Checking Split systems for performance

Diagnosis of air conditioning systems

The price of the diagnosis of air conditioners is fixed, also, this cost includes departure of the master within the Moscow Ring Road.

Services distance price
Departure of the Master outside the MKAD 1 km. Fifty

Thanks to the time done by the service of air conditioning systems, their owner can provide their prolonged and impeccable functioning. Saving also saved considerable funds for the repair of equipment. Diagnosis of split systems and air conditioners and regular control over the operation of the device, measuring the noise level, checking the state in which filters are located. Timely lubrication of parts will help establish the defects and correct them before the occurrence of a real, serious breakdown requiring expensive repair or replacement of components.

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We set up the air conditioner before checking

Thus, even one of the listed signs may indicate a lack of refrigerant in the split system, which will be the reason for the call of the specialist. Well, he, in turn, will make the final diagnosis after inspection or verification of the main parameters (pressure and temperature).

Subsequently, we will write an article on how to more accurately determine that the air conditioning is required. It will indicate more complex ways to check the presence of freon.

checking, split, systems, performance

And I remind you that it is more reasonable to entrust the study of such a situation to specialists.

Checking performance before the start of the season

Before the onset of hot days, you need to check how the air conditioner works. It is necessary to create normal conditions for the operation of the device in the room. Turn off all heating devices, close all the windows, turn off the ventilation systems.

Turn on the air conditioner for 20 minutes. During this time, he must lower the temperature in the room to a given value. If this does not happen, then you need to clean the filter, and if this did not help, then perhaps the power of the air conditioner decreased due to the leaks of the freon or due to the malfunctions of the air conditioner. In these cases, you need to contact the service.

Check if the compressor can be turned on by putting your hand on the external unit. When the compressor is turned on, it should vibrate a little.

checking, split, systems, performance

Also check if the fan has turned on in the inner unit. Put your hand in front of the blinds of the inner block, you must feel the air flow, and with the normal operation of the air conditioner this flow of air will be chilled.

Of course, you need to configure everything correctly with the help of a remote control and the remote control itself should be efficient.

Usually, to reach the normal mode of operation, when the cold supply begins, it takes no more than 10 minutes after the air conditioner is turned on, otherwise it does not work correctly. If the copper tubes of the external unit are covered with hoarfrost, then the freon leak occurs. In all these cases, you need to turn off the air conditioner and immediately call the service employee.

If you have determined that the air conditioner does not work as it usually, it is advisable to immediately contact specialists, because the cost of repairs largely depends on what stage the breakdown is discovered. And often in time the detected malfunction is eliminated quickly and for little money.

And if you contact the service center late, then the repair may already be expensive. After all, the compressor, working in the wrong mode, deteriorate with time, and if you eliminate the malfunction in time, then the compressor will not threaten the compressor. These are such malfunctions as a freon leak or moisture formation in pipelines for freon. Such malfunctions do not lead to an immediate stop of the air conditioner, but over time they can lead to the failure of the compressor.

checking, split, systems, performance

Usually produced twice a year (in the spring before the start of the season and autumn after the end of the season) service by a specialist.

Calling the compressor of the refrigerator

In household refrigerators, low.Power compressors are used, in which the launch winding is connected for a few seconds through the starting relay using the posistor or electromagnetic relay.

Scheme with an electromagnetic relay:

In this case, the current passes sequentially through the relay coil and the work winding of the compressor. The starting current is always more than the worker, using this principle, the relay is designed so that the starting current closes the relay contacts and connects the compressor starting winding that starts. In this case, the current currently on the working winding and winding of the relay is reduced, the contacts open, turning off the starting winding.

The relay also has a thermallane that disables the compressor power when it overheating.

The posistor is indicated in the temperature icon t 0. And thermorele with a number 6.

checking, split, systems, performance

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The principle of action is this: at room temperature, the posistor has a low resistance and directly applies the voltage to the launch winding S. A current flows through it, which warms it up, when heated, the internal resistance of the posistor increases, actually turning off the starting winding a few seconds after the compressor launches. The posistor cools only after the power is turned off from the compressor and, with the subsequent turning cycle, it again connects the launch winding.

The main signs of a faulty air conditioner:

Before starting to disassemble the malfunctions, we will immediately set the conditions that the air conditioner must be clean! In order not to confuse the concepts of “faulty air conditioning” and “air conditioning requiring maintenance”. The cause of all breakdowns may be contaminants of the air conditioner.

Perhaps all the main malfunctions can be divided into 4 groups, which already indirectly indicate the causes. We denote them like this:

  • The most common case is the behavior of the internal block when “the internal unit works but does not cold”. This feature usually implies that the blocks of the block are opened, the fan is spinning, but no temperature changes in the room occur. At the same time, you must be sure that the air conditioner is correctly configured and operating conditions are respected (for example, the temperature on the street).
  • The second is also a common case when water flows from the internal block.
  • We denote the next case. The air conditioner does not show any signs of life at all (does not respond to the remote control).
  • The fourth case sounds something like this. The air conditioner works for a while, and then suddenly turns off. We also include all other problems (non.Working fans, compressor, etc.).

And now we begin to disassemble all four points in order, but we do not forget that the reason may be ambiguous:

What problems are not subject to repair

If we are talking about cleaning filters or ordinary prevention, then this is a non.Ar task for any user. But in the case of serious malfunctions, when you need to replace the details or check them on special stands, your own repair will be inappropriate and even dangerous!

You will have to contact the service center if necessary:

  • Compressor replacement;
  • Elimination of refrigerant leakage or refueling;
  • Repair or replacement of electronic modules;
  • Oil change;
  • Vacuuming the system.
  • Replacement of thermal insulation and other complex manipulations that cannot be done at home.

Now you know how to diagnose air conditioning, eliminate many of the problems and prevent the occurrence of problems with the climatic device. DIY repair is not only saving funds, but also satisfaction from obtaining new skills and knowledge.

The split system works and does not cool?

Technologies for the manufacture of split systems allow you to make such a technique quite high-quality, reliable, “long-playing”. Practical examples of use show that this type of machine can work in harsh conditions for a fairly long time. Over, even a superficial attitude to maintenance, for example, household split systems, rarely leads to serious breakdowns.

But this fact, of course, cannot be considered a fundamental moment in terms of servicing air conditioning installations. Maintenance of split systems must be carried out regularly, preferably according to the set schedule. This approach will ensure the absence of problems with violation of the normal operation of the system. In other words, the stability of the production of cold is guaranteed by the machine.

How does your AIR CONDITIONER work?

If technical breakdowns on split systems are a rare case of operation practice, violation of the normal operation of the equipment is a fairly frequent phenomenon. Which is seen by a violation of normal operation of the split system?

Of course, the lack of cold generation in the mode of work for cooling. At the same time, the installation, as a rule, works, and the personnel inexperienced in the affairs of “refrigerators” are not able to understand the reasons for the inoperability.

How much does the service of the air conditioner cost

Adequate this figure ranges from 2500-4000. This cost usually includes all of the above operations. But if access to the external unit requires attracting auto.Items or climber, this will increase the cost of services. In addition, it must be borne in mind that various malfunctions (freon leaks, failure of components and parts) may be found in the process of work). The search and elimination of such malfunctions is not included in the price of service, and for additional work it will be necessary to pay extra.

Now you understand what types of work are performed in the process of cleaning the blocks, and how much these services will cost. Timely service of the air conditioner will ensure not only its uninterrupted work for many years, but also save money, electricity and your precious health!

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