Classic style kitchen hoods

Dome hood. a classic ventilation device for the kitchen. Modern models look appropriate in any interior, from retro to high-tech. As a rule, the hoods of this type are called fireplace hoods. This is due to their shape, because they are reminiscent of the chimneys of ancient ovens.

Dome hoods are available in different styles. Devices in the following styles are in great demand:

The design allows you to place a powerful motor and quality filters inside the body. Some devices involve the installation of even 2 motors. The most effective models are considered to work on the exhaust system. But not all apartments have good ventilation. For such a case, manufacturers have provided a kitchen dome hood that works in recirculation mode. Most modern models are able to support both modes of operation.

The only disadvantage of dome hoods. large size. Therefore, not all devices are suitable for miniature kitchens. You can’t build such a hood into a cabinet and make it inconspicuous. Therefore, when choosing, you should not least pay attention to the design of equipment.

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The kitchen is the hearth of the home, where the whole family gathers for a tasty meal, where you can meet old friends and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee. And for a good mood in this room should be clean not only dishes, furniture and walls, but also the air.

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Cooking fumes and smells waft through your home, sometimes accompanied by the smell of burnt food and the steam from the kettle and pots adds significantly to the high, high-humidity levels in the air.

To eliminate these nuisances need ventilation and just an open vent will not help here. The ideal solution in this situation would be to install a kitchen extractor hood.


Classic hoods

Classic kitchen hoods are ideal for kitchen interiors made in the traditional style. Models like these are installed on the wall above the stove. Classic hoods are varied in design, contain an impressive selection of shapes, sizes and colors.

The differences between the hood manufacturers in this category are mainly in terms of technical parameters, material quality, motor power, and the way the hoods are controlled. With all the variety, it will not be difficult to pick up exactly the option that suits all the parameters for you, taking into account the design of your kitchen.

These models are perfectly combined with kitchen furniture made of wood or its imitation and will logically complement the kitchen, resolved in the traditional style.

Traditional style dome hoods are a perfect match for classic kitchen furniture.

A particular line of cooker hoods for kitchen interiors, designed mainly in the traditional classic or retro style.

Dome hoods for kitchen 60 cm classic and 90 cm: rating 10 best

Despite the fact that the kitchen hoods at the moment have completely different configurations, the most popular and familiar to many remains the dome. The name itself already explains the design of the device, which is attached directly to the duct. The appliance is wide towards the bottom (from 40 to 90 cm) and tapers towards the top, resembling a dome indeed. Among the biggest advantages are the high level of performance that allows you to quickly clean the kitchen from odors, cinders, smells and smoke. The effectiveness is due to the structure: tapered upwards contributes to increased pressure and more rapid extraction of contaminated air. It is necessarily vented exclusively outside the building.

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Dome hoods

Dome hoods for kitchens or, as they are also called fireplace hoods. a separate and incredibly popular type of hoods. Despite their name, dome-shaped kitchen hoods have nothing to do with fireplaces. Just like other similar devices, they are mounted above or under the kitchen stove (the option of mounting in the countertop), and their main function is to eliminate unpleasant odors and steam, while cooking. A feature of this type of hood for kitchens is the dome shape. It blends seamlessly into both modern interiors and classic kitchen furniture design.Dome hoods for kitchens feature high performance, active carbon and laminated aluminum filters and of course a stylish and trendy design that complements any interior: rectangular and semi-circular, with or without glass, flat and bulky models, decorated with wood, metal and other materials.Hoods for kitchen of this type are characterized by high power of 600 to 1100 m3/h, control is mainly push-button, and the lighting lamps are common. You can also buy a 50 cm wide dome-type kitchen hood that’s perfect for small spaces, as well as 60 cm and 90 cm wide that’s perfect for larger spaces.The domed Krona kitchen hoods featured on this site have long been leaders on the ventilation technology market. Buy only quality equipment.Installing a dome cooker hood in the kitchen is a complex process that requires a great deal of thought. Installation of chimney hood for the kitchen should be entrusted to a specialist, as its incorrect location, conducting the necessary pipes and wiring the ventilation system can lead to the fact that the air will not be purified as necessary, and in addition you get a high level of noise in the room.Every home, no matter if it’s a small apartment or a large country house, has a favorite place for all of its household members. And most often the meeting place for all family members for afternoon tea, or a place to receive guests on holidays is the kitchen. Here are Grandma’s signature pies, and delicious cakes from Mom and Dad’s crossword puzzles, and children’s toys, and the true comfort of home. Let your kitchen be as warm and comfortable, and the first step to it will be air-cleaning equipment of high quality. Dome hoods for kitchens.

The best option for the classic kitchen are dome hoods. The traditional design, reminiscent of a fireplace chimney, can be modernized to give the interior a touch of novelty and freshness. Elikor offers three models of cooker hoods for classic kitchens, named after the letters of the Greek alphabet: Beta, Gamma and Delta. In this article we will give a brief overview of these devices.

Selection criteria

Sloping hood in the kitchen interior can solve a whole range of problems, from removing odours to protecting kitchen surfaces from greasy encrustations, provided that a proper choice is made. The first criterion that narrows down the choice is the size of the appliance. Subtlety, which is often not taken into account, is that the device in terms of dimensions (area) must be larger than the work surface of the stove.

The width of the stove is between 60-90 cm and the cleaning device must be 10-15 cm wider. If you ignore this rule, you can not hope that the device will effectively cope with the purification, even at full power.

The second selection criterion is the principle of operation. The unit can clean the air in one of the following two modes:

  • Diverting. The device works in combination with a ventilation shaft, the polluted air is exhausted to the outside. The purification rate is said to reach 100%.
  • Recirculation. The appliance is equipped with a filter; the air passing through it is purified and returned to the kitchen. The efficiency of the method does not exceed 80%.

For a kitchen with a sloping hood, the second criterion is not always crucial, since many models combine both modes. In this case, it is more important to pay attention to the filters; two types of filters are common:

  • Carbon. The role of the sorbent is played by activated carbon, which does a good job of removing odors and grease particles from the air. Disposable charcoal filters.
  • Grease trap. They remove grease mechanically by trapping it on a metal mesh or a flexible (paper, synthetic or fleece) surface. The first periodically cleaned (can be in the dishwasher), the second. discarded, replacing the new.

Choosing a cooker hood for your kitchen interior, you must pay attention to the power, which determines the performance and, therefore, the success of the application. The inclined position of the catching surface requires quite powerful equipment. In order for the unit to do its job, the power must be at least 200 watts.

For the formation of traction is responsible built-in fan, whose performance and should be evaluated. Some models may have two fans, their power and performance is specified in the product certificate; they purify air more effectively, but also work more audibly.

Regarding the type of control, it is better to choose a hood with a touch screen panel and a remote control. Mechanical controls are better to avoid, because near the work area buttons quickly get dirty and it’s very difficult to clean them completely.

Matching cooker hoods to style and design

A kitchen without a cooker hood is an endless clean-up job. Many housewives have already made sure of this, especially those who prefer to cook on gas stoves. Ceilings, walls and furniture fronts can quickly become untidy due to dirt and deposits that are virtually impossible to clean. That’s why it’s essential to have a cooker hood.

Design of the kitchen with appliances must be in the same style. This also applies to the hood, since it is often one of the most noticeable elements of the interior. Fortunately, the variety of models produced by modern manufacturers is very large. The hoods are often designed by famous designers who use different stylistic tricks. So it’s easy to find the right cooker hood for your kitchen design.

Your kitchen will look great in style if you have a stylish cooker hood. On how to properly fit it into the interior, read our article.

Exclusive kitchen hoods in classic style

When creating a classic style kitchen, you need to think about every detail, consider the design of every square centimeter. The kitchen is the heart of your home and the heart of the kitchen is the hearth. the place where all your culinary masterpieces are cooked. We’ve already written about how to choose the perfect hob and oven. And today we’ll tell you which hood to pick up so that your kitchen becomes a real work of art, where every corner of it is created in the same style.

The Italian company with 25 years of history Falmec presents the Classic line. Especially for refined and antique environments, there is a range of hoods that combines the elegance of tradition with modern technology. Exclusive, unparalleled stove hoods are presented at Maria’s Kitchen Studios. These products were specially designed upon Maria’s order by the leading Italian designers. And our experts took care to save your time and have already chosen the best options that best match the color, design and style of the kitchen furniture presented by our furniture factory.

Maria’s furniture factory tints the finish of the hoods to match the color of the front of the following classic and neoclassic kitchen models: VINO, FEDERICA, DANIELA, NICOLLE, AXIS. And especially for ROSA, GLORIA and ACATCIA models individual models of the same name were developed and presented exclusively in Maria’s Kitchen Studios.

When it comes to the interior in the classical style, so noble, luxurious and timeless, it is better to trust the professionals. Then the kitchen will serve you for many years and will delight you with its harmonious appearance, where every detail is taken into account.

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