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The washing machine does not warm the water when washing: how to find out why and eliminate the causes

A person seeks to save strength and came up with many devices that facilitate life. Washing machines with each generation are able to more and more and it becomes easier to control. But the most advanced household appliances are breaking.

And when the washing machine does not warm the water, we are lost. What to do? Does it make sense to repair or prepare money to buy a new? After all, we are not ready to return to manual washing.

Here we will try to deal with the reasons why the washing machine does not heat the water when washing, which happens, it is caused and what to do.

Where is the thermostat works and how the thermostat works

In most models of washing machines, the termistor is in the heating element and has a cylindrical shape with a circle diameter of 10 mm.

In some washing machines, the termistor can be installed separately from the heater directly in the tank in the place provided for by the design, and be formed by a tablet with a diameter of 25-30 mm.

It directly contacts one part of the water in the tank to obtain indications about the existing temperature of the liquid. The wires are brought to the second, outer part of the sensor, transmitting the readings of the electronic component to the electronic unit.

The electronic temperature sensors transmit data to the control unit in the form of resistance indications that change in them depending on the level of water heating. The processor converts the sensors resistance to temperature parameters and controls the timely disconnection of the heater.

Old machines were equipped with gas thermostats. They were made in the form of a thin metal tube with gas, on the one side of which there was a tip contacting with water, and on the other, temperature controller.

Ten food is disconnected in such a sensor due to a change in pressure when water heating. These thermostats had a fairly complex design and were subsequently replaced by their electronic analogues, having simplicity of the design and the least cost.

Where is the heater

To find a tubular heating element, we need to disassemble a washing machine. But for starters, let’s decide where the electric heater is located in your unit. In most modern models, it is located behind the back wall. But it is likely that your machine is not among the majority, and the part is located behind the front cover. To determine where the heater is, we compare the walls, most often it is installed behind the one that is larger.

We dismantle the right cover, unscrewing several screws. We find the heating element, it is located at the bottom of the tank. Turn off all the wires from it.

We recommend that you start photograph the location of all wires, so that later you do not have to at randomly connect everything back.

How to check the heater on the washing machine? How to check and determine the resistance of the heater with a multimeter and without a device? Connection scheme

Stirring inside the drum tank, the boiler is most often located as low as possible. This will give water to warm up extremely fast. The power of the boiler reaches two kilowatts. Almost like in a powerful electric kettle.

To find the heater, use the following methods.

  • Check the space behind the back of the washing machine. The back wall, which is distinguished by a large area, hides a boiler behind him. This wall is removed easier than the rest (front, upper, lower and side). In the absence of the conclusions of the boiler and the wires suitable for it, in this place you can easily close the lid.
  • It is permissible to shift to the side and look towards the bottom.
  • The drum hatch is large enough to open it, look inside the washing compartment. By turning on the flashlight, you can easily find a boiler. It can be closer to both the front panel and to the back wall.

To check the heating to work, there is no need to pull it out.

When there is no digital multimeter at hand, you can use a switch tester. The principle of verification is similar. By deviation of the arrow, it is enough to simply determine the serviceability of the spiral. For clarity, check the shutter heating tether. Alas, the heating gear, as we see a non.Working.

How to check the heater for health: at home manually? Similarly, it is possible to check the health of the heating element in the dishwasher, the heater for example, in the spiral of a heat gun or other household electrical appliances. Ask, I’m in touch!

Some of the reasons for the heating machine that does not work

How to determine the serviceability of the heater? Typical malfunctions

The element is installed in a tank of washing water for heating water. The machine performs three main functions: floods, heats and drains water. In the process, several factors affect the pollution:

As a result, high temperature, powder and a spinning drum help to remove dirt and get clean things from the tank. One element is worth excluding how washing will cease to be so effective.

Make sure the heating fault without the device. The tester, is possible by external signs:

  • After 20 minutes washing the glass of the hatch cold.
  • Traces of powder remain on things, the granules are poorly dissolved.
  • The linen has an unpleasant musty smell.

Indesit Washing Machine Repairs. Heating element Faulty. Westerham. Kent

Which affects the performance of Ten? This is the quality of tap water and voltage stability in the network. If your water contains a lot of magnesium and potassium salts, it is recommended to install filters. Otherwise, when heated, salt is deposited on a spiral. Over time, the scale stages, violates heat transfer and the part burns.

How to replace the heater element on a washing machine. Indesit

These are the problems are characteristic of the element:

  • Break off the case. Dangerous problem that can lead to electric shock. The insulation of the body is disturbed, and the heater breaks through. In modern models, the SMA is built.In a security system that displays the error code for the display.
  • Cliff. It happens with a sharp jump in voltage in the network. The machine can hang at the heating stage or not start the cycle at all.
  • Closing. In this case, it can knock out the machine gun in the room. It is impossible to operate the equipment further. Repair is required.

If you suspected a breakdown of a heating spiral, proceed to the diagnosis by a multimeter.

Where in the washing machine the heater is located

If the machine began to issue an error, then the heater check for serviceability is the process necessary. You can even do this yourself without resorting to the help of a specialist.

Before checking the heater, you need to find the place of its location in the washing machine.

He can be in various parts: both behind and front. Determining its location is quite easy. You need to inspect the device in the back. If the wall is thick, then the heater is located there. You can also unscrew the back cover to make sure for sure.

Signs and causes of malfunctions

Due to overheating, the nichrome thread is melting inside the heater, and because of this the spiral itself breaks off. This happens in the case of a heating element coating with a layer of scale or when the heater is turned on without water. Less commonly, the fault of the failure of the part is the factory marriage and the low quality of the manufacture of the heater.

checking, heater, washing, machine

So, in the center of Ten there is a spiral, and it holds the sand tightly stuffed inside. If in the manufacture of the heater, it was compacted poorly or moved a spiral from the center, then during operation, it can touch the wall of the heater.

If the washing machine is not grounded, in accordance with the requirements, then the device will not stop working, but at the same time, the probability of a person’s lesion will be very high by electric shock.

checking, heater, washing, machine

If the unit is grounded, then the power of the spiral will increase significantly due to its shortening, as a result of which it will melt, and the heater itself will break completely. If there is no tester or multimeter at hand, then you can check the performance of the heater without opening the washing machine.

To do this, you need to look at her behavior:

  • If the car is erasing much longer. Than usual, and at the same time the water is warming and the cycles are not interrupted. The reason is in Ten.
  • If when touching the wall of the machine you feel tingling or shock or an RCD is triggered. A heater breakdown.

If the water does not heat up and the desired mode for washing is not selected. The heating element is faulty. At the same time, an error code may be displayed on the display. Bosch. F19, Indesit. F07, Samsung. E5 or E6. Similar messages will also appear in machines of the Ardo, Ariston, Zanussi brand, depending on the model.

checking, heater, washing, machine

There are several other ways to check the health of the heater without using tools:

  • When black dots appear on the heater. A breakdown on the case probably occurred. Sometimes, to see traces of breakdown, you need to clean the scale. For this, soaking the heater in a solution of citric acid is suitable.
  • You can check the operation of the heater by an electric meter. To do this, having launched the car at the most complete capacity, at a temperature of 60 degrees, you need to look at the work of the counter. If it remains unchanged, then the heating element is faulty and does not warm the water.
  • If there are bloating on the heater. Thickening, scratches or other mechanical damage, then this is the reason to replace the part.
  • A spiral break can also be checked using a conventional control lamp. Which electricians use.
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