Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning

Cleaning air conditioners

We repair any air conditioning (split systems) of any type: wall, cassette, floor-flow, channel, precision, VRV and VRF systems. Our service center is diagnosing and repairing air conditioners in the apartment, offices, restaurants, shops and other commercial premises, we also carry out repairs of industrial and central air conditioners.

Cleaning the air conditioner is a mandatory event for its full work, it is very important to wash all the nodes from the accumulated dirt and formations of the fungus and mold, therefore it is necessary to conduct a full range of measures:

  • Cleaning the internal unit of the air conditioner.
  • Cleaning the radiator of the internal unit.
  • Cleaning filters from dirt.
  • Cleaning the impeller of the inner block.
  • Condition for condensate.
  • Cleaning the drainage system.
  • Antibacterial treatment of the internal unit.
  • Cleaning the external unit from pollution.
  • Radiator cleaning with a sink under pressure.
  • Freon pressure measurement in the system.
  • Refueling of air conditioning Freon.

Having ordered a comprehensive cleaning of the air conditioner from us, we guarantee the quality of our work!

How do we clean the home air conditioner

When contacting our company, managers select the Master for you for the very near future, upon arrival, the master is diagnosed, if everything is in order with the equipment, begins to perform work. The first step is to clean the internal unit, the filter is cleaned, then the radiator, the impeller, the drainage is washed and the antibacterial composition is disinfected. The second stage, the master is cleaning the external unit, froze the freon’s pressure and if your air conditioner requires refueling by a refrigerant, necessarily refuels. Our masters have experience with all types and brands of climatic equipment, we clean the split systems, multi split systems, cassette and channel air conditioners.

Ordering cleaning and refueling the air conditioner is just!

A prerequisite in our work is the cleaning and refueling of air conditioners. Having ordered this service from us, you can be sure that your air conditioner will be cleaned and referred by Freon in full necessity. Our masters will cleanse filters, a radiator, a drainage system, and also cleanse the impeller from dirt, eliminate poor smells and carry out mandatory antibacterial treatment. After all the measures to remove the pollution, the master will expand the pressure in the system, refill with freon and your air conditioner will again save you from hot and stuffy days in your home or in the office. Order cleaning and refueling your air conditioner, and we will be happy to help you.

  • Inner block cleaning: 1 pc.
  • Cleaning the external unit: 1 pc.
  • Antibacterial treatment: BC-Dalc
  • Diagnostics: all parameters
  • Inner block cleaning: 1 pc.
  • Cleaning the external unit: 1 pc.
  • Antibacterial treatment: BC-Dalc
  • Diagnostics: all parameters
  • Inner block cleaning: 1 pc.
  • Cleaning the external unit: 1 pc.
  • Antibacterial treatment: BC-Dalc
  • Diagnostics: all parameters
  • Inner block cleaning: 1 pc.
  • Cleaning the external unit: 1 pc.
  • Antibacterial treatment: BC-Dalc
  • Diagnostics: all parameters
  • Inner block cleaning: 1 pc.
  • Cleaning the external unit: 1 pc.
  • Antibacterial treatment: BC-Dalc
  • Diagnostics: all parameters

The importance of timely cleaning and disinfection

In the last decades of the 20th century, about 30 previously unknown microorganisms have been found, which are pathogenic for humans. Air infections are especially dangerous. This year, huge human efforts were made to prevent the mass spread of a new virus. the creator of the so.called atypical pneumonia.

Expert Council: It is recommended to produce timely disinfection of climatic equipment in order to avoid its complete failure or deterioration of climatic conditions in the room. Timely appeal to an experienced master can prevent the above problematic situations.

The main means of transmitting the pathogen is aerosol and particles of contaminated dust or soil. Subsequently, it was found that the most common cause of the spread of legionellosis are centralized water air conditioning systems, as well as household air conditioners, easily infected with bacteria, which are found everywhere and freely inhabit water pools and soil. The purpose of the study was to develop and test a simple and safe way to disinfect household air conditioners.

The study was conducted in the bacteriological laboratory of the testing center of the city disinfection center. Tests were carried out at the All-Research and Research Institute of Medical Institutions using two household conditioners of the split system (Model AU-126E, Sharp), which worked in similar conditions for the tests for a year and a half before testing.

One of the air conditioners was a control, not subjected to anolite processing, and the other was a prototype. Anoli Ank is a solution to multi.purpose use, so it is used for:

  • disinfection, pre.sterilization cleaning and sterilization;
  • overall cleaning of the premises;
  • Equipment disinfection in medical institutions.

Cleaning the filters of your air conditioner of one fancoil / one splitter is not enough to remove inconspicuous residual dust, fungal pollution, and the split system components of the unit of the unit inside. Professional cleaning is necessary for all owners of technology, in which we are ready to help you with the ideal ratio of the price and quality of the work performed.

Dirt, dust, fibers and other solid particles in the air are collected on all surfaces inside Fancoil or split block. Part of this dirt is organic and provides nutrients for microbes. In addition, the gathered dirt on the surfaces causes:

  • The blower and the case are contaminated, which reduces the speed.
  • Shutters and mechanical connections are contaminated with a crust, which prevents normal operation.
  • The tube and ribs are covered with dirt, which minimizes the effectiveness of heating and cooling.
  • The filters are filled with dirt and should be replaced before the appearance of microbes.

Signs of strong pollution

Unscrewed disinfection of the air conditioner is needed if there are signs of severe pollution:

  • The smell of methane during the operation of the device. It is formed due to the life of microorganisms.
  • Mold on the grill, air intake and other details. Testifies to the growth of fungi.
  • Mucus in a container for collecting condensate, in drainage. Talks about the active growth of microbes, fungi.

Polluted air conditioners increase the risk of allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, and a lack of oxygen. When working in such conditions, increased fatigue, poor performance, difficulties with remembrance and perception of new information are observed.

How to prepare for cleaning split systems

polyethylene bags or newspapers, shoe covers.

First of all, you need to turn off the split system from the network. If she worked before, let her cool for 30 minutes. It is advisable to close the respiratory tract and hands with a respirator and gloves. inside there is a lot of dust, viruses and bacteria.

Protect the wall under the air conditioner using a newspaper or polyethylene. Put the litter to the floor. During operation, the dirt will fly in different directions.

The sequence of air conditioning

The first stage. washing filters

  • Open the lid and take out coarse cleaning filters. They are easily pulled out, have different sizes, so as not to confuse when installing.
  • Soak them in soapy water, then rinse in the shower and dry. If there was a smell of dampness in the room, you can soak in water with the addition of alcohol (1: 1) or a special antifungal agent. You can’t dry filters either a hairdryer or in the sun.
cleaning, disinfection, conditioning

Often air conditioners are equipped with an ionizer in which there is an electrostatic plate. A lot of dust settles on it, and she needs to be cleaned.

Important! Carefully read the instructions for the air conditioner. It indicates which filters are used in the device and how to care for them.

If you regularly clean the vacuum cleaner (two to three times a week), then the complete washing of the device can be carried out less often, and this process will be faster.

While the filters dry, my entire air conditioner

Cleaning the radiator

Under the filter plates there is a radiator. It consists of densely standing small plates. Dust is clogged in the gaps between them and worsens air circulation. You can clean them using a vacuum cleaner or dry brush. If the dust mixed with condensate, then a mud film forms between the plates. It already needs to be washed with water. This can be done on the spot without removing the radiator.

Important! So that the water does not fall on the electronic control unit, put on the shoe covers on it. The elastic band will fit it tightly and protect it from spray.

Apply a soap solution or a special fluid to wash the air conditioner on the radiator, let dissolve the dirt. Then rinse with water from a spray gun or wet rag. This is the most unpleasant job, because you need to wash it off carefully, and dirty water will drip to the floor.

Washing the fan

It is a shaft with membranes. A lot of dust gathers on it. Washing it without removing is difficult. It is enough to just get the fan: you need to unscrew the radiator on one side, raise it, and pull out the shaft.

Best way to clean your air conditioner

Soak it for a couple of hours, as the dirt is hard to wash. Then wipe with a toothbrush and rinse in the shower. Dry.

Cleaning the drainage system

Disconnect the pallet at the bottom of the device. It is in it that condensate is collected, which is then removed over the tube outward. Rinse it with water and treat it with an antiseptic. The tube can be blown with a vacuum cleaner.

After all the details dry out, collect the device. Let him stand for a day so that everything is completely dry and turn on.

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How to clean the external air conditioner block

The outer block should not be cleaned so often. The frequency depends on the height where it is established: the higher the floor, the less often.

Removing the protective casing and cleaning the insides from large garbage.

Flushing the fan blades with a wet sponge.

Cleaning the radiator by pressure of water (preferably from a high-pressure mini-soil).

DIY All-in-1 Aircon Cleaning Kit Cleaning Demostration

If you can wash the internal block yourself, then a number of difficulties arise with the external. First of all, this is difficult access, as well as the absence of a mini-soil, without which it is difficult to completely wash the radiator.

Employees of the company Celsis LLC will help to qualitatively clean the split system from the stuck dirt. Professional service is a guarantee of the effectiveness of the procedure and safety for all parts of the device

Cleaning air conditioning

Many consumers are available to modern devices, such as steam cleaners. Such devices clean the air conditioner at home is very convenient. Steam not only cleanses the surfaces, but also disinfects the details, when the antiseptic agents are added.

In some climatic systems there is a function. In this case, just start the program.

If the program is missing, recommendations are used:

  • Do not neglect protection means such as respiratory mask and gloves. They will help to avoid unnecessary allergic reactions from the skin and mucous membranes.
  • You need to turn off the device from the electric network.
  • Prepare fabric and bags in order to protect the floor and walls.
  • Open the front panel with a protective grill.
  • Remove primary cleaning filters. Filters, if I had to clean the air conditioner in the apartment, are washed separately with clean running water.
  • Fastening parts are covered with protective plates. They will need to be carefully extracted.
  • Remove the air conditioner.
  • The indicator panel with wires and power supply is postponed separately. Wrap a bag to avoid water.
  • Extract an additional filter of secondary (thin) cleaning. If you can’t wash them (certain models). replace with new.
  • To clean the air conditioning in the apartment, it is worth covering it with a special bag to protect against spray and wall stains.
  • A small plastic hose is dressed on a drainage (“nose” for draining water) and lowered into a bucket.
  • Remove excess dust from the inner block with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Pre.prepared detergent solution, using a spray gun, treat the fan and air conditioner radiator, not forgetting about other details. To clean the radiator, it is convenient to use special gluing brushes. For some time to wait and repeat this step again. Cleaning products can be purchased in specialized stores.
  • Rinse funds with pure water with a spray.
  • All parts must dry on their own.
  • Collect the device by placing all the details in the right and correct order (as it was).

In the end, you can include the device in the electrical network.

Interior block of split systems

If it was decided to clean the air conditioner at the house on your own, you should pay great attention to the internal unit.

The internal block consists of the following elements:

  • Front Panel. It is a plastic lattice panel that passes the converted air from the air conditioner and covers the internal parts and mechanisms. On the case, the panel is fixed by the latch system;
  • The rude cleaning filter looks like a grid with small cells, which is designed to prevent the admission of small particles of dirt, dust and other garbage inside the equipment. This part must be regularly checked and, if necessary, clean or replace;
  • The thin cleaning filter is mounted in the system in the form of several sequentially installed elements. They are:
  • coal (to neutralize odors);
  • zeolite (to control the content of chemicals in the air);
  • electrostatic (barrier from fine dust);
  • plasma (also fight with fine dust and particles of dirt);
  • ultraviolet (to prevent the formation of mold and fungi inside the equipment);
  • photocatalytic (to combat toxic substances);
  • antibacterial (to prevent the formation of colonies of pathogenic bacteria);
  • antioxidant (for transforming free radicals).
  • The fan is designed to form an air flow through the nodes and equipment units. Can function in various speed modes;
  • The evaporator in which Freon passes from a liquid state to a gaseous one, so that the air flow is cooling;
  • Horizontal blinds are designed to regulate the direction of the processed air vertically. Controlled by hand or using the distance control unit;
  • The indicator panel reflects the condition of the equipment and is designed to establish the required control modes;
  • Vertical blinds are designed to regulate the direction of the flow of processed air horizontally. Controlled by hand or using the distance control unit;
  • Condensate pallet is located under the evaporator. Designed to collect moisture and further transportation through a drainage hose outward;
  • The control electronic board is traditionally mounted on the right side of the unit and is intended for the general management of the equipment. Near the board there is a terminal group through which the apparatus is connected to the power source;
  • Steper compounds are designed to collect tubes located in the internal and external blocks into a single whole system, ensuring the passage of the freon through the entire unit.

How to open the block

To open the lid, it should be slightly under the bottom and direct the movement up. The cover will move to a distance sufficient to dismantle mesh filters. After removing the filters, the lid can be completely removed by previously unscrewing the screws under the blinds.

Necessary tools

  • Small brush. The toothache is suitable.
  • A vacuum cleaner. It is more convenient to work with a small manual vacuum cleaner.
  • Soft rag.
  • Water tank.
  • Soap or other remedy that does not contain chemically active reagents. There are special compounds for caring for prefabricated elements. They contain antiseptics that prevent the appearance of bacteria. In addition, they protect metal parts from corrosion.
  • Gloves and respirator. There will be little dust and dirt, but contact with them is harmful and unpleasant.

To wash the air conditioner at home, we will need:

Dismantling of the internal unit of the split system.

  • Remove the case, making sure the air conditioner is turned off from the network. To do this, unscrew several screws below under the blinds (they can be under the plugs). Next, open the front cover where the filters are located (we immediately remove the filters). Under the lid there are usually screws that are also twisted (or there may be clips that we cleanse).

We lift the bottom of the case a little and watch how its upper clips are elongated. At this stage, it will probably be necessary to disconnect the temperature sensor, display wire or display itself from the housing.

Now it is necessary to disconnect and remove the drainage tray from the bottom of the block. In order not to spoil the interior under the unit, it is better to glue something like a package (in which all the pollution from the block will be washed off). All the screws are unscrewed by which the tray is attached, and all clips are clung to the click. Here carefully study how it is installed in order to subsequently put it in exactly your place.

Motors are usually fastened on a drainage tray, the wires of which need to be disconnected from the board. Then we carefully remove the tray, disconnecting the drainage hose from it. In some models (for example, Samsung), the hose is screwed with a screw. In some models, this tray is unlimited and made together with the body (naturally in this case, we do not remove the tray, it’s impossible).

Next, you need to remove the shaft (fan) of the internal unit:

  • If the shaft is removed to the left (there is a screw on the shaft as in an article about disassembling the internal block), then we free the left side of the radiator. Then we pull out the shaft by unscrewing the mounting bolt inside it;
  • If the shaft is removed to the right, then you will need to remove its motor and air conditioner control unit. The body of the control unit is usually mounted with one screw from below and with a latch from above. Then we disconnect the wires of the motor from the control board.

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Unscrew all the screws that attach the motor casing.

A little raising the radiator, we pull out the shaft along with the engine to the right (this is quite difficult to do, so we act extremely neatly without damaging the shaft).


  • We wash the filters, a tray and shaft in any available way (preferably a high pressure washing). There is nothing complicated here. But be careful with the shaft (do not drop)! If the blades are damaged, then its replacement will cost a lot. After that, dry and wipe all the details;
  • Rinse the drainage hose. You can adapt a pipe and blow the hose from the mouth. Dirty water can be poured into the street, so make sure there are no people under the window.
  • Clean the radiator from all available sides with a convenient brush and water (naturally along the direction of the ribs);
  • We wipe all the plastic parts of the air conditioner with a rag.

After that, collect the internal block in the reverse order.

The washing of the external unit

As I said, it is much easier to wash the external block, It is usually not required to disassemble it. And you only need to wash it in it. To access it, it is better to unscrew the lattice in front of the fan. In some models, in order to unscrew this lattice, you will have to disassemble the entire body (in this case, you can try to wash without removing the grill). If you have a high pressure washing (Kurher, for example), then a wide stream away from the radiator (so as not to bend the ribs), carefully washed it. If there is no washing, then we manually clean the cleaning (again along the ribs).

Funds for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners

For cleaning and disinfecting climate equipment, detergents and cleaners in the form of aerosols, sprays and liquids are used.

Surveillance disinfecting products:

The market presents a large range of funds for cleaning air conditioners, but if there is no desired composition at hand, you can apply a solution from laundry soap.

Cleaning air conditioning from dust and other pollution is a mandatory preventive procedure. If you do not work with this task on your own or not for this work, seek help from specialists from the service center.

The need to clean the air conditioner

Regular cleaning of the home air conditioner has the following preventive goals:

  • Improving the microclimate in the room. Particles of dirt from the air conditioner can spread around the apartment and cause allergic reactions in the inhabitants of the house. With regular cleaning of the split system, the coming air from the street will always be fresh and clean, which positively affects the well-being of the residents.
  • Maintaining effective operation of the device. Dust on the internal details of the split system often leads to a difficult air supply. After cleaning filters and fans, this problem disappears.
  • Fault prevention. The accumulation of dust in the heat exchanger can disable the entire cooling system and lead to a refrigerant leakage. The contaminated air conditioner spends more energy on maintaining performance, the efficiency falls. Delicate cleaning of structural elements reduces the risk of damage breakdown.

Determining the degree of air conditioning pollution

How often you need to clean the air conditioner? There are several signs of critical air conditioning pollution, which an ordinary user can determine “by eye”.

  • Firstly, an unpleasant odor that appears during the operation of the air conditioner and spreads through the apartment. This indicates the reproduction of harmful fungi and mold in the internal block of the device and the need for urgent cleaning.
  • Secondly, the power of the dirty air conditioner decreases, it does not have time to process the required amount of air and cool it to the desired temperature. In this case, the device begins to consume more electricity in automatic mode to maintain performance.
  • The third external sign of air conditioning pollution is icing tubes and parts of the device. It can also be a signal about the leakage of the Freon refrigerant from the compressor.

The use of climatic technology helps to cope with heat or cold, filters the air in the room. But if you do not clean home air conditioners in a timely manner, then the effectiveness of the internal components is reduced, an unpleasant odor appears, and the noise level increases.

Serving devices is a planned event, that is, the date of the visit of a specialist is approved in advance. Do not cool the room before the master arrives so as not to heat the device. The specialist will disassemble the internal and outer block of the system, clean the components and install it back.

Approximate price of cleaning air conditioners

Depending on a specific service, such as a split system of average on you will find more than 200 service centers and you can choose a service at a comfortable price.

Zoon most positively appreciated the “Mosgorservice”, we will fix it!, Service master.

There are 7 service centers with the operating mode 24/7. Among them is Sanmaridez, service 2-004-004, thermo trading. Use the filter in our catalog to find everything!

Why is it profitable to order cleaning air conditioners in IS EcOlayf

Quality and guarantees we guarantee the quality of our services. We work only with the most reliable suppliers of materials. We are fully responsible for the quality of our work and the materials used, so we provide a guarantee for all types of work performed. Our good faith is confirmed by the reviews and recommendations of our customers and partners, as well as strict reporting on the work performed.
Professionalism we carefully approach the selection of qualified personnel. All employees of the company. Citizens, professional masters with extensive experience. We do not use cheap labor, as well as bad and unscrupulous workers. Polite and tidy personnel without bad habits. our business card.
Mandatory and terms We carry out work harmoniously and quickly, strictly adhering to the technologies, established plans and deadlines for execution. High speed of work without loss of quality and at a reasonable price is exactly what our clients expect from us.
Reliability and transparency, we adhere to the principle of openness in our relationships with clients and partners. You will always be aware of what stage the work is going on. The company Ecolayfits concludes an agreement with all its customers, in which it clearly prescribes all the rights and obligations of each part, which avoids any misunderstandings between the contractor and the customer. The estimate will describe in detail how much and for what you will have to pay. full list of all works and materials, as well as a payment schedule.
The price and benefit from us you get a decent level of service without overpaying. All for services are fully consistent with their quality, zero percent of overpayments, all honestly! We are fully painting the entire range of work and their cost according to the estimate. We calculate the estimates for services immediately after receiving the necessary information. Meter exit and consultations for free.
Convenience and service personal attention, impeccable service and pleasant communication with our employees. We will answer your questions and help you avoid mistakes when choosing an air conditioner and installing it. Cleanliness and accuracy. our work style.

The company engineering systems ecolaif. This is a team of experienced and licensed installation and maintenance specialists of all types of engineering systems with the subsequent execution of the entire package of documents.

5 years in the market and the region of 7 specialized licenses and certificates of 40 workers, 4 service cars and 3 working teams for the operational execution of orders 2 sets of television inspectorate and professional European equipment will reduce your expenses by 20%. for our services below the average in market without loss as work and maintenance.

Quality A guarantee company EcOlayf guarantees high quality cleaning and disinfection of air conditioners.

We work with objects

Production enterprises, factories, shopping centers of restaurants, cafes, and all public catering places multi.storey and private residential buildings, office complexes of clinics, hospitals, schools, educational institutions airports, stations and all state institutions.

Than the dirty air conditioner is dangerous

The totality of dust and bacteria can make air conditioning really dangerous for human health.

The air conditioning filter accumulates dust, and moisture of the drainage system promotes the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. As studies show, pathogens can actually appear and multiply in air conditioners. They are called legionella, and they cause a person in colds.

Also, taking samples from air conditioners working for a long time without cleaning, confirms the presence of other microorganisms in them. fungi and streptococci. Various microorganisms are capable of carrying various diseases. Since indoor air ultimately comes into contact with the infected surfaces of the air conditioner, bacteria and microorganisms fall into the flow of air and, then, inhaled by a person. Thus, a contaminated air conditioner really poses a danger to a person.

Another danger is that at some point the air conditioner becomes not an air cleaner, but his pollutant. After several months of air conditioning without treatment measures, even if the air conditioner supplies clean air, at the output you get a contaminated and infected air flow. That is why the cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner should be carried out regularly and systematically.

Stages of cleaning the air conditioning system

The very procedure of ordinary or antibacterial cleaning of the air conditioner is:

  • disconnection from the mains;
  • cooling when necessary;
  • removal plus disassembly of blocks;
  • cleaning, replacing filter elements;
  • mechanical cleaning that allows you to remove visible pollution;
  • Chemical or temperature cleaning: the selected method is individual;
  • Additional disinfection of the block, minimizing the spread of mold, bacteria of fungi. But what exactly is required, what work needs to be performed directly depends on the intensity of use and when the office or home air conditioner was cleaned.

Why should we contact us

The sanitary and epidemiological service in its work guarantees:

  • Efficiency. You called. we arrived, even when you need to do work as quickly as possible.
  • Transparent prices. The total cost of cleaning the air conditioner will be exactly the one that was agreed. not a penny anymore.
  • Convenient work time. Seven days a week, seven days a week or breaks: choosing a time convenient for servicing this technique was just.
  • Quality. That for which we are never ashamed: a huge practical experience plus an approach to each client allow this to achieve this.
  • Only original spare parts. Even the consumables used are certified and recommended by the manufacturer.
  • A complete, unconditional guarantee, both for the work performed and on the materials used.
  • Free consultation. The most complete, detailed, allowing to track the frequency of these works.
  • Large coating area. We work not only in the entire region.
  • The entire package of documents required for financial statements.

This is only a small part of what our company performs. You can find out the full list from our managers.

To take advantage of this proposal, you need very little. make one phone call. Dial 7 (495) 135-20-50, and the problem of high-quality air conditioning cleaning, after which it will work for more than one year, will be solved.

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