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Split system does not cool well: reasons and how to deal with it

Split system is the established name of household air conditioners who have a spaced design, that is, they consist of two blocks-internal and external. Improving systems and a wide production of such a class of technology made a split system with an indispensable attribute of a city apartment, especially in the southern regions.

Unfortunately, as a result of a series of malfunctions, the air conditioning may stop performing the main function. Cooling the air in the room. Not being a specialist, it is quite difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown. However, most cases of cooling or falling its performance have repeatedly met in the practice of masters and are typical.

What is diagnosis and how it is performed

Diagnosis means checking and testing the entire system as a whole or its individual nodes, assessment of depreciation, searching for faults and defects, as well as checking the amount of refrigerant. Diagnosis is required before service, as it gives an understanding of the state of the system and the need to carry out repair work.

Diagnosis provides for a complete shutdown of equipment and the use of control and measuring instruments (anemometer, weight, tools for finding a freon leak, voltmeter, manometers, a station for vacuuming and collecting the arising refrigerant, etc.D.

Diagnostics and elimination of air conditioning malfunctions

Diagnose malfunctions in the air conditioner, if they are not issued during self.Diagnosis. The task is not easy, requiring the idea of ​​details and nodes as part of equipment.

The device of the split system, with all its apparent complexity, is easy to understand even without special preparation. It includes:

  • Evaporator with a heat exchanger (radiator) in the internal unit designed to select heat from the inner air of the serviced room.
  • Capacitor with a radiator in the outer block, which removes heat into the surrounding space.
  • Fans creating air flow through radiators.
  • A compressor that provides a pressure necessary for the circulation of freon.
  • Electronic control unit receiving tasks and sensors that issuing command commands for all unions of split systems.

The capacitor, evaporator and compressor are combined by pipelines into the cooling circuit in which the refrigerant circulation of heat suffers occurs. In each of these devices, malfunctions are possible, leading to a stop of work or the incorrect functioning of the air conditioner.

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The most common breakdowns

The failure of any of the listed elements will affect the effectiveness of air cooling in the room. To understand what exactly caused the malfunction, it is necessary to consider the most common problems.

You should also consider how to eliminate them to prevent the final failure of the equipment.

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Damage #1. Problems with power supply

It often happens that the voltage in the network is too low. It may be enough, for example, to turn on the fans. The sound of their work will be heard by the user, but cooling will not happen, since the compressor will not be turned on.

220 V is the most optimal voltage for the operation of the split systems. To the larger and lower side, this value can change to 20-30 in. Too significant a drop or increasing voltage can be destructive for such a technique

To find out if this is, it is necessary to check the variable voltage indicator in the network. If it is significantly lower than the set 220 volts, then you need to turn off the equipment and wait for the normalization of the power state.

If the supply voltage regularly “sags”, for example, someone includes power equipment, it is recommended to install additional devices: network voltage converters and stabilizers. This will provide climate equipment with full power supply.

Damage #2. Lack of freon in the system

This problem occurs more often than others. The refrigerant evaporates from the system over time. Even if the equipment does not turn on for a long time, the gas will still slowly evaporate.

To make sure that the reason for the violation of heat transfer lies in a small amount of refrigerant, it is advisable to contact specialists. They have tools for checking the number of freon in climatic equipment.

According to the documentation that comes with the split system, its stock should be replenished at least once every two years for those who use the device in everyday life.

What you need to know before replacing the refrigerant:

  • Freon is of different brands, the desired brand is indicated in the documentation for the equipment;
  • For refueling, access to the outer unit is required;
  • Before replacement, it is necessary to check the level of freon in the system.

If the equipment operates in production or in conditions of a significant temperature difference between the street and the room, then the replacement is carried out once a year. By the way, you can refuel the system with freon and yourself.

Replacing Freon, this is a very responsible process. It is necessary for its implementation by the refrigerant itself, a container for it, electricity and control devices. They serve to measure the volume of gas in the system

Among the reasons that can cause a lack of substance in the system, it is worth highlighting:

  • Production marriage, for example, did not blame the refrigerant due to a malfunction of automation;
  • Damage to the freon pipeline during installation or transportation;
  • Increase in the size of the track without refueling freon.

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In the first case, a malfunction can be observed even in the technique of only purchased. The lack of freon will not make it possible to quickly cool the room. This is due to excessive heating of the compressor.

The problem will be solved by replacing the equipment with serviceable or warranty service, refueling.

In the second case, independent refueling will not give a result. This is due to the fact that the refrigerant will still leave the system, through damage to the copper tube.

Before refueling, it is necessary to find a breakdown place and stock up if the conductor itself is damaged. With instructions for soldering copper tubes.

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In the third case, it is also necessary to refuh with coolant equipment.

This is what the cranes look like for refueling the freon into the split system. Due to the fact that refueling of the refrigerant is carried out on the external unit, all work must be carried out with special care. If access from the premises to the block is difficult, then it is necessary to use the tower

It is worth considering that the prolonged lack of freon in the right amount significantly reduces the life of the compressor. Its repair or replacement will take more money and time. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out regular inspections of split systems by relevant specialists.

Damage #3. Fan malfunction

As a rule, this malfunction is found in split systems that are used for more than 2-3 years. It is also possible when working equipment in conditions with too contaminated air.

  • Jamming of the fan bearing due to the lack of lubrication and its clogging;
  • Damage or deformation of the blades;
  • Violation in the operation of the control board, for example, came a liquid or one of the elements of the strapping was out of order;
  • The fan engine is out of order. Jamming, closing or breakthrough breakdown.

Another option is also often found: the fan is serviceable, but the path of air blocks the layer of dust. Due to these reasons, cooling efficiency decreases.

The most important part of the fan of the split system is the engine. In case of failure, the fan stops working. To power this motor, a stable voltage is necessary

Unfortunately, it is difficult to solve this problem yourself, with the exception of cleaning the grill. To diagnose a malfunction, various tools and skills will be needed.

It often happens that the breakdown can be eliminated quickly enough. For example, replace the wires or restore connectors. In case of failure of the fan engine, it is replaced with a new. This will make it possible to extend the life of the equipment.

If the control board is faulty, then damaged elements and replacement with new. If the damage is extensive, then it is easier to replace the entire fee.

Unpleasant odor from a working system

The appearance of fetid fragrances from the air conditioning body may indicate the following breakdowns:

  • The smell of Gary is a clear sign of closure and fire of the wiring. Air conditioning must immediately turn off and call the master. A working device in this case can cause a fire.
  • The smell of plastic. Usually such “aromas” exudes poor quality, acquired for a low price. Even experts will not help to eliminate such smells. Over time, they can disappear on their own.
  • The smell of dampness. This indicates the formation of bacteria and fungi inside the body. They can be destroyed by treatment with antifungal agents. It is bred in water and washed all the internal details of the air conditioner.

Conclusions and useful videos

We recommend that a commentary on a specialist in cleaning the internal unit find out from the following video:

Independent repair of climate technology is quite real. The main thing is that this does not harm health and does not damage the technique even more.

If there are skills, experience and tools, then you can fix most of the existing breakdowns. But with complex malfunctions, it is recommended to contact specialists.

You have a problem with a split system, but you cannot deal with the reason for its occurrence? Ask your questions to our experts and other site visitors. We will try to help you deal with the cause of the malfunction.

If you want to supplement the above list of faults or add recommendations for their elimination, please write this information in the comment block.

Make sure nothing blocks the device

The air flow is very important for cooling systems, so make sure that there are no beds, chests of drawers, clothes, books or other items that block the ventilation holes of the device. For the outer block of your central air conditioner, it is advisable to leave around it at least a gap the size of a palm.

It should be borne in mind that the climate control system needs regular professional maintenance. If the surface of the device can still be cleaned independently, then the refrigerant, thermostat and internal devices should be checked by a specialist. Such a procedure that is not expensive and will take very little time will allow you to extend the life of the system for many years.

How often to conduct maintenance? There are a number of factors affecting the frequency of checks. Firstly, a lot depends on the model of the device, its quality, and secondly, on the frequency of use and the level of pollution. But on average, it is advisable to conduct maintenance once a year.

If the air conditioner stops cooling the room, this can cause panic, especially on a hot day. However, it is worth calm down and double.Check everything: perhaps in the settings the inappropriate mode is simply set.

If it turned out that all the options were selected correctly, and the split system still does not work properly, you need to contact a company engaged in the maintenance of climatic equipment.

The main thing is to find the reason for the problems and quickly resolve the issue, keeping a good mood at all costs!

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