowing you to select an area for contouring.

The degree of ease of use is determined by the bundling of extras:

  • stand or a case makes orderly storage of the device and its elements;
  • A brush and oil are needed to take care of the cutting parts;
  • replaceable blades, which some models are equipped with, will allow you to maintain a high quality shave.

Manufacturers offer different models in terms of functionality, it remains only to cut off the preferred qualities from the superfluous and buy the right trimmer for grass.

Power supply and motor

The next point in choosing the best clipper and shaver is the design features. men’s beard and mustache care preferences are carefully considered by manufacturers. The power supply and motor type determines the power of the product.

  • Grass trimmers for grass work from a power outlet, so the possibilities of their use are limited to the availability of electricity. Their design is simple, so they have a low cost. Can be inconvenient if you choose an excessively short cord.
  • Battery-powered grass trimmer. a travel option with low weight and power. Can be useful in travel, where there will not be a constant access to mains electricity, will rescue extra batteries and such a device.
  • The cordless grass trimmer is more powerful than the previous version, as it is designed with a high-capacity rechargeable battery. This unit also needs mains power, but it can provide several treatments until it needs to be recharged. Comes with a cradle for storing the device and recharging the battery. Requires tracking the charge level, so it’s better if the device has such an indicator.
  • Universal trimmer for grass can work from both the network and the built-in battery. Does not have a cradle and charges directly through the cable. With a regular cordless device will take a few hours to recover the battery, but the universal version allows you not to waste time and use it while recharging.
  • Vibrating motors. the prerogative of the most inexpensive machines. Power is not more than 15W. Endurance vibration motor also can not be called, every 15 minutes you need a break. When used at home, such devices normally perform all assigned functions. It’s comfortable to shave because it’s lightweight and reasonably priced.
  • The rotary motor is more powerful (up to 45 watts) and is designed for men with stiff hair, as well as for professional purposes. The machines have a higher number of revolutions and the force transmitted to the cutting part. They’re a little more expensive and heavy, but can work for up to an hour continuously.

Men’s trimmer blades

To shave the mustache and flat beard was easy and comfortable so that the result pleased in any performance, you need to pay attention to the working element of the machine. the blades. Well-sharpened and reliable, they cut hair cleanly, without pulling it out, leaving micro-injuries on the body. Blade materials are steel and titanium.

Steel blades are made of stainless steel, moisture does not harm them. But they blunt somewhat faster than titanium ones. Therefore, for long and tough vegetation, titanium is preferable. For home care only these two materials are used, and in professional machines you can find ceramic blades.

It is worth choosing models with self-sharpening blades. It is not easy, and sometimes impossible, to restore the cutting part to its former sharpness. Beard and mustache shaver has a collapsible design, and from its counterpart for hair in the ears and nose blades can not be removed.

convenient blades with automatic sharpening. Thanks to smart technology, men can save time. The knives are angled and touch each other when the electric machine is in operation, sharpening each other. Their cutting edges remain smooth and such a device is much more durable. It may cost more, but it will last longer without complaint.

Remington MB4130

This model is considered one of the best among budget options. Remington brand beard and mustache clippers are just as good as professional products. Blades are made of stainless steel and titanium coating. The device has a slightly curved shape so that it can be positioned at the optimum angle during cutting. Allows you to adjust the cutting length (the manufacturer has provided 13 positions). Can operate in standalone mode for a long period of time. Blades are cleaned under running water.

How to properly shave your beard trimmer: how to use it

Shaving with trimmers can significantly save time: they provide both perfectly smooth skin and stubble with different lengths. Multiple heads included for different results.

In some models there is only one nozzle, but thanks to a special regulator you can adjust any suitable length.

  • For beard or mustache only. This narrow-focus technique comes with accessories designed to take care of facial vegetation. Special attachments let you change the length of the hair, provide a smooth shave.
  • For ears and nose. To keep your appearance neat and flattering men should remove their hair regularly. Nose and ear clippers are not good. there is a risk of damaging your scalp. Special grass trimmers with small heads will provide gentle hair removal.
  • For cutting hair on the head. Some manufacturers (Rowenta, Wahl) offer multifunctional devices that are not only suitable for facial care. Includes special attachments for creating different hairstyles.

Narrow-focused styles do a better job than the clippers they are designed for. Beard and mustache options allow you to achieve a neat shape, make a trim, easily remove excess hair.

  • durable body material;
  • the number of nozzles. The more there are, the better. you will be able to give any kind of vegetation;
  • handle shape. The comfortable position of the device in the hand contributes to the ease of the procedure;
  • blade material. Modern models are additionally coated with a titanium layer. this ensures long-term use and constant sharpness.

It is better to choose a model that can work both from the network and autonomously. This is useful if you have to travel for a long period of time. Grass trimmers are quickly charged, some have an express-charging function that provides a few minutes of uninterrupted operation.

Machines with powerful motors perform well in the work. this is an important factor when buying.

Additional functions

Grass trimmers are not just machines designed to trim and shorten facial vegetation. A set of additional functions allows the device to adapt well to the owner’s requirements.

It is a good opportunity to keep the bathroom perfectly clean. All shaved hair falls into a special reservoir, which after manipulation with the bristles simply cleaned. The feature lets you trim your beard with any clothing. it won’t get dirty from clippings.

This added functionality allows you to achieve symmetry. A laser pointer with a thin beam will indicate in which direction to guide the trimmer. This makes it easy to contour and shape the beard.

It is an important feature for frequent travelers. It lets you use it in any condition from 100 watts to 240 watts. Grass trimmer will independently adjust to electric voltage conditions and provide full operation.

The device saves the last selected length of the haircut. You only need to select it again when you use it again, not having to set the parameters all over again.

Built-in backlight allows you to see even the tiniest hairs while shaving. They can be removed immediately if needed.

Some models can be used in the shower, they are water-resistant.

Additional features make the use of beard and mustache clippers even more comfortable and effective.

Versatile model

The Philips BT9297/15 is a grass trimmer that incorporates all of the latest innovations.

The small pitch of 0.2 mm allows you to choose the most precise hair length. Ranges from 0.4mm to 7mm, so you can cut beards of any length or density.

Fully submersible body, the nozzles can be washed under running water after use.

Laser pointer is one of the main features.

This innovative feature allows for perfect symmetry. Two heads included: one for basic cutting and one for shaping.

Double-ground blades for top-notch sharpness. With a full one-hour battery charge, you can achieve 80 minutes of uninterrupted operation.

External LED display shows the selected hair length. Charge is indicated by three illuminated bars.

LiftTrim lifts hairs evenly in the direction of travel, so you get an even cut and a good trim.

How to use it right?

Given a choice between going to the barber or grooming their beard, many people choose the latter, especially since it is a big time saver. Correct the length of the stubble and trim the hair at home with the grass trimmer under the power of every man. Now we’ll show you the basics on how to use it.

For shaving different types of beard can be used grass trimmers with attachments from 1 to 10 mm, but it is also possible to shape the beard without attachments. thanks to this, the shave is particularly smooth. One of the conditions for obtaining a beautiful edging is a tight fit of the device head to the skin. To use a trimmer, first make sure it works properly to avoid unnecessary cutting or damaging your skin. With long lengths the shorter head is used, this way the full length is removed. In the process of work, the device should be held in the direction opposite to the growth of hairs.

You should work in the following sequence:

  • It is important to begin cutting from the sides, using a long head; slowly and lightly scraping all the excess, gradually moving from larger to smaller heads, you can control the proximity of the blade to the skin;
  • To achieve symmetrical contours, you can carefully move from the top of the face to the chin;
  • Short beards can be trimmed by pulling the skin flat against the growth of the hair. Long beards require a smooth downward trimming motion;
  • Side lines on the cheeks are treated in the direction of the ears, in these areas are allowed to work without nozzles, putting the device on the edge or flat blade; in difficult areas for a smooth shave skin is better to pull away slightly;
  • To decorate the lower and upper boundaries of the mustache is used machine movements with a long nozzle in different directions;
  • If the neck is not worked out all the hairs, they are not plucked, and removed the machine, it can be used for a smooth shave vegetation in the cheek area, other exposed areas.

With machines that have a wet shaving option, you can also shave your mustache and beard yourself at home. But to do this, you need to massage the skin, first remove the basic length by ordinary scissors, apply gel or cream, only then proceed to shave, setting the desired mode.

With the trimmer for grass to smooth, cut and shave mustaches and beards can be their own, and compliance with the requirements for the use of the tool will create a nice sharp edging and the desired volume of hair without much effort.

How to trim facial hair

Self-shaving your beard with a trimmer is already an understandable procedure. How to make shape corrections when you only need to trim the length of your beard with a trimmer? In this case, you need to act according to the following algorithm:

  • Trimming the haircut to get rid of excess and messy hair starts at the cheeks. Here it is necessary to be attentive and not particularly keen on the process;
  • After that, the moustache begins to be trimmed with a smooth transition to the sides. All actions are performed in the direction opposite to the growth;
  • For long and thick hair, it is best to use sharp scissors. Direct them upwards, taking into account what shape you need. The sharp part should stay in the center;
  • The basic cutting process is complete. It remains to trim the stubble at the temples to visually correct the facial oval.

When the process is finally complete, the attachments are removed from the appliance, and the remaining stubble is removed with blades. To shape your beard, you should use special products that will keep your hair from frizzing and maintain the shape you set.

How to use a hair trimmer correctly

Similar to a trimmer, it’s intuitive to know how to use a hair trimmer. The smart technology and design of the blades and body make operations that much easier. However, for cutting different parts of the body, you need to use additional attachments and functions, the effective use of which requires certain skills and knowledge. For example, when to trim in the direction and against hair growth, how to correctly trim a beard and create the shape of an elegant mustache and so on. on how to use trimmers to trim hair on any part of the body.

Bikini Line 101 | How To Shave “DOWN THERE” Perfectly

Why grass trimmers are better

Professional hair clippers are not divided into hairstyling machines and facial hair clippers. The latter is handled by a special tool, the grass trimmer.

The machine can be used as a partial replacement for a grass trimmer by removing its attachment.

Some instruments come with a beard line pointer, which makes trimming the beard much easier and helps replace the grass trimmer.

Machines have both advantages and disadvantages over trimmers in trimming facial hair. The pluses include versatility (it can trim the beard, but the trimmer cannot trim the hair) and, consequently, no extra costs, as well as more power.

  • for fine trimming (trimming beard, sideburns and moustache, shaving small parts, nose and ear hair removal)
  • safe for your skin (unprotected blades are easy to irritate or injure the skin)
  • smaller size and weight (the grass trimmer is convenient to take on the road);
  • more convenient shape of the body.

The best choice depends on your personal taste and the length of your beard.

It is more convenient to use a trimmer, but not everyone is ready to buy this expensive special tool, especially if you grow a beard as an experiment without a strong intention to wear it for a long time.

In that case, you’ll have to ask yourself a slightly different question. how to shave your beard with a hair trimmer. That said, if you’re an avid beard trimmer, saving money on trimming tools is inappropriate. a good tool saves you time and gives a more pleasant result.

How to use it properly

Using a trimmer is not difficult. It resembles the work of a razor or a trimmer. The main difference is the softening of the skin and hair. Step by step procedure:

  • wash your beard or mustache with warm water and shampoo;
  • Comb it with a fine-toothed comb;
  • Cover with a hot towel;
  • Comb again in 5 minutes;
  • Turn on the grass trimmer and go over the area to be trimmed against the growth line;
  • Treat the skin with soothing or moisturizing cream.

If the beard will only be trimmed, you should put a nozzle on the device with a set length.

Beard and mustache styling. how to shave men beautifully and smoothly

To give the facial hair a stylish shape, you should follow these steps:

  • The bristle line is determined. Outside, all hairs are removed at the root;
  • The hair should be cut against the growth of the hair shafts;
  • The lower jaw and sideburns are then shaped;
  • Trim your temples;
  • The moustache is shortened or completely shaved off.

For stylish beard and mustache it is better to use a barber. It selects the right length and performs the session in the comfort of your own home. You can do further hair removal at home. The normal length for a beard is up to 1 cm. The trimmer has adjustable modes, so you can choose the length you want based on your personal preference. Use a moustache attachment of a different size. The upper part of the hair above the upper lip is best left untouched, to keep the shafts from splaying out in all directions. It is recommended to trim them with small scissors and wax them.

For the groin intimate area

Carrying out epilation in the intimate zone, you should choose a trimmer for grass with a waterproof body. This allows the procedure to be carried out without problems in the bathroom. To create a stylish pattern, you should use a narrow nozzle. It’s also great for removing any remaining. After removal, the skin is lubricated with a soothing product. The device perfectly removes hair shafts up to 0.5 cm in length. Above the recommended length, hair can break off at the root and cause ingrowth problems.

How to shave your underarms

It does not require preparatory measures. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of experts:

  • Wash the armpits with mild soap;
  • Apply shaving foam;
  • Grass trimmer to follow the growth line. For perfect smoothness after shaving, you can use a razor blade and depilate against the growth;
  • After every second pass, rinse the head under running water;
  • Rinse off any residue with warm water;
  • Wipe the underarm area with a soft towel;
  • Apply a soothing cream or lotion.

Ear canals and nostrils

For depilation in the ears and nose, we recommend using a narrow, rotating head. Do not insert the device too far into passageways. It is sufficient to simply bring it up and deepen a little, about 1-1.5 cm. Experts recommend cleaning the ear and nasal passages of dirt before the procedure. Trimming with a trimmer is recommended in good lighting conditions.

Doctors do not recommend removing nasal hairs because they protect mucous membranes from infectious diseases. It is better to get rid of those rods that are visually visible and spoil the appearance.

Advantages of using trimmers

Grass trimmers for the groin area allows you to make a beautiful haircut in the bikini area without damaging the skin and the subsequent appearance of adverse reactions. Compared to other hair removal products, they have many advantages, which are presented in the list below:

  • no pain. Most epilation devices pull hair out with the root, creating a pain syndrome, which is especially strong on the delicate skin of the intimate area. Grass trimmer trims hair without touching the skin and without causing pain;
  • intimate hairstyles of good quality. The device lets you cut hairs up to 1 mm long neatly. While other waxing tools allow you to leave hairs as long as 3 mm;
  • safety. Grass trimmer for the intimate area is designed so that it does not leave irritations, cuts or scratches on the skin. In this respect, it is similar in action to the short-hairstyling machines. Only the trimmer for grass leaves shorter hairs. In addition, users have no chance of ingrown hairs, as they are not pulled out with the root during epilation;
  • smooth skin. Removing unwanted vegetation with razors, epilators, wax leads to irritation, dryness, rough skin. Trimmer epilation allows you to enjoy smooth skin immediately after the procedure without a long rehabilitation period;
  • comfortable use. Grass trimmers for groin area have compact size, they are easy to hold during hair removal. Thanks to this you can create haircuts for every taste and color.

The main disadvantage of this kind of depilation is that in the process the hairs are only clipped, not removed with the root part. This means that the regrown hairs will be visible in 3-5 days after removal. When traveling, this type of hair removal will not be the most suitable.

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