What to do if the microwave stopped warm

Common malfunctions of the microwave and ways to eliminate them The microwave has become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen and in offices. It saves time when heated by finished dishes and defrosting semi.Finished products. We are so accustomed to the existence of microwaves that we begin to instantly panic if any difficulties arise in … Read more

Is it possible to put objects on the microwave

That you cannot warm in the microwave, why it is forbidden to put metal Modern cuisine is a branch of household appliances store. There are plates, toasters, combines, refrigerators, grills, electricities and openings, meat grinders and other necessary devices. Place them optimally. So that it is necessary at hand, and the space does not clutter … Read more

How to set time on the microwave sinbo


How to install a watch on the microwave Samsung. Time on the microwave. How to set time on a microwave Time adjustment is carried out using buttons or handles. Manufacturers in their own way indicate them. On some microwaves you can see the dial icon, on others just the inscription “Time”. There are regulators on … Read more

How to repair a microwave at home


Repair of microwave ovens with your own hands at home To carry out the repair of the microwave, you must have a general idea of ​​how it works. Repair of the microwave oven begins with the removal of the upper cover. Before this, you should take care of a complete shutdown of the device from … Read more

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