Change rubber on the refrigerator Stinol

change, rubber, refrigerator, stinol

Independent replacement of sealing rubber on the door of the refrigerator

There are several explanations for this. When visual examination of the door, you can determine the cause. Physical damage, deformation of the door (dent, skews of metal, not fasteners), because of which the door does not close. This type of breakdown can be eliminated only in the workshop or replaced by another. Deformed metal, which is used for external sheathing of equipment, is very difficult to align at home. To do this, you must completely disassemble the door as a part and walk along it with a special power tool, and then assemble it back. It is not recommended to do this “on the knee” at home.

  • Weakening or deformation of fasteners. If the curtains of the doors have traces of damage or bolts (sometimes rivets) are not held tight. This is a clear sign of door skew. Its elimination is possible at home by the forces of one person.
  • The rotten, lagging or cracked seal is also the cause of this problem. After inspection of the rubber gasket around the perimeter, you can find a problem place. If, after a slight pressure or jerking rubber, the seal crumbles or begins to sag. It’s time to engage in its replacement.

Replacement of the sealant in the refrigerator door

All about replacing the seal

The rubber part fails unnoticed. Obvious signs of her wear: cracks, dents, other defects. Old rubber dawns, loses elasticity, becomes breaking and can no longer compact the door, as before. Faced with this, you should immediately think about replacing the element. But the problem is not always manifested so brightly and unequivocally.

change, rubber, refrigerator, stinol

The first sign that should alert is the appearance of ice. It appears because warm air enters the compartment. He penetrates even through a small, invisible gap to the eye. The air is always saturated with water vapor. It is they who condenses in the cold and form an ice growth. You can get rid of it by defrosting, but this is a temporary measure. Soon the ice will appear again.

Another feature is the frequent inclusion of the compressor. He is forced to activate to reduce the temperature that rises due to the flow of warm air. Under such conditions, an overright of electricity is ensured. And if you do not correct the situation in time, there is a high probability of a breakdown of an expensive part, which is not intended for too intense operation.

You can not always notice the gap. In workshops, probes are used for detection with a diameter of 0.1 mm. The home master does not most often have such an instrument, and it is not needed, since experience is required to work with him. Everything can be done much easier. If there are suspicions, a test with a sheet of paper is carried out with an elastic band. The door of the compartment is opened, the paper is inserted and closed. If in this state the sheet can be moved, it’s time to replace the sealing system.

What breakage does it prevent

Over time, dents and gaps are formed on the rubber, it loses its elasticity. An thinned seal can cause the overhaul of the refrigerator. After all, the manufacturer calculates the power of the device for certain operating conditions. Forced to work in extreme mode, the device may simply not withstand the load. Therefore, it would not seem to neglect such an insignificant, it would seem, detail in any case. It turns out that the refrigerator works around the clock at full power. Thereby reduces the period of its operational suitability.

The refrigerator door may not be closed due to various malfunctions. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to conduct an inspection and establish a specific cause.

Weakening and deformation of fasteners

If the fasteners are deformed from the mechanical exposure or loose as a result of prolonged operation, the door ceases to fit tightly. In case of weakening fasteners, it is allowed to adjust. To restore deformed elements, professional repair or replacement of parts is required.

Rotten, lagging and cracked seal

Due to detachment of the seal or violation of integrity and structure, it cannot fulfill its purpose and does not fix the door. The broken seal is easiest to replace with a new one, which will reduce labor and temporary costs.

How to change the seal on the door of the stinol 101 refrigerator

Before replacing the elastic band on the refrigerator, stynol, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Flat screwdrivers. 2 pcs.;
  • Sealing gum of the desired profile and size;
  • Electric screwdriver (or a drill with a nozzle) and 20-25 small (16 mm) galvanized screws for metal with a drill tip;
  • Mounting hairdryer.

You can replace the cuff with both disconnected and with the refrigerator turned on. You do not need to remove the door for the repair of the stinol device. To begin the replacement of the corrugation of the upper chamber or freezer should be with the neat dismantling of the old seal, which is fixed between the metal external and plastic internal door body.

  • Open the door;
  • Pull the seal from the metal part of the case (inside) with the left hand, and insert a screwdriver between the tin and the corrugation;
  • Insert the second screwdriver next to the first and lead from it to the corners of the door, simultaneously pushing the seal from the metal;
  • Similarly, push the cuff from the inner plastic part of the body of the apparatus.

Having tired the inner edge of the corrugation with a screwdriver, you need to extract it from the expanded groove completely. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the door plastic.

Installation of the elastic band in the groove dilated with a screwdriver begins with the corners. After the entire inner part of the cuff is hidden inside the skin, you need to close the door and check its fit around the perimeter. The displaced zones should be carefully corrected with a screwdriver, then, again opening the door, check the landing again.

So that the new sealing gum on the refrigerator Stinol completely straightens and takes its place, it must be slightly warmed up with a mounting hairdryer. You need to do this on the open door.

Replacement of the seal in the refrigerator

Even the highest quality products when using in this node (sealing) are capable of failing over time. Soft seal is operated intensively. It is subjected to temperature extremes, multiple mechanical influences.

With a significant violation of tightness, the compressor will not be able to create a given temperature regime in the chamber without unnecessary energy costs.

Timely replacement of the elastic band on the doors of the refrigerator will help maintain the suitability of the products, reduce the amount of the account for the consumed electricity and will prevent the occurrence of other technical problems.

How diagnosis is performed

To make sure that the replacement of the sealing gum on the refrigerator is necessary, you can use the following algorithm:

  • Check the integrity of the elements throughout the contour. There should be no gaps, cracks, other visible defects on the seals.
  • Strong violation of the initial form can also disrupt the tightness.
  • If the seal has lost flexibility over time, then it will not be able to fit tightly against the walls of the case.
  • The gaps are able to form in the presence of contaminants on the surfaces connecting when closing the door.
  • It is also necessary to check the loops, their mount, the geometric parameters of this node.

The simplest “home” way is to place a sheet of paper over the seal. If it is freely taken out in the closed position of the door, then a more thorough diagnosis should be done. The malfunctions are evidenced by the constant or overly prolonged operation of the compressor, an increase in temperature inside the chambers.

Repair of the seal on the refrigerator

We will study in more detail how to replace the seal in the refrigerator correctly. We use the features of different models to better understand the complexity of individual operations:

If it is supposed to replace the rubber seal on the Stinol refrigerator, it is recommended to purchase (as in other cases) only products of the corresponding brand. Low.Quality products can only differ slightly from the originals in size, other parameters. However, this will be enough to violate tightness.

First perform preparatory work. To replace the seal in the refrigerator Stinol 107, for example, made without unnecessary difficulties, dismantle large doors. They are installed on a horizontal surface using a soft lining.

It is advisable to withstand the new sealant for at least a day where the equipment is installed in conditions of appropriate humidity and temperature. The rubber will become softer if lower it into heated water. But this technology is suitable only in cases where the design of the product does not contain technological holes

Next, dismantle the old element. There is no universal technology, since in practice different types of fasteners are used: glue, deepening of a special shape, screws, combined methods.

Replacing the elastic band on the refrigerator Indesite will be performed correctly if you carefully clean the fixation area. As a rule, they use white spiteen to remove the remaining glue, but not damage the paintwork.

Когда осуществляется замена резинового уплотнения на холодильнике Stinol, форму этого элемента стараются не изменять чрезмерно. A magnet is installed inside, which with a strong bend can be damaged.

To exclude errors when you repair the refrigerator at home, study the conditions and instructions that offer professional elastic replacement on the refrigerator. The price of the services of our master is not too large. The use of a specialist skills will allow you to get sufficient quality guarantees and prevent the occurrence of additional expenses after unsuccessful experiments of an ordinary user.

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Replacing sealing gum with a refrigerator door with your own hands

The seal in the refrigerator isolates the chamber with chilled air from the room. Its breakdown leads to a number of negative consequences (a change in the temperature regime, the increase in the load on the cooling system) and most often ends with the failure of the compressor.

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To prevent this, it is necessary to control the condition of the seal, clean it during operation, cover with silicone lubricant once a year.

Causes and signs of wear of the seal on the refrigerator

Understand what was time to change the elastic band on the refrigerator is easily on the following signs:

  • On the opposite door of the inner wall of the refrigerator, ice or snow plane forms.
  • The presence of condensate and water inside is a consequence of warm air entering.
  • Ice on the door of the freezer.
  • Insufficiently low internal temperature.

The reasons are most often the following operating circumstances:

Replacing the gum with the refrigerator door is required in case of its full or partial wear. With minimal damage to the seal, you can do with a repair. To figure out what needs to be done in a particular case. You can not do without the test.

  • Take a sheet of paper, bring it to the body and close the door tightly.
  • Pull. If the paper manages to pull out without much effort, the problem is evident, because the rubber around the entire perimeter should fit tightly.
  • Repeat the procedure at the top and bottom of the door.

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Another way to evaluate the tightness of the inner camera of the refrigerator is to put the flashlight turned on, carefully examine the door around the perimeter.

In the presence of gaps between the body and the seal in the places of their location, light will be visible.

How to remove the old sealing gum on the refrigerator door

There are several ways to dismantle:

  • Separate from the surface of the door with a stupid spatula.
  • Put the seal with a non.Fast item, for example, screwdriver. Next, insert the tool with one hand into the gap and lead around the perimeter. Pull the rubber above it up with the other hand.
  • If the elastic band is screwed, you just need to turn the screws or screws.

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Surface preparation

The groove where the rubber is inserted, it is advisable to clean after removing the seal.

Otherwise, volumetric hard particles (grocery crumbs, the remains of the destroyed rubber of the old seal) can remain inside and they will certainly affect the quality of the introduction of a new tape.

It is especially attentive to both the door and the sealing rubber, which will be glued when it comes to the corresponding design.

Before applying the glue, both contacting surfaces must be cleaned of dust, the remains of the old glue (acetone is suitable for this) or and degreased (wipe with alcohol or solvent for acrylic paints).

Gluing the gum in the refrigerator: how and what to glue

The process is highly dependent on the type of glue used. Non.Aggressive and non.Toxic compositions, for example “moment” are best suited.

Another important requirement: glue after drying should be flexible. Rubber is a movable material, and a fragile connecting layer over a short period of time will crumble. The moisture resistance of the glue, although an optional characteristic in this case, will not be superfluous.

Where you can get a new seal on the refrigerator door

For those who live in large cities, finding a sealant for their refrigeration unit model will be much easier. In any case, you can always choose similar in width and volume.

There are universal seals on sale. They consist of several longitudinal sections that are cut off in the right amount with excessive elastic width.

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change, rubber, refrigerator, stinol

Types of elastic tape for the refrigerator

Old units were supplied at one time with rubber seals. It will not be easy to find a similar tape, but replacing an analogue on suitable sizes will not be difficult.

Most of the refrigerators present in the modern market are equipped with “elastic bands” from polymers, which are called so called.

The main difference between the sealant is the number of cylinders. Most often there are two cylinders consisting of.

Some seals are equipped with magnets that provide additional adhesion to the door.

How to choose a seal

It is important to know the name and number of the model of your own technique. Even if there is no exact coincidence, it will be much easier to choose an analogue.

Directly in the store it is worth asking the seller all the main issues regarding the goods: its manufacturer, composition, service life, list of compatible equipment. At the same time, you can purchase glue or fasteners.

What needs to be done after replacing the seal: door adjustment

After installing a new elastic band on the refrigerator, the door is put in place. The screws are tightened tightly, but so that they do not interfere the doors easily open and close.

It is also necessary to achieve a strictly vertical position and the same distance from the door to the body from below and from above.

Replace the sealing gum with the refrigerator, whether it be “Indesite”, “Steenol” or any other unit is not particularly difficult. The main thing in such a repair is to choose the right seal, extract the served tape and carefully install a new elastic band.

Signs of wear of the seal

The replacement of the refrigerator seal should be carried out only with clear confidence that the breakdown is real. Fortunately, sealing rubber has clear factors confirming this. Thus, she leaves no doubt about her inoperability, which gives you the right to start replacing.

So that you check your detail, we compiled the following points showing that it needs to be replaced:

  • If you bring your hand to the joint of the door with the body, you will feel the flow of cold. A good seal does not miss this. Be sure to walk throughout the door, because the hole can be absolutely anywhere.
  • If the door knocks hard when closing, then this is also an occasion to check the sealing rubber. Perhaps she just peered, and maybe her piece moved away from the case. Such damage will be visible immediately. Replace it must be replaced!
  • Inspect this part of the door. It should be solid (the form and compounds should not be disturbed). If you see that cracks and chips formed on it, then immediately start repairing!
  • Try to squeeze it with your fingers. If she gets soar somewhere, then this is a sign of fault.
  • Also, if it moves away from the door, then this is also a reason to replace.

How To Fix Refrigerator Door Seal

Now you know the “theory” breakdown. Let’s move on to practice!

Carrying out work. Phased and step.By.Step

Stage One. Replacing the seal on a drawer for vegetables.

So, the day is chosen, the freezer is devastated in the morning. Everything is carried on the veranda, since, the street is a light frost on the street. My daughter is instructed to remove all magnets from the door of the refrigerator.

“Rest” was decided on a drawer for vegetables. With him. No problems in hanging, that is, the whole task is simplified. Simply to rearrange the seal to a new.

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The refrigerator in the morning on the day of work in the starting position is still with the old seals, and with the doors opening in the direction of the arrow.

The sequence of actions is shown in the table below. All pictures increase when clicking the mouse.

Illustration of a shaking description of the operation performed
I decided to perform all operations to replace the seals not as shown in the video, but on the shot doors. I will carry out work in my room. It is cramped in the kitchen, and the workshop is too cool, which rubber clearly does not like. Vegetable box was removed and listed in the room.
A frame of the desired size was selected from the sent kit. 570 × 400 mm.
And immediately ran into a feature of fastening. At first, I thought that here, as well as on the rest of the doors (as shown in the video instruction), to seal it between the door plate and the internal plastic panel (in this case, with a plastic box). I even intended to slip a flat screwdriver by video instructions to pull the elastic band. It’s good that I guessed to unscrew the edge of the seal and look under it. It turns out that the plastic box itself is attached to the door plate using screws placed around the perimeter. Four self.Tapping screws on the short sides of the rectangle, and six from long.
Well, it’s even easier. Electric screwdriver in my hands. And I twisted all the screws sequentially.
It is somewhat inconvenient to twist the fasteners located near the corners. The elastic band interferes (the place is shown by the arrow). But still. No special difficulties.
Before removing the extreme screws to the corners, he laid the box with the door slab down, losing the cardboard so as not to accidentally scratch the facade. After that. I twist the remaining.
And this whole design is dismantled, in fact, a metal.Filled door plate, covered with a film, and a plastic box filled with polyurethane foam. On the front rectangular panel of this box, the sealing rubber frame is dressed. She is very easy, without any effort is removed. It does not smell like any sealant or other adhesive composition. Exclusively mechanical fastening.
By the way, when twisting the screws, three pieces were “slipped” in place, and to remove them, a small force had to be attached from the bottom with a screwdriver. Apparently, they were pulled out when twisting. A turn of thread in thin metal was cut off. Therefore, instead of them, in this problematic places I will put such self-tapping screws for 19 mm with a press shame and drill.
The internal film coating of the door stove is washed from adhering garbage. On this illustration lies a removed old sealing frame.
And here it is. New, white.
It would be possible to immediately put a new elastic band on the rectangular panel of the box, and then install it on the door plate. But, as it seemed to me, it will be more difficult to accurately combine the holes. In addition, before working with other doors, which will already be indefatigable, it makes sense to train in the installation of elastic bands on the panel attached to the door. Therefore, while without a seal, I put the box on the door, combine holes.
And then I make all this design with two screws. Approximately in the middle of the short sides of the rectangle. Everything, now the details are guaranteed not to be shifted. You can start installing the seal. I put a rubber profile frame at the place of the future installation, so far just like that. On top. At the same time, I do not forget to control the side. The front, the one where the magnetic insert is placed should be at the top.
I start laying the elastic band from one of the corners. Arbitrarily. To do this, the angle of the plastic panel is slightly lifted up, galloping it on both sides with screws.
In the lower part of the profile of the sealant there is a groove (shown by a green arrow), formed by the profile itself and a strip walking around the perimeter (“skirt” or “tail”, as the master called it in the video is shown by the yellow arrow). This groove is just the seal and should be worn on the plastic panel around the perimeter, and the skirt (we should call it further). At the same time completely go into the space between the panel and the door stove. You should start with the corners. After all four corners are worn, it will become easier.
The first corner is worn, then the second. And since there are no mounts on this side of the fasteners, the skirt easily immediately goes to its place. She strives there itself.
After that, he moved the point of temporary mounting of the panel from the side to the already hesitated to free the “road” for further laying the seal according to the same methodology.
The third corner is dressed, and this whole side immediately lays. Nothing interferes here.
The last, fourth corner is dressed. Frankly, I experienced somewhat in advance for the accuracy of the size of the manufactured framework. I must say. The experiences were completely groundless. The dimensions are observed perfectly. The last angle has to be laid with a small stretch, and it is a little more difficult to get into the corner of the panel into the groove of the seal. But then the frame fits ambitiously around the entire perimeter, as a glove. Quality at a height, I recommend!
The skirt is refueling on the next side. In those places where it happens somewhat “resists”, shells (as shown in the figure with an arrow). It is easy to correct it with a thin screwdriver. Only very carefully, of course, so as not to accidentally pierce.
Well, finally, the last side of the sealing frame fits: a little effort. And it is in place.
Everything, the rubber sealing perfectly lay down around the entire perimeter of the box of the box.
It remains to screw the screws connecting the door to the box in place. At the same time, as already mentioned, three self.Tapping screws were replaced by thicker.
The first stage can be considered finished. The seal on the drawer is replaced. The box itself is just cleaning to the side so that it does not interfere with further work.
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