Can I wash my running shoes in the washing machine?

How to properly wash your sneakers in the washing machine

When we buy a basic item of any closet. sneakers, we are faced with a problem: how to wash them in a washing machine or by hand. The process of washing sneakers is very different from cleaning clothes. There are rules and subtleties. In order for the thing did not lose its shape and integrity, wash your sneakers, knowing these simple and effective techniques. Holding such a pair of shoes in your hands, it’s hard to imagine the long road and development it has undergone to its present appearance.

Can you clean trainers in a washing machine without ruining them?

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Back in 1917, The Converse Rubber Shoe company produced its first legendary all stars, later adidas stan smith appeared. The seventies give society the lightweight nike waffle trainers. Now all these models and their improved versions are available and comfortable to wear every day.

Sneaker bag: to buy or not to buy?

Washing in a washing machine in a bag is safe both for the shoes themselves and for the household appliance because of the reduced mechanical load. The cost of the bag is symbolic, it is allowed to use it many times, and your favorite sneakers will be safely protected from damage (will not rub against each other), as well as the technique will remain intact and unharmed. Bags with shock-absorbing inserts are especially good in this regard.

Who owns the skills of sewing, will be able to easily sew a laundry bag on their own. In the manufacture pay special attention to the quality of seams. The product is sewn from a durable fabric that does not shed.

What to do if yellow stains appear on your sneakers after washing

Often, after washing a sneaker in the washing machine and then drying them, they are covered with yellow stains. This trouble mostly happens with articles made of textile materials. To understand how to fix the problem, you need to understand why it happened.

often than not, this is because the shoes have not been sufficiently washed from the soap or poorly dried. And also a yellowish tint appears after drying on radiators and heaters.

Repeat the cleaning, following all the rules, namely:

  • Thoroughly rinse the cleaning agent out of the product;
  • before drying, wipe the inside with a towel or terry cloth, and then be sure to stuff the shoes with paper;
  • Dry the product on the balcony, do not place them on the radiator.

If you did everything correctly, yellowed products will turn white again.

How to wash your sneakers in a washing machine

Many people are used to washing rag shoes by hand, but this is not the best solution. As a result of poor quality procedure, dirt and dust enter deep into the fabric, and then it is difficult to get it out of the fibers. In addition, this process requires free time, and if you do not have it. will help machine. And to keep your sneakers like new, you must follow the basic rules:

  • Examine your shoes carefully before you put them in the drum. If it has reflectors, glued on the glue labels. it is better to wash it by hand. Decorations can come off. It is also worth doing, if the shoes are old and foam is protruding from it.
  • Take out the shoelaces, so they and the tongue can be washed better. Put them together with the shoes in a laundry bag. It is also worth taking out the insole.
  • Inspect the sole of shoes, remove dirt and small stones from it the procedure will be more productive.
  • Shoes are always washed in a special bag, but if you don’t have one, use a handy method. Put your sneakers in the drum and fill it 50% full with any rags or old towels. This will reduce the load on the machine.
  • Do not stack more than two pairs per load, regardless of drum capacity, especially if the appliance does not have a “shoe wash” function.
  • In spite of the small load capacity, use the full amount of powder required to provide one load.
  • Do not activate the spin function. Because of its operation, certain parts of the device may fail, such as bearings. It is also worth doing with the extra drying function, but not because of harm to the unit, but to the sneakers themselves. Exposure to heat and moisture at the same time will cause them to warp.

You can not ignore it, because your favorite sneakers may not recover the desired shape. You should look at the material from which they are made. If the covering is natural suede or leather, only manual cleaning with or without gentle detergents is possible.

How to quickly dry sneakers?

If you need to quickly dry sneakers after washing at home, remember that leaving shoes near heaters or in direct sunlight is strictly prohibited. But you can use the following ways.

Quickly dry cloth sneakers will help cut a piece of cotton fabric. It should be placed inside a wet shoe. You can replace the cloth with a kitchen towel or toilet paper. You can even use old newspapers, if the sneakers are dark color and there is no risk that the printing ink will be imprinted on them. Then the products should be left to dry at room temperature, periodically changing their filling. In warm weather, you can put the shoes on the balcony.

Table salt can also help quickly remove excess moisture. To use this method, you need to heat salt crystals in a frying pan and pour them into the socks from a baker’s sock. Place the resulting bags inside shoes. The salt will give up its heat and absorb the liquid. If it cools and the shoes are still wet, the manipulation must be repeated.

Experts do not recommend using a hair dryer to dry sneakers, but if there is a need to use this device, only cold blowing is allowed. From the hot air the upper material of the product can simply get. The hair dryer should not be too close to the shoes and should not be run for too long. One hour of cold air drying may not be enough to dry out the middle of the sneaker.

Vacuum cleaner will allow you to do without a hair dryer, and the drying process itself will take much less time. The tube should be placed inside the sneaker and turn on the machine. It will suck air with moisture. In 20 minutes the shoes will be dry and you can move on to the next pair.

Silica gel will dry your suede quickly and effectively. You just need to put the balls inside the shoe and wait an hour or two.


Since athletic shoes like sneakers are the most popular with many people, they are the ones that most often need a thorough wash. We wear these comfortable shoes almost every day, and it doesn’t matter where we wear them: to work or on a date. It is important that they are comfortable, practical and beautiful.

But any shoes lose their appearance from constant wear. If the shoes can be cleaned with a sponge, rubbed with a special cream, and they will once again shine with pristine luster, with this type of sports shoes, everything is a little more complicated. If the daily cleaning does not help, and sneakers do not look as neat as you would like, then you need to take serious measures. For example, it is a washing machine.

Washing sneakers in the machine is possible, most importantly, know how to do it correctly, so that the shoes shine clean again. If you do everything correctly, you can easily return your favorite shoes to their former appearance.

For washing, you will need: a special bag in which it is recommended to wash shoes, a good detergent that can cope even with serious stains and dirt.

Before you send the shoes into the drum of the washing machine, they must be carefully prepared for the washing process.

Firstly, this will help to wash them in the best way possible. Secondly, you will not ruin the washing machine:

  • Wash the soleplate thoroughly, so there’s no trace of it having been soiled by street dirt. This can be done simply under the faucet with a sponge or stiff brush. By the way, the most ordinary toothbrush will also work, which will help remove dirt and sand particles from the grooved sole;
  • Make sure you remove your shoelaces before you wash them. They can also be washed by hand, using regular laundry soap;
  • Check your shoes for integrity. That is, make sure that there is no damage, that seams do not split, small decorative details are well held and so on.

Once you have your sneakers ready, you can safely proceed with the laundry itself.

Sneakers do not like to be left alone

Another good way to protect your sneakers from shocks and warping in the washing machine is to fill the drum with something like towels, blankets, denim and other tight clothes. The main thing to remember is that all of this will be washed along with some pretty dirty shoes. So don’t use light-colored garments as ballast. It seems logical, but it is better to remind you once again: even if the sneakers are washed in a gentle mode, clothing made of delicate fabrics is better to postpone.

How to Dry

How to qualitatively wash sneakers and properly dry them. a question that arises in most hostesses. Batteries of central heating can be used as sources of heat. But do not stack the steam directly on the hot iron under any circumstances. Preliminary on top of the radiator lay a few layers of towels to prevent deformation and cracking.

In the summer, put the shoes outdoors, but protect them from direct sunlight. If you want to speed up drying, it is allowed to use cold air from the hair dryer, the choice of hot mode is prohibited.

  • Take the steam out of the drum and blot it with paper towels to remove excess moisture.
  • Push cotton rags or toilet paper inside tightly, leaving no voids or creases. The padding should mimic the shape of the foot. Do not use old newspapers for drying, because the printing ink can stain the product.
  • Ensure good air circulation. Drying should not be delayed, otherwise there will be a musty smell.
  • Insole and shoelaces must be dried separately. Putting them in completely dry steam.

An electric dryer can help dry your sneakers properly. Place the appliance inside the shoe after it has dried a little. Allow 2-5 hours for the moisture to evaporate completely. Place and remove the dryer with the power off.

Blot the shoes with paper towels Inside tightly press the paper Provide air circulation Use an electric dryer

Features of washing in a machine


Sneakers and sneakers can be washed in a washer-dryer, as long as the temperature is correct and the shoes are well prepared.

  • Remove insoles and laces.
  • Clean off any dust or dirt that has accumulated. Small stones, which are often clogged in the sole, getting into the drum can ruin the washing machine.
  • Rinse with warm water, using a toothbrush.

Mode and temperature

Shoes are safest to wash at 30-40 ° C. Warm water is enough to wash off stubborn dirt, but the sneakers do not stick. If there is no special mode for Shoes, the most suitable modes are “Hand wash” or “Delicate”. Each sneaker should be placed in a special bag for washing. The shoelaces should also be placed in this bag so you don’t need to wash them by hand. Do not load more than two pairs into a washing machine, as you can damage the drum and machine door.

Tip! Sneakers will make a lot of noise in the drum during the wash. To soften the process and keep machine parts intact, it is recommended to put an extra softening item, such as a light jacket or towel, in the machine.

The washing program must stop after rinsing and final draining. Stop the spin and dry cycle.

Suitable modes for different models of washing machines

Not all washing machines have a “Shoes” mode, but you can wash dirty sneakers with other settings. Each model of technique has its own programs, which will be suitable for athletic shoes:

  • LG. Such a washing machine has several gentle washing modes: “Delicate”, “Sports clothes”, “Down blanket”, “Baby clothes”.
  • Ariston. Models of this brand have “Delicate Wash”, “Mix 30”, “Mix 15”, as well as “Baby Clothes”.
  • Indesit. Most washing machines of this manufacturer have modes of the category “Sports” for sports shoes and clothes. If the model is more simplified, you can use the programs “Delicate washing” or “Express”.
  • Samsung. The automatic machines from Samsung for sneakers are suitable for “Delicate Wash” and “Children’s items.
  • Elecrolux. Not all models of this manufacturer have the function “Sport”, so you can also wash shoes with the programs “Hand wash”, “Blanket”, “Thin fabrics”, “Curtains.
  • Siemens. This brand offers modes such as “Fluff”, “Sensitive”, “Thin Clothes”.
  • Bosch Maxx. If the program “Sportswear” is not provided in your machine, you can use the “Manual” or “Delicate” washing, modes “Silk”, “Wool.
  • Zanussi. This manufacturer produces models that have “Delicate”, “Children’s clothing”, “Shoes”, “Blanket” modes.

Attention! Regardless of the brand of household appliances before washing should turn off the spin and drying, if it is provided.


Sneakers are not recommended to wash with powder, because if the shoes are badly rinsed, there will be stains. A liquid detergent is a good option. If packed in special capsules, they can be placed directly in the drum.

For white sneakers and sneakers allowed to apply the gel with bleaching effects, coloring a bright pair at the same fade.

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