Carelax wax cartridge

Pros: Melts quickly.Easy to apply,takes away hairs well
Cons: It leaves a sticky residue and can’t be washed off with water only.
Testimonial: I liked the wax, it removes hairs on my legs well and is easy to apply.Ordered with promo code 117p.
Pros: Exactly the same quality as the wax from the pro store and the manufacturer is the same, only the price is lower.
Cons: no.
Review: Normal professional wax. Can be used in the salon and for yourself

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ITALWAX Top Line wax in a cartridge 100ml Coral

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carelax, cartridge
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carelax, cartridge

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Cassette wax that will not harm your health should consist of natural ingredients. For example, the wax with a sugar base will not cause problems with the skin.

Optimal when the structure of such a product is absent:

Natural ingredients can add a certain color to such a cosmetic product, such as pink, green or yellow. If the wax in the cartridges has a pleasant fragrance, such as chocolate or strawberry, the waxing procedure is doubly pleasant.

Such a product may also contain plant extracts and oils, which have an additional positive effect on the dermis.

Top Line Coral ITALWAX cartridge wax 100 ml

Translucent wax suitable for all hair types.

HYBRID WOODS are specially formulated to remove super short, stiff, shaved hair on the legs.

TOP LINE Hybrid waxes combine the properties of both film wax and warm wax.

When cured, hybrid wax is hard, does not drip, is not sticky, and does not drip even when the cartridge is turned upside down.

The hybrid wax is soft when heated, easy to apply to the skin with the roller or spatula in the direction of hair growth.

The hybrid wax creates a two-way gripping film on the skin: one side grips the hairs at the base, the other side. one side grips the hairs from the base, while the other side bonds to the strip.

Hybrid wax, unlike all warm waxes, hardens in a few seconds and only then comes off.

The hybrid wax is removed with the bandage strips against the hair growth.

Hybrid wax leaves no sticky residue on the skin when removed.

TOP LINE Hybrid Warm Waxes are synthetic SPWax polymer waxes that do not contain natural pine resin.

Hybrid waxes do not traumatize delicate, thin, sensitive skin.

Hybrid warm waxes with an innovative new formula differ from all warm waxes.

carelax, cartridge

Features of depilation with TOP LINE hybrid waxes:

When removing short, shaved hair, the wax is applied in a thick layer, the bandage strip is applied and pressed, within a few seconds the wax hardens and firmly fixes the hairs in the wax film. The top layer of wax film adheres securely to the strip. Removing the bandage removes hairs with the root.

When removing hair of medium hardness, the wax is applied in a thin layer and immediately removed with a bandage.

How to use warm wax:

• Warm the wax in the electric heater to 39°C.• Apply lotion or foam to the skin at the depilation site before depilation.• Without removing the cartridge from the heater, roll the heated wax cartridge on the depilation strip, make sure the wax is warm enough.• The wax is applied in a thick layer. Wax the area on the skin in the direction of hair growth.• Apply the depilation strip firmly, keeping the end of the strip in the area free of wax.• Wait for 5-10 seconds., so that the wax hardens and bonds with the hair and the strip, and only then is the strip removed• Grasp the free end of the strip, remove it abruptly in an antihair direction, parallel to the skin.• Repeat the procedure on the next area. Do not wax the same area more than twice.• Hybrid wax removes hairs as short as 1 mm.

Precautions: acute and chronic skin conditions, varicose veins at the depilation site

The best wax cartridges for stiff hair

Dense waxes are best for removing hard hair. For example the company ITALWAX. This glotte wax in a cartridge (coconut wax, lemon wax, strawberry rose wax)

Depilflax Ivory Wax Cartridge

For hard hair removal this wax is perfect. It is fairly thick, applies in one continuous layer and hardens quickly, catching all hairs. This product has carefully selected proportions of wax and resin, ensuring comfort and thorough removal of all hairs without damaging the skin.

Kapous Professional Fat soluble wax with talcum powder in a cartridge

Designed for areas of the body where the skin is delicate and sensitive. It captures all hairs (both hard and fine) well, removes them the first time. No preservatives, parabens or synthetic additives. Even people with allergies can use this product for waxing.

ITALWAX Olive Wax 100 ml

Tight wax (for short and tough hair). Olive wax.

alt=”Kapous Professional Gel Wax” width=”300″ height=”300″ /Universal Warm Wax Cartridge for all hair types

Contains natural olive oil, vitamin E, moisturizes the skin during depilation, has a high adhesive properties.100 ml.

Carelax Wax Cartridge

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Waxing cartridges

The design of the cartridge allows you to apply a thin layer of wax for hair removal, without much effort and special devices (without a spatula), which made the wax in cartridges very popular.

Wax depilation cartridge requires heating, but to low temperatures, just above human body temperature. 38-40 degrees. It ensures comfortable and safe depilation.

Warm waxes in cartridges from Elseda are made according to the Italian technology and equipped with modern roll system providing particularly thin application of wax on the skin. With its help depilation procedure goes faster, the wax is spent economically, the skin is less exposed.

Wax heater for depilation carelax. found 388 products.388 products

The WaxLine wax heater provides rapid heating of the wax cartridge (15 minutes). Keeps wax in the right consistency for 15 minutes. Ergonomic shape and wax consumption control window. Compact and easy to store

Type of wax: hot, form of wax: in cartridge, application: universal, hair type: for all hair types, skin type: for all skin types, wax density: medium, epilation technique: manual

Dual wax cartridge base complete with two heaters. Designed for depilation procedure. Quickly heats wax cartridges to the desired temperature. Two seats give you the option of not stopping in the middle of a treatment while waiting for heat.

The hand tub Beurer MP 70 allows you to arrange a session wax therapy at home. Easy operation will not cause any problems: just load the desired amount of wax in the tub and wait for it to melt. Special regulator lets you.

Did you do that? Armpit sugaring with a cartridge in 5 minutes!

Heater for blue wax cartridges. Has a window to monitor the amount of wax in the cartridge. Warms up the wax to working temperature in 15 minutes

Wax melter type: cartridge, number of cartridges: two or more, features: base

Two independent vessels can be used to heat different types of waxes or pastes at the same time, with different temperatures

Electroheater can (wax heater) Pro-Wax 100, 400 ml. With adjustable heating level, used for heating depilation wax and paraffin. In a jar of 400 ml., in 20 minutes to melt wax and paraffin to working temperature. Used to perform d.

Professional electric wax melter designed for warming up warm wax and shugaring in cartridges. Remove the lid from the heater, put the cartridge in the heater, turn on the power and leave to heat for 10-15 minutes. Unplug it and begin the procedure e.

Compact cartridge heater for warm cartridge wax. Designed for depilation procedures on small areas of the body, where you need a small amount of wax. Quickly warms wax to the desired temperature. Light-weight, takes up little space when in transit.

Types of wax melts: jar, features: temperature controller, tank capacity: 400 ml

Type of wax melter: can, features: temperature regulator

Manufacturer: ItalWax Type: wax melter Type of wax melter: can

Convenient and practical wax heater for standard 100 g wax cartridges. The device is equipped with a window to monitor wax deposits, as well as a light indicator

High power wax maker for salon and home use. Designed to heat wax and paraffin in jars, pellets, pellets, discs. Has an additional metal bowl. The temperature of heating from 35 to 100 degrees, and there is also a mode kotor.

Type of wax melter: cartridge, number of cartridges: one

Wax melter type: cartridge, number of cartridges: one

Wax melter for depilation with a bucket of maximum volume of 350 ml. Approximate warming time. 15 minutes. The temperature is adjusted by a mechanical regulator in the range of 35. 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To melt the wax set the temperature to maximum, after heating set the.

Ideal volume: 120 ml Comfortable weight: 274 g Preparation of wax and film in less than 15 min Operation indicator Built-in thermostat for temperature setting Comfortable twist action.

Type of wax melter: cartridge, number of cartridges: one

Bath-wax heater Gezatone WW3550. a modern device that allows you to perform paraffin therapy at home. It quickly melts the right amount of wax, bringing it to the right working procedure.Optimal-sized model under.

Tired of paying a lot of money for procedures and adjusting to the schedule of the waxing master? Pro-Wax100 wax melter will be a real find for you because it gives you a perfectly smooth skin at home. No special skills and knowledge needed. With pr.

Wax melter type: cartridge, number of cartridges: one, features: base

Wax melter type: can, features: temperature controller, tank volume: 800 ml

Compact and handy jar heater for wax, with adjustable heating level, suitable for depilation procedure in the cosmetic office and for home use. Electric heater has a thermostat to keep the wax at the right temperature.

Comfortable and versatile colored jar wax melter with thermostat, suitable for professional and home use. Heating temperature from 35 to 100 degrees, and also has a mode that keeps a predetermined temperature of wax throughout the year.

Wax melter type: jar, tank capacity: 400 ml

Compact cartridge wax heater. Designed for depilation procedures on small areas of the body where you need a small amount of wax. Quickly warms the wax to the desired temperature. Lightweight, takes up little space during transit.

Wax melter type: cartridge, number of cartridges: one, features: base

Talcum powder provides better adhesion of wax and sugar paste to hair due to absorption of moisture on the skin. Does not clog pores. Perfume-free.The talcum powder must be applied on dry skin in the place of supposed depilation

High-quality wax enriched with soothing ingredients for all skin types. Thanks to the low melting temperature the wax feels almost nothing on the client’s skin. The wax consists of selected beeswax and pine resin. Azulenic wax in blister packs perfectly nourishes the skin and leaves no sticky residue.

Type of wax maker: jar, features: base, temperature regulator, reservoir volume: 400 ml

Important: Shipping costs are calculated individually

Manufacturer: ItalWax Type: wax melter Type of wax melter: cartridge For one cartridge: yes

Wax melter type: cartridge, number of cartridges: one, features: base, temperature regulator

Features: Temperature regulator, reservoir capacity: 400 ml

Professional electric wax melter designed for warming up warm wax and shugaring in cartridges. Remove the lid from the heater, place the cartridge in the heater, plug it in and let it heat up for 10-15 minutes. unplug from the mains and start the procedure e.

Type of wax maker: can, features: temperature controller, reservoir volume: 400 ml

Wax melter type: cartridge, number of cartridges: one, reservoir capacity: 100 ml

Working temperature 0. 80 С. Heating time 30. 40 minutes

Professional wax-melter for heating wax for waxing in roller cartridges. It consists of a cassette base. The base in which the roller cassette is inserted and then connected directly to the mains through the power cord. Professional.

Comfortable and versatile colored can wax melter with temperature control, suitable for professional and home use. The temperature of heating from 35 to 100 degrees and also has a mode that maintains a predetermined temperature of wax throughout the year.

Glossy metal-bottomed compact wax maker from Pro Wax 100 brand heats wax in cans, pellets and granules, also compatible with paraffin.The device is made in black, has an internal container capacity of 500 ml, easy to clean after use, comes in a.

Wax melter for warming hot and hot wax, as well as sugar paste with temperature regulator The convenience of wax melter is that it can heat to a desired temperature and maintain it in the process of working a jar of wax paste Gloria weighing 0.8 kg! Please note.

Wax melter type: jar, optional accessory: container, number of cartridges: one, features: temperature controller, reservoir volume: 400 ml

Wax melter in a jar, features: temperature regulator, tank capacity: 400 ml

Can wax melter. a special device designed for heating the wax in the cans during waxing in the home or salon conditions. Equipped with an in-built regulator, it is easy to get the wax to the right consistency and maintain the set temperature.

Wax melting device type: can, features: temperature regulation, tank volume: 400 ml

Designed to heat sugar paste and wax for waxing in standard cartridges

Type of wax maker: cartridge, features: base, temperature regulator

Compact wax melter Nikk Mole is designed to melt cosmetic wax and keep it hot during depilation procedure. Suitable for working with all types of wax used for removing unwanted hair. Maximum.

Wax melter type: cartridge, number of cartridges: one

Type of wax melter: can, reservoir volume: 400 ml

There are a great many methods of removing unwanted hair, but undoubtedly one of the most popular is waxing, or as it is also called, bioepilation. Hair removal with wax has been known for several thousand years and has been known for a very long time.

Wax melting device type: cartridge, number of cartridges: two or more

Wax melter type: cartridge, number of cartridges: one

Implementation of waxing and paraffin therapy at home is no longer a problem, because there is a new Gezatone universal heater (wax heater) for can wax and paraffin wax volume of 400 ml. Such a device will be relevant to every woman who cares for co.

Techniques for removing unwanted hair there are a great many, but, undoubtedly, one of the most popular is waxing, or as it is also called, bioepilation. Hair removal with wax has been known for several thousand years and has a certain.

Comparative table

Product name Area of application Scope Production country
Italwax Olive Hands, feet, body 100 ml Italy
Depilflax Crystal Wax Natural Legs, arms, back, belly, chest 110 г Spain
Italwax Flex Oud Body 100 г Italy
ruNail Cardi Honey Back, arms, legs 100 ml Italy (raw materials. Russia)
Cristaline Azulene For body and face 100 ml USA
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