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TOP 7 best loafs for the home according to customer reviews

In this rating, I prepared the 7 best Bukhanka Open for the House for 2022. When choosing models, I focused on user preferences, sales ratings and reviews of real owners.

In this rating, I collected the 7 best Bukhanka Opes for 2022. Only the best models from different price ranges. From 4 to 16 thousand got into my top. Rubles. When selecting models, I drew attention to such characteristics as the minimum and maximum weight of baking, varieties of modes for the manufacture of Bukhankaa, the number of automatic programs, including unique, for cooking other products, the presence of a timer, and heating functions. And in order to objectively assess the ease of operation and the quality of baking, as well as identify the pros and cons of each model, I studied customer reviews and expert reviews.

How to choose the perfect loaf

This simple Bukhankaa baking device, as it turns out, is not so easy to choose. Let’s talk about the main important criteria.


The productivity of the device is the first thing that they pay attention to when choosing, it determines how quickly a loaf will be prepared. The higher the power, the less time it will take to bake a loaf. For home use, 500-750 W is enough, the device will bake a portion of the dough for standard 3-4 hours. The smaller parameter accordingly will increase the cooking time, although some choose weak loaf of the Oopecks exclusively for considerations when buying. Models with a capacity of over 800 watts. This is already professional equipment.

The mass of Bukhankaa

It is worth paying attention to the maximum weight of the finished product, which the loaf of the Opel can handle, it must comply with the family needs. Everyone has different needs for Bukhankai, but on average it is advisable for one person to choose a stove for 500 grams., For two-up to a kilogram, for a family of 4-5 people-up to 2 kg. For reference: a standard loaf from the store weighs 750-850 gr.

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In a large loaf of the Opel, you can bake a small loaf, so it is advisable to take a device with a margin according to this parameter.


To date, even the cheapest loaf of the Bukhank Open provides for more than 1 program of baking programs. Usually modes from 3 to 20, most are standard, here are some of them:

  • Standard. For baking white wheat or black rye loaf for 3.5-4 hours.
  • Fast. Bakes a standard loaf in 1.5-2 hours, but baking is less magnificent.
  • French loaf. A traditional baguette with a crisp is baking.
  • Sweet pastries.

Mostly modes are distinguished by the specifics of the preparation of one or another type of bukhankaa. From additional programs, we note the possibility of cooking jam, compotes, etc. D.

Additional options

These are the capabilities of the device that simplify the process of cooking loaf or other types of pastries, dishes:

  • Temperature support-the ability to maintain pastries warm for another 2-3 hours;
  • Starting a start. A convenient function for the morning hot loaf, the dough or ingredients is laid in the bowl, and baking will begin at a given time;
  • The possibility of regulating crust roasting;
  • The user mode will allow you to set the baking parameters manually, some models of loaf of the Bukhanka.Opeks are able to remember the selected mode. This option is needed in cases where it is supposed to prepare a bukhankaa according to a special or author’s recipe.
  • The dispenser is rather a feature. If the device has it. During the operation of the unit, you can add nuts, raisins or herbs to the dough. Anything. It can be automatic, independently pouring supplements in time, or ordinary.
  • Protection against children. Buttons blocking, opening the cover.
  • Saving settings after turning off electricity. In cases of emergency power outage after the resumption of power supply, the device will continue the program begun until disconnecting.

Building material

In addition to personal preferences in design, the material from which a loaf of the Opel is made should be taken into account. Stainless steel costs more, but also lasts longer. Plastic can fade over time and scratch, but products from it are easier and cheaper.

Bukhanka Opel bowl is made of stainless steel with anti.Stick coating, the composition of which may also differ and influence the cost of the product.


Users’ opinions about technology will help to navigate how convenient and reliably in operation: how often the loaf of the Oopeck breaks, how long it serves, how well it kneads and bakes the dough. When compiling a review, we took into account the review factor as one of the key when choosing.

Rating of the best loaf.Opes

Nomination place Name of product price
Best inexpensive Bukhanka Open for Home one Gorenje BM900 WII/BKC 3 870 ₽
2 Midea BM-210BC-SS 4 420 ₽
3 Sinbo SBM-4717 4 418 ₽
4 Redmond RBM-1908 4 289 ₽
Best Bukhanka Opes in terms of price-quality ratio one Panasonic SD-2501WTS 10 500 ₽
2 Redmond RBM-M1919 9 390 ₽
3 Panasonic SD-2510 8 651 ₽
4 Gorenje BM1400E 7 600 ₽
5 Moulinex OW312E32 NUTRIBREAD 8 470 ₽
6 Philips HD9046 8 390 ₽
7 Moulinex OW240E PAIN and DELICES 7 890 ₽
eight Philips HD9016 5 950 ₽
Best Bukhanka Opoks of the premium segment one Sana Standard 27 500 ₽
2 Moulinex OW250132 Pain Tresors 8 290 ₽
3 Stadler Form Baker Two SFBM.9900 5 895 ₽
4 Kenwood BM450 13 685 ₽
5 Panasonic SD-ZB2502 12 300 ₽

Many housewives, not yet encountering the work of the loaf of the Oopecks and its results, opt for inexpensive loafs of the Bukhanka, to first try what kind of device it is, how it works, whether the finished product will like the finished product, and whether it is convenient during operation. And start acquaintance with the devices below.

Gorenje BM900 WII/BKC

The aggregate of Gorenje, popular among Russian buyers, combines everything you need for quality work, a “tasty” result and a long service life. And the affordable price adds sympathy to this model. 550 watts capacities are enough to prepare a loaf, baguettes, cupcakes, sweetcore, gluten.Free baking, as well as jogurts and yogurts.

A large number of programs, and there are 15 of them here, will delight the hostess with their diversity. The maximum weight of the finished product is 900 g, if desired, you can regulate it before starting work. This loaf of this loaf provides for the possibility of choosing the color of the crust. The function of maintaining the temperature will preserve the loaf in a warm state up to 1 hour.

The case is made of food plastic, it is convenient to wash it, it does not lose its original appearance over the time. Backlight display, which adds amenities during operation. When electricity failure, the device saves settings for 10 minutes.


  • Good power;
  • Maintenance of temperature;
  • Preparation of yogurt;
  • Batch of dough;
  • Accelerated pastries;
  • 15 automatic programs;

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Midea BM-210BC-SS

The device is equipped with 12 automatic programs, and the hostess will not have to spend long hours in the kitchen, he himself will prepare a wheat or rye loaf, baguettes, muffins, baking and even jam. Bukhanka Ooprook with a metal case will fit into any interior of the kitchen. Useful functions will provide maximum comfort when preparing.

With electricity jumps, the memory supply is 10 minutes. You can always use the accelerated baking mode, if the guests unexpectedly came, or choose the color of the crust, which is more like households: light, medium or dark.

Users noted a convenient menu, additional options, unsuccessful work, ease of care. For functionality, stylish design, affordable cost of a loaf of the Oopeck receives the highest score from experts and buyers.


  • Powerful sufficiently (580 watts);
  • Choosing the color of the crust;
  • Memory conservation function;
  • Maintenance of temperature;
  • Metal case;

Sinbo SBM-4717

The next in the ranking we present a loaf of the Opel, which is equipped with 12 programs, a capacity of 600 watts, an option of accelerated baking, choosing a crust of crust and maintenance of heat. The maximum weight of the finished product is 900 g. The case is made of high.Quality plastic, which is easily cleaned of pollution.

Through a special window, you can observe the preparation process. Backlight display. Using a timer, you can postpone the preparation of baking, for example, to fill all the components in the morning, and by the coming from the work of households will wait for rosy.

According to reviews, even sophisticated housewives are satisfied with the elections of programs and options. The loaf is obtained with a ruddy crust, the baking is appetizing, and the accelerated mode allows you to cook butter buns in 1.5 hours.


  • Optimal power. 600 watts;
  • District of a loaf with yogurt;
  • 12 diverse programs;
  • Temperature support;
  • A timer with a start of start up to 10 hours;

Redmond RBM-1908

Redmond pleased the hostesses by releasing the RBM-1908 loaf with 19 automatic modes that will help cook not only rye, wheat, Borodinsky loaf, baiges, non-free, gluten and sweet baking, but also knead the dough, cook soup, milk porridge, put out vegetables and get Several jogurt jars.

If necessary, you can use the accelerated baking mode, adjust the weight of the product, select the degree of crust fry or postpone the start of cooking for up to 15 hours, after pouring the ingredients.

Lane 1.2 m long, backlight display. Two colors of the case to choose from: black and white. Users did not find any shortcomings in the model, it fully meets the declared characteristics, and its cost will delight economical buyers.

Power and energy consumption

The power of the loaf of the Opel is directly related to its performance. In most cases, you do not need to worry about this parameter: the power of the device will be sufficient. That is, to purchase a device with a power insufficient to prepare the desired volume of baking, you will not succeed. Powerful devices may turn out to be more “fast”. Perhaps this is the only significant difference between high.Power and low.Power bukhanka.Assholes.

Where difficulties may arise is when determining the power of the built.In motor that mixes the dough. The fact is that the majority of the loaf of the Oopecks are quite adequate to cope with the usual, not too thick test, but if you want to knead with its help a more complex (dense) dough (for example, for dumplings), then not every device will cope with this task. And with the denser test. Perhaps, not a single loaf of the Opel will fully cope (for this there are special planetary mixers).

Starwind SBR4163: 550 watts capacities are enough for baking 500/750 g of Bukhankaa

Therefore, if you want to use a loaf of a loaf as a device to knead a dense dough, you will not be superfluous to pay attention to such a parameter as the power of the motor. Or, at least, to get acquainted with the reviews of users who have already tested this device in conditions of real operation.

As for energy consumption, it is directly related to power: the more “serious” and productive device you want to purchase home, the more electricity it will spend. However, in any case, a loaf of the Oopeck will be more economical than a full.Size oven. Residents of Russia seriously save on electricity, of course, will not work. But in other countries where electricity are significantly higher, this parameter may turn out to be very relevant.

Nd place-Panasonic SD-ZB2502: characteristics and price

Type Bukhanka Opel
Power 550 watts
The maximum baking weight 1250 g
Special programs jam, sweet pastries, gluten baking, rye loaf, cupcake, wheat loaf, dough kneading
The number of testers 2 pcs
Price 51 890 ₽

Panasonic SD-ZB2502: Advantages and disadvantages

The presence of a metal case;

The loaf is perfectly baked;

A huge number of positive reviews;

bread, inexpensive, high, quality

Ease of operation;

The presence of an understandable menu;

High.Quality assembly and the same assembly materials;

Excellent automatic programs;

The ability to prepare Borodinsky loaf;

Quiet work of the model;

Compact dimensions;

Moulinex OW2101 Pain Dore

The three leaders are opened by Moulinex OW2101 Pain Dore. When purchasing such a model, the user get not only a device for baking your favorite Bukhankaa, but also a really universal and very functional device. In the bowl, you can cook soup or porridge for a child, cook jam, cook yogurt or knead the dough for pizza. The model will accurately evaluate real gourmets, because it provides a function of choosing a degree. If the preparation is required to add ingredients, then this can be done through the dispenser without opening the lid. 12 different programs are laid down in memory. There are automatic heating functions for 1 hour and a deferred start up to 15 hours.

The bowl is equipped with a high.Quality anti.Stick coating that eliminates the adhesion of products and facilitates washing. The coating is resistant to mechanical damage, and even with prolonged operation is not covered with chips and scratches. For example, the Redmond RBM-M1920 model often gets low assembly quality, unlike OW2101. Power. 720 W. In total, you can choose 3 baking options from 500 g to 1 kg. For novice cooks, the kit provides an interesting book of recipes. The control panel in Moulinex is very simple and understandable, so there will be no problems using.

bread, inexpensive, high, quality
  • 12 automatic programs;
  • Universality (you can knead the dough, cook jam and cook yogurts);
  • Well.Interferes and bakes the dough;
  • Functions of the delayed start and automatic heating;
  • Three baking options from 500 g to 1 kg;
  • The selection of the degree of crust roasts;
  • High.Quality anti.Stick coating;
  • Great book of recipes;
  • Good assembly and light weight.

One of the best budget loafs for 2022. It perfectly interferes and bakes the dough, has 12 necessary programs, as well as the functions of automatic heating and the deferred start. 95% of buyers recommend a loaf of the Open.

8th place. Kitfort KT-305

A review of the best loaf of the dispenser goes to Kitfort KT-305, which, according to users, will be the best choice up to 10,000. She can prepare a delicious loaf with a weight of up to 1,500 grams. This is enough even for a large family or the upcoming feast, and thanks to the power of 850 W, cooking will be short. Soon after the purchase, you will no longer be able to look at the purchased baking and you will not be able to break away from your.

Wheat, rye and whole.Grain loaf are obtained with a ruddy crust, and the dough is soft and baked evenly. The manufacturer has added 12 automated programs, among which sdba, mixing, kneading dough, yogurt, jam and pastries. You can program your modes if you do not find the right among the manufacturer presented by the manufacturer. For health, gluten.Free and whole.Grain loaf is especially useful for health. The built.In timer can be postponed by baking for 15 hours.

  • There is a viewing window;
  • Two shoulder blades for mixing;
  • You can change the program settings;
  • Book with step.By.Step recipes;
  • Looks good in the kitchen;
  • Almost silent;
  • Perfectly kneads the dough;
  • Soft loaf inside and with a golden crust.

Which locock is better to buy

First of all, when choosing, you should familiarize yourself with the brand and characteristics of the furnace. This is the basis. Here are some tips that will help you decide on your purchase.

Focusing on the budget, you should carefully study the parameters of budget options and read reviews. Of the inexpensive models, they highlight:

For a large family, you need to select roomy stoves. Great options will be:

If you want a universal model that will be partially similar to the slow cooker, you should look at the models Redmond RBM-1908 or Redmond RBM-M1911.

In any case, you need to focus on your needs and opportunities. The models presented in the ratings are in demand, have earned the trust of consumers. Each of the furnaces copes with its main task. The loaf cooks deliciously. You just should make a choice.

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