Can one install a gas meter by oneself?

Who should approve the installation

As a rule, the question of agreeing on the location of the gas meter outside the premises is performed by the gas supplying organization, which serves the subscriber. The most common place for gas meters is outdoors in detached houses.

For professional placement of such a device, a thermal corrector or a thermal compensator will be required. It brings the volume of consumed gas to an average value relative to the actual outdoor temperature, thereby setting a reliable consumption of used gas.

It is also allowed to install an ordinary gas meter of membrane type, which has no compensation, but in this case you need to pay for the volume of gas fuel consumed, taking into account the additional coefficient, which is prescribed in the contract for the gas supply.

Practice proves that it is much more profitable to pay for gas supply with meters having thermal correctors, even though they are much more expensive.

The best gas meters for apartments

To achieve maximum savings on the family budget, it is necessary to give preference exclusively to quality equipment.

In order not to get confused when choosing or not to make a mistake, it is worth considering the rating of units even long before visiting the store and understand which gas meter is better. Each item was considered separately, after which, taking into account consumer feedback and expert opinion were distributed, so the information can be considered reliable.

Elster Gazelectronica BK-G4

First place among the best gas meters went to the model of Russian-German production, good design is complemented by high accuracy and ease of operation.

Protection against external interference is at a high level. There are left- and right-handed samples of gas valve connection for mechanical overlap, the unit is safe and reliable. Of the pluses it is worth highlighting:

SGM-1.6 1/2

The second step should be given to a compact copy with good characteristics, the scoreboard can be turned at will, installation can not be called complicated, and the load is allowed to be quite high.

It is necessary to pay attention to the correct installation, otherwise the device may read even when the equipment is turned off. Pros:


The third position in the rating of gas meters is assigned to a neatly designed unit, the set includes a thermal shutoff valve.

The ability to connect to boilers of different power is complemented by aesthetics, because the copy is available in three colors, white, gray and orange. Positives:

Arzamas SGBE-2,4

The fourth place goes to the device for its quietness, but it is worth noting the fact that the lithium battery will last only 12 years, for further use will need to replace the element. Pay attention to the direction of the flow arrow when installing. Pros:

Elekhant SGB-1,8

The fifth line on merit goes to the electronic sample of high quality, the backlight of the display makes the device as practical as possible. The position of the body is levelled individually by each owner, all information is accumulated, it is possible to view data for a month or a year. Advantages:

SGK-G4 Signal

The sixth place earned the model with good load capacity, the counter mechanism is distinguished by reliability and convenience. At the first start-up the unit starts confidently and does not produce unnecessary unpleasant squeaks and noise. Protected against contamination, the quality of work is at a high level. Advantages:

Betar SGBM-1.6

The final seventh line I gave to the compact sample with the indicators in 70/88/76, the weight of the model is only 0.7 kg. The unit works quite quietly, thermal correction will be a great addition to accurate measurements. There is a built-in calendar that will help keep track of natural resource outages. Advantages:

How to replace a gas meter and how much it costs

Gas metering device is quite a practical thing, with which you can significantly save money. But like all devices, this device has its lifetime, some owners have already experienced the replacement of the gas meter, while others are just looking for information on this.

Until such a time, it is better to familiarize yourself with all the important nuances of the process. I want to touch on interesting topics, the frequency of the manipulation, the cost of services and requirements. Interested people will be able to find out what documents are needed and a detailed algorithm of actions when changing the device.

I will say right away that to replace the gas meter you need to contact your local Gorgaz, or any other organization that has a permit for this type of work.

Is the installation free of charge possible

Federal Law and Government Resolutions require owners of private homes and apartments to carry out the conversion of household gas lines. Due to the high costs, which have a considerable effect on the family budget, not all categories of people can afford to meet the deadline.

There are several options that greatly ease the financial burden:

  • Free for tenants of municipal housing. If the energy supplier makes claims on the person living in the apartment, a written appeal must be made to the municipality.
  • Installment based on Federal Law 61. Option ensures cost allocation for a period of up to 5 years. One has to apply to the gas distribution company. Repayment involves paying equal shares at the Central Bank refinancing rate Early repayment is possible.

It is a common belief that gas meters are installed free of charge for seniors. Indeed, in some regions of Russia, there is a provision that provides for compensation for part of the amount of the installation of the UUT for the privileged category of citizens. You have to pay more often, because the reimbursement is based on the costs incurred. The exact list of persons on the list can be obtained from the social security department of the specific territory.

Note! Gas supply organizations often run their own programs, which allow you to carry out the conversion at lower prices. You need to check the current offers on the official website of the companies.

The cost of the counter and installation

Regulatory acts do not set a specific cost of the meter with installation. The price range for meters alone is quite large, because their cost depends on the characteristics, manufacturer and country of origin, and varies from 25 to 200

The common installation cost is also not fixed in the country. According to p. 9 Art. 13 FZ 61, installation is carried out on the basis of a contract concluded between the consumer and a specialized organization. Each company independently determines how much it costs to install a gas meter.

For example, in Astrakhan, according to. a single cost of installation of the meter is defined without taking into account the cost of. At the same time in Orenburg, according to the. A single price is not set.

The final cost of the procedure depends on the list of work performed and includes a price:

  • Preparation and execution of documents;
  • installation of the meter (with or without welding);
  • installation of a faucet and a flexible hose;
  • The cost of installing a meter, not including the cost of the meter;
  • Gas restarting and so on.

Thus, the total specific information can be obtained on the website or at the representative office of your gas distribution company or organization, which carries out maintenance.

What should I do if I am forced to install a gas meter

Such situation. The local gas company is forcing them to install gas meters. They call, send letters, threaten to cut off and warn of a trial. They say that they will get access and install a meter through the court and I will pay for the meter and the installation. My question is as follows. Can they do something like that?? The legislation of Russia provides for the following? So that some service, by going to court, has the right to break into your house, install something and then forcibly take your money?

Note = What was the ipc value in 2021. For people born in 1959

Art. 13 Federal Law of 23.11.2009 61 obliges gas suppliers to install metering equipment at facilities subject to control. For owners of dilapidated and emergency facilities, as well as those who consume less than two cubic meters per hour, the availability of a gas meter is optional, payment will be made at the established rate.

If the room is equipped with a gas boiler or a column, then the responsibility for the installation and replacement of the measuring equipment lies with the owner of the housing. If the owner refuses to install the meter, it can be compulsory.

install, meter

How to replace the gas meter

A new meter replacing the old one should be installed according to a specific instruction, which must be followed to avoid problems with the gas supplying organization. Any deviation from the rules can lead not only to financial losses, but also violate safety standards.

Documents Required

Only a representative of a specialized company should change the gas meter. There is a number of information that needs to be prepared. To avoid complications, you should entrust all work to employees of the gas supplying organization.

If third-party certified commercial firms are hired for replacement, it is imperative to coordinate with the sales company. A representative of the utility company must record the readings of the old gas meter, and only then is it allowed to remove the seals.

First prepare an application for the dismantling of the UUT, which is accompanied by the following documents (copies):

  • Certificates or equal papers that confirm the ownership of the apartment or private house (land);
  • Passport of the owner;
  • documents accompanying the new and old flow meters;
  • technical project of the gas system;
  • service (resource provision) contract.

It is not always necessary to change the old gas meter: if there are no visible violations of the performance of the device, it is first better to conduct a verification of the meter, which will confirm or deny the advisability of replacing the device with a new

If replacement is made due to increased consumption, a specialist is initially called in to assess the possibility of connection. If the new UUT is unequal to the old one, it is necessary to make changes in the project.

Separately prepare a statement to the utility service provider of the need to put the meter into operation and to make the sealing. The list of documents is collected, which is prescribed in the Government Decree 824 of September 19, 2013. (addendum to PP 54). List:

  • Data of the consumer of services (the owner of the premises): full name, passport, contact information. Basic information about the measuring device. The name of organization which will carry out (executed) the installation is obligatory. In addition, it is necessary to inform about the expected time of installation.
  • Technical documentation of a new gas accounting device.
  • Meter installation contract, if an outside company performs the installation.

For your information! Meter sealing is free of charge if the replacement was not caused by the consumer or unauthorized persons.

Order of actions

When performed by specialists of the gas supply organization, the process takes place according to the following scheme:

  • An application with a list of documents is submitted to the territorial branch of the company supplying the resource. Alternative ways allow you to contact the “Single Window” service or the subscriber’s department. An employee of the organization agrees on a date of arrival to assess the work.
  • The specialist arrives at the set time at the address. There are rules of replacement of the gas meter in a private house and an apartment, so there is an inspection of household communications. Appropriate metering device is agreed, because it often happens that the pre-purchased UUT does not meet the technical characteristics. The final cost of the work is announced. If additional materials are needed, everything is bought by the owner or a specialist.
  • At a set time, an installation team arrives, which carries out the replacement of the old device.
  • After the completion of basic works, an acceptance report is issued. The document must contain information about the meter, the place of installation and the owner of the premises.

The main document that allows you to legally operate the gas meter after replacement is an acceptance certificate with a wet stamp

If the installation is carried out by commercial specialized firms, the procedure is not much different. The main thing is to notify the gas supply company of all operations. The owner has no right to change the gas meter himself.

Who must pay

The question of making payment for the replacement of the gas flow meter is one of the most important. Misinterpretation of the changes in the acts that occurred in 2015 have caused the misconception that payment for work is not required: incompetent information is found on some Internet sites.

install, meter

In fact, previously and in 2019, the following conditions apply:

  • According to the law, the installation of a meter in an apartment or house is the owner’s responsibility. The work is carried out at the expense of the owner.
  • Persons living in non-privatized housing can count on the free replacement of the old IPS for the new one.
  • Partial reimbursement can be given to people on benefits. The list of eligible people in each region of Russia is different, so you need to check with your social security department for the exact list.

There is a misunderstanding, whether the filling is paid or free of charge. In most cases there is no charge for the service. If the device is replaced at the request of the owner, or due to an intentional or unintentional violation of the operation, the consumer must pay for the sealing. The procedure is inexpensive.

Rules for installing a gas meter in the apartment, step by step instructions

Almost everyone knows that the gas meter significantly reduces the cost of utility bills, and there is no need to make any calculations. Even the “lazy” already write and say that our energy rates are grossly overpriced. Simple logic suggests that if you pay according to actual consumption instead of standard rates, the amount will be much lower. And the practice convincingly confirms it.

You should understand that gas equipment refers to the category of dangerous goods. This is why only certified specialists should install the meter. In other words, there are many literate people in the country, but that does not mean that a relative or neighbor can install such a meter, if he is not officially empowered to do so.

And the expert should work in the organization, which supplies us gas. Otherwise, the meter will not be registered, that is, not taken into account. Therefore, the procedure for installing a meter in your apartment is as follows.

GAS METERS, a gas tutorial on all you need to know about gas meters for trainee gas engineers.

How to install a gas meter

  • The first. You must contact the information service of the organization that supplies us with gas. Her contact phone numbers are on the back of the monthly gas receipt. The service specialist will explain the specific address of the application. Will even tell you the number of the office.
  • Second. You must go in person to the gas company and write an application. There you will need to show your passport, a document certifying ownership (or rental agreement) for this living space and a receipt for the payment of “gas” for the previous month. If the apartment has several owners (in shares), then the application can write any of them. A specialist who receives an application will tell you when to expect a visit from a master for measurements.
  • Third. You need to think about where you want to put the meter. It is necessary to bear in mind that it should not be located closer than 80 cm to the gas appliances (stove, if any. a gas boiler). Plus, the regulations define the height from the floor (not less than 120 cm). And for the rest. you can choose a place anywhere. Sometimes it happens that a specialist comes and “poke” in the place where the meter will be installed. But that’s his decision. Is it convenient for us?? Therefore, the homeowner has the right to choose the installation site himself, without violating these parameters. Naturally, the longer the length of gas pipes (to and from the meter), the more you will pay for materials and work. But the money is not much. If desired, the counter can even be built into a kitchen cabinet, a hanging shelf. These issues need to be discussed with the master when he will make measurements.
  • Fourth. At a specified time, you must again visit the gas service, pay the cost of the project and work. With the foreman adjusters need to discuss the time when the repairmen will arrive to install the counter. That’s all. The rest of the work will be done by the representatives of the gas service.

You can buy a meter yourself if there is information that it is sold somewhere cheaper than in the gas service (in their store). Only in advance you should ask the master what type of meter and with what parameters you need to buy.

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