Can I Store a Hair Dryer in the Bathroom

The holder for a hair dryer is not necessary in everyday life and, of course, a hair dryer can be used without it. This design is, however, intended to make access to the appliance more convenient and easier. In the modern bathroom, the holder perfectly complements the interior, so its use is becoming more popular every year. The main advantages of using a hair dryer holder are as follows:

  • The hair dryer cord is attached securely to the appliance itself. If there is no holder, it can get tangled up or cling to other things in the bathroom;
  • The hair dryer is protected from moisture and securely locked in one position;
  • you can’t lose the device. if you store your hair dryer in a special place, you’ll never have to wonder where exactly you put it;
  • the holder can be used right in the drying process. it is safer and more convenient to put your hair dryer in the holder instead of putting the device on the sink or in other places.

There are no obvious disadvantages to using a hair dryer holder. It is in every way a useful design.

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Every hair dryer holder must handle the following set of tasks:

  • allow the user easy access to the hair dryer at any time and the hair dryer must be easily and freely removable;
  • be durable. the holder should not deteriorate from dampness or friction. A good holder will last you at least a year;
  • Look aesthetically pleasing and match the design of your bathroom.

With these attributes in mind, let’s look at the different types of hair dryer holders.

Metal hair dryer holder

Holder for a hair dryer made of metal can be made of stainless steel or other materials. A popular option is bronze. Externally, it is a twisted metal spiral, which is attached to the wall with screws or suction cups. You can distinguish two main advantages of metal alloy holders:

  • Reliability. all metal holders are protected by electroplating. It protects the surface from moisture and rust;
  • easy care. metal holders are easy to clean. It is enough to use a damp cloth. When caring, you can not fear that the holder will break or spoil it with excess moisture.

The downside is that if you do damage the surface of the holder, it will quickly deteriorate and cannot be used.

In addition to spiral-shaped holders, ring-shaped metal holders are used. They have the following advantages:

  • compactness. ring holders take up less space;
  • easier to care for. it is much easier to clean a single metal ring than to handle the twisted surface of the spiral.

This type of holder also has its disadvantages. While the spiral holders are more or less universal, the size of your hair dryer is much more important with the ring. Be sure to measure in advance, or your hair dryer may simply not fit into such a holder.

Plastic hair dryer holder

The main disadvantage of the plastic holder is its short life span. Even if you handle it with extreme care, it will not last long. In addition to direct physical breakage, it can yellow from humid air. The advantage of this material is the price, which is much lower than that of metal holders.

Another problem with plastic holders is that they don’t like high temperatures. A hot hair dryer inside can cause deformation.

Hair dryer holder in the form of a silicone

Another popular type of holder is the -shaped holder:

  • they are especially popular in small bathtubs, as they can be attached to the sink or any nightstand. Either suction cups or a special clip are used as attachment. Thanks to the angle of attachment, the weight of the contents only strengthens the grip on the surface;
  • In addition to the hair dryer in a like this, you can store nozzles or combs;
  • Silicone does not deteriorate from moisture, which means it is well-suited for use in the bathroom.

The main disadvantage of this type of hair dryer holder is the weight limitation. if your hair dryer is heavy, it is better to choose another option.

A hair dryer holder with a stationary mount or on suction cups

There are different methods of attaching hair dryer holders. Usually it’s either screw-mounted or fixed to the wall with suction cups. each option has advantages and disadvantages. Using suction cups has the following advantages

  • easy fixing. everyone can fix the hair dryer with suction cups, it does not require any special skills;
  • if necessary, you can easily remove the hair dryer holder from the wall and attach it elsewhere. no marks or holes will be left on the wall.

The main disadvantage of this type of attachment is less reliable fixation of the holder.

In my experience, it is not necessary to use suction pads at all. Even if your holder should be attached to the wall with them on the original idea, it is better to change the type of attachment yourself. Because they tend to fall off at the most inopportune moment, and because of this, your expensive hair dryer can get damaged.

Screw fastening is very reliable. a hair dryer holder fastened with screws can’t fall down. But this method of attachment has its disadvantages:

  • screws do not always look nice and not every holder provides an opportunity to hide their heads;
  • you will have to drill holes in the bathroom, which in the case of fixing to the tiles is not always easy;
  • fixing the holder on the screws requires some skills, and not everyone can handle it.

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Storage space

When choosing a storage space, especially for a long period, it is advisable to observe the principles of security. Otherwise things will become unusable.

  • Balcony. Must be warm and glazed, with no precipitation on it: this will put the devices out of order. Absorbent material to absorb moisture is a must. A great idea for storage is sales packaging using foam. The material serves as protection from cooling and mechanical damage. You can wrap it in a blanket or cloth. Do not cover with plastic. under it the moisture condenses, from which more harm than from the cold.
  • Bathroom. It’s better not to store technical equipment in it: steam and humidity reduce the life span of the appliance. If there are no other options for storage, keep away from containers with water, on a secure holder, in the basket, in the tray on the washing machine. Adapt the walls with hanging shelves and organizers. After using the devices, remove the plug from the socket: the proximity of water is dangerous, even if the device is turned off by the switch. The power cord must not come into contact with water during operation.
  • Room. Closed off from pets and children. Stack in one place, not scattered on different shelves, corners. Baskets, containers, dividers for drawers, etc. A cabinet is a good alternative to a shallow container, reducing the risk of falling. Special holders on furniture doors would be nice.
  • Kitchen. Do not put tools in places where they can fall into a sink with water. If this happens, unplug the cord from the socket, then pull it out of the water. You can use the kitchen unit by placing the hair dryer and curling iron in a bottle rack, or by attaching hooks to the inside of the cabinet.
  • Pantry. The technique is always at hand and at the same time hidden. The best conditions without humidity and sunshine.
  • Recess. Resort to the same hooks and holders.
  • The space under the stairs. Built-in closet there is good for a country house.

Popular models

Among the well-known manufacturers of such devices. China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and others. Here are the most popular models:

  • Bemeta Omega 101117012 E;
  • Artwelle Harmonie HAR 045;
  • Fixsen Kvadro FX-61319;
  • Am.Pm Inspire A5032364;
  • The Ellux Avantgarde AVA 059;
  • Sorcosa Plain GHI 223 and others.

They are all easy to use, and the quality is directly related to the price.

If there’s no space in the bathroom: 15 space-saving storage ideas

Small bathroom. a reality familiar to many owners of typical apartments. But the lack of square meters does not solve the main problem of storing a thousand things in a compact space.

In an unequal struggle for an extra inch in the bathroom wins a large army of tubes and jars? Let them know where they belong: Put an end to the war and show them whose space it is! The more so that it’s not that hard to put it in order. with our powerful arsenal of useful ideas.

How did the organizer of space arrange her bathroom: 8 tips and 8 best practices

In organizing order in the house, I always start with the habits of the family and the way things are used. Some people prefer to meditate under a tropical shower, while others prefer to soak in the bathtub for an hour. Some people find it convenient to store cosmetics and apply makeup in the bathroom, but others have a family of five and are short on time. We are all different, and there is no single recipe for how to create order.

Today I’m going to tell you and show you how to organize the space in my bathroom.

Let me start by saying that the bathroom is my resourceful place. There shouldn’t be any annoying colorful details or unnecessary objects. Only aesthetics and comfort. This is why I was very attentive to the process of organizing the order.

The project was originally created in collaboration with the designer. A rich green, wood and glass are the three whales on which the basic concept was built. For me, they are symbols of nature. And nature is the main source of strength and energy.

After the design visualization, I proceeded with the organizational adjustments.

Closet. the combined option of open and closed shelves. But in order to make the project not only beautiful, but also functionally convenient, I took three steps:


  • Step 1. I made a list of items that I plan to store in the bathroom (decorative cosmetics, underwear, medicine cabinet, towels, bathrobe, grooming products, hair dryer, shampoo and toothbrushes, cleaning chemicals in this area).
  • Step 2. I calculated how much storage space I needed in each category. And also distributed storage of these items by frequency of use. daily, once a week/monthly, etc. д.
  • Step 3. drew a sketch and made adjustments to the designer’s plan. Then we talked them through with the furniture maker, and this is what we got.

We left the open shelves for my favorite things that are a joy to behold. Here I keep aromadiffuser, care products for daily use, spare towels and a little bit of functionality. a mini litter.

  • Life Hack 1: I removed the lids from the jars (but I keep them separately in case I need to travel). So with one easy move of my hand I get what I need, saving a few precious seconds. The bottom shelf is set aside to hold a stack of spare towels and a sanitary bin.
  • Lifehack 2: Always organize a mini bin for sponges, cotton buds and other small things. This way you save time so you don’t have to walk to the big garbage can in the kitchen every day.

Below is a drawer with decorative cosmetics. I put the Idea dividers in the drawer. I like them very much as every brush, disk and even cotton swabs have their own place and do not wander around the drawer.

Personally for me the open storage format is convenient, but if you are embarrassed by the dust, there are similar options compartments with lids.

How to properly store hair dryers and curling irons

To go to a party and shine, making a chic hairstyle, to surprise colleagues at work with a new hairstyle. the desire of many women. Easy to do the beauty job at home. The main thing that the arsenal has tools-assistants for hair styling. It is important to store properly, so they please for many years, do not fail at the most crucial moment. In a mess, the tool may fall on the floor, falling into the water. Problems can also occur in case of unfavorable temperature and humidity.

Hair dryers and stylers can be stored in different ways. in a special holder, in a basket, just in a nice bag or tray on the washing machine or in a cupboard. But you can also use a cutlery cup, magazine holder, office basket, and even a plastic pipe tee to store stacking gadgets.

Believe me, it is under the sink convenient to store shampoos, spare bottles of detergents, soap and rolls of toilet paper. And if there is enough space. you can even put a few towels.

Advantages and disadvantages of wall-mounted hair dryers

Wall dryers have both advantages and disadvantages compared to household and professional devices. Their main advantages are as follows:

  • Reliability. wall-mounted hair dryers are more reliable than conventional. They are designed for a large number of people, which means the overall service life in home, more gentle conditions will be higher;
  • Efficiency. wall-hung hair dryers are rarely underpowered. Their main purpose is to dry hair, not to create a style. But they cope with the removal of moisture really quickly. Today, however, some wall hair dryers have the capabilities of professional and can be used to create hair;
  • Safety and convenience. a hair dryer will always be in one place, you won’t have to look for it. In addition, no one can carry it away. This is especially important if unauthorized people have access to your bathroom or if you want to install a hair dryer in a public place.

Will taking a bath with a hairdryer really cause electrocution?

The disadvantages of using a wall-mounted hair dryer are pretty obvious:

  • Lack of mobility. you can’t carry the hair dryer to another side or to a more comfortable place. You will have to dry your hair where its mount is located;
  • prejudice. wall hair dryers are rarely installed at home, which means they attract negative attention there. Some may think that a wall-mounted hair dryer in the bathroom is strange and ugly.
store, hair, dryer, bathroom

Criteria for choosing a wall-mounted hair dryer

While wall-mounted hair dryers are simpler than professional models, they still have accessible modes of operation and additional features. What you should pay attention to when choosing a wall hair dryer:

  • The number of operating modes. since a wall-mounted hair dryer is not used to create complex hairstyles, the number of modes is usually not too great. Nevertheless, the choice of air temperature or flow rate is a must. Everyone’s hair is different, and a strong airflow can destroy the structure of fine hair. This is why it is so important for a wall hair dryer to have at least two modes of operation;
  • the material of the hair dryer. the material of a wall-mounted hair dryer is expected to be tough. After all, a hair dryer installed in a public place can attract the attention of vandals, and because of frequent use is more quickly subject to wear and tear. Therefore, it is important that the hair dryer can not be torn off the wall together with the mount or just quickly break it;
  • Cold blowing. the cold blowing option is rare in wall-mounted hair dryers. This seems like an overkill, because this kind of hair dryer is not used for styling, but just to dry your hair. Still, fixing a flowing hairstyle with cold air is quite useful;
  • Automatic operation. pushing the button is not always convenient. The option of automatic switching allows you to simplify the drying process.

A special nightstand with a shelf

The cabinet can be installed in the bathroom, even if it is small. It will not take up much space. This method is the most aesthetic and convenient, but the most expensive. A special cabinet can be purchased ready-made with compartments for curlers and hair dryers, as well as to make their own hands. Take an ordinary drawer and attach a plank (using glue or self-tapping screws) so that it overlaps only half of the drawer along. Make a few round holes in advance in the shelf, suitable for appliances. The edges should be glued with insulating material. Done! Wires must be placed in an empty compartment that is not covered by a shelf.

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