Gorenje gas stove

Handles to the Gorenje plate. 147 goods.147 goods Type: accessory, purpose: for the refrigerator, manufacturer of the device: gorenje, type of accessory: handle for doors, material: plastic, location: upper, location in the refrigerator: on the door, length: 215 mm Type: accessory, purpose: for the plate, manufacturer of the device: Gorenje, type of accessory: switch Handle … Read more

How to hose a gas stove hose

Is it possible to close the gas pipe with siding: the rules and subtleties of the gas pipeline masking You are going to sheathe the house with siding, but found that the gas pipe was carried out too close to the wall? Natural gas is a dangerous substance, it is not for nothing that all … Read more

How to remove traces on an induction stove


How to care for an induction hob Due to their technical and operational properties, induction plates are considered practical in everyday life. However, given the regular exposure to the aggressive external environment on the glass.Ceramic surface, it has to be cleaned quite often and washed. There are both special and folk methods of removing various … Read more

Induction stove whether special dishes are needed


What dishes are suitable for induction plates: select correctly Increasingly, the choice of housewives stops on the induction panel, the principle of operation of which differs from such familiar gas or electric stoves. Such a kitchen slab has a number of undeniable advantages, for example, the time of cooking is significantly reduced, as well as … Read more

How to drown a stove from peat briquettes


Heating briquettes. Reviews, advantages, rules of use Good afternoon friends. In the choice between firewood, coal and briquettes, briquettes often win, because they have a chain of advantages over other types of fuel. For example, toyan briquettes are completely natural biological products, and its waste is safe for the environment. It also has a long … Read more

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